Smile, Donghae Episode 49 Recap

Hye Sook arrives at the Lee household to find Saewa and Anna talking. This surprises Hye Sook. Meanwhile, Anna begs for James’s picture. Enter Hye Sook asking what is going on. Isn’t Saewa supposed to be at work right now? How come she’s there talking to Anna? Saewa unconvincingly lies that Anna called her demanding her pay for working as a housekeeper. No fool, Hye Sook asks what this talk of a picture is all about. Hye Sook then turns to ask Anna if Saewa is telling the truth. Saewa turns to her and rephrases the question as is it true that Anna called Saewa first (it is). Anna agrees to this and Hye Sook dismisses Saewa who wonders why her mother-in-law is there.

Hye Sook explains she needs to talk to Kang Jae and then asks Anna to take her to the Lee house. Saewa doesn’t like this and offers to do it herself, but Hye Sook snaps back that she told her daughter-in-law to leave already. Saewa apologizes and leaves while Anna shows Hye Sook the way. Of course, Saewa is all worries and gets out of her car. Looks like she’s really worried Anna will accidentally spill the beans about Saewa dating Donghae or worse, somehow lets Anna know about Kim Joon.

Hye Sook looks less than thrilled by the outer appearance of the Lee house. Inside, Kang Jae and Pil Jae attend to the distressed Sun Ok who is still resting. Pil Jae complains about how the very thought of Kim Joon makes his blood boil. Pil Jae says that Sun Ok’s behavior is making him feel even worse about it and he encourages his sister-in-law to  quickly regather her spirits and start yelling and ordering people around once more. He gets up and leaves, wondering how the undertaker can keep a man like Kim Joon alive. Enter in Anna. He asks why she’s out in the cold and Anna calls Hye Sook in. Pil Jae immediately demands to know why she’s there and Hye Sook says she has business with his brother and not him. Pil Jae starts yelling and out comes Kang Jae and Sun Ok who immediately tries to attack Hye Sook, but Kang Jae holds her back (much to Pil Jae’s disappointment.

Kang Jae orders the two to calm down and asks why she’s there. Hye Sook replies she has business to discuss with him. Meanwhile, Saewa has gotten back in her car, but still hasn’t moved. She decides she can’t sit and do nothing and unbuckles her belt. You know, in this drama, people are better off doing nothing versus exacerbating things. Anywho, Hye Sook sits down with the Lee family plus Anna. She knows it’s uncomfortable seeing each other, so she won’t be long. She tells Kang Jae he can continue delivering cabbages for the quarter under one condition. What condition? Kang Jae cannot speak ill about her husband any more. Hye Sook replies he is a good and upright man who’s working for a TV station and will soon do great things for the country. She doesn’t want the Lees to upset this. Pil Jae and Sun Ok immediately leap in to say Hye Sook is threatening them by refusing to buy their cabbages. Um…well…yes and no.

Hye Sook smiles. If that’s how they heard it, there’s nothing she can do. She then pulls out an envelope from her purse. She tells Sun Ok she has subtracted the kimchi and house cleaning costs from her pay. SUn Ok angrily throws the money back at her. She’s not a beggar. Oy. I get her indignation, but really, it was her fair pay. As much as she hates the Lee family, she shouldn’t let her pride get in the way of what she justly has earned in wages. Kang Jae yells at his brother and wife to stop and Pil Jae says that Hye Sook is even worse than her horrible husband. Hye Sook yells at him to shut his filthy mouth making Pil Jae even angrier. Kang Jae holds him back while Anna jumps in front of Hye Sook. She’s a good person, so is the Lee family. Kang Jae says that he understands, but can’t agree to the terms. He was planning on quitting anyways, so he’ll stop delivering the cabbages. Hye Sook says she worked hard to get where she is and warns them again not to say anything about her husband before leaving. Anna follows her out and Hye Sook apologizes. She has no ill will towards Anna. She makes Anna promise to call her if she ever needs help.

At this time the idiotic wench that is Saewa stands outside of the Lee household and calls Anna warning her to keep her yap shut or else. She is then caught lurking outside by Hye Sook. Why is Saewa there? Because she was worried something bad would happen to her mother-in-law. Yeah right. Like the Lee family would really hurt Hye Sook? Anna then comes out and Saewa grabs her mother-in-law’s arm—time to go. Hye Sook tells her to wait and bids a fond farewell to Anna. The two women then leave and Sun Ok comes out throwing salt and complaining about Hye Sook’s audacity. Kang Jae reminds her Bongi is still working at the hotel, so they can’t afford to upset Hye Sook. Too late for that.

