Smile, Donghae Episode 53 Recap

We open with Yoo Jin telling Do Jin that Donghae’s girlfriend’s name was Yoon Saewa. She then recalls that is Do Jin’s wife’s name. Realizing that she’s probably said something she shouldn’t (especially after Do Jin asks if she’s 100% certain that was the right name), she hurries and rushes back to the kitchen, but the damage is done. Do Jin goes back to his office and remembers Saewa’s call list with all the calls to Donghae. It can’t be true, it just can’t be. He then calls up assistant Kim and screams for Carl Laker’s personnel files once more.

The production staff are leaving and the PD asks if Saewa knows who Carl Laker’s girlfriend in the US was. Saewa tenses up and says she has no idea about his personal life and then asks to speak to the PD alone. He tells the others to go ahead and Saewa tells the PD to not mention that she and Carl Laker knew each other since her husband hates Carl Laker. The PD agrees when Saewa gets a call from her mom asking to meet for tea. Saewa originally refuses, but then changes her mind.

Kim finally brings the file to Do Jin who bites his head off wondering why Kim didn’t bring the file the other day when he asked. Kim then reveals that Saewa asked Kim to lie and say the file went missing. This angers Do Jin more—who does Kim work for? Do Jin then recalls what Anna said about Donghae getting into an accident while trying to save his fiancée. Knowing that Donghae and Saewa will probably lie to him if he asks, Do Jin requests to see Anna to learn the truth. Poor Anna.

Yoo Jin goes back into the kitchen and says she cannot believe Donghae’s former girlfriend is now married to his boss—what a scandal! This shocks both Donghae and Bongi and they ask Yoo Jin to explain. Yoo Jin says she remembered Yoon Saewa’s name. They yell at her and she says it’s too late as she already told Do Jin everything. Yoo Jin says he is such a loser since there is no one that doesn’t have some past relationship. She then asks if Donghae would mind her past and leaves after getting Bongi all riled up. Bongi then turns to Donghae and asks what they should do now. Donghae says there is nothing they can do, it’s up to Saewa to tell him the truth now as it will be better coming from her. That’s right. I do get why she chose not to tell Do Jin, but she should have been honest to begin with. And Do Jin getting hung up on past loves is just ridiculous. Saewa trying to keep the whole thing a secret will blow this whole thing way out of proportion. Bongi complains that the situation is all Saewa’s doing, so why does Donghae have to clean her mess.

Saewa tells Sool Nyeo to be sure to warn Sae Young and Tae Hoon to be extra careful with what they say around Do Jin. Sool Nyeo promises and gets in Saewa’s car. Saewa then gets a call from Donghae asking her to meet him as an urgent matter concerning her husband as cropped up. Saewa agrees to meet him on the hotel roof and goes to her car and kicks her mother out saying an emergency cropped up so she cannot take her mother home.

Pil Jae arrives at the hotel to visit Anna and is seen by Sool Nyeo who calls for the taxi driver to stop the car. This woman. Has she no pride? Pil Jae greets Anna who is just leaving. He asks what she’s doing out in the cold and then takes off his scarf and winds it around her neck. He tells her she needs to be careful in this weather. He then hands her a mask to cover her face when she’s out in public and then hand cream so her hands don’t dry out working in water. Such a sweet guy. He then takes the hand cream back and rubs it on for Anna. Sool Nyeo goes ballistic to see the two outside a hotel in broad daylight. She then rushes in and attacks Anna. Pil Jae tries to run, but Sool Nyeo is too fast. Pil Jae then manages to hold Sool Nyeo back while Anna escapes. Sool Nyeo then turns on him and begins hitting him with her purse.

The two go to a café and Pil Jae asks what Sool Nyeo wants. She replies that she came to a decision during her husband’s memorial. She’s lived her life as a mother for 21 years, not as a woman. Now she wishes to be a woman once more. Pil Jae wonders what this has to do with him and Sool Nyeo replies that she will grow old with him since her late husband brought them together. Pil Jae replies he has no intention of growing old with her. Sool Nyeo reminds him that Anna only has James in her heart. What happens when Anna finds James? Pil Jae will be left all alone then. Pil Jae seems very depressed when he learns that Anna is actively looking for James.

