Smile, Donghae Episodes 54-57 Recap

Aigoo, this series. Well, the one big “secret” has basically come out in the Kim family, but has yet to come out fully in the Lee family—what will happen when the Lees know everything that has happened between the Yoon and Kim families? We also have the second big secret festering and coming closer and closer to the surface. I wonder if it will break before the third secret (which has only received a few strong hits towards the beginning of the series) does?

So, Donghae being Donghae, rushes the injured Do Jin to the hospital and is tailed by the worried Kim Joon who threatens to basically end Donghae if anything is seriously wrong with his son. Hye Sook is getting more and more angry and worried over all that no one is bothering to tell her.

Injured, Donghae makes it to the competition just a little late, but thanks to Yoo Jin, he’s able to still compete with Bongi. Thankfully, their team also places in the finals with Yoo Jin’s team. Meanwhile, Do Jin still won’t give Saewa the time of day and oozes anger from every poor and he confronts Donghae every chance he gets. Donghae does his best to remain calm and to tell Do Jin that it’s time the other man sucks it up since it’s all in the past. It’s time for Do Jin to take responsibility for his love.

Of course, Saewa and Sool Nyeo being who they are, blame everything on Donghae and Anna themselves. Do Jin does tell Saewa he would have been more likely to believe her better if she had just been honest with the start and told him about having a boyfriend. Yes, he did give Saewa the opportunity, but has he forgotten the big chip on his shoulder that he’s carried about past relationships? He was very upfront about not wanting Saewa to have had a boyfriend in her past. Thus…not that I’m defending the evil witch…you can’t really blame Saewa for not being very forthcoming.

While this is going on, Sool Nyeo is plotting to nab Pil Jae and does whatever she can to do so. She even steals Song Yi’s art supplies from Sun Ok so she can try to get in the little girl’s good graces. Pil Jae scolds her for this and for not having pride. Sool Nyeo responds that she can’t simply stop her feelings for him just because he says she’s not the one. She even buys expensive eel lunchboxes for his coworkers and calls herself his girlfriend—who does that? At least she isn’t quite as conniving as her daughter who always did such things in the background.

Pil Jae then decides to take matters into his own hands. He will confess to Anna. He tries to seek out both Kang Jae’s and Sun Ok’s advice, but no one has time to talk to him. Thus, he decides all on his own. He takes out his guitar and tells Anna he loves her and starts singing. The Lee family is in shock. Soon Song Yi starts crying and everyone starts yelling about how Pil Jae is confessing to the wrong woman. Donghae takes Anna out immediately and Pil Jae follows. Donghae yells that he won’t let anyone hurt his mother anymore. Poor Pil Jae’s emotions are true and very serious, but no one is giving him a chance. Poor bloke. Of course, Bongi doesn’t want him and Anna together as it will make it harder for her and Donghae to be together later. I don’t know about Korea, but I do know that there are laws in certain states in the US that prohibit marriage between in-laws. I don’t know why.

Hye Sook finally finds out the secret that’s been hidden. Of course, the whole truth isn’t revealed. She only knows Saewa had lived with a man in the US for six years. Hye Sook kicks the sick Saewa out of the Kim household. While this is happening, Sun Ok takes the kids away from Sae Young. Why? First, Sae Young leaves the kids with the Lee family so Kang Jae and Sun Ok can’t go to work just so she can go out and party with her friends while Tae Hoon is busy working. Second, Sae Young completely forgot about the twins’ immunization shots. This is on top of the children getting sick because they were out in the cold late at night thanks to Sae Young being gone far longer than she was supposed to.

Sool Nyeo is too worried about Saewa to give much attention to Sae Young’s problem. I must say that Sae Young’s attitude is completely hopeless. She keeps saying that she’s their mother. Ahem. Just by giving birth to another living being, doesn’t really make you a good parent. I’m not saying she doesn’t love the twins, but being their mother isn’t something to throw in other people’s faces when you haven’t been taking care of your own children properly. Sae Young only whines and complains about how rotten her life has turned since she’s only 22 and married with twins. Plus, she’s always trying to foist their care off on her mother and husband. And she wants rights because she’s their mother? Prove it by stop being selfish and giving your all for your children. You can’t be selfish and be a parent at the same time for the epitome of a parent is someone who selflessly cares for their child.

While Saewa tries to fight for her marriage, Donghae tries to stay strong and keep his job at the hotel long enough to find his father. Bongi and Yoo Jin do their best to help, not believing that Donghae has done anything wrong to deserve such horrible treatment from both Saewa and Do Jin. I personally loved it when Yoo Jin bawls Saewa out for being dishonest from the get go and Bongi and to step in between to keep the two girls from going at it. This leads them to Yoo Jin’s mother’s restaurant where Donghae learns that Kang Jae lost most of his cabbage jobs thanks to losing the hotel deal. Kang Jae doesn’t want Bongi or the rest of the Lees to know he’s working at restaurants doing odd jobs for money. Bongi, of course, is kept in the dark and begins to worry that something might be going on between Yoo Jin and Donghae.

Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook

Kim Joon accepts the anchor job much to Saewa’s horror. He can’t appear on the 9 o’clock news as that will really mean the end to her. Why? It’s takes three episodes, but Saewa finally opens up to her mother and reveals that Kim Joon is really Donghae’s father as well. If she had known earlier, she would never have married Do Jin. At this time, Do Jin abuses his authority to send Donghae out to do community service so that he won’t be able to prepare for the last round of the cooking competition. He’s even trying to figure out if he should try to save his marriage or just divorce Saewa. You know, this is a big deal because Saewa did keep going to see Donghae behind Do Jin’s back even after the wedding just to try to get rid of him. That makes the situation appear worse than it really is. Plus, she’s lied to her husband, but Do Jin isn’t even really trying to work things out at this point and has even vowed revenge on both of them.

Sae Young manages to steal the twins back from Sun Ok while the older woman was napping. Again, not the best approach, but Sae Young never thinks things through clearly. Bongi learns about Kang Jae working in Yoo Jin’s mother’s restaurant. Donghae tells her to pretend no to know. The poor girl is conflicted as she knows it’s really hard on her father. Donghae vows that he and she will win (it’s actually an individual competition now instead of teams for the final round) the competition and get the money to help her father restart his factory. Why would Donghae do that? Because he sees Kang Jae as his father and hopes Bongi will see him as family, too. Of course, Yoo Jin isn’t happy about this display of affection between the two.

We end episode 57 with Hye Sook finally learning that Donghae is Saewa’s ex. Will she turn on him now, too, like Kim Joon has? Will she turn on Anna as well? Or will she realize that the Laker family are victims of her daughter-in-laws lies and schemes? Hard to say. I do know that when Donghae’s parentage is fully revealed, she’ll probably go ballistic. Sigh. Soooo much drama.


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