NeeNee’s Asian Music Recommendations from March 2013

This month NeeNee decides to recommend not just recently released kpop, but all flavors of Asian music.

Chinese Music

“Sadness” released March 13

Miu Chu
存在的力量 from full-length album Nu Shen Miu Zhu Li Jing Cun released March 28

Japanese Music

“The 25th Century Love” from single The 25th Century Love released February 27

“Sandwich Love” from single Sandwich Love released March 6

“Hide Out Cut” from BiS/BiSimulation released March 13

Cross Gene
“Shooting Star” from single Shooting Star released March 13

“Fire” from single album Fire released March 13

Alice Nine
“Daybreak” from single Daybreak released March 20

Izuoka Misaki
ティーンズ from single ティーンズ released March 20

青い雲 from single album 青い雲 released March 20

瞳のメロディ from single album 瞳のメロディ released March 27

“We are the Night” from full-length album We Are MYNAME released March 27

Korean Music

“Look At Me” from full-length album Affirmative Chapter. 1 released March 4

“Turtle” from digital single Mystic Ballad Part 1 released March 4

“Just the Two of Us” from full-length album Mystic Ballad Part 2 released March 18

“Don’t Forget Me” from IRIS 2 OST released March 4

Yoon Jong Shin
“No Schedule” feat. Kim Yeon Woo from digital single 2013 Monthly Project released March 4

Full-length album One Spring Day released March 5
I love 2AM. I can’t pick just one song from their latest album as I love them all.

Kim Young Ho
“I Let You Go” from mini album Color released March 6

Baechigi feat. DC
This is a trailer/MV for the movie Psychometry/Gifted Hands released March 7. An awesome song, plus the movie looks really good and stars Kim Bum!

Lee So Ra & Young Ji
“Hard to Say I’m Sorry” from Hitman Project #2: A Tribute to the Hitman, David Foster released March 7

Full-length album Collage released March 7
I’ve pretty much been loving U-KISS’s latest releases in full. In this album “Standing Still,” “Missing You,” “Love is Painful” and “My Reason” really standout, but I do love the entire album.

Beon Jin Seop [Byun Jin Sub]
“A Wisdom Tooth” from single Wisdoms released March 8

“Now I Get Over You” from single Now I Get Over You released March 8

“Just Go” and “Style” from mini album Just Go released March 8

Jung In
“The Obvious Words” and “Do Not Say” from mini album Geuni released March 12

“In Front of the Mirror” from digital single In Front of the Mirror released March 13

Girl’s Day
Full-length album Expect released March 14
It’s rare for me to like an entire CD from a girl group, but I can honestly say I do recommend the entire album save for one song. I really did not like “Oh! My God!”

Heo Young Saeng
Mini album Life released March 14
I like the entire album, but have to say that I actually prefer every other track, but the promoted one. It’s not a bad song, but I think the other 3 songs suit Young Saeng better.

Lee Min Ki
“Those Days I Had with You” with 3rd Coast from digital single The Past Days released March 14

“Bye Bye Love,” “Angel,” “Made Yet Another Woman Cry” from full-length album Back to Black released March 15

Cold Cherry
“Growing Pains” from single album Growing Pains released March 18

Lee Ji Hye
“Nine Scents” from NINE OST released March 18

“What a Fool I Am” from IRIS 2 OST released March 19

“About My Spring” from digital single About My Spring released March 19
I love Korean rock music. This is a really nice rock ballad for PIA. To view them singing live, clicky the link below.

Supreme Team
“You Can Stay” from digital single Thanks 4 the Wait released March 19

황정민, 유준상, 윤도현
“No Regrets” from The Legend of the Fist OST released March 20

“Thank You” from digital single Thank You released March 20

Mini album New Challenge released March 21
So hard to pick a favorite from an Infinite album!

Hong Jin Young
“Boogie Man” from digital single Boogie Man released March 22
On occasion, I do enjoy trot music.

“The Day We Broke Up” from mini album Voulez-vous released March 25

Eric Nam
“Goodbye in Once Upon a Tme” from Love in Memory OST released March 26

“Come as You Are” feat. Verbal Jint from single Come as You Are released March 26

“Parting With You Every Day” from IRIS 2 OST released March 27

Mini album Come Back released March 27
This has 3 songs from their first digital single plus the song released for fans at the end of last year…not a whole lot of new content. I thought they were supposed to be coming back with a full-length album.

Lee Hi
“It’s Over” from full-length album First Love Part 1 released March 28
Not a huge soul fan, but I just love this girl’s voice.

“How Can I Smile” from digital single How Can I Smile released March 28

The Position
“Spring Expectations” from album Spring Expectations released March 28

Seo In Young
“You Are the Love” from Incarnation of Money OST released March 28

“Thank You” from mini album Little Talk released March 29

Like always, you can check out the full playlist here:


  • I find that I don’t overly care for M4M’s song, but i like their looks, lol. Although, i didn’t, until i saw some gifs on Tumblr of them smiling, and they’re utterly lovely.

