NeeNee’s Kpop Faves – February 2013

This ensures I get at least one music related post out every month, doesn’t it? Plus, I truthfully LOVE to share music I like with other people… too bad my family only listens to songs in English. Oh, well. I can annoy them by singing songs in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I’d love to do these for Japanese and Chinese releases as well, but I don’t keep up on them as well as I do Korean releases. I should change that. Again, like last time these aren’t in order of how much I like them, but in order of when they were released.

“Glass of Soju” from the digital single Glass of Soju released February 1
I’m a huge fan of rock and of NO BRAIN (thanks to the Hong Gil Dong OST which led me to discovering them). It’s odd because this song is actually sung by the drummer instead of NO BRAIN’s lead vocalist. It’s still good, though.

Shin Cho-I
“BAD” digital single from Berlin Files OST February 1
The song is great. If January showcased a lot of hip hop, then February starts off with some great rock music enfused with hip hop. Now I really want to see this movie.

“Gone…” from the digital single Gone… released February 1
There’s no official video for this release. It is a very emotional and beautiful ballad.

“When I Get in the Classroom” from single album Beginning released February 1
A teaser was released, but I can’t track down the actual MV for this song. All I can say is that Maydoni has an AMAZING voice.

Kan Jong Wook
“Stupid” from digital single Stupid released February 1
The king of OSTs has finally released a non-OST related album! It’s got two songs on it and both are amazing. I just love his huskier voice. Warning, the MV makes no sense really.

“Memories” from single album Memories released February 1
Ah, December is love. They really are. This is from a project album in which they have a December version and a Soobin version. The duo sing the song in the MV and on the album, but DK is promoting the song himself on music shows.

Jang Jae In
“The Day for You” from the Incarnation of Money OST released February 3
It’s an awesome song. I should check out this drama sometime soon, too.

The 2nd EP released February 4
They have a kind of retro sound to their music. I like them. I can say I love the entire album, although I’m not a huge fan of the first track “Oh Yeah.”

Paul Baek
“I Remember You” from the single I Remember You released February 4
His voice isn’t conventional, but I find myself liking this song and his voice the more I listen to it.

Vanilla Acoustic
“Find Hidden Heart” [숨은 마음 찾기] from single album Find Hidden Heart released February 4
I liked stripped down music. It doesn’t always work, but this group really makes it work and I don’t feel bored.

Park Shin Hye
“Pitch Black” from the Flower Boy Next Door OST released February 4
Not a bad song, but definitely not the top of my list of songs from this show.

Seo In Guk
“I Can’t Live Because of You” feat. Verbal Jint from the digital single Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island With Seo InGuk released February 4
I can says that its always been hit or miss with Seo In Guk and me. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t. This song with Verbal Jint adding rap is one that I happen to like.

Yoon Jong Shin
“What Should I Do Tomorrow” released February 4
I think the song is completely sung by Sung Si Kyung… but I could be wrong.

Huh Gak
“Mono Drama” and “1440” from album LITTLE GIANT released February 5
Another person I became really familiar with thanks to Immortal Songs 2. Huh Gak just has a beautiful voice and the title of the album fits him so well as he’s not a very tall person, but he’s got a voice that can fill a stage.

Clazziquai Project
“Love Recipe” from the album Blessed released February 5
They are back after a rather long break. My experience with this group is their latest foray into acting, plus the songs featured on OSTs. I love this new song whose lyrics were written by Horan. They are a group known for electronic music, but this is a nice, mellow song.

“Missing Love” from the digital single Missing Love released February 5
Another ballad group. They’ve been around for awhile, but this was the first time I actually stopped and listened to them. They are pretty awesome.

“It’s Been So Long” feat. Shin Ji Soo from the digital single It’s Been so Long released February 5
This is my first experience with Ra.D though he’s been around for awhile. I’m in love.

“Pheromone” from the digital single Pheromone released February 7
Yay for Toxic! No, they aren’t pop, they’re pure rock. I love this digital single as the duo goes more back to their original sound than their previous mini album [which I absolutely loved despite it straying from their harder sound].

