Zettai Kareshi Episode 6 Recap

And here we are  trying something different starting with episode 6 in which Chani-chan and myself throw in some real-time commentary as we watched the episode. Hope you enjoy.

Chani: Ahh, yes, in the flashback he did say “suki” for love, so it could simply have meant he was interested in her. Or loved the cream puffs.

NeeNee: You’ve got to love the ambiguity.

Namikiri asks his assistant to keep Night’s behavior a secret for right now. He wishes to monitor the robot lover for 24 hours to see if they can figure anything out. Namikiri calls Riiko and says the repairs to Night’s wrist are finished. How much will this cost her? It’s a free service thanks to a special they are running.

Chani: You’ve got be suspicious when Namikiri tells her something is free.

NeeNee: Yeah, it’s usually always about money with Namikiri.

Riiko goes into work and is immediately uncomfortable around Soshi. Looks like she can’t act normal around him now that she “likes” him. He tells her to call him by his name now that they are on the same level at work, but Riiko can’t do that. (Chani’s cultural note: As many of you probably know, calling someone by their first name in Japanese is a big privilege and indicates a good deal of closeness or familiarity. And even if Soshi meant to call him by his last name, it would be even more difficult to switch to more familiar terms when someone was formerly on a higher social or career ladder than you.) When Soshi asks after her boyfriend, Riiko uncomfortably says Night isn’t and dodges Soshi’s hand when he checks to see if she has a fever. Of course, Mika witnesses all this and you know there will be trouble ahead.

Namikiri has installed a recording chip into Night’s “brain” so they can continue to monitor and control Night’s behavior. His assistant is worried. Should Namikiri be doing this without permission? Enter the boss. Namikiri quickly turns off the monitor. The chief asks for updates and Namikiri says they were only doing a basic repair. The chief then orders Namikiri to begin production on 02. (Chani’s note: Well, at least they are letting Namikiri handle production. Last episode, for whatever reason, I imagined they were starting production already without him, which would have been bad I’m sure.)

Riiko returns home and stares at her cell phone which has the sticker from Soshi.  There’s no way he can possibly like someone like her, is there? (Chani’s note: This is pretty cool. I think it’s the first time she’s directly acknowledged any interest in Soshi.) She enters her apartment and is greeted by Night with a party popper.

Chani: Oh boy, Night’s just getting crazier and crazier. Oh, a reunion party. Hence the over the top decorations and…is he wearing a dress?

NeeNee: Eh?

Chani: Actually, it might be an apron, not a dress.

NeeNee: I think just an apron…

Chani: Lol. Yes, though it still looks rather silly on him.

Riiko reminds Night that they were only separated for a day. Night reminds Riiko how much he loves her and she says he really has it easy—only saying such things because he was programmed to do so. Night does agree to this, but then his processor gets a bit of a glitch and he recalls the scene between her and  Soshi at the expo. Namikiri (who’s monitoring, remember) cannot believe this—a robot is contemplating the past! Night then says there is someone more important than him to Riiko. This surprises Riiko. Say what? Before she can say anything else, her phone rings—it’s her mother!

Chani:  It should be interesting to finally meet her parents. Her mother seems to be doing the typical traditional Japanese parent thing and wanting her to get a boyfriend fast. Though, it’s really more universal than Japanese . And her father seems to be fulfilling the “quiet” stereotype so far.

Mrs. Izawa asks if Riiko has a handsome boyfriend. Riiko refutes this as Night picks up the table in one hand and vacuums with his other hand. Mrs. Izawa says that she was at a relative’s wedding and she says Riiko needs to find a good man and get married quickly. Mr. Izawa doesn’t seem to like this too much. Riiko’s mother then says they will be spending the night at Riiko’s place. Riiko is horrified to then hear her parents arrive. She looks at Night. What to do?

