AA Releases “Rollin’ Rollin'” MV

Just like last year when AA released “Ageha Dance” as a pre-comeback present to fans, that is what the single “Rollin’ Rollin'” is. I like AA and the song itself is not bad; however, I can’t stomach the MV. It’s too silly, there’s way too much white, and what is with the five of them rolling around in bed together? I don’t mind the videos for “Call” or “Ageha Dance” as it’s just a lot of behind the scenes with the boys, sometimes they are crazy, but not in a way that I dislike. Thus, this song joins the ranks of CHAOS’s “Kiss Kiss,” SHINee’s “Dream Girl” and Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer” – I can enjoy the song as long as I’m not watching the video.

Isn’t if funny, for their official comeback that they kept teasing last year, AA talked about the changes and how each member basically had a song where they were featured more – even Joowon, but when you get this for the fans MV, Aoora still has the majority of lines followed by Woosang and Hoik competing for a close second. Joowon has hardly any and Kimchi is actually rapping instead of singing. Kimchi isn’t bad at rapping, but I love the unique color of his singing voice so I was hoping to hear that, but didn’t.


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