Visual Kei Valentine’s Day Messages

Anonymous Confederate Ensemble

I love it when Music Japan Plus decides to upload interviews with English subtitles of Japanese rock and visual kei groups. For whatever reason, they did a Valentine’s Day project this year asking various bands about past Valentine’s Days, favorite chocolates, song recommendations, etc. It’s pretty fun to watch and hear their various love experiences, etc. Plus, we get new CD releases and tour dates (some of them even have upcoming tours in the US i.e. exist†trace who will be at a convention in Texas), and we get to see some of their PVs. Never a full one, though, which is rather sad.

So, even though it’s a bit late, Happy Valentine’s Day, and check out some of these messages from exist†trace, DIAURA, UNiTE, DIV, Lost Ash, Moran, A (ace), and more:

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