NeeNee’s Kpop Faves – January 2013

I’m going to do these by release date instead of by the order in which I like them. πŸ˜› Here’s a list of kpop recommendations from albums released in January 2013. No, you might not find some groups you like on here that had January releases. Everyone’s entitled to their own tastes and opinions, and I tend not to like girl groups for the most part.

**Updated 28 February 2013**
Why the update? I fell in love with some January releases WAY after the fact.

Baek Ji Young
“Hate” from single Hate released January 3

“A Year Ago” from the single “A CUBE” FOR SEASON # WHITE released January 3
This single features Hyun Seung of Beast and Eun Ji and Nam Joo of APink.

JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)
“While You Were Sleeping” from mini-album Just JeA released January 4
NeeNee’s a sucker for ballads, what can I say?

“So Pretty” from single album So Pretty released January 4
I’ve never been a huge fan of hip hop, but for some reason, I am starting to really like it… at least in the Korean music world. There’s just something about this song that I love. I think the singer of the main chorus has an awesome voice and the rappers are good.

“That’s My Fault” from Speed of Light digital single released January 7 (also included on their first full-length album Superior Speed released January 15th)
“It’s Over” from Superior Speed album released January 15
This song has an EPIC 14 minute drama version starring a favorite actor of mine πŸ˜› But again, this song is heavier on rap and I find myself liking it immensely. It’s catchy to me.

Verbal Jint
“Good Start” from single Good Start released January 7
I’ve heard of Verbal Jint, but had never really listened to him before. This song and his rapping are awesome! I’m definitely going to be checking for updates and new releases from him from now on.

Kim Jae Joong
“One Kiss” from single album One Kiss released January 8
“Mine” from solo mini-album I released January 18
Seriously… Kim Jae Joong and rock are like synonymous. His pop songs are great, but I really think he brought the rock genre home in this single and his mini-album.

“Words You Shouldn’t Believe” from digital single Christmas in Nell’s Room released January 8
I’m in love with Nell as they are an AWESOME band… I just wish Woolim would start releasing their albums on iTunes more frequently as every time I check, they haven’t put their latest releases in the US iTunes store for whatever reason.

Romantic Punch
“Merry-Go-Round” from Flower Boy Next Door OST released January 8
Romantic Punch is an awesome indie band. I got to know about them thanks to the second season of KBS’s Top Band (which wasn’t as good as the original season, but still…). I LOVE this song. It’s highly addictive.

“Throw it Away” from single album Throw it Away released January 9
Like I said, hip hop usually not a favorite genre of mine, but something about this song makes me like it. This duo definitely is interesting to watch perform live.

“You & Together” from the Dac Chi Go Family OST released January 9
She’s got a great, mellow voice.

“I Yah” from repackaged first album I Yah released January 10
A typical song from Boyfriend, but they hold a dear place in my heart. They are cute, but can also show a more manly side like they did in their release at the end of last year.

Infinite H
“Special Girl” and “Without You” from mini-album Fly High released January 11
Okay, I think the MV for “Without You” may have been released at the beginning of this month, but the album itself was released in January, so that counts. I really am enjoying hearing more of Dong Woo and Hoya. I do wonder why this album was released in the US iTunes store, but I still can’t find Tasty’s first single, Infinite’s ”

“I’m Sorry” from mini-album Re:BLUE released January 14
I’m loving the different sound. It’s nice to have something fresh and new and even more rock oriented from CNBlue. I’m hoping we can get more songs like this on future albums.

“Shower of Tears” from Part 2 released January 14
Fell in love with this duo thanks to “Two Mari” and I’m loving this mixture of their rap and the female chorus. It works very well together.

“Rain Sound” from the digital single Rain Sound released January 15
From showing a powerful manly images to their softer, cuter sides, they now come back with a heavier ballad. I LOVE this group. They are awesomeness.

J Rabbit
“Talking ‘Bout Love” from the Flower Boy Next Door OST released January 15
Another great song. She has such a pretty voice. How great is it that CJ E&M uploads all these tracks? πŸ˜€

“On and On” and “Don’t Want to be an Idol” from single VIXX 3rd released January 17
Love the songs on this single. Not in love with the heavy makeup style they put on them. I don’t like seeing other girls wearing that kind of makeup and I certainly don’t think it really fits on boys either.

Monday Kiz
“You & I” from single You and I released January 17
I own almost all of their albums. I do plan on collecting them all eventually, but just haven’t managed it yet. They are a great ballad group that I absolutely LOVE!

“Why Not” and “24/7” from mini-album Harvest Moon released January 17
I don’t know why, but it took awhile for “24/7” to grow on me, which is funny since I’m a country girl at heart, but it finally has grown on me. I have to say, though, that my favorite from 4Minute’s unit group is “Why Not” which is an explosive rock track.

Mini-album Phantom Theory released January 17
I can’t pick one favorite – I love the entire album. So happy to get more Phantom! And how cool is it that they offer Korean, Japanese, and English subtitles for the audio in their video for “Like Cho Yong Pil”?

