Drama Go Go Go Episode 8 Recap

Why do you think they split these into two parts? And do they really fit the two episodes’ themes?

Do Miracles Always come as a Surprise?: Part 2

Zhuo is anxiously awaiting news on Eason, but her assistant still doesn’t know his whereabouts; however, Shao Tian has contacted the press to say that Eason will run around without his shirt on the next day. They are all calling the studio to confirm where and when. Meanwhile, Eason isn’t happy he has to run around shirtless as that’s something only popular idols and actors do. Qiong Zi says he’s more popular now and he shouldn’t be nervous. She tells him to stop shaking his foot, but when she sits down, her own foot goes a mile a minute. Eason says he’s completely out of shape and Qiong Zi has him start doing pushups and tells him that when the reporters ask questions, he is to say he resigned from the drama instead of being forced out. Plus, him still running without his shirt shows how gracious he is. Ming Ming giggles at all of these antics when Shao Tian shows up and announces it is time.

The quartet head to the gaggle of reporters who immediately ask if Eason disappeared because he was ousted in favor of Ouyang Cheng. Shao Tian notices Ming Ming slipping away in the distance before he steps up and takes over. He says that the reporters are there to see Eason run half naked thanks to surpassing 3% in the ratings. Plus, Eason and his manager will be making an important announcement that will surprise everyone. Why does Ru En look so unhappy watching this all unfold? Anywho, Shao Tian turns the floor over to Qiong Zi who says all the rumors floating around about being replaced and forced out are not true—Eason and she decided to leave the project themselves. Enter PD Zhuo.

The PD immediately starts praising Eason for his acting and dedication for helping out with the PR of the drama. Qiong Zi cuts her off and says they are in the middle of an important announcement. Zhuo replies that she is the PD and thus should be included in all things drama-related. She then announces she is there to clear up the rumors—it was all a misunderstanding. This surprises Shao Tian (and everyone else—got to love Eason’s look of disbelief). Zhuo continues on to say that Ouyang’s appearance is only a guest role that he did out of a favor to her—Eason’s Fang Meng is the only leading man of the drama. Ming Ming looks ecstatic when Zhuo says Eason won’t be replaced and will definitely keep acting. Zhuo then redirects them to Eason’s promise to run half naked. Eason shows up with a towel around his neck which he takes off and then whips around his head before running around. Why everyone else involved in the production looks so dissatisfied or disgusted is beyond me—it’s not that distasteful.

We then cut to a recording studio where Eason and Henry are recording Eason’s song that Ming Ming is allowing him to sing in the drama. Apparently HE’s making a compilation album and including that song. Ru En is also there for a scoop and immediately wonders if the song is written for a special someone. This makes Qiong Zi uncomfortable and Shao Tian scolds Ru En for being gossipy again. Eason and Henry finish up and come out and Ru En asks him directly. Eason denies that the song was written with a girlfriend in mind and is only written for anybody who’s in love. Ru En demands to know if he’s still denying he has a girlfriend. Eason says he has no time with his current schedule and Ru En counters with if it’s someone he works with, then that doesn’t matter as they’ll see each other every day. Shao Tian cuts her off when she mentions the typhoon. Eason and Henry leave and Ru En pouts.

Eason immediately texts Ming Ming and apologizes for lying about having a girlfriend. She texts him back saying that she won’t forgive him for denying her, but she can sympathize. She then warns him to work hard before getting called into Zhuo’s office. The PD is wondering how Ming Ming will resurrect the dead Eason. Of course, Ming Ming already has that planned, but what to do about Ouyang Cheng’s role? Zhuo tells Ming Ming to resolve the role so Ouyang is no longer in the picture. They don’t have to worry about breaching a contract since Ouyang never signed one. I still think this might cause problems later, but whatever. Ming Ming doesn’t look too convinced either. Zhuo then asks for ideas for Fang Meng living. Ming Ming has some, but Dr. Wu was figured heavily into the script. Zhuo scolds Ming Ming for her lack of inspiration and says she already figured out they’d use a miracle. Those horrible drama miracles that make no sense.

Mei Gui covers the dead Eason with a sheet and asks him to look out for her in heaven when all of a sudden the corpse starts moving. Mei Gui calls out for a doctor and a new doctor enters saying Dr. Wu quit. Dr. Chen says Fang Meng recovering from a vegetative state is a miracle and says that they have to monitor him. When Fang Meng goes to recite his lines about not being able to feel his legs, Eason apologizes for forgetting his lines and a break is called. Pei Ni then scolds him for being half-assed. Shao Tian then comes up with a video camera to film a video for the homepage. Shao Tian films Eason’s message and continues filming him as Xiao He wanted more real footage. Eason takes the camera away and Shao Tian comments on how as long as a camera is running, Eason can’t relax and stop acting. Shao Tian then again questions Eason’s feelings for Ming Ming. Eason is having enough of this and asserts once and for all that his feelings are real. Shao Tian then warns Eason that Ming Ming is not strong and has a lot of flaws, so he’ll be watching Eason to make sure Ming Ming doesn’t get hurt. Eason considers this Shao Tian’s blessing, but Shao Tian says it’s not—it’s just plain acceptance. Eason will take what he can get. I’m shocked that Shao Tian even offers to cover for Eason so he can date Ming Ming.

