NU’EST Releases Hello MV

“Hello” is the title track of NU’EST’s 2nd mini album. Or rather, the correct title would be ‘여보세요’ or “Yoboseyo.” This isn’t one of those Korean songs that repeat “Hello” a gazillion times in the chorus. Instead we get to hear “yoboseyo” repeated multiple times. I’m excited for more NU’EST! I’ve loved all their releases so far and am liking “Hello” as well.

The song is about a man who catches his girlfriend cheating on him, but who is unable to confront her about this fact. So, in the video we get to see one gal cheating with all the NU’EST members. Poor boys. And I must say, there’s that creepy (to me) scene that reminds me of Bin-Jip‘s infamous ending (well… it wasn’t quite the end, but almost).

JR, MinhyunSee? Doesn’t that give you the willies to watch? And I wonder that given the content of the song, whether or not Minhyun knows she’s kissing JR behind his back (LITERALLY). Also, got to love how the girl gets mad when the boys’ catch on that she’s cheating… what right does the cheater have to be mad at the cheatee? Double standards, I tell ya.

Ah, and for those interested in English subtitles… Loen Entertainment does work to try to include subtitles with their MVs now. They do have subtitles available for this music video and I have to say that while their subtitles might not be 100% accurate or good English, they are generally fairly decent and generally match up pretty well with what MV fansubbers come up with.


  • I’m so glad you found that scene creepy because i said that to my friends and they were totally fine with it, lol. She’s hugging one guy and kissing another guy RIGHT BEHIND HIM; how is that not creepy? Other than that, it’s a nice song. And at first when I read that it was called “Hello”, i was like “what, another one?” but then it starts and you’re like “oh, that hello, right”. Ren is looking a touch more masculine in this video, kind of, so good for him. They shouldn’t make Aron rap though because he’s no good at it. He speaks English so they make him rap the English lines, but i think it just sounds awkward. This music video came out at the same time as BAP’s, and right before SHINee’s, so they were totally overshadowed. Story of their life so far, I reckon.

    • That scene makes me shudder. It’s not appropriate at all and it’s just plain creepy. It does really make me recall that scene in Bin-Jip. Other than that creepy factor, good song. It’s nice to see a manlier Ren. It’s funny because NU’EST members says that when Ren came in as a trainee he was very manly and you’d look at this waif-like blonde teen and think how is that possible?

      Ah, I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Aron’s raps. I could tolerate it more in “Action,” but “Face” and now “Hello” have the English rap throwing off the flow of the song, making it sound awkward to me. Let’s leave rapping to JR with the unique voice. No offense to Aron, the boy can sing, but rapping…

      Yes, it is unforunate their comeback is comes out the same time as BAP and SHINee. Although…I’m not really liking “Dream Girl.” Maybe it’s the video’s fault.

      • Oh, i haven’t heard the NU’EST guys say that, but i’m not surprised. When you watch him in their variety show, he has the cute side to him sometimes but he is also quite stubborn and , and i can totally see that if he cut his hair and, i don’t know, didn’t wear make-up, he could be the guy he was before he became Ren the Idol. I say guy. He’s 17. I mean kid, lol.

        I’m not a massive fan of Dream Girl, the video isn’t really much of anything. I didn’t think much of the album in general, until i started looking into some of the lyrics, and a couple of the songs are quite smart and well put together. So it’s made me like the album more in general.

        • True, and every idol group needs that one androgynous member, but yep, you do see Ren’s manly side in variety shows and certain parts of their videos.
          I generally like SHINee. “Dream Girl” isn’t bad and their albums always have great songs. It’s that video. I can’t take that video.

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