Smile, Donghae Episode 50 Recap

This counts as being one third of the way through the series. Woohoo! Only 109 episodes to go…doesn’t sound like I’ve accomplished very much, does it? After 3 years now…but, in my defense, you really can’t stomach this series in large doses. I think that’s how it is with most daily dramas for me. Hard to believe that once upon a time in elementary – high school I would anxiously await the latest daily episodes of Santa Barbara, One Life to Live, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Passions, Sunset Beach, and Another World.

Do Jin is horrified to learn from his friend that Saewa had a boyfriend in New York. Of course, he believes that his friend is lying. Saewa comes in as the friend demands Do Jin explore his wife’s past. Do Jin tells his friend to get lost and threatens to kill him if he ever sees him again. The friend leaves and then Do Jin wraps Saewa in a hug and apologizes that she had to hear such things. O.M.G. Seriously? Talk about absurd blind faith. I mean, it really doesn’t matter who she dated in the past per se, but Do Jin’s attitude towards past relationships is just ridiculous. Saewa says it doesn’t matter as long as he believes in her.

She then scurries out of the office and demands to talk to his departing “friend.” The two go to a café and Saewa demands to know who told him that story and how could he be so irresponsible as to repeat it to Do Jin. Doesn’t he know he can destroy a happy family? As if the Kim family is all that happy at the present. The friend says he has it first hand from someone who went to Columbia with Saewa. Saewa tells him to watch his mouth and asks how he can says such things since he’s Do Jin’s friend. The man replies that he hates owing anybody anything, rubbing his split lip. He then says he hopes Saewa makes it out of the relationship alive since Do Jin has an unhealthy obsessiveness when it comes to women. Yeah. We’ve seen that already.

At the hotel kitchen, Bongi is all for Anna working in the hotel, too. Donghae is still reluctant, especially when considering Kim Joon and Saewa. Bongi says they promised they wouldn’t care about those people in pursuit of their dreams. Donghae caves and Anna then asks her son if she can ask Saewa one more time about the picture of James. Donghae doesn’t want her to do that. This is all news to Bongi. Anna explains Saewa showing her the picture of James and Bongi complains about Saewa lying yet again. Enter Saewa who begs to talk to Donghae. He ignores her, but she insists.

The two go to the roof and Saewa demands to know who Donghae told about their relationship at school since she didn’t have any friends in the states. Donghae also asserts he told no one, but they were always together, so is it all that strange that people assumed their were dating? Saewa reveals the problem with Do Jin’s friend and then says she’d sell her soul to erase her past with Donghae. She’s horrified Do Jin will find out. Donghae goes to leave and says its all her problem, not his. Saewa says it is his problem as Do Jin will be even more merciless to get him out of the hotel. Saewa then almost spills the truth about Joon’s identity. Saewa asks him what she can do and Donghae shakes off her clingy hands and says there is nothing he can do for her. Donghae then asks about the picture of James she showed Anna. Saewa says it isn’t true and Donghae says he won’t forgive her if she’s lying to him again.

The kitchen is abuzz with news that Sunae will most likely be the cook relocated to the Gyeongju branch. Sunae comes in and Dae Sam sends the others back to work. Sunae asks what is going on and Dae Sam tells her about the Gyeongju relocation after the competition ends. Sunae is horrified to learn that everyone believes she’s the one being sent. She then recalls Bongi’s warning that you can’t trust Saewa. So what does Sunae do? She goes to Do Jin’s office and says she trusted his wife that she wouldn’t be fired and that’s how she ended up with the same recipe as Bongi and Dongahe. Of course, Do Jin doesn’t believe her, but Sunae says she has the pictures Saewa sent her and even says that Saewa wanted Bongi and Donghae to fail at all costs. Sunae can’t leave Seoul as she has a sick grandmother to take care of. Do Jin is visibly rattled. He sends Sunae away saying he will look into the matter. I had to snort when Do Jin says to himself that Saewa can’t do such a thing because she is a pure and just person. He then recalls his friend’s words. Is he starting to doubt?

