Drama Go Go Go Episode 5 Recap

I like how every two episodes have a theme…or whatever you want to call it.

Episode 5: How far apart are rules and everyday life? Part 1

Shao Tian returns and Ming Ming asks how it went—was it a complete disaster? Shao Tian says that Ru En did promise to run the interview. Henry leaves to make a celebration cocktail for everyone and Shao Tian tells Ming Ming its time to go home since the interview is over. Of course, Eason stops her. Didn’t Teacher Ming Ming promise Henry she’d stay and celebrate? Ming Ming looks apologetically towards Shao Tian. She did promise and the two ex-idols did help her with a makeover. Shao Tian takes her drink and downs it. There. Now she should be free to go. Eason stops them. Of course not. He hasn’t thanked Shao Tian for his help with the interview yet. Shao Tian goes to drink the second shot, but Ming Ming grabs it out of his hands. Has Shao Tian forgotten his three shot limit? She then downs the drink in his stead. LOL.

Zhang Lun Shuo, Ruby Lin, Lin Geng Xin, Jiro WangJiro Wang, Ruby Lin, Lin Geng XinRuby Lin

Of course, this was not what Eason wanted. He’s horrified that Ming Ming drank for Shao Tian. He then scolds the younger man. What kind of man needs a woman to drink for him? Shao Tian complains that drinking in excess is bad for the body (well…it is), but since the elderly Eason has no problem, then why should a young man like Shao Tian refuse? Oh no he didn’t! I can’t believe Shao Tian played the age card. Just how much younger than Eason is he? Eason scolds Shao Tian for calling him an old man when Henry arrives with the cocktails and hands them out. Again Ming Ming scolds Shao Tian and takes his drink away. She thanks Henry and Eason for the makeover. She never thought she could be so pretty. She then downs the drink to male trio’s horror. Shao Tian then says that all Eason has to do is use his rich friend’s connections to make Ming Ming happy. How great. Eason has had enough. What does the younger man have against him? And why does he act like Ming Ming is his in front of Eason?

Jiro Wang, Ruby Lin, Lin Geng XinJiro Wang, Ruby Lin, Lin Geng XinJiro Wang, Ruby Lin, Lin Geng Xin

Oh dear lord. Let the pissing contest begin. Eason wishes to know what makes a brat like Shao Tian think he has the right to control Ming Ming. Shao Tian counters with another  question—what gives Eason the right to ask him that question. Seriously? Oy. Testosterone and men fighting over women. Then why does Shao Tian live in Ming Ming’s house? Ming Ming interrupts at this part and says that Shao Tian doesn’t live with her, but downstairs from her place. Shao Tian, having enough, challenges Eason to a drinking contest if the older man is brave enough. If Eason wins, Shao Tian will reveal just why he doesn’t like him. Eason assures Shao Tian he isn’t afraid and Shao Tian grabs a drink and starts chugging much to Ming Ming’s and Henry’s horror. Eason takes his turn and the two continue on while the other two watch in unhappiness and surprise. Henry sits down and says he’s surprised that the very day of Ming Ming’s big makeover and she has two men having a drinking contest over her. He tsks and says she should thank him. Ming Ming then begins downing drinks. Henry is impressed by her tolerance level.Zhang Lun Shuo, Ruby Lin

The next day Mrs. Wang wakes up her daughter. She scolds her for the ruckus she caused coming home the other night and reminds Ming Ming about the urgent deadlines. Ming Ming sits up and asks what time it is and why her mother is yelling so much. Mrs. Wang replies that Ming Ming should have been up ages ago when Shao Tian’s head pops up over the covers as well. This horrifies Mrs. Wang. Why are the two sleeping together? LMAO. To make matters worse, Eason pops up on the other side of the bed. Who’s sleeping with whom? Hahahahaha. LOVED Ming Ming’s shocked expression. What are the odds that all three of them would end up in bed together after a drinking binge? Poor Mrs. Wang faints from the horror.

Yang Li Yin, Lin Geng Xin, Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang

The three get Ming Ming’s mother on the girl’s bed. Eason says he must have accidentally fallen asleep when he escorted Ming Ming home. Shao Tian says that can’t be since he was the one who escorted Ming Ming home. Eason says that Henry put Eason and Ming Ming in a cab and then Shao Tian forced his way in, too. Shao Tian reminds Eason that he and Ming Ming live in the same building, so it’s Eason who intruded. Eason reminds Shao Tian of his drunken state and Shao Tian asks if Eason even has the key. It was Shao Tian who unlocked the door. What a useless, yet highly amusing argument. Ming Ming finally snaps at the two and tells them to stop bickering already. The two boys do and Shao Tian motions his head at Eason who asks if the younger man has a stiff neck. Shao Tian tells him to leave, but Eason doesn’t want to until Mrs. Wang wakes up so he can apologize and properly explain what happened. Shao Tian tells him that isn’t necessary since Mrs. Wang has no idea who Eason even is.