Her parents enter and find Riiko alone. They are happy to see her, but surprised by the festiveness of her apartment. Riiko lies and says she did that because its lonely to live by herself. Her mother hugs her and asks if Riiko was feeling homesick. Mr. Izawa then asks after the bathroom. Uh-oh! Riiko quickly tells him to wait. How  typical—hide your boyfriend in the bathroom. Her father goes into the toilet and goes to do his business when he looks up at the ceiling and sees Night. He screams and runs out. Night comes out and processes the Izawa parents. He takes off his apron (thankfully he’s wearing boxers) and greets them. Mrs. Izawa is immediately taken by Night’s attractiveness while the more quiet Mr. Izawa loudly demands to know who Night is. Night flexes and says he is Riiko’s boyfriend, shocking both parents while Riiko desperately tries to cover his scantily clad body with the apron he took off.

Chani: Ok. That’s pretty funny. And, of course, the mother thinks he’s hot.

NeeNee: Of course! Well…can you blame her? Hayami Mokomichi is rather attractive. You have to love how Riiko’s father is the typical unhappy daddy while the mother is typically happy to have a guy for her daughter at last. Although…Riiko is only in her early 20s…

Chani: Yeah. Of course if you were a father and were greeted with a boyfriend half naked in an apron it would give you pause.

(Chani’s cultural note: With regards to the early 20s thing, in Japan it was traditionally thought [though this is definitely changing in modern times and is kind of considered an outdated sentiment nowadays] that a woman should be married by around 25, otherwise she was considered and ‘old maid’ or ‘Christmas cake’ [because after Christmas is over Christmas cakes, which are popular in Japan’s mostly-secular celebration of the holiday, are old, stale news]. Well, if that’s the case, I’m definitely an ‘old maid’ by that definition. LOL.)

The four sit around Riiko’s table. Mrs. Izawa seems happy that her daughter has a boyfriend while Mr. Izawa looks less than thrilled, especially when Night talks about being Riiko’s “ideal” boyfriend. Riiko asserts he is just a friend, but Night’s actions and responses do not seem to match this. He has to be more than just a friend. Riiko then backtracks and says Night only cleans up the apartment and his clothes are currently being washed. Night states he does all the cooking and cleaning and is good at massages. Mrs. Izawa then asks him to massage her shoulders and Riiko quickly stops him. Night is just her ideal housekeeper. The landlady then comes over with some food. Riiko goes over and leaves Night alone with her parents to head off more trouble (since she lied to the landlady about Night being her cousin).

Chani: Not sure she should be leaving her parents alone with Night there.

NeeNee: No, she probably shouldn’t.

Landlady asks if those are Riiko’s parents. Riiko asserts they are and that they are having a serious conversation with Night. Even though they are related? Riiko then lies and says her parents and Night’s cut off ties to one another long ago. Riiko triest o go back inside, but the Landlady starts talking about her past. (Chani’s note: Pretty good comedy here.) Meanwhile, inside Night is giving Mrs. Izawa a massage. He tells her he has 28 massage methods installed. (Chani’s note: Oddly enough the mother doesn’t seem to find the ‘installed’ comment suspicious in the least.) Riiko comes in just as her mother asks Night how they met. Night’s response? “Riiko bought me.” Father jumps up at that and demands to know just what his daughter has been doing in Tokyo.

Chani:  Her mother is very young looking.

NeeNee: That happens a lot in dramas. You do have parents and grandparents who are (in reality) not that much older than the actors playing their children/grandchildren.

Riiko says everything is just a misunderstanding. Mr. Izawa doesn’t believe her and then asks if her job is really aboveboard. Riiko asserts that she works for a respectable company, but her father just can’t believe her. Night is then kicked out and Riiko apologizes and tells him to go to Fujiko’s bar. Poor Night. At the bar, Fujiko laughs at Night’s situation while her helper tells Night that is the worst possible first impression he could possibly make. Night says his love for Riiko will never waver. Fujiko says while that may be, Night will need Mr. Izawa’s permission to date Riiko. Night doesn’t get this, but Fujiko explains that is just how fathers are.