We cut to Anna working in the hotel diligently cleaning and making the beds. Hye Sook comes in and asks after her. Anna tells her the work isn’t hard and she’s enjoying it. Hye Sook leaves and assistant Kim comes in and asks her to go to Do Jin’s office. Once there, Do Jin immediately demands to know what connection there is between Saewa and Donghae. At this time, Saewa meets with Donghae on the roof. Saewa is livid at Yoo Jin and Donghae tells her the assistant head chef did not tell Do Jin out of spite. He then urges Saewa for her to tell Do Jin the truth before it’s too late and he misunderstands the situation. Of course, Saewa blames Donghae for everything. She then says that she will not be telling Do Jin the truth and Donghae must lie as well. Donghae yells and says the lies must come to an end, but Saewa disagrees. She explains about Do Jin being hurt over his father not being able to get over a previous love, thus causing Hye Sook much pain. Do Jin would want her to keep this secret to the end so he won’t be disappointed. Saewa is an idiot if she really thinks that she and Donghae denying everything to the end will do any good. Do Jin is NOT stupid, and as much as he wishes to believe in Saewa, he can’t deny what’s in front of him.

Back in the office, Anna starts crying and says her son is a good boy who has done nothing wrong. Do Jin then asks if it’s true that Donghae and Saewa lived together for several years in New York. Anna nods. Did Carl Laker come to Korea to marry Saewa? Another nod. Why is Donghae working at the hotel when Do Jin is married to Saewa and Donghae knows this? He tells Anna to leave and she again asserts that Donghae is a good boy who has done nothing wrong—he’s just at the hotel to find James. She also says that Donghae got hurt trying to save Saewa and that ended his career. Do Jin storms out of the office and Anna breaks down.

Saewa is heading out to her car vowing to keep denying everything when she sees Do Jin. She calls out to him, and he shoots her an angry glare before getting into his car. She goes up and asks him to talk, but he ignores her and leaves as she yells out that everything he has heard was lies, but he keeps leaving. In the car he recalls Saewa telling him that there has been no man before him and he recalls seeing Donghae and Saewa together (having an angry stare down). He screams and flails around in frustration. I’m amazed this man hasn’t had a car accident yet.

At the Yoon household, Sae Young is going through her clothes and complaining. Tae Hoon asks what is wrong and she says she got fat after being pregnant… that girl is as skinny as a rail… how unbelievable. Tae Hoon then complains about her throwing a tantrum when she was the one who packed all the food away. Sae Young says she didn’t eat for herself, but for the twins. She then asks for Tae Hoon to buy her a gym membership, which he refuses since all the money he makes tutoring goes towards the twins’ expenses. If she wants to lose weight, she should spend time working around the house. Sae Young complains that’s labor and not exercise and vows to call Do Jin to get her a membership at the hotel gym. Tae Hoon immediately stops her. The two then get into an argument over pride, money, the memorial service fiascos, and their mothers.

Sae Young calls Do Jin who doesn’t pick up so she calls  Saewa who hangs up on her so she can continue stalking her husband. Do Jin gets home and starts angrily throwing Saewa’s clothes on the floor. Saewa rushes in and tries to stop him, but he shakes her off saying he doesn’t want her filthy hands to touch him. Saewa says that she doesn’t know what he’s heard, but it’s all a misunderstanding. Do Jin says that he isn’t stupid. She asks him to believe her as she really does love him. Believe her? How can he trust her when all she’s done is lie? And now the man she used to live with works in his hotel and is laughing at him. Riiiiight. Saewa says that she really does love him and only lied as she didn’t want to hurt or lose him. She confesses that she did live with Donghae, but that nothing ever happened between them. Do Jin throws her to the ground and then smashes their wedding portrait. How dare she say his name in front of her? Saewa shakes and cries and begs him to forgive her. Do Jin says he must leave before he does something awful. He runs out of the house where his father sees him and calls out to him, but Do Jin keeps running.

Bongi and Donghae are walking home from the market. Bongi, despite her earlier complaints, is worried about Saewa, but mostly Donghae, given Do Jin’s foul temperament. At this rate, Do Jin might kick Donghae out. Donghae wonders if he’s doing the right thing by staying at the hotel to find James. He’s also worried about Saewa. While he doesn’t love the wicked witch anymore, he doesn’t wish her any harm either. Bongi can’t believe this—doesn’t he have pride? Doesn’t he remember all the awful things she did? She lost Anna, got Donghae arrested, and had the Lakers kicked out of Korea (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg). Donghae needs to stop worrying about Saewa and just focus on winning the competition so they can both leave the hotel of their own accord before they are kicked out.