Ruby LinLin Geng Xin, Jiro Wang, Ruby Lin

Instead of leaving, Eason rushes out to make tea. Not to be beaten, Shao Tian rushes out to get a hot towel. At this time, Mrs. Wang finally wakes up. Ming Ming rubs her aching head and Mrs. Wang tells her daughter she was scared to death. She had a scary dream that two men were in Ming Ming’s bed. Of course, Eason and Shao Tian show up again and this causes Mrs. Wang to faint again. Thus Ming Ming kicks them out and tells them to leave explaining everything to Mrs. Wang to her.Yang Li Yin

In the hall, Eason goes to leave and Shao Tian tells him to wait. This surprises Eason, wasn’t Shao Tian so eager for him to leave earlier? Does he want to fight or concede defeat? Shao Tian only tells Eason to stop using poor Ming Ming’s naiveté. Eason does confirm he knows he’s Ming Ming’s idol and that she recommended him for the role of Fang Meng. Instead of being grateful for this, why is Eason making Ming Ming’s fantasies about him grow? Eason smiles and tells the younger man that Shao Tian is the one who likes to fantasize. Or is it that Shao Tian is jealous? Shao Tian says it is Eason who is fantasizing and he reminds Eason that Ming Ming is Shao Tian’s jie. Eason goes to walk away and Shao Tian says he won’t let anyone use Ming Ming. If Eason tries to, Shao Tian won’t forgive him.

Jiro Wang, Lin Geng XinJiro WangLin Geng Xin

Back in the apartment, Ming Ming is cooking. She’s horrible at it. She hears her mom moving about and tells her to come and eat. The food might not look like much or taste the best, but its filled with her love for her mother. Mrs. Wang is angrily looking around Ming Ming’s apartment. She feels like she doesn’t even know her daughter any more. Ming Ming likens what happened the previous night to back when she was three and took naps with two other people (probably both male). Ming Ming begs Mrs. Wang to not make a big deal out of nothing. Mrs. Wang cannot believe this. There’s a difference between three and thirty. Sleeping with two grown men, Ming Ming shouldn’t be able to show her face. Ming Ming says that her mother of all people should believe in her. After seeing that, Mrs. Wang doesn’t feel she can trust her daughter any more. Mrs. Wang then complains that Ming Ming is old and still needs her mother to look after her. No wonder no man wants to marry such a woman. This rubs the salt in Ming Ming’s wound. Right. No man wishes to marry her. Ming Ming will be left alone and unloved for the rest of her life. Does that make Mrs. Wang feel better? Ming Ming storms off while her mother sits down and cries.

Ruby LinYang Yi Lin

We then get a voice over from Ming Ming as she stares out the window into the gloomy rain. Her mother only wanted a normal life for her daughter. Ming Ming gets that. Doesn’t her mother also know how much Ming Ming longed to date and marry? She really wants that happiness, but it’s so hard. Even though she met someone she likes, she can’t verify her relationship with him (cut to Eason sneezing). Is it really love? Eason gets up and closes his window. He sits back down and recalls Shao Tian’s warning. He shakes himself and digs into his instant noodles while listening to a weather report talking about a typhoon ready to land later that evening.

Ruby LinJiro WangJiro Wang

The typhoon has come and Ming Ming is busy working on the script. She gets up to stretch and finds her mother asleep on the coach. Ming Ming goes over and covers her mother with a blanket. She goes into the kitchen where she finds a bowl of soup. Her mother gets up and is not happy that her daughter is drinking cold soup. She takes the soup away and goes to heat it up. Ming Ming asks why her mother doesn’t sleep in the room and then asks what happened to all the food she made earlier. Mrs. Wang complains that the food was bad. So she threw it away? Mrs. Wang says she doesn’t waste anything and ate it all since her precious daughter made it. Mrs. Wang then reminds Ming Ming to take good care of her health. She will be leaving soon and wants to make sure Ming Ming doesn’t keep up her bad habits. Ming Ming says that since the typhoon is coming, her mother can stay for a few extra days. Mrs. Wang refuses as she doesn’t want to stay around and argue.