Bongi is studying and wondering about what Donghae and Saewa are discussing when Anna happily comes in and says she starts work tomorrow. She and Bongi are celebrating when Yoo Jin comes in and scolds Bongi for not studying for the competition. Yoo Jin then asks who Anna is. Bongi says she and Anna are great friends and that Anna is Donghae’s mother. Yoo Jin then says people mistake her for a model, but she’s an excellent cook who will more than likely be dating Donghae soon. This floors Anna and annoys Bongi who says she will see Anna out. Yoo Jin then pulls rank on Bongi and demands to join the dinner reception team even though Bongi wasn’t on it to begin with. Yoo Jin then takes Anna out and Bongi angrily says she hates Yoo Jin. This makes her even more fired up to beat Yoo Jin at the competition.

Sool Nyeo is holding on to the ring Pil Jae gave Anna and angrily thinks back to the scene she saw earlier. She tries to destroy the ring and complains about Pil Jae giving Anna a ring when he’s never given her one. Pil Jae then calls demanding the ring back. Sool Nyeo refuses to give the ring back unless Pil Jae gets on his knees and begs her. If not, she’ll pawn the ring. Pil Jae shouts at her to do whatever she wants and hangs up. Sool Nyeo decides to go to Sun Ok to see what happens then.

Sun Ok is not happy at all to her old friend after the last incident. After exchanging unpleasantries, Sool Nyeo says that Anna is chasing after Pil Jae. When Sool Nyeo says that she’s better than Anna, Sun Ok refutes this and says that Anna is a much better person. Sool Nyeo angrily leaves and Sun Ok starts wondering if Pil Jae and Anna are really dating. Sool Nyeo runs into Pil Jae who demands the ring back and Sool Nyeo refuses. Pil Jae grabs her purse, but she snatches the ring and puts it on. The two then start wrestling and to save him from taking the ring, Sool Nyeo puts it in her mouth. Enter Anna at this time who is shocked to see such a sight. She immediately says she didn’t see Pil Jae trying to kiss Sool Nyeo.

The three then go to a café and Sool Nyeo gives back the ring saying she never wanted it in the first place. Sool Nyeo then asks Pil Jae for him to finally clear the air. Pil Jae admits he likes no one but Anna. Sool Nyeo then asks Anna who says James is the only one for her. So what will Pil Jae do now? Pil Jae says that whatever it is, he will NOT be with Sool Nyeo since she isn’t his style. Sool Nyeo says that they can grow used to each other, but Pil Jae says he never wishes to see her again. He tells Anna to follow him. Anna gets up to go and Sool Nyeo warns her to stay away from Pil Jae. Anna then says that Saewa is helping her find James and leaves. This surprises Sool Nyeo who has no idea what Anna is talking about. Of course, Sool Nyeo is thick-skinned enough to say she will fight for her love. Yegads. Get a clue already woman.

In the kitchen, Bongi is recalling Yoo Jin’s ridiculous introduction. She then asks if Yoo Jin saw Anna off safely. Donghae thanks her and then asks why she’s frying the ddeokbokki. She gives Donghae a bite to try and Bongi gets infuriated and starts chopping vegetables. She cuts herself and Donghae rushes over and Bongi shakes him off complaining about him complimenting the competition. Donghae says that Yoo Jin’s idea of making a street dish into a hotel class dish that foreigners would like is a good idea, but they will come up with a much better one, right? He also tells Bongi to be careful as her hurts when she gets hurt. Awwwww. This makes Bongi happy.

A meeting is held for the cooking show. Joon isn’t happy that they will be interviewing the chefs for the competition, but he can’t say not to do it just because of Saewa and Donghae. Meanwhile, Saewa is horrified to hear that Joon has been offered a return to the prime 9 o’clock news spot. If he returns to television, then Anna might see him—she can’t let that happen. Selfish witch.

That night Do Jin asks her about Sunae’s confession. Saewa says that she wanted to help poor Sunae. Plus, Bongi used to bully the other chef. LIAR. Do Jin says that it is still stealing and that he is disappointed in her for the first time. Saewa says she only did it for everyone’s benefit. Do Jin then asks where she lived in New York. Saewa says she was in the dorms for all six years and then says she’s hurt that he keeps questioning her like that. She then goes to take a shower. Do Jin immediately calls up his friend and asks him to arrange a meeting with the person who knew Saewa at Columbia. I smell glorious trouble for Saewa. Unfortunately, that would also mean more trouble for Donghae. Rats.