Aibu Saki

(Chani’s cultural(?) note: Regarding the above image and subtitle, Riiko’s father keeps calling Night a ‘string bean’ this episode. I admit that I’m not sure if this has some cultural meaning, is some kind of generic insult unique to Mr. Izawa’s personality, or if it is simply supposed to imply that Night is tall and skinny or something.) The next day at the company, a competition is being introduced. Of course, Soshi has no interest in the meeting or what is going on. This catches his brother’s attention. After Asamoto leaves, Hirata talks about having a lunch meeting to brainstorm ideas. Soshi leaves the meeting room and his brother scolds him for not being serious. Soshi reminds him that he was the one who told him to do nothing. Asamoto then asserts that Soshi should just quit with that attitude as their business doesn’t need someone like him. (Chani’s note: Ouch…)

NeeNee: Ah, I really dislike Soshi’s brother.

Chani: Yeah, same here.

Soshi goes into the office and finds Riiko complaining about her spilled lunch. She blows on the food and wonders if it will be okay if she washes it.

Aibu Saki

Chani: Five second rule!

NeeNee: Unless the floor is horribly dirty, then the five second rule should be okay. I never did like it when people threw out all of this food when only a wee bit landed on the floor. 😛

Chani: I agree. I’ve always thought it was more of a factor of how dirty the floor was, not how long the item stayed on the floor. You know, I actually always thought the five second rule was a joke people made so that they could still eat what they dropped. I didn’t know people actually took it seriously. It was only when I heard myth buster type shows/websites state that any bacteria on the floor actually end up on the food right away rather than ‘waiting’ five seconds , that I realized people actually thought the rule had some biological meaning. I never thought that. 😛

Soshi tells her not to eat it. Again, Riiko tries to avoid him. Enter Night with two boxes full of carrots with her mother and father in tow. Her mom is, of course, all bright and bubbly while her father is all dark and unhappy. Mrs. Izawa immediately goes up to Soshi and says he’s good looking. Riiko pulls her parents aside and asks why they are here. Mrs. Izawa said her husband wanted to see where Riiko worked and they bumped into Night. Of course, Mr. Izawa gruffly refutes that. Right. Soshi then turns on the charm and introduces himself and says he depends on Riiko on a regular basis. Mr. Izawa asks who he is and immediately starts sucking up to Soshi. Night unhappily stands still and processes all of this. Riiko then ushers her parents and Night out of the office.

Chani: The father likes Soshi better. The mother’s just a nut.

NeeNee: That’s because he’s Riiko’s superior and seems to treat her well. Yeah, the mom’s really a nut.

Night is changing a light bulb when Mika comes in and asks after his wrist. Night says it is fine now and goes to leave. Mika stops him and says that she honestly likes him. Night replies that he honestly likes Riiko. Mika then blurts out that Riiko obviously likes Soshi.

Hayami Mokomichi

Chani: Uh oh, Mika’s causing trouble again. Though this time, at least for the time being, she’s telling the truth.

NeeNee: Yeah, since she likes Night, she can’t keep this to herself, but Night’s been sensing this already anyways.

Night then has another memory flashback to Riiko rushing in to see Soshi the other night when he was supposed to give her that pastry book he bought. Night then says that there is someone more important to Riiko than him. He rushes out and sets his sights on Soshi. He quickly runs in front of him. Soshi asks Night what he’s doing. Night doesn’t reply and asks Soshi if he loves Riiko and can make her happy. Night believes that he is the only one who can make Riiko happy. Enter Riiko at this moment. Soshi tells Night not to worry as he doesn’t like Riiko like that, so the two should stop fighting and make up.

