AA Releases “Come Back” Teaser

Well, that’s what you call originality for you. Kpop group AA has released the teaser for their official comeback (slated for March 27th) and the song is called… “Come Back.” It’s silly and amuses me. The song sounds promising, but we’ll have to wait and see until the full track is released. Since they spent a year and half or so on their comeback, hopefully it will be a good one worth the extra long wait!

I will say this though, that the boys look very pale. Aoora almost looks ill in his one close up shot. I wonder if they added on extra makeup or if the boys are really that pale. I guess I’m not one to talk about paleness. By the time winter’s over I’m quite white. In fact, when summer’s done my tan is the equivalent of a more normal, average skin tone. My European heritage is to blame, I suppose. My sister and father managed to inherit the Native American throwback gene and my younger siblings are all half Asian, so I’m kind of the odd one out now as I’m the palest. Not like that has anything to do with AA coming back 😛

I’m still not loving their excessive whiteness (and this time I’m not talking about the skin tones). In their special pre-comeback release of “Rollin’ Rollin'” the boys were all dressed in white in a white room surrounded by lots of white objects. Again, in this video, there’s a large amount of white. It’s enough to make my eyes go wonky, but at least it’s not as bad as the previous MV as we do get a break, but still. Lot’s of white. I guess white is in. I’ll never get why as it’s such a horribly difficult color. Oh well. Yay for AA finally making their comeback.

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