Smile, Donghae Episode 51 Recap

We open with Sae Young’s and Tae Hoon’s conversation about Saewa’s past which Do Jin overhears. It’s quite a shock for him. He softly closes the door and grabs his coat to run out. Sool Nyeo comes out and asks if he isn’t going to stay for tea. Do Jin says something urgent came up and bolts without even saying goodbye. He recalls his friend’s words, Saewa’s words, and Sae Young’s. He pulls over to the side of the road in distress and honks his horn. He then grabs up his phone and calls his friend demanding to meet with the man who told him the info NOW.

At the hotel, Chef Bang calls a halt to work and tells them about the next round of the competition. They must make one dish using rice, a side, and a dessert. The recipes are due by the next day. Bongi is worried that their dessert might be too plain, but Donghae believes it will be good enough. The problem is trying to figure out what their main dish will be. The two giving a shout and then start worrying about Anna. Bongi tries to comfort Donghae, saying that Anna should be just fine. Anna goes up to Hye Sook to report for duty. Hye Sook welcomes her into the family and this excites Anna to hear they are part of the same family now. She bows deeply and thanks Hye Sook for the job.

Saewa is still freaking out about Joon possibly anchoring again. If he appears on the news and Anna sees him, it’s all over. She rushes into Joon’s office. He scolds her for not knocking and says he has a meeting he needs to rush off to. Saewa again says he should reconsider taking the anchoring position. Why? If he’s not planning a career in politics, him taking the anchoring position will confirm to everyone that he is (not quite sure how that works, but whatever), plus Hye Sook might corral him into politics without his consent.  Joon tells her to stop and leave. Saewa doesn’t wish to, but Joon insists she do so and that he is carefully considering the decision.

Saewa is trying to figure out how to stop Joon when she is told its time to start interviewing the chefs. This makes Saewa panic that her past can be revealed and she puts in an urgent phone call. Meanwhile, people are trying to get in touch with Do Jin. His phone is off and he’s not in his office. Do Jin finally returns, upset. He buzzes his secretary to cancel his schedule and sits down at his desk, head in his hands. When he hears his door open, he immediately starts yelling that he didn’t want to be disturbed. It’s his mommy! Hye Sook is surprised by her son’s attitude. Just what happened? Do Jin says nothing happened and he just needs to be alone to think. Of course, Hye Sook is worried, but lets it go for the time being. Hye Sook reminds him he is supposed to be showing the TV staff around the kitchen for an interview.

Do Jin  goes down and delivers the news to the kitchen staff. He’s in a foul mood already and seeing both Donghae and Bongi does nothing to help this. When Bongi goes to put finishing touches on a dish she’s serving, Do Jin calls her out and makes her repeat what he said. This flusters Do Jin and she ends up dropping and breaking something. This earns her more of Do Jin’s wrath as he reminds her about the peanut porridge incident and rotten rice rolls. Why is there always problems with her. Bongi apologizes and Do Jin again insists she repeat everything again. Donghae jumps in and says Do Jin is being unfair and childish. Of course this ups Do Jin’s temper even more. He quietly asks Donghae why he keeps talking to Saewa on the phone. Uh-oh. Do Jin leaves in a storm and Bongi asks if Donghae is okay. Donghae repeats that he is fine and then recalls Do Jin’s words and the strange call from Saewa’s phone the other night.

Do Jin is back in his office fuming when Saewa arrives. She notices his condition and asks if they should push back the interviews. Do Jin tells her it’s fine. They sit down and the interview begins. Saewa is horrified when her coworker insists on the interview. She’s so afraid that her secret will be revealed. She tells the others to go ahead first as she has an urgent business phone call to make. Of course, Do Jin is watching her closely and gauging every reaction.

At the Lee house, Sun Ok is busy and annoyed that no one is there to help—especially her new daughter-in-law. She asks for Pil Jae’s help and he comes out asking where Sae Young is. Sun Ok complains about Sae Young not helping out and Pil Jae says blame her mother. Sun Ok starts grilling him about Sool Nyeo and Anna and Pil Jae denies liking either woman. Meanwhile, Tae Hoon tries to escape his in-laws to go to his grandfather’s memorial, but he keeps getting stuck doing more things for his wife and mother-in-law. Pil Jae calls Tae Hoon to find out where he is and Sool Nyeo picks up. The two bicker and Pil Jae angrily hangs up and tells Sun Ok to call her son herself.