Chani: So here in this exchange we see that Night always uses “ai” for love rather than “suki”. He’s programmed to be the over-the-top perfect lover so this makes sense. And Soshi is basically responding with “whoa, dude, I’m not anywhere near using ‘ai’ for Riiko yet.” Though he might have used “suki”.

NeeNee: I do feel badly for Riiko as she kind of gets rejected by Soshi before she even had a chance to confess.

Chani: Oh no! Poor Riiko overhears Soshi saying he doesn’t think of her like that, probably just sick of being hounded by Night, and now that’s going to sever some of all the cuteness they’ve been building up so far. Well darn.

NeeNee: Well, the cuteness had been lagging a bit since Riiko discovered she liked Soshi.

Meanwhile, Namikiri and his assistant are monitoring Night closely. Namikiri is amazed at Night’s development while the assistant notices that Night’s system is starting to overload. Namikiri believes this is due to the awakening of Night’s “Ego” which is a psychological term and doesn’t mean that Night is an “egotistical” person. The ego is a higher level of consciousness. Google it. I think it has to do with Freud (maybe) and you have the id, the ego, and the super ego. The id is the ability to only think of your own wants and needs while the ego takes more things into consideration and the super ego is the ultimate development. (Chani’s note: Yep, Freud. :))

Anywho. Riiko goes home and is angry to find Night there (probably because she’s blaming him for learning about Soshi’s “disinterest” in her). Mrs. Izawa says she invited Night. Isn’t he supposed to be working at the bar? He took the night off in order to work on gaining her father’s approval. Oh, and Namikiri is there to check on Riiko’s “appliance.” Mr. Izawa wonders if Namikiri really is just an ordinary electrician. LOL. Night then offers to massage Mr. Izawa who obviously doesn’t want it. Namikiri tells him to just accept the massage since Night’s programming makes it like heaven. Mr. Izawa bats Night away and Night then starts swaying back and forth like one of those clown dolls you can hit and they’ll bounce back up. (Chani’s note: Lol.) Namikiri asks to borrow Night for a bit and Riiko tells him to go ahead. Mr. Izawa angrily picks up a newspaper as Namikiri leads Night out.

NeeNee: What was with Riiko’s mom when she touched Night’s hand? Ah, this woman. She really likes pretty men as she gravitated to Namikiri saying he’s good looking, too.

Chani: Well and here the father still dislikes Night. Well, the mother obviously has a crush on him. Lol and Namikiri busts in. Oh Japanese older men and their newspaper reading.

Namikiri finishes whatever he was doing to Night and tells him to go back inside and win Riiko’s father’s heart. Awww. Night does go back inside and the four sit down to dinner.

Zettai Kareshi episode 6

NeeNee: I like how Namikiri seems to be genuinely pulling for Night to win over Mr. Izawa.

Chani: Yeah, and Namikiri seems to be just going with the flow with regards to Night’s  development of self awareness.

Mrs. Izawa talks about how long its been since they’ve eaten as a family and then offers Night food. Night refuses since he doesn’t need that. When Mrs. Izawa mentions being a big happy family, Night asks what it means. He then explains that he doesn’t have parents. Mr. and Mrs. Izawa take this to mean Night is an orphan and Mrs. Izawa is quick to say that Night can consider them family and Mr. Izawa is just as quick to say he doesn’t want such a man for Riiko. Mr. Izawa then reminds Riiko about her dream to be a pastry chef. So has she given up on her dream and just settled for the “string bean?” Night asserts he’s not a string bean as Riiko angrily leaves. He then hurries and follows her out.

Chani: Well I’m glad her father seems to really want her to be successful with her dreams. He’s not telling her to get married and make somebody a good wife; how modern.

NeeNee: Very modern and very rare in dramas, I swear.