“Love is Over” from single Love is Over released January 18

Raspberry Field
“To Meet You First of my Own Accord” from album Sweet & Bitter released January 18
They have such a mellow, soothing sound.

Moon Hee Jun
“I’m Not OK” and “Pioneer” from mini-album Begins released January 18
I’m not usually a fan of electronica, but I do enjoy this song. It’s nice to see Moon Hee Jun finally making a comeback into the music industry.

“Sweet Dream” from single Sweet Dreamreleased January 21
Awesome collaboration! Yoon Mirae has such a great voice and is a fierce rapper. I’m totally in love with this collaboration.

“MINIANIMO” from the digital single MINIANIMO released January 21
Again, it took awhile for this song to grow on me, but I do find I like it.

“You and Me” from single You and Me released January 21
Andy’s back! The cute maknae from Shinhwa releases a single with two members of kpop rookie group 100%. It’s a great collaboration between the trio.

“Time Goes By” from first album Love Graphy released January 22
He has such an awesome voice and is apparently from the same label as Ra.D

Shin Jae
“It Hurts So Bad” from album LOVE released JanuaryΒ  22
You can really feel the emotions in this song. This is a full-length album, but for some reason the US iTunes currently only has a single version of this release. A pity. I’d like the entire album.

“Even if You Play” feat. ChaKun from ELECTROBOYZ from digital single Even if You Play released January 22
Another MV in which K.Will doesn’t get to star in it πŸ˜‰ That doesn’t matter. His vocal talents and ChaKun’s rapping really compliment each other in the song.

Eric Nam
“Heaven’s Door” from mini-album Cloud 9 released January 23
It’s a pretty song with a cute video. Actually, I like his entire album, but this song really does stand out for some reason.

So Ji Sub
“Eraser” feat. Mellow and “Picnic” feat. YounHa from 6PM… Ground mini album released January 23
This man is just multi-talented.

“The Person/The Man” from My Daughter Seo Young OST released January 24
A new singer with an amazing voice!

“Highway” from digital single Highway released January 24
Such a fierce image and an interesting dance for this song. I am loving Mr.Mr! I just wish I could get my hands on this song. The MV is reminiscent of other MVs (like SS501’s one MV from one of their last albums as a group), but it’s good.

“Dolls” from from mini album Dolls released January 24
9Muses is one of the few kpop girl groups that don’t constantly give me cutesy/sexy whiplash thus I can tolerate listening to them and watching their MVs.

“Tears” from single Double Kick Project Part 2 released January 25
I love LeeSSang and the Seeya’s Eugene has an amazing voice.

“Just That Little Thing” from MYNAME The 2nd Single released January 25
Finally more MyName! I know they are successfully promoting in Japan, but it would be nice to see more Korean releases from them as well. Ah, does anyone else kind of think of Supernova’s “Stupid Love” at certain points of this song?

“Remember Me” from the digital single Remember Me released January 27
I think this might be the first song of theirs I ever listened to. I don’t know if this is because they are brand new or not as I don’t know much about them, but it’s a good song and a cute MV. Oh… and the English? It makes sense! So rare in some non-English music.

“Hello It’s Me” from The 5th Album Vol. 1[The True Story] released January 28
Another great ballad from another great ballad group.

“Ice Flower” from Yawang OST released January 28
Ailee has been taking part in a lot of OSTs of late it seems. I love her voice, though, so that makes me happy. I haven’t been watching this series, but I love that they are releasing MVs with clips from the series for these OST releases.

Dalmatian [DMTN]
“Safety Zone” from digital single Safety Zone released January 29
Man, you have to wait so long between Dalmatian releases, but it’s worth it. They are continuing to show their manly and mature images. I am totally in love with this song. I think this might be my favorite release in January (even it its at the very end of the month).

Lee Jung
“I Wish it was You” from the Flower Boy Next Door OST released January 29
This is my all time favorite song from the OST. Thanks to Immortal Song 2, I fell in love with him and his husky voice. The man can really emote songs well, too.

“Ziugae” [Eraser] from mini-album Ziugae released January 30
I’m very familiar with ALi thanks to Immortal Song 2 and sometimes I really like her and other times I really don’t like her, so I was reluctant to give this song a try until I heard her perform it live on Inkigayo. Now I can say I am totally in love with it.

Bongji Couple
“You and I Together” from The Old Dac Chi Go Family OST released January 30
This song is originally sung by SunBee, but here it’s performed by two actors from this popular sitcom. I don’t know if this song was released as a digital single or not, but I like both SunBee’s version and this one.

Super Junior – M
“Break Down” from album Break Down released January 31
It’s Super Junior. It’s also technically Cpop, but they have a Kpop version as well πŸ˜›

Sistar 19
“Gone Not Around any Longer” from single album Gone Not Around any Longer released January 31
I couldn’t stand the video and the dance. Sorry… sexy girl group dances are lost on me as I usually don’t like watching them for whatever reason. That being said, I LOVE just listening to this song.

I do have a playlist setup now, which is pretty much ordered by release date so you can watch all 30-some mvs and live performances in one stop:

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