Eason goes for his meeting with Zhuo about a commercial offer. Eason asks where Qiong Zi is and Zhuo says that she wasn’t invited. She’s basically trying to worm her way into being Eason’s manager and kicking Qiong Zi out. Eason doesn’t look happy at all, but before he can say much of anything, Zhuo Bao Kang enters. He will be the sponsor this year. Bao Kang offers the best contract and money he can and says that Eason was recommended by their female spokesman. Eason is shocked to learn that person is none other than Pei Ni.

After the meeting, Zhuo leaves Pei Ni and Eason alone. Eason thanks Pei Ni for the opportunity and goes to leave. Pei Ni stops him and asks if his thanks is sincere. Eason says that it is and does admit surprise because of Pei Ni’s earlier comments during filming. It’s nice to see these two becoming friends. So when does a love quadrangle start? You know, Ming Ming—Eason—Pei Ni—Shao Tian (and we might throw Ru En in there who seems to have some feelings for Shao Tian as well). Eason thanks Pei Ni for belittling him and hating him at the beginning as that has helped him become the Eason he is now. Pei Ni says she hasn’t disliked him every since the day she went back to the studio and saw him practicing hard on his own. Eason then comments on being able to see more of Pei Ni’s smile and she offers him a ride home.

At Eason’s house, Ming Ming is working hard on cleaning it. This surprises Eason as Shao Tian said Ming Ming doesn’t like to clean. Eason tells Ming Ming she doesn’t have to change for him and Ming Ming replies that it’s too late—she already has. She then goes and brings in chicken soup that her mom taught her to make over the phone. Mrs. Wang wants to make sure Eason is well nourished. Ming Ming then says her mom goes around bragging about how Eason will be her son-in-law. Ming Ming’s smile fades and she recalls that gossip can hurt Eason. She immediately apologizes and Eason tells her that is fine as reporters don’t go to the country side for gossip—he should be the one apologizing to Ming Ming (for not publically acknowledging their relationship). It’s really sad, but it’s the truth that relationships with other celebrities or non-celebrities can be taken rather badly by the public and your fans. It sucks, but it’s usually better to keep these things under wraps (until marriage usually and even that can be a crap shoot).

Eason goes to eat the soup when a knock sounds—it’s Pei Ni. Ming Ming quickly rushes off to hide as Eason answers the door. Pei Ni hands him something he forgot. Eason thanks her for going out of her way and Pei Ni steps in and takes a look around—so that’s where Eason lives. Eason uncomfortably says that it’s messy and nothing like a top star’s house, so he won’t invite her in to stay. Ming Ming (in the bathroom again) accidentally slips and bangs into something. Panicking, she immediately begins meowing. Eason asks if Pei Ni hears that. His house is so bad that stray cats keep coming in through the window. Ming Ming meows again and Eason meows back. Pei Ni keeps looking around and Eason begins to fan himself. She asks him what a celebrity’s house is supposed to be like. She then says his house gives off a very warm feeling. Eason replies he’s a very lucky man and Pei Ni finally leaves.

Eason meows twice and Ming Ming comes out. He explains why Pei Ni was there and Ming Ming replies she heard. Eason then explains about the advertising, the dinner, and the ride home. Ming Ming laughs and says he doesn’t need to explain. She then packs up the soup to take home since he doesn’t have a microwave. Eason doesn’t like that she won’t leave the soup. He’s also not happy to see her disguise. Ming Ming replies it’s to keep people from gossiping again (thanks to what happened the morning after the typhoon)—this way people will only think she’s the cleaning lady. Ming Ming then picks up his trash to take out. She goes to leave and Eason wraps her in a hug. He doesn’t want Ming Ming to suffer any more. Ming Ming turns and says she isn’t suffering as she knows his life his different now. Eason says his life is meaningless without her and he complains about her changing so much. He trails off and apologizes. Ming Ming hugs him and says that she is happy to finally be changing little by little. Eason has nothing to be sorry for. If he’s willing, she wishes to be by his side forever. Eason then asks her out for a celebration party the next day.

Ming Ming is at the store picking up groceries for their celebration while Eason finishes up at the studio eagerly looking forward to whatever Ming Ming has planned. Henry enters and Eason learns that Zhuo is throwing a celebration party for him that night, too, in honor of Fang Meng being resurrected and the ratings hitting a new high. Ming Ming is doing her best to cook Eason a surprise dinner (nothing like using an open can of mushrooms that you don’t know how long its been in your kitchen for and thinking it will be okay since its cooked) while Eason and Pei Ni are answering reporters’ questions at the party. Poor Qiong Zi looks very left out and unhappy in the background. Eason keeps checking his watch to slip out and meet with Ming Ming. When he goes to make his move, he catches Pei Ni being bothered by Tom (her former manager) asking her for money for a new investment of his. End episode.

Anywho… I’m not saying change is bad—it’s generally a good thing—but can someone explain how Eason and Ming Ming can change so fast in so little time because of their “love”? I think it’s a bit too abrupt, but maybe that’s just me. And as cute as they are… I kind of ship Pei Ni and Eason and Ming Ming and Shao Tian.


  • I thought it was cute when Shao Tian accepted Eason & Ming Ming’s relationship. But of course we all know that’s not gonna last for long..

    • It was cute, and, yep, you know it won’t last long. I do admit to wanting Shao Tian & Ming Ming together for some reason, even tho I do like Eason

      • I don’t want to spoil it for you but I jumped Shao Tian’s ship after a new guy character was introduced >_>

        • I saw some photos of a different guy and I was wondering when he’d enter the picture. I kind of figured there’d be a more mature guy thrown in there instead of having Shao Tian be a real contender for Ming Ming’s heart.

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