Do Jin is in the hotel when he sees Bongi and Donghae. He immediately shoots Bongi a look that could kill if it was possible. Bongi and Donghae say nothing and just move to go around him, but Do Jin calls out to Bongi. How come he hasn’t received her letter of resignation yet. This surprises Bongi. He then asks the girl if she has any pride. Oy. This man. Do Jin reminds him that their families are “enemies. “ Donghae tells Do Jin to watch his words and Do Jin turns around and calls Donghae a man without pride as well—the two are perfect for each other in that way. Bongi tells Do Jin that he can say what he wants, but she has every right to work in that hotel. She got her job fairly and works hard. She tells him she will win the competition and he can look forward to it. Do Jin retorts that he is looking forward to the day the two leave the hotel of their own volition. He leaves and Donghae tells Bongi she did well. They will definitely make sure to win so that they can rub it in Do Jin’s face and find Donghae’s dad. This makes Donghae smile as Bongi is starting to sound like her old self.

At the station, a large box is delivered to Joon. It’s a wedding gift from the Cha family. Joon opens it and it appears to be ski equipment. Joon looks surprised and not happy whatsoever. He calls Do Jin who tells him Hye Sook went to the Lee house. Why? Never mind, Joon will go to the hotel himself. He gets there and Donghae rushes over to help him. Joon coldly brushes him off and Donghae accidentally gets hit in the head while trying to help. Do Jin then rushes over and starts yelling at Donghae for bothering his dad. Donghae replies Joon looked like he needed help and Do Jin shoots back that Joon doesn’t need someone like Donghae trying to curry favors. Donghae says that’s out of line and Joon then hisses and tells his son (or both young men) to stop. He then leads Do Jin away who tells Joon that he’s hated Donghae since the first time they met. Bongi then rushes over and Donghae assures her that he’s okay.

At the hotel, Saewa warns Hye Sook away from the Laker and Lee families. Hye Sook’s retort is nice—she didn’t have problems like this until Saewa came into her life. Heehee. I just can’t bring myself to feel badly for Saewa and given Hye Sook’s attitude, I really can’t feel too bad for her either as she’s like a person with a complete split personality at times…actually…most characters are like that in this drama. Joon and Do Jin enter. Joon angrily throws the package down. Hye Sook asks what it is and Joon angrily replies wedding gifts from Cha. Okay, I was wrong, they were fishing rods, not ski poles. Hye Sook says she doesn’t know what’s going on either. Joon then demands to know why Hye Sook was at the Lee house. Hye Sook said she only went to say that the Lees could continue the cabbage delivery, but she was yelled at and refused. Joon then says she needs to leave the family alone and storms out followed by Saewa. Do Jin then asks his mother what she intends to do about Lee Bongi. Hye Sook says the girl got the work fairly so she cannot fire her for no reason. However, she will be tracking the girl’s progress.

At the Yoon house Sae Young and Tae Hoon are arguing again. He’s upset that Sae Young is a superficial girl. Sae Young isn’t happy that he’s selfish. Tae Hoon commands Sae Young to go to his grandfather’s memorial. Sae Young refuses since that day is also her father’s memorial. Her father’s memorial trumps his grandfather’s. She tells Tae Hoon he had better be there and he walks out of the room. Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo is freaking out over the turn of events. She needs to get the Lakers far away. Sae Young then comes in and drops off the twins since she has class and Tae Hoon has ran out. Sool Nyeo refuses and then rushes out of the room leaving Sae Young alone and the twins start crying making Sae Young cry as well.

Bongi and Donghae are out doing research for the competition which means eating a lot of food and tasting different drinks. Of course, Donghae is from America and can’t stand really spicy food. Bongi laughs at him and then gets serious. They really need to pass the second round. Donghae says he didn’t know there was such bad blood between the Lees and Kims. He likes Kim Joon in spite of everything that’s happened and can’t blame the older man for hating him. Really, that’s Saewa’s doing and no one else’s. Grrr. That girl makes me so angry. Bongi then tries to get him to eat more ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and Donghae gets fixated on her lips, recalling her kiss. He freaks and ends up spilling the ddeokbokki on her sweater. She scolds him and he quickly wipes it off and Bongi starts hitting him for touching her chest. Donghae laughs and says he didn’t know it was her chest. LMAO.Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook


At the Lee house, Pil Jae apologizes for earlier and Anna reminds him fighting is bad. He then asks her out to calm down a bit. Anna refuses since Donghae doesn’t want her out alone with Pil Jae. He tells her that she can trust him because he’s a cop, plus he has something he wishes to talk to her about. He takes Anna out and Sool Nyeo catches them and starts following. At a café, Pil Jae hems and haws. He finally says he has something for Anna and asks for her hand. She puts it out and he places a box in it. Before Anna can open it, Pil Jae does so. It’s a ring!!!!!! He places it on her finger just as Sool Nyeo arrives. Anna comments that it’s pretty and Pil Jae grabs her hand. He doesn’t have a fancy job or a lot of money, but his feelings for Anna are real—he likes her. Not understanding, Anna says she likes Bongi’s uncle, too. He’s a good person. When she meets James again, she’ll be sure to tell him about Pil Jae. Sool Nyeo then comes up and starts hitting Pil Jae calling him a cheater. Pil Jae says he isn’t cheating and how does Sool Nyeo know where he is? Sool Nyeo then pulls the ring of Anna’s hand calling her a flirt and walking off.