Ruby LinRuby LinYang Li Yin

Does Ming Ming remember the year she left? Ming Ming says of course—she was 18. That’s right. She had gotten into university and had to move closer to the school. It was the first time she was leaving home and the day before she left was coincidentally her birthday. So Mrs. Wang bought her a huge cake. Like always, there was only her mother to sing her the birthday song. Mrs. Wang then starts singing it. She then trails off. Ming Ming would listen and laugh and cry at he same time. Mrs. Wang still remembers what her daughter wished that night. She wished for a lot of money to take care of her mother and that her mother would lead a long, healthy life. Ming Ming also wished that her mother would walk her down the aisle when she got married since her father had already passed on. Ming Ming tears up as does Mrs. Wang. She tells her daughter that it’s not that she doesn’t trust her, she’s just worried. Mrs. Wang hopes that her daughters 18th birthday wish would come true soon. It was a very nice scene. It almost made me cry and that can be a pretty tall order.

Yang Li YinRuby Lin

At the studio, Zhuo is flipping through the script and wondering why Ouyang Cheng is not in episode 6. Her assistant says he’s already called Ming Ming in to explain. Zhuo considers it bad grapes. She believes Ming Ming doesn’t wish to concede that Zhuo’s idea was much better than anything the younger girl could come up with. The initial expression on the assistant’s face was priceless. LOL. Looks like he doesn’t quite believe that. Zhuo tosses the script aside and takes up her own version of Ouyang Cheng’s introduction scene. We then get to cut to the scene and boy talk about a corny overdone scene. The two bump into each other in front of an office building. Papers scatter everywhere and Ouyang catches Mei Gui in such a corny pose.

Bao Yi LinPeter Ho

Ming Ming’s response when she meets with the PD? It’s too much an obvious product placement (for Ouyang’s shampoo endorsement I guess). Plus, Ming Ming doesn’t think Mei Gui would fall for Ouyang. Why? The man she loves is in a coma. How can she turn around and fall in love with a new man so quickly? That will turn the audience against her. Zhuo then asks for Ming Ming’s idea for what to do about Ouyang. Well…Ming Ming doesn’t have any good ideas on that, besides the other actor is very busy at the moment. Ming Ming’s only goal is to protect the drama and Mei Gui. Zhuo points out that doing that will make the drama lag since there will be no forward movement with Fang Meng in a coma. Ming Ming believes if she works hard, then there will be no problem. Since there is only memories between Fang Meng and Mei Gui, what is there to work hard on? Man Zhuo is sharp tongued. Ming Ming explains that when you lose the opportunity to create new memories, old and everyday memories become a treasure.

Bao Yi LinRuby Lin

Zhuo concedes Ming MIng’s argument sounds convincing. The girl had better produce a stellar episode 7 then. Does she really have confidence relying on Eason without Ouyang? Of course. Ming Ming will make a great script the audience will love. Ming Ming then says that if she can’t convince Zhuo with her episode 7, she has no qualms about being replaced. Zhuo eagerly accepts that. The assistant wonders why Ming Ming is so different and is actually expressing her own opinion. It seems as if their scriptwriter is adamantly against Ouyang Cheng joining the show. Zhuo doesn’t care since she worked hard to persuade Ouyang to join the series. The writer doesn’t have to approve the leading actors. Looks like Ming Ming forgot who the producer was. The assistant starts talking about Ming Ming’s rebellion and Zhuo cuts him off. She will ensure that Ming Ming can’t move against her will at all. He is then sent off to distribute episode 6.

Bao Yi LinRuby Lin, Bao Yi LinBao Yi Lin

Ming Ming walks out and scolds herself for her bold actions. How could she do that? She then says she must stay strong, but to do that she needs to see Eason. Speak of the devil. He greets her and she tries to run away, but no such luck. LOL. Oh, silly Ming Ming. Eason immediately apologizes for giving her mother a fright earlier. Ming Ming tells him its okay and that she explained everything to her mother. Eason then wonders what Ming Ming is doing at work when a typhoon is coming. Ming Ming explains she had to meet about the script. Eason says he heard that episode 6 was ready. He then asks Ming Ming to help him if she’s free.Ruby Lin

The two end up in the dressing room practicing the script. Eason gets a general okay, but when they go again, Eason can’t remember his lines whatsoever. He apologizes for this. Ming Ming looks down at the script, thinking. How many “sorrys” did Eason say? Didn’t he feel that each one was different? Eason thinks about it. The first sorry was cold like the script indicated. The second sorry was hesitant because he was forgetting his lines, and the third sorry… Ming Ming says that it’s the same sorry, but expressed differently.  She smiles and says she wishes to change the script.