The Lee family is preparing for the Lee’s father’s memorial service. Anna reveals she will be working a the hotel starting the next day. Sun Ok complains that Anna is willing to work to help out while her own daughter-in-law does nothing. She then calls up Sae Young telling her to arrive early for the memorial. Sae Young replies she isn’t going because that is her father’s memorial day. Tae Hoon then takes the phone and tells his mother they will be there and hangs up. Sae Young isn’t happy. Tae Hoon says they will go and pay respects to his house first and then come back for Sae Young’s father’s memorial. Of course, Sae Young doesn’t want to as she says after school and taking care of the twins, she’ll be too tired to attend two memorials. Tae Hoon shouts that she has to and this upsets her more. Actually, Tae Hoon is in the right here. He’s not saying that his family is more important and that they should do both memorials. Of course, him approaching his wife by yelling at her to just listen to him… not really the best idea, Tae Hoon-ssi.

Saewa has a nightmare that she comes home and Donghae is there being introduced as Do Jin’s hyung. Saewa freaks out and says she didn’t know at all. She then wakes up in a cold sweat. She looks over at her sleeping husband and then gets up. Do Jin wakes as well and takes Saewa’s phone. He goes through the call list and looks extremely unhappy.

Bongi and Donghae return and Bongi exclaims over the rice punch and Donghae asks if he can try it. He loves it and Bongi says that since it is also made of rice, they should use that in the competition. Donghae quickly agrees to this as well as kimchi. He then compliments Kang Jae saying his kimchi goes with everything. Kang Jae is flattered by this. He and Sun Ok then leave to do some more preparations for the memorial when Donghae gets a call. He answers his phone, but gets no reply. He and Bongi then look at the caller ID and are shocked it’s from Saewa. Why would she be calling so late at night? We then cut back to the horrified Do Jin who wonders why his wife called Donghae so much. Saewa comes back and Do Jin quickly puts her phone back on the bedside table and snuggles under the covers.

Donghae, Anna, and Bongi are getting ready to head off to work. Pil Jae tells Anna to wear a vest and scarf since it’s getting cold. This earns him scrutiny from his sister-in-law and Donghae. When the three leave, Sun Ok asks him to honestly tell her if he likes Anna. Of course, Pil Jae lies and then gets saved by a call from the office. Sun Ok then calls up Tae Hoon who promises to be there with Sae Young and the twins. He hangs up and Sae Young immediately refuses because if Saewa doesn’t come, Sool Nyeo will be all alone. Tae Hoon replies that it is Saewa’s duty being the eldest and Sae Young says there have been many years when Saewa didn’t come. Sool Nyeo points out that her eldest has an important job not like her unemployed son-in-law. This hurts Tae Hoon, especially when Sae Young keeps insisting she won’t go. He then says that he is the eldest of his family and this is the first memorial service since they married. If Sae Young insists on not going, then that means she doesn’t see Tae Hoon as her husband. He then leaves the table.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun, Do Ji WonAt the Kim  house, Saewa asks Joon about the news anchor position. Will he be taking it? This is news to Do Jin and Hye Sook. Joon says that the position was just offered and he’s considering it. Saewa goes to tell him not to do it when she gets interrupted by a phone call from her mother reminding her about the memorial service. Saewa had completely forgotten. She hangs up and tells them about the memorial day. Hye Sook tells Do Jin to make sure to go since it’s the first memorial since their marriage. Saewa ignores this and again tells Joon not to take the anchoring position. Joon wonders at why she’s so adamant about this and then gets up to leave.

Upstairs, Saewa says she has laid out her husband’s things and should really hurry to leave for work with Joon. Do Jin then says he’ll stop by Sool Nyeo’s place before work to help out a bit. Saewa thanks him and then rushes out. Do Jin doesn’t look happy. He arrives with supplies. He and Tae Hoon cautiously greet each other. The twins start crying and Sae Young and Tae Hoon rush in to take care of them. Do Jin smiles and goes to their room, too. As he’s about to enter he overhears Sae Young complaining about being prettier and more affectionate than her sister, but ending up with such a crappy life. Tae Hoon points out that Saewa is more intelligent. Sae Young then complains about Saewa living with a guy for six years and lying about it to land the perfect man and live as a queen.

End episode. It serves both Do Jin and Saewa right, really. These two are despicably perfect for each other.

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