Jang Hee Young
“You Can’t Do That” from the digital single You Can’t Do That released February 7
I do believe she used to belong to one of my favorite female ballad groups before leaving them to go solo. She’s such a passionate singer.

“I’ll Be There for You” from the digital single I’ll Be There for You released February 7
LEDApple has been doing a special project where they have been doing covers and uploading original tracks as well on a weekly basis or something like that. This song is from the recent kdrama 7th Grade Civil Servant and it’s just a beautiful ballad. These guys are talented, no doubt about it.

You Seung Chan
“Drive” from the mini album Drive released February 8
He’s got an amazing voice, plus the MV for this song is rather cool.

“One Shot” from the mini album One Shot released February 12
Ah, the strong warriors are back! Um… now if only the English lyrics actually made sense. Oh, well. I do love these boys. I actually enjoyed the entire album from “Coma” to “Rain Sound” (which was released as a digital single last month) to “Zero.”

Yoon Shi Yoon
“I Want to Date You” from the Flower Boy Next Door OST released February 12
Yoon Shi Yoon does not have a conventionally nice voice, but it’s unique and I do like his songs. Unfortunately, this release didn’t have a video for it.

“Don’t You Know” from the IRIS II OST released February 13
Love this ballad duo. Love the video which made me anxious for the drama to start airing. Too bad I haven’t found time to watch the drama yet, but I do keep rewatching the video…does that count?

“How Are You” from the IRIS II OST released February 13
This OST has some nice ballads. I think Noul is a member of Brown Eyes Soul, a really great ballad group. He ha a really nice voice.

“Hello” and “The Girl Next Door” from mini album HELLO released February 13
Ah, one of my favorite groups from 2012 has returned! They are another group where I tend to like their full album, but if I had to choose, the two above are my favorites from this release.

“Gray Paper” from That Winter, the Wind Blows OST released February 13
Super Junior’s YeSung is back with another OST track. While I do like this song, I have to say “It Had to Be You” is still my all time favorite of his. This song seems kind of bland in comparison, but it’s another MV I watch for the drama scenes 😛

Epitone Project
If you look at the translation of the title it’s Go (the movie Love Letter). I don’t know if this song is old or brand new or what. I just know the video was released February 14. It’s a beautiful song. And yes, the video is from the Japanese movie Love Letter.

“Cause of You” from digital single My Heart for You released February 14
This is my first experience with Jevice. It’s not bad, but I think the slower ballad speeding up as fast as it does really doesn’t suit the song as much as it could.

“Pain” feat. Gavy NJ’s Jenny from his first mini album Variety Show released February 14
It’s a good song. Both the rap and the female chorus.

“Good Bye” from digital single Good Bye released February 15

Kim Hye Ri
“Spring Comes” from the digital single Spring Comes released February 18
Haven’t heard of her before, but she has an interesting voice, deeper than I expected.

Fat Cat
“Tears Rain” from the Queen of Ambition [Yawang] OST released February 18
I’m loving this soundtrack even though I haven’t tried watching the drama as of yet. Fat Cat does a great job with this ballad.

Namolla Family JW
“Sad Winter” from the digital single Sad Winter released February 18
I had not heard of this group before, but am happy to have found them.

“Dream Girl” from The 3rd Album Chapter 1. “Dream Girl-The Misconceptions Of You” released February 19
Okay, I generally like SHINee. While I don’t dislike the song, I am not feeling the video. It’s weird and I must say I like the non-cute SHINee from “Lucifer” and “Ring Ding Dong.”

Kim Woo Joo
“I Love You Acoustic Version” from the digital single Acoustic Love released February 19
Another beautiful song in an acoustic version! I love acoustic. I said that earlier, but I’ll say it again.

Ju Bora
“Without You” from the digital single Without You released February 19
I had not heard of her before, but she has an amazing voice!

Kim Tae Woo
“Cosmic Girl” from the mini album T-LOVE released February 20
I love his voice. How fitting original idol Moon Hee Jun released an album last month and now former G.O.D. member Kim Tae Woo has released a new album this month. I like this song except for the part where he goes “co co cosmic” it just doesn’t flow well with me.

“Too foolish to you…” from the single album Too foolish to you released February 20

“Pain the Love of Heart” from the repackaged album Blow SPEED released February 20
Great song… bad English. Well…not in the song. Just the English title of the song and the album.