Do Jin and Saewa are out drinking with his friends. They tease Do Jin for having eyes shooting hearts at his wife. One friend then asks if Saewa really didn’t date in the 6 years she lived in New York. Saewa quickly says she didn’t because she was busy studying. Do Jin quickly says his wife isn’t like that. His friends won’t drop the subject and ask how far Saewa went with her guy in the US. Do Jin slams his drink down, his temple totally lose. He even throws a drink at his friend’s face and grabs him by the collar. Sure, it’s rather rude to be discussing such things and asking such questions, but Do Jin’s reaction is over the top. He punches his friend who punches him back and the two have to be separated. Do Jin says that his wife isn’t like that. He cannot believe he has such rotten friends. He grabs Saewa and leaves. Saewa tells her husband he blew it out of proportion, but Do Jin doesn’t think so.

Pil Jae takes Anna back to the Lee house wear he swears he honestly loves her. Enter Bongi and Donghae. Pil Jae rushes in with Bongi rushing after him. Donghae asks why the two were together and Anna says Pil Jae bought her yummy food as he’s very nice. Did he say anything else? Anna mentions something about love and Donghae rushes in to Pil Jae’s room. Just because his mom’s different doesn’t mean Pil Jae can tease her. Okay. I know Anna is a little slow and that’s off-putting for most men (or else they’d like to take advantage of her), but can’t he concede that someone out there can have genuine feelings for his mother? Pil Jae is shocked by this. He didn’t ever tease her. Pil Jae then turns the tables about Donghae and Bongi. Donghae insists he’s not playing with her and Pil Jae says that Donghae and Bongi can never be together.

Donghae asks Anna if she likes Pil Jae. She quickly denies this. James is the only man for her. This relieves her son. He will make sure to find James for her by winning. Anna then notices new cuts on her son’s hands. He says they don’t hurt and are just a result of his cooking practice. Anna tells him he doesn’t have to work so hard as she will find James for him. She then accidentally drops the bomb that Saewa showed her a picture of James and promises to let the two meet as long as Anna can keep quiet and stay out of the Kim household. When Donghae catches this, Anna realizes she broke her promise as she wasn’t supposed to tell her son. Did Saewa really find James and had a picture. Anna says it’s a secret and if Saewa learns Anna told Donghae, she won’t tell them.

At dinner, the Lee family is not happy to learn that Bongi won’t quit her job. Pil Jae points out they’ll be gunning for Bongi. She tells him she will do her best and win the competition. Both Pil Jae and Sun Ok want Bongi to quit while Kang Jae encourages his daughter to stick with it as he admires her dream. Ah, this is why he’s a good daddy. Oddly enough, I think every other series I’ve seen Kang Jae in (the actor who plays him I mean), I hate him cause he’s usually playing a bad person. Goes to show how great an actor he is.

At the hotel, Hye Sook isn’t happy that they are not employing more special needs employees as the numbers are not what they should be. Do Jin points out that most businesses choose to pay the fines instead of hiring the workers—besides, their special needs employees are already higher than a lot of other people’s. Hye Sook says while they run a business and need to make a profit, but they should not exclude people with special needs. She then recalls Anna’s beautiful napkin folding. Wow. Just how connected will these people become?

Hye Sook calls Anna who is getting ready to send Donghae off to work. Hye Sook then offers Anna a job at the hotel. Anna replies that her son doesn’t want her to work. Hye Sook then promises to talk to Donghae and asks Anna to come to her office later. Anna hangs up and Donghae asks what is going on. Anna explains and Donghae isn’t happy, but Anna insists she wants to work and help. The two go to meet Hye Sook who encourages Donghae to let his mother get out of the house instead of being cooped up. Hye Sook then says Donghae won’t have to worry as much since Anna will be working in the same hotel as he is.

Saewa arrives at the hotel (I swear she’s there more than at her own workplace) and finds Anna and Donghae. Just what is that woman doing there? Donghae says he’s glad he ran into Saewa as they need to talk. Saewa refuses, but Donghae insists as it won’t take long. Donghae explains and Saewa turns to Anna and tries to get her to refute it, but Anna won’t it. Still, Saewa insists that she knows nothing about James and goes to walk away. Donghae grabs her as he knows she’s lying. Saewa shakes him off and Donghae turns to look at his teary mother. Anna cries and insists that Saewa had a picture of both Anna and James.

Do Jin’s friend comes to visit (the one he hit). His friend then reveals that it was common knowledge that Saewa had a boyfriend in Columbia and even lived with him for many years. Enter Saewa and end episode. Really, and this is the reason daily dramas are sooooo annoying. But I still love this show. I don’t know why. It’s like crack.


  • Lol tell me if you’re still loving it by episode 140… I think that’s where I am.

    Also yeah. For being such a keener in the first few episodes, Saewa really doesn’t work unless Donghae is involved xD

    • I will. I haven’t hit my intolerance threshold yet, though I’m sure I would have already if I did a strict marathon with this drama.

      It has always annoyed me that Saewa is supposed to be so “smart” but she’s really just as much as an immature idiot at times as her little sister.

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