AA Releases “Come Back” MV

After a year and a half, AA is finally back with their first EP album Come Back. The song “Come Back” starts out with a slow ballad with a strong dance beat throughout. The song itself is not bad. The beat, the melody – even the English parts are repetitive parts are fairly good. However, Joowon’s part which is not rapping, but more like talking really stands out and seems to throw off the groove of the song. But hey, that boy has a set of pipes as after he’s done “talking” he belts out an impressive note.

As for the dance, it’s not as eye opening as their dance for “Because I’m Crazy” which had it’s sweeping dance and hip thrusting body waves. It is rather a fairly typical kpop dance. Again, it almost seems more like a dance that a girl group would dance to in parts than a male group, but that is partly what made AA stand out in their debut song.

Now. What really disappoints me in this song is the division of it. There are five members. Five. Do you know who gets the most parts and stands out the most? Leader Aoora. There’s nothing wrong with him and I do like his voice, but it seems rather unfair that his vocal and rapping skills come to the forefront of all AA’s songs. Woosang’s part is even smaller in this song than in “Because I’m Crazy” and “Call” as is Kimchi’s and Hoik’s. But Kimchi does display his rapping skills alongside Aoora this time. Joowon. I don’t know what to say about him. He always gets the shaft in terms of parts. He’s got that English speaking part. His English is good as he lived in Canada at one time. That’s not the problem. The speaking part just sounds awkward, much like Aron’s English raps for NU’EST. I think the effect they were going for was like Inari’s part in DMT’s “Safety Zone,” but that just didn’t come through. I am happy that we do see a brief explosion of his vocal talent, but it’s not enough. He can sing, so why hardly any lines? AA did promise, however, that Joowon would be featured prominently in a song in this album release. I haven’t bought the album yet, but I am hoping that we do get to see a song showcasing Joowon’s vocals.

Anywho, that’s my two cents. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

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