Saewa puts in an urgent call to Donghae telling him to meet her on the roof. Meanwhile, the production staff head to the kitchen. Do Jin notices Donghae’s absence and asks where he is Bongi says he received a phone call and stepped out for a bit. At the roof, Saewa is demanding Donghae stay away from the PD as it is the same one who did the search for missing people. As far as I know, he wasn’t aware of Donghae and Saewa being in a relationship, so I am really confused as to why she would care so much about this. Donghae is, rightly so, annoyed by this request. He’ll be on TV sooner or later, so what’s the big deal now? Saewa bitches that she has no idea why all this is happening to her as it seems everyone is out to get her. Persecution complex, much? She and her mother aggravate me as they constantly think every one is out to ruin them. Not so. If Saewa gets ruined, its her own damn fault.Ji Chang WookDonghae reminds Saewa about his search for his father and Saewa explodes. James, James, James. Does Donghae really need to find a man he’s never met? What’s the point? Donghae is speechless. Yes, Saewa, let’s show Donghae just how much you are self-centered and a horrible witch—that will make him do what you want. Shakes head. It’s a face palm moment. Donghae says he doesn’t even know what to say anymore and just tells Saewa to deal with it on her own and leaves the flustered girl.

Do Jin is walking with the PD when he sees Donghae. He recognizes the man and asks if he’s really Carl Laker. He had thought Donghae had left for the states. He then asks how a short track skater ended up working a a chef in a hotel. Do Jin asks how they know each other and the PD starts talking about the missing person’s show and Saewa’s home stay in New York. Saewa hurries in and interrupts the conversation at this point. Donghae makes good his escape, but you know Do Jin isn’t an idiot and definitely is putting two and two together.

Back in the kitchen, Donghae is mimicking everything the worried Bong is doing until she yells at him. Bongi asks if he finished the recipe to be so at ease. Donghae says he has the basic outline ready and asks about Bongi’s plans for revamping the rice punch. Bongi is stuck at trying to figure out what ingredients to add and Donghae tells her to think more broadly when Yoo Jin bursts in and says that is what she wishes to tell Donghae. The annoying assistant head chef would like Donghae to not draw a line between women he likes and women he doesn’t like or else he’ll never find “the one.” This annoys Bongi. That’s not what Donghae meant. Donghae then says even if he were to think more broadly… he trails off and then excuses himself. Yoo Jin says that it’s all Bongi’s fault for kissing Donghae. Yoo Jin then says that she won’t let Donghae go and leaves. BOngi huffs and says she won’t let him go either.

Do Jin sets up a meeting with his friend’s friend for that evening. He heads home and starts drinking some wine. The housekeeper asks if he wants crackers, but Do Jin refuses. He then recalls the housekeeper’s words from earlier about Saewa dropping off wine. He confronts the housekeeper and asks her about that event and why she changed the story. The housekeeper admits that Saewa begged her to lie. Do Jin storms up to his room and wonders how far his wife’s lies go. He ignores Saewa’s call. This makes her freak out and she asks his assistant where he is. When she hears he’s at home, she quickly rushes out of the office.

Meanwhile, Anna is at the hotel happily working. She gets a thorough explanation of what she can and can’t do. Anna is happy to finally have a job and gets to work quickly. Her partner is happy at Anna’s speed and efficiency and compliments the woman. Donghae and Bongi meet up with Anna who says she is almost done and the three hurry to get home for the Lees’ memorial service.

Do Jin gets the call from his friend telling him to meet him at the same bar where they met earlier. Do Jin gets ready to rush out and Saewa asks where he’s going since they have to go to the memorial later. Do Jin apologizes and rushes out. He meets his parents and barely greets them before going. Saewa rushes down and Joon asks if they had a fight. Saewa replies they didn’t and are just rushing off for the memorial. Right. Her entire day is filled up with nothing but lies.

Tae Hoon asks if Sae Young is really not going. He reminds her of his duty as the eldest son, but Sae Young replies she can’t since they can’t get in touch with her sister or brother-in-law. The Lees are busy preparing and wondering where Tae Hoon and Sae Young are. Donghae and Anna watch the preparation as it is their first time seeing a Korean memorial service. While Donghae is watching and comes up with an idea of doing mixed rice with three colored veggies. Bongi says that will be too plain. Donghae then says he thought about adding rice cakes, but figured on meat patties instead. Bongi is excited by this and the rest of Donghae’s plans for their recipe.

Do Jin is angrily headed to the bar being stalked by his wife. I guess he’s too angry to note this. Behind him, Saewa is freaking out. He must know something. Do Jin arrives at the bar and immediately starts asking questions to the man. The man says that while he doesn’t know the entire details, he does know Saewa had a boyfriend who was quite famous as he was a member of the US National Team and was Korean-American. This man then turns to Do Jin’s friend and complains about him wrecking a happy home. Do Jin then demands to know what sport the man played. Saewa enters at this time and looks horrified. Do Jin then asks if the sport was short track. The man confirms this and Do Jin asks if he can remember the man’s name. End episode. Choke on your lies evil woman.

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