Nintendo Announces Future Plans for Wii U!

Hello everyone! This is Chani! I just stumbled upon something on YouTube and as I have done some video game posts in the past I would like to do a brief summary/commentary on a new video that gives some exciting new announcements for Wii U owners!

This is Iwata Satoru, fourth and current president of Nintendo, speaking in slightly stiff English (I’m sure he speaks English but I wonder if he’s quite this fluent – sounds like he’s reading off cards but I can totally understand everything he says 🙂 ) and informing us Americans of some exciting upcoming features for the company’s latest console system, the Wii U. I have the system myself and find it a lot of fun, although I currently only have two games – New Super Mario Brothers U and Nintendo Land. The former is a side-scrolling Mario platformer in a similar vein of the New Super Mario Brothers titles for Nintendo DS and Wii. The latter is a game that consists of Mini Games for one- and/or multi-player, set in a theme-park like world where you play as your Mii character in games based on other Zelda games. I may discuss these games more fully in other posts someday when I’ve finished them – we shall see. 🙂

In this video Iwata gives us some exciting updates, from new games which will be released for the Wii U in the future along with software updates and new features. Seems there will be a couple system updates, the first one coming in spring, that will help things run more smoothly and faster, especially loading and returning to the main screen after closing game software. He also spends a lot of time discussing MiiVerse. I admit that I was pretty impressed by MiiVerse, where your system is connected to WiFi and you can discuss gameplay with other players around the world, even asking questions and getting tips as you go through the games themselves. I think it’s great that it’s going to be accessible via smartphones and an app eventually. Now I just have to get a smartphone 😉

Another thing that struck me was being told that virtual console games will be available for download for the Wii U (this I expected) AND that you’ll be able to use the Wii U Game Pad to play them independently of the TV. The Game Pad is the “gimmick” of the Wii U, sort of like a handheld game system combined with a tablet. In addition to that, you also use Wii Motes for the original Wii system on the games. Although the Game Pad has been fun and presents some unique features, I haven’t been quite clear on what the real point of it is, since you can’t do anything with it unless the main system is on and often (although this certainly isn’t always the case) you’re seeing the same thing on your Game Pad as you are on the TV. But if you could also use the Game Pad by itself with the main system off for some things… oh, the possibilities! And it sounds like they’re going in that direction, which is awesome!

The real meat of this update is the information on upcoming games, though, in my opinion. First, Iwata announces that there will be no new game releases in January or February, and apologizes for this. I’m like, “Dude, don’t apologize, my wallet thanks you!” LOL. I actually am pleased by this as it will give me time to enjoy the games I have for a bit without needing to worry about getting more right away. Of the games that will be released starting in March I’m most looking forward to Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U.

And the games that are in development are the most exciting part of all. A new Mario Kart, and a new 3D (as opposed to sidescrolling) Mario platformer! And a yarn Yoshi game in the vein of Kirby’s Epic Yarn! But the Zelda games… ohhh, the Zelda games have me most thrilled. First we have some information on a New Zelda game *squeals with joy*. A representative of the Zelda franchise tells us about the games, this time in Japanese with subtitles:

Hmm, “rethink the conventions of Zelda”, huh? I’m not sure how I should feel about this. They first bring up completing the dungeons in a certain order – you know, I’m kind of up for the option of completing dungeons in a different order or in whatever order I like. That might be fun. In A Link to the Past, my favorite Zelda game, you can play dungeons 5 and 6 in opposite order if you wish (it actually makes dungeon 5 a heck of a lot easier if you do 6 first and get the item there, the Cane of Somaria). It would be interesting to have that expanded. I have also been known to get the item in a dungeon and then leave without beating it so that I can get to the next dungeon, as often all you need is the item. It makes replaying the games interesting when you change things up a bit each time. This is easier to do in older games, though; the newer games have begun to be a bit TOO linear (Skyward Sword felt that way to me as you’ll see in future blogs and it was kind of disappointing) so I’m all for this type of “rethinking”, I think. 🙂

In contrast, I am hesitant about the convention that you play by yourself. Not sure I want to rethink that one. Everything is multiplayer nowadays and although this can be fun, you have to have people to play with first. I’m not sure what they’re leaning towards here but I hope that I’ll still have the option of playing by myself. I don’t have a lot of friends in my local area to play video games with. 😦

LOL wow even this guy mentions how linear Skyward Sword was.

Moving away from the overly linear and into some of the greatest Zelda games of all time (in my humble opinion), we find out that they are releasing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker with newly updated graphics for the Wii U! That’s going to be awesome! Wind Waker, originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube, is one of my top 3 favorite Zelda games (along with A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time), so this I am definitely looking forward to. The images they show of the newly remastered Windfall Island are lovely. Here is a link to some of the images on Facebook. And it’s going to be released by this fall!  Now THAT is exciting! 🙂

Looks like they plan a similar announcement like this one for the 3DS in the future. I hope to be able to comment then as well!

Till next time!


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