They then see Kang Jae getting into an argument with one of his customers. The customer insists on canceling the cabbage order which was for 1/3 of what Kang Jae supplies. Kang Jae says that will put him in a right spot, but the customer insists on canceling the order since Kang Jae lost the hotel contract—the hotel must have had a valid reason for that. The kids go over and Bongi asks if the deal was really canceled because they lost the hotel deal. Kang Jae tries to keep a bright expression. Such things happen in business. He tells the two to keep this a secret from Sun Ok and not to worry. Donghae then moves to help him reload the cabbages. Kang Jae’s smile then fades—you know this is really bad news for the Lee family.

At the Kim house, Saewa has put her clothes away once more and looks in sadness at the broken wedding picture. She takes out her phone and tries calling her husband, but can’t reach him. Joon comes in and Saewa breaks down and starts crying. She confirms that Do Jin learnt the truth about her and Donghae and is currently out of his mind with rage. She then begs Joon to help her. She’s terrified that Do Jin will do something to hurt himself and she can’t bear that.  Saewa even gets on her knees and begs for his help. Joon says they first must calm down and be sure to keep this a secret from Hye Sook.

Joon goes to his room and puts in an urgent call demanding his son call him back as soon as he gets the message. Hye Sook walks in and he immediately hangs up. She asks what is going on and Joon lies saying it was a wrong number and leaves. Do Jin is back in his office. I’m not sure if he’s drunk or just crazy angry. He yells about Saewa and Donghae and starts throwing a fit in his office. His phone rings and Do Jin takes his phone and throws it against the wall. Ye gads this man.

The next day Joon tells Saewa to stay away from the hotel, but Saewa says she can’t do that. Do Jin didn’t return home and she needs to see with her own eyes that he is fine. Joon says he understands. Hye Sook comes out and asks where the two are headed so early in the morning. Joon says an emergency came up at work. Hye Sook then asks what time Do Jin came in last night. Saewa replies that Do Jin called to say he was pulling an all nighter at work. This surprises Hye Sook as she wasn’t informed of this. She then sends to the two off since there’s an emergency to handle, but you know she thinks something isn’t right.

At the Lee house, the family is sitting down to breakfast. Sun Ok brings in scorched rice and complains about how nice Pil Jae is being to Anna instead of her. The hotel employees then head off to work. Today is the next day of the competition and the Lees wish Bongi and Donghae luck.

At the hotel, Saewa and Joon find Do Jin’s office a complete mess. Joon tries calling his son, but Saewa finds the broken cell. She tells Joon to hurry in to the station while she looks around for Do Jin. Joon agrees and leaves. Meanwhile, Do Jin is angrily waiting for Donghae. Anna urges Donghae to go with her and Bongi, but Donghae says he must take care of this matter. He then asks Bongi to take care of Anna. Bongi promises him she will and then warns him they only have an hour before the second round of the competition. She can’t compete if he’s not there. Donghae says he knows and the two women head off.

Do Jin comes closer and Donghae looks visibly pained. Despite his temper, he’s a good boy at heart who doesn’t like being the cause of any one’s pain. He immediately apologizes to Do Jin and says that he and Saewa are long over. Do Jin’s face is still curled into an ugly grimace. “Saewa?” Oops. Guess Donghae shouldn’t be saying Saewa’s name so casually in front of the hurting Do Jin. He yells at Donghae for saying her name in front of him (same thing he said to Saewa actually).

Joon heads out of the hotel looking rushed and anxious. Meanwhile the boys have moved out to the parking garage. Do Jin beats Donghae mercilessly and demands to know why he isn’t fighting back? What happened to the Donghae who grabbed his collar and even hit him before? Do Jin demands that Donghae fight back. Donghae picks himself up only to be knocked down again as Do Jin screams at him once more to fight back. Donghae tells the younger man to hit him until he feels better. Do Jin screams that even killing Donghae won’t make him feel better. Donghae says once more that Do Jin should hit him until he feels better and then put the past behind him. Do Jin says he won’t feel better and he can’t forget the past. He starts hitting and kicking Donghae more. Donghae gets to his feet once more and starts yelling as well. What good is hanging on to the past when it’s already over? Do Jin needs to trust his love and be responsible for his marriage to Saewa. Do Jin screams at him to shut up and keeps hitting Donghae. A car on an upper level of the parking garage backs into a stack of boxes. Donghae sees them teetering and yells at Do Jin, but it’s too late and Do Jin gets hit by the falling boxes and is knocked out. End episode.

How much do you want to bet Donghae will get the blame for what happened? And who thinks he can make the cooking competition in time now?

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