Ruby Lin, Jiro WangRuby LinRuby Lin

We cut to Eason and Pei Ni filming that scene. Instead of Eason’s long lines, Ming Ming only has him say “sorry” repeatedly. Let me tell you. Pei Ni’s acting as Mei Gui seems really weak compared to Eason’s acting as Fang Meng in this scene. Jiro is rocking the Kasbah and his only lines are basically “sorry.” The crew even start welling up. The director yells cut and Qiong Zi comes over and hugs her son for doing such great acting. Pei Ni goes up and starts talking about the very different sorrys and commends Eason on his acting. She then turns to Ming Ming and tells her that the script was changed well. She leaves and Ming Ming and Eason exchange smile and thumbs up.

Maggie WuJiro WangRuby Lin

Ru En enters the studio muttering that Shao Tian better have something juicy for her in such bad weather. We then cut to Eason telling Ming Ming that it is the first time the director ever said well done to him. Ming Ming then commends Eason for inspiring her to change the script. She then says that this was also the first time that Pei Ni complimented her script. The two immediately wish to celebrate with champagne and cake. A picture is snapped of their talking in a corner by themselves. Eason says they won’t be able to celebrate tonight because of the storm. Ming Ming had better had back home before the weather gets too bad. Ming Ming asks when he gets off, but he has three scenes left to film.

Jiro WangRuby Lin

Zhuo sees Ru En taking pictures and asks why a big reporter has time to be there. Ru En says that Shao Tian invited her since the actors were filming on a typhoon day. Zhuo says Shao Tian is at home diligently working on the website for the drama since it will be airing soon. Ru En is unhappy to hear this. Zhuo then offers to escort her to Pei Ni’s dressing room for a scoop, but Ru En turns the offer down as she likes to find news on her own. She then looks over to where Eason and Ming Ming are still animatedly talking. Eason is called back to film and when Ru En looks back, Ming Ming is gone.Hua Yi Han, Bao Yi Lin

Our leading lady has run out to buy a bottle of champagne. When she gets back to the studio Qiong Zi comments on her bedraggled state. She then notices the champagne. Ming Ming explains it’s a congratulatory gift for Eason on a job well done. Qiong Zi says her son has already finished work for the day and went back home. Hmmm. Why does it seem like she’s lying? This surprises and deflates Ming Ming. Qiong Zi then asks Ming Ming to deliver Eason’s cell since he forgot it. Qiong Zi says that there’s a company karaoke and she can’t go or else the staff will hate her and Eason more. She hands over an umbrella and promises to text Eason’s address.

Ruby LinXie Qiong Nuan

At that time, Eason has arrived at Ming Ming’s. Great. He buzzes her apartment, but it was the wrong one. He apologizes and then goes to look for his phone. That’s when someone comes out and he slips in. As he gets inside he sees Shao Tian going in to Ming Ming’s apartment. Eason quickly hides and watches as Mrs. Wang opens up the door. Is Shao Tian looking for Ming Ming? She’s still at a meeting. Does she need Shao Tian to go and pick her up? Mrs. Wang assures him that isn’t necessary and invites the young man in to eat. The door closes and Eason quickly leaves. Meanwhile, Ming Ming arrives at Eason’s house. She rings his bell, but no answer. She buzzes him again. Still no answer. Will these two find each other? Or should I say will their paths cross?

Jiro WangYang Li YinRuby Lin

Eason goes back to the studio to learn no one is left there. Meanwhile, Ming Ming stands out in the rain getting completely drenched. She goes to take out her phone and accidentally drops it. It, of course, stops working. At this time, Ru En takes pictures of the wet and waiting Ming Ming. Eason then rushes up and Ru En starts taking more pictures. Eason asks why Ming Ming is there. The older woman smiles and hands over his phone. How did she get that? Ming Ming pulls out her bottle of champagne. Didn’t someone want to drink that? Eason then holds up his bag. Didn’t someone want to eat cake more? The two smile at each other and head inside. Ru En then buzzes a resident’s bell and asks if she can borrow their apartment. Oy.

Hua Yi Han, Ruby Lin, Jiro WangAt Ming Ming’s place, Mrs. Wang and Shao Tian are eating. The entire time Mrs. Wang is giving Shao Tian a scrutinizing look. Why isn’t he eating? Isn’t her cooking good? Shao Tian says that isn’t it. Is he worried about Ming Ming and can’t eat? Exactly. There’s a typhoon and he can’t get in touch with her. The phone rings at this time and it’s Ming Ming saying her meeting is still going on. Mrs. Wang says the weather is getting worse so Ming Ming should stay put where she is until the storm passes. This relieves Shao Tian and he smiles as he digs into the food.