    I thought Shinee’s song was sweet, but it’s not a song I would have on repeat. And the MV was boring. They released it a couple of weeks after they started promoting Dream Girl, so i think they fit in the filming of this MV during preparations for the Dream Girl promotions. I actually think it would have made more sense to release Dream Girl in both countries and promote that for a while, and then do Fire afterwards. They seemed to be doubling up here, and i think that’s a waste of songs.

    I love 2AM as well. I loved Jo Kwon and Jinwoon’s solo efforts as well. They’re all so talented, I just love listening to them.

    You’ve actually reminded me that I need to download U-Kiss’s latest album. I liked the choreography for Standing Still. The bits where the singing member sings through the other members. Kevin is looking good, too.

    I had no idea who Heo Young Saeng was before he released this album, lol. One of my friends on me2day linked the MV to me and I was like “it’s cute, but who is he?” I came into k-pop after SS501 had already disbanded so the only one I really know is Kim Hyun Joong. But i thought HYS was a good mix of cute and charming in this MV, although if i was listening to the song without watching the MV, i’d think it was an Infinite song. I can’t tell if it’s the song itself, or if it’s because he sounds like Sunggyu.

    Speaking of Infinite… i thought it was a cute MV, and i wasn’t as critical of it as Eat Your Kimchi were, lol. I just think it was 7 guys showing what they do or could do for their girls. Except Dongwoo. Not sure what he was doing. I guess he was just happy to think about his girl? And Woohyun in the school room didn’t make sense either. But the others kinda did. I like the album, and i love it that they did a cover of Sunggyu’s ’60 Seconds’. But stupidly, i prefer Sunggyu’s version. It’s like when Sunggyu did a cover of Only Tears, and i preferred the Infinite version, lol. Actually, Sunggyu’s mini-album was one of my favourite’s of 2012. But i think i’m going off on a tangent now.

    Zea-5… 4 of the 5 are the only guys i know from the group, and so i find it funny that the company put them in their own group. The reason i only know these guys is because they’re the guys that do the variety shows and/or dramas. So separating them from the others, who already don’t get as much attention, doesn’t seem right. And the song doesn’t really capture me, and the MV is very pretty but has no substance.

    I’m totally an Eric Nam fan though. And agreed about Lee Hi. Amazing voice. I don’t like the music enough to download the album, but i’d happily listen to her songs if they came on the radio.

    • Well, I like M4M’s song. It’s not amazing spectacular and is quite a typical kpop song for being in Chinese, but that’s to be expected when being produced by… Cube… I think, but I did like it. And yes, the boys are handsome. 😛

      I think I liked “Fire” better than “Dream Girl.” But, yeah, that video was less than stellar. To be truthful, if I went on videos alone, I wouldn’t recommend a lot of songs. 😛 But, since I am going on whether or not I personally like the song and not the video, I can recommend songs with videos that I absolutely hate. Yeah, it seems a lot of groups are just kind of rushing through things. They’ve got so much going on that not enough time or effort goes into every little thing they do, which makes it sad when they have some good songs, but can’t promote them properly.

      2AM. 2AM. I’d be interested to see Seul Ong do a solo project that wasn’t acting. He’s a good actor, don’t get me wrong, but I’m curious as to how well he’d do with his own solo project. I didn’t get a chance to hear Jinwoon’s, but I admit to not necessarily liking Jo Kwon’s. At least the songs he was promoting. I didn’t buy or listen to his album. He’s got a great voice and I love him, but just couldn’t get into the two songs. Although that one MV had an interesting story.

      Yes! Download U-KISS’s album! It definitely didn’t disappoint me. I think I like the flavor of their albums more so now than from their debut days. Although, sometimes, I just don’t feel Eli’s English rap parts. Sometimes they hit right on for me and sometimes…they kind of fall flat. When I saw the video for Standing Still, I did a happy dance because AJ was in it. I missed him from their last promotions since he’s studying in Columbia.

      Now I’m going to have to listen to Heo Young Saeng’s song again and compare it with Sung Gyu 😛 I came into kpop just before SS501 broke up. Heo Young Saeng was my favorite member after the leader. It was an interesting MV and he does a great job with his solo efforts. Although, it would be nice to have an SS501 reunion, but that seems unlikely with them all at different agencies being swamped with their solo efforts.

      Ah, Infinite. They are back in their cutesy phase. The video was amusing, but yeah, who knows what some of those guys were actually doing. 🙂 Dong Woo, Dong Woo. LOL. I was happy to get 60 Seconds in any way as I couldn’t find Sung Gyu’s solo album on iTunes. I also couldn’t find “The Chaser” either. 😦

      Yeah, Z:EA 5 aren’t all that amazing because they took the most popular 5 to make a group. I feel rather badly for the other 4 members who are just as talented but never seem to get the chance to shine. The song is okay. Actually…I didn’t really like the song until the chorus hit. 😛 Then it kind of caught my attention.

      Yep. Eric Nam. It’s sad that Asians really don’t have the chance to thrive in the US entertainment world, so I’m happy he had his chance to debut in Korea. He has an amazing voice and such a fun personality. Lee Hi. I do love her voice and will listen to her when I watch the live music shows. I won’t necessarily go out and by all of her CDs, though.

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