Riiko goes to a bridge overlooking the water while Night rushes to the bar. He asks if Fujiko has seen Riiko. She has now gone to work and is angrily eating carrots when Soshi comes in and asks if Riiko is a rabbit. The two sit down and talk. Soshi is amazed Riiko ran away to hide at work because of the fight with her parents. He then talks about how he envies the family sitting down and eating together as that is something his own family doesn’t do. Riiko says it isn’t fun, but noisy. All her father ever cares about is his carrots. Riiko then reveals that she came to Tokyo to become a pastry chef, but her dream just ended up becoming harder and harder to accomplish. Riiko then apologizes for her talking about herself. Soshi then eats her carrot. After one bite, Soshi grabs another one and starts eating it. He’s never had carrots that good. Riiko then smiles—Soshi looks like a horse eating carrots.

Chani: It is nice that her family eats together. And it’s good to see a bit of Riiko’s backstory as well.

At the bar, Fujiko is once more giving Night advice and a listening ear. Night says that he doesn’t think Mr. Izawa loves Riiko. Why? Because of how he treats her. Fujiko laughs and says that she thinks Izawa loves his daughter very much given his behavior. Night is surprised that being strict is a way of showing love.

Chani: Older Japanese men are especially emotionally awkward. It’s changing in modern times, I think.

Night then wonders how he can make the father and daughter make up. Fujiko says that is a pretty big hurdle, but Night wishes to try. Night then goes to leave to find Riiko to have the two make up, but Fujiko stops him and says he should let them be for the night. She then leaves the robot the key and tells him to lock up when he leaves. He looks down and sees a magazine talking about a fun family picnic.

Chani: And now that Night is starting to be more sincere, he becomes more likeable.

NeeNee: I know! He’s slowly becoming more and more likeable and human. Well..I’ve always liked Night, but he was sooo obviously robotic and clueless that I really like him “warming up” and becoming more like a normal human.

The next morning, Night arrives and wakes up the Izawa family and asks them to go on a picnic. LOL. He takes them to Kiddy Land. Riiko and Mr. Izawa seem less than thrilled while Mrs. Izawa and Night seem like little kids at first. The father and daughter pair are horribly awkward. Mrs. Izawa reveals that it was her husband who had wanted to go to visit Riiko. The two start  arguing on the boat and Night goes off in his own boat. Izawa then gets angry and falls overboard. After  that, Night insists on a happy family picture. Mrs. Izawa returns with the photograph which has both father and daughter looking very unhappy. Night says it is a wonderful thing and then gives it to Mr. Izawa. Mrs. Izawa then tells him to give it to Riiko. The picture ends up getting accidentally torn in half. Mr. Izawa then asks Riiko to come home and she refuses. Her father complains about her half-assed attitude and how she’s lower than his carrots. Riiko rips up what’s left of the picture and storms off. Her mother says that both her husband and daughter were wrong. Mr. Izawa then rips up his half of the picture and says they should go home.

Chani: Its nice to see that the mother does have affection for her husband as well. Gotta wonder what it’s going to take to get her father to like Night. Although her mother is a hopeless flirt, she does try to take the reasonable ground between the two and tells it like it is.

NeeNee: Yeah, her mother IS a horrible flirt, good thing Riiko didn’t turn out like her.

Night chases after Riiko and we hear a tone he’s never used with her before—he’s being stern and honestly scolding her.  He tells her he’s being strict because he loves her. Mr. Izawa really loves his daughter and Riiko should try to see things from her father’s perspective. Riiko asks what he knows since he’s a robot who can only do what is programmed. Night releases her arm and says that Riiko knows it, too, that her father loves her and that is why he behaves like that. Riiko again just reiterates that he’s a robot and can’t say such things to her and then runs off.

Namikiri and his assistant are looking at the data. The assistant his amazed that Night went against programming to scold Riiko. It’s about time they told the chief. Of course, their conversation is overheard by someone else. I smell trouble.