Yang Li YinLin Geng XinLin Geng Xin

Ming Ming hangs up (Ruby Lin does look better with her hair longer and straighter) and Eason comes up saying someone is lying. Crap. Does that mean he overheard her telling her mother she’d be out all night? Eason says he of course heard everything since the walls are paper thin. Ming Ming looks away embarrassed. Eason assures her there’s nothing to be embarrassed about since the weather is horrible out. She is right to stay in a safe place. Ming Ming turns to look at him and Eason smiles brightly. Ming Ming turns away and wonders if she’s really that easy to read. Looks like she doesn’t know there’s a mirror showing all her facial expressions to Eason. When Eason guesses what she’s thinking again, Ming Ming turns stunned. Eason then gets closer. Why is Ming Ming looking so nervous? Ming Ming says she isn’t. When Eason assures her that he looks messy himself right now Ming Ming asks how he knows everything she’s thinking. Eason jokes that their hearts are connected before saying her face is an open book. Ming Ming then smiles and says they should cut the cake. She opens the box and Eason goes to open the champagne when the lights go off.

Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang

Mrs. Wang questions Shao Tian’s feelings. Does he like her daughter? Shao Tian chokes. She’s really just misunderstanding. Mrs. Wang lays out all of the things Shao Tian does for Ming Ming. There’s no way she’s imagining things. Too bad Ming Ming is a little slow with fewer brain cells and can’t see just how much Shao Tian likes her. Mrs. Wang then says Shao Tian had better make his move soon. Besides, he’s better than Eason, right? Mrs. Wang says she looked up Eason online. This shocks Shao Tian. Mrs. Wang knows how to use the internet? Of course she does. She even ordered an iPad 2—does Shao Tian have one? No. See, she’s up on the trends. Mrs. Wang then says she’s happy to have two men pursuing her daughter. Shao Tian then asserts that he doesn’t like Ming Ming in that way. Right now they are just two good siblings taking care of each other. Riiiight. And hell is just a sauna. He’s saying this to a mother holding and waving around a knife. Mrs. Wang leans over and asks if Shao Tian really doesn’t like her daughter or is he just giving up? Shao Tian tries to say something, but can’t. Mrs. Wang says he’s out and the chance is now given to Eason. This doesn’t make him all that happy.

Lin Geng Xin, Yang Li Yin

At Eason’s, there is candles on the cake giving off light. Ming Ming says they should treat it like a birthday since she used to love celebrating her birthday as a child. Ming Ming explains about how at the Wang family birthdays, all grudges and ills were forgotten the moment the candles were blown out. Eason says she must have had a great family. He then states that his birthday was no longer celebrated after his father died. Ming Ming immediately apologizes since she didn’t know his father was dead. Eason explains he was twelve when his dad died. His mother then re-married a rich man within the year. Eason felt that he did not belong with the new family and he kept waiting to turn 18 so he could leave. To Eason he had only one father who was in heaven, and he could never really accept or get along with his new father. Sure, his company and fans would celebrate his birthday, but it wasn’t the same. Ming Ming smiles and starts singing the birthday song. She claps and Eason apologizes for spoiling the mood. He then blows out the candles. Not smart as that was their only source of light.

Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang

Eason relights the candles and asks what Ming Ming is doing. She said she had intended to help him find a lighter, but had found his passport instead. Eason jumps up and demands it back. Ming Ming smiles and refuses. Looks like Eason doesn’t want his real name to be known. It’s Yin Zhao Cai (the name means bring wealth). Eason laughs and says that anyone who knows that secret must be silenced forever. Ming Ming looks at him and asks if he has a little brother named Yin Jin Bao (which means to bring treasure). Eason lunges at her and Ming Ming tries to get away. The two end up with an accidental kiss caught on film by Ru En. Eason immediately backs away and apologizes. Ming Ming says that such things really do happen outside of dramas. Eason then gets a call from Qiong Zi asking if he got his cell back. Ming Ming then says she should head home. Why? Because Qiong Zi knows she dropped off his phone and she doesn’t want the older woman to misunderstand. Eason assures her that won’t happen and then asks what she’s afraid of.

Jiro Wang, Ruby Lin, Hua Yi Han

End episode. Such a great episode. I’m really loving this drama.

One comment

  • Just like you mentioned..I wonder just how much younger Shao Tian is than Eason? They both seem very young to me. Even though Eason is supposed to be the older one at times they seem to be on the same level, like when they get into the drinking competition.

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