Smile, Donghae Episode 58 Recap

Aigoo. You know what? Saewa and Do Jin mainly have themselves to blame for their messes, but they just don’t seem to understand this. Yes, Saewa was wrong for lying to  Do Jin this entire time, but Do Jin did explicitly say he wanted a woman with no man in her past. So…if she was afraid to tell him, it is partly his fault. Now Saewa…yeah, she blames Donghae, Anna, and Bongi for everything and never stops to take into account that her own actions and lies were wrong. This is why that couple is perfect for one another.

So Hye Sook has finally found out the truth about her daughter-in-law. She’s upset and livid. How could such a thing happen? As soon as she finds out she seeks out both Donghae and her son, but wouldn’t you know she can’t reach either of them?

Meanwhile, Saewa confesses to her mother that Donghae is Do Jin’s brother as Kim Joon is Anna’s James. This sends an unexpected whammy to Sool Nyeo. How can such a thing be possible? Saewa begs for her mother’s help to put things right. Sool Nyeo, as much as she wishes to help, has no idea how to keep it a secret since if Joon takes the anchor job, there is no way of stopping Anna from seeing him and recognizing him.

Donghae is working for the charity project. He has no problem freezing his butt off to help out by serving food to the less fortunate. In fact, he even offers to go the extra mile and deliver food to those who are not able to get out of their homes. He’s such a good guy. 😛 Although, I’ve only ever seen Ji Chang Wook play a bad guy in T-ARA’s one MV. He plays the good guy so well. Of course, Do Jin comes to mock him and belittle him. Donghae ignores this, much to Do Jin’s dislike. Do Jin keeps insisting Donghae is fake and shameless. We all know that isn’t true. The only reason Donghae is being misunderstood is because of Saewa and his own desire to stay in the hotel to try to find his father.

Bongi goes to find Anna to invite her to eat lunch with her in the kitchen. At this time, she’s spotted by the angry Hye Sook who was just heading out to find Saewa (who had collapsed in pain at work after learning she has to do a personal interview with Donghae for the program) at the studio. Hye Sook takes Anna into her office and Bongi puts in an urgent call to Donghae telling him that it looks like Mrs. Kim knows everything now. Of course Donghae doesn’t answer because Do Jin’s punch sent his phone flying into water.

Joon meets with Do Jin and begs him to give Saewa another chance as it is obvious that while Do Jin is angry, he still loves Saewa. Be that as it may, I must say that once trust is gone from a relationship, it’s really hard to give it back. Love, alone, is not always enough. Then Do Jin gets the call about Saewa being hospitalized and it does really strike home how much he really does still love her. Too bad you can’t trust the evil witch. Saewa begs Do Jin to listen to her and believe her at the hospital, but Do Jin refuses. He does end up taking her back to her apartment thanks to his dad’s urging.

Back at the hotel, Mrs. Kim asks Anna to tell the truth. Anna neither confirms or denies anything as she recalls Saewa’s words. She can only bawl and says that her Donghae did nothing wrong and that she can’t say anything or else Saewa will be angry. This confirms everything for Hye Sook and she is very disappointed in both mother and son for deceiving her along side Saewa. Hye Sook demands to know if Donghae got the job to sneak around with her daughter-in-law. Enter Bongi who then spills the beans on the whole truth, which Hye Sook does not want to hear. Both Anna and Bongi are then kicked out of Hye Sook’s office. This is one woman you do NOT want to make angry.

At the apartment, Sool Nyeo is stressed to the max and Sae Young’s and Tae Hoon’s fight is not making things easier. She yells at them to fight in their room and the two obey as Do Jin brings Saewa home. Sool Nyeo shuts them in Saewa’s room begging them to talk. Saewa pleads for Do Jin to listen to her “truth” which we all know will really be lies spun to make her look good and Donghae bad. Do Jin  refuses to listen to any explanations since he knows it isn’t rumors. He then confesses that he would have been more inclined to believe Saewa if he had not overheard what Sae Young said to Tae Hoon on the Yoon father’s death anniversary. Do Jin then leaves.

Saewa goes out to the living room and promptly slaps her sister. Tae Hoon cannot believe this. Saewa then yells at Sae Young for ruining her life. If there is no way to save her marriage, then Saewa will cut off all ties with her sister. Sool Nyeo wishes to know why and then she attacks Sae Young as well. This angers Tae Hoon. That’s his wife! You don’t treat her like that. Saewa rushes out to do whatever she can to “save” herself and reset things. Tae Hoon takes the crying Sae Young into their room and apologizes for allowing such a thing to happen right in front of him. Sae Young says its not his fault—she’s always treated like that in that house. It’s not her fault. She didn’t intentionally say it to hurt Saewa. It was just overheard. 😦 I really did feel sorry for the selfish, childish brat here. She is a product of that house and while you know her mother does love her, she was never treated as well as Saewa.

Donghae gets back to the hotel where the anxious Bongi awaits. Donghae is horrified to learn that Hye Sook has found out the truth. Saewa who has just arrived, overhears this and is livid. Bongi explains that she has no idea how Mrs. Kim found out, but she did and took Anna into her office to confirm things. This angers Saewa. So Anna sold her out? Nope. Bongi confesses she told Mrs. Kim everything. Saewa then cusses out both Donghae and Bongi and blames them for everything. Enter Hye Sook who had just finally gotten in touch with Do Jin and ordered him to meet her at their home.

Hye Sook orders her daughter-in-law to stop and calls her just as bad as her crazy mother not knowing her own place. Saewa immediately apologizes and tries to lay all blame on Donghae who is also apologizing for keeping the truth from Hye Sook all this time. Hye Sook does not want to listen to either of them. You fool her once, shame on you. She won’t allow you to do it twice.

She goes home where she has movers pack up and take Saewa’s things back to the Yoon apartment. Do Jin seems very unhappy with his mother making this decision. Meanwhile, Saewa confesses that she knows where James is and will never tell Donghae thanks to him ruining her life. She also says she broke up with him because he’s stupid and doesn’t know his place. Funny. I could say the same about her at times.

Saewa gets home and is shocked to find her things have been moved back. Hye Sook then calls her and says that her marriage to Do Jin is over, and that is where this episode ends. Sheesh. Such drama. They did manage to sneak in two not-so-dramatic scenes. The first was Bongi talking to herself in the kitchen which annoyed Yoo Jin to no end. The second was when Pil Jae brought a Christmas tree home to celebrate the holidays (to make Anna happy).

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