Zettai Kareshi episode 6

Soshi is at the office looking at the carrots. He calls up Riiko to come into work while Night rushes out on a mission. When Riiko goes to  the office, Soshi immediately says he wants to create something new using the carrots. He hands over the flier about the competition. Riiko is shocked that he wants to enter such a famous contest. Soshi says he won’t, but she will. Of course Riiko refuses since she doesn’t have enough confidence to pursue her dream, but Soshi tells her this is the only way Asamato Foods will recognize her and let her make her own desserts.  He then hands over the chef outfit and tells her they should do this one more time.

Chani: I’m glad to see some more cute scenes between Riiko and Soshi even though she heard him say he wasn’t interested in her.

NeeNee: Me, too. I like that they are slowly going back to normal.

While Night looks for the pieces of the torn up picture, Riiko and Soshi start experimenting. Soshi asks why Riiko wanted to become a pastry chef. She explains about seeing it in a movie. Soshi says that is just like her and then asks if she’s made up with her father. Nope, they fought again. Soshi then says that he thinks Mr. Izawa is an incredible man to be able to grow carrots that good. At Riiko’s apartment, her father is looking at her baking utensils while his wife watches him morosely. Meanwhile, Soshi and Riiko continue their experimentation with the carrots and Night continues his search.

Chani: That looks quite tasty, the carrot batter.

NeeNee: It does, doesn’t it? This is making me hungry for carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

After making several attempts at different types of creams using carrots, Soshi and Riiko still haven’t found the right taste. Riiko then gets a text from her mother saying they are leaving.  Soshi tells her to hurry and send off her parents. Riiko apologizes and runs out. She gets to the bus station before her parents leave. Of course she immediately starts arguing with her father. Enter Night. He comes running up completely disheveled. He then hands over the picture that was ripped to pieces. Did he spend all night looking for the pieces? Yes, because he loves Riiko. I think this finally touches Mr. Izawa and his defense against Night lessens a bit. Riiko then apologizes to her father. She wishes to try a little bit longer. Her father smiles. He understands. Riiko then thanks him for the carrots and gives her father Soshi’s praise. (Chani’s note: It was nice to see Riiko’s father smile and be more cheerful in the latter part of this scene. I had been starting to wonder if his sullenness was just a part of his personality, but it seems it was just a relic of his irritation with Riiko’s situation and their conflict.) The Izawa parents tell Night to take care of  Riiko and he vows to take care of them as they would. Mr. Izawa then gives Riiko a secret to cooking the carrots before he leaves. Riiko realizes that her parents thought Night was her boyfriend to the very end. She then pulls grass out of Night’s hair and apologizes and thanks him.

Chani: And all is now well in the family.

NeeNee: Yep! At last and daddy even gave her a secret to making yummy carrots.

Namikiri goes to talk to the chief who has already heard from the other employee about Night’s problem. Of course, the Chief wants Night immediately brought in and repaired. If that can’t happen, then he will have to be scrapped! They can’t have a robot who is becoming more and more like a human.

Riiko tells Night she has to go to work and will postpone his desire of a date until after he has gone home, cleaned up and changed. Night rushes off and Riiko goes back to work. Soshi asks if she made up with her parents and Riiko puts down the ingredients she bought and says she has something new she wishes to try. Night is busy getting ready to pick up Riiko when Namikiri comes. Night says he’s on his way out and Namikiri offers to take him to Riiko. Night asks if his hair is fixed and Namikiri smiles and says it is. Riiko and Soshi try the cream using the millet sugar and they have finally hit the taste they wanted. Meanwhile, Night tells Namikiri that he finally gained Mr. Izawa’s approval just as Riiko nearly collapses due to exhaustion from lack of sleep. Soshi catches her and pulls her into a tight hug. End episode.

Chani: I like how we leave this episode with a lot of interesting turning points, between Riiko and Night, Night and Kronos Heaven, etc. You almost get the feel that Namikiri and Night are friends.

NeeNee: Poor Riiko. She has just discovered her feelings for Soshi, but this episode starts seeing her liking Night! Soooo much development!

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