“Love in Memory” from the Love in Memory OST released February 21
For a newlywed, Byul is keeping busy with new albums and OST participation.

Girl’s Day
“White Day” from the digital single White Day released February 21
I do like some of their songs and this is one of them.

Yong Jun Hyeon, Feeldog, LE
“You got some nerve” from the single You Got Some Nerve released February 21
At times I like this song, at times I don’t. The rap is good, I just don’t necessarily like all the weird sound effects.

Verbal Jint
“If it Ain’t Love” feat. Ailee from the single If It Ain’t Love released February 21
The video is kind of really cool in its black and white glory and got to love how they play on Ailee’s debut song “Heaven.”

“Show You What I Got” from mini album With Iconize releazed February 25
This song is strangely addicting.

Teen Top
“I Wanna Love” and “Miss Right” from album No. 1 released February 25
I won’t lie…I’m still trying to figure out if I actually like this song or not. Teen Top is another group that sometimes wins me over and sometimes completely turns me off. One of my pet peeves is how many times they say their group name in a song. Just like how every Brave Sound song must include his name in the lyrics.

Kim Seul Gi
“I Wake Up Because of You” feat. Go Kyung Po from the Flower Boy Next Door Special OST released February 26
Nothing like our favorite panda-eye editor and the guy she crushed on singing a song. It’s cute and nice.

MAIN (Music Aspire Impressive Narrative)
“Love Is” from the digital single Love Is released February 26
Another group I hadn’t heard of before, but they are pretty awesome.

“Black Paradise” from IRIS II OST released February 27
A nice track from Beast for their leader’s drama. Another ballad, but what I term as a dance ballad since it’s a ballad with a dance beat. I like Beast.

Woo Hyun & Lucia
“Cactus” from single album re;code Episode II released February 27
Whoops. Almost forgot to add this in! LOVE this collaboration between  one of Infinite’s main vocals Woo Hyun and singer/songwriter Lucia.

And like before, if you want uninterrupted music and videos, check out the playlist on YouTube:


  • Oh, i didn’t know that those two from Flower Boy Next Door had done a song together. Very cute. FBND was very hit & miss, and faltered towards the end, but it did have some great characters.

    I really like the LED Apple song. I’m always a bit “meh” about Led Apple because i like some songs but really couldn’t care less about others. But that one is really lovely. Hanbyul has an amazing voice, and i’ve loved the covers he’s released. I would love him to release a solo album, i would buy that in a heartbeat. His version of Falling Slowly, from Once, is utterly beautiful.

    Huh Gak’s ‘Monodrama’ really made me a fan of Yoo Seung Woo. I hadn’t heard of him before because i don’t watch Superstar K4, but he has kind of an unusual voice, while still being mainstream. I already loved Huh Gak, although 1440 wasn’t what i expected his next single to be, lol. I think Hello is still my favourite song of his, his voice just suited it so well and it was just so beautiful. 1440, being more upbeat, isn’t quite where i like him to be, if that makes sense.

    • Oh, and 10cm. Agree entirely.

    • I know, when I found out that those FBND two had done a duet, I immediately checked it out. It is very cute and you can see they are on really friendly terms. I still haven’t brought myself to watch the final 4 episodes. What a whiplash drama.
      I’ve liked all of LED Apple’s songs to date, but have found that they generally have the same sound, which can be off-putting to people. Han Byul’s voice in this song was just amazing. Like Lunafly, I also really enjoy their covers they do.
      I don’t follow any of the Korean American Idol-esque shows. Mainly as its hard to find English subtitles and I kind of like to know what people are saying when they aren’t performing. But I do like Yoo Seung Woo. I hadn’t heard of him until “Monodrama” and find myself anticipating more of him in the future. I do know what you mean about Huh Gak. I think a lot of people were surprised by “1440.” He does a good job, but… his other songs (like the ones that were in that MV series about that couple where the girl had a brain tumor or something) really suit him the best.
      I listened to that 10cm mini-album all day yesterday. Sigh. Still don’t really like “Oh Yeah” but all the other songs are just great.

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