Smile, Donghae Episode 48 Recap

Sun Ok runs out and sees Kim Joon. She is shocked to learn that Saewa has married into that family. Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo is commanding Anna to not speak while she panics about Sun Ok meeting Kim Jun. Sun Ok demands to know why Joon is there and Hye Sook demands to know how dare Sun Ok talk to her husband like that. Then…this is Kim Joon’s house? Sun Ok then asks Saewa to confirm whether or not that Kim Joon is her father-in-law. Hye Sook turns to her daughter-in-law, does Saewa know that ahjumma? Before Saewa can answer, Sun Ok says that she’s Lee Kang Jae’s wife and that Joon wrongly accused them thus having their kimchi factory shut down. Sun Ok screams and cries about how she cleaned for him and made him food. He’s the whole reason her family isn’t living a good life. Sun Ok then throws a lamp and the vacuum cleaner. Hye Sook tells her to quit it, but Sun Ok can’t and throws stuff off the coffee table at Joon.

Hye Sook reaches her limit and says that Joon has already tried apologizing multiple times and even released a statement correcting the mistake (too late to do the Lee family any good unfortunately), so why is Sun Ok still blaming Joon for everything? Isn’t everything the Lee family’s fault? Sun Ok cannot believe she is hearing this and goes into the kitchen while Saewa wonders where Anna is and follows Sun Ok to ask her. However, Sun Ok pays no mind to her in-law and just grabs the kimchi she made for the family and tosses it on the floor in front of them. They have no right to eat that kimchi. Sun Ok asks if they have no conscience that they can live happily after only a mere apology. She then vows to watch the family from even beyond the grave to see how well they turn out and marches out of the house.

Hye Sook cannot believe the hysterics Sun Ok threw and turns to Saewa asking just how she’s connected to the family since they seem to know each other well. Saewa doesn’t want to say, but Hye Sook demands her to. Saewa then reveals that Sun Ok is Sae Young’s mother-in-law and that she just found out today that the cook she asked her mother to introduce the Kims to was Sun Ok. Hye Sook is livid and Joon can only silently go to his room. Hye Sook follows behind him while Saewa worries over where Anna is. Sool Nyeo pokes her head out of the study and Saewa scolds her for still being in the Kim house. Sool Nyeo replies they ran out of time and Saewa quickly ushers them out saying the Kims have went into their bedroom. Anna quickly grabs Sun Ok’s forgotten coat and bag and goes to hobble out of the house with Sool Nyeo when Hye Sook comes out to talk to Saewa and gets a surprise.

Sool Nyeo apologizes to Hye Sook and says Saewa had no idea at all. Even Sool Nyeo was surprised to learn Sun Ok became the Kim housekeeper as she only asked Sun Ok to make kimchi, not come to the house and do anything. Poor Sool Nyeo is completely flustered. What will she do now that things have turned out like this? Sool Nyeo says she should stay and clean up, but Saewa goes to push her out. Joon calls out for his wife and Sool Nyeo apologizes once more saying that Saewa didn’t know anything and its all her fault. She manages to usher Anna out just before Joon. He tells Hye Sook to not be so hard on Saewa and Hye Sook can only curl her lip in disgust.

Outside Hye Sook realizes she forgot everything, but how can she go back in that house? Sool Nyeo and Anna make their exit and Sun Ok immediately turns on Sool Nyeo. How can she call herself Sun Ok’s friend and let her walk into the Kim household? Sool Nyeo says she didn’t tell Sun Ok to go there, it was Sun Ok’s desire for money that brought her there. Sun Ok wouldn’t have gone if Sool Nyeo had just been up front with her to begin with. Sool Nyeo then tells Sun Ok that she couldn’t ruin her own daughter’s happiness just for what happened to the Lee family because of Kim Joon’s false report. Sool Nyeo then wonders how Sun Ok will take responsibility for Hye Sook being angry at Saewa. Sun Ok cannot believe this. Sool Nyeo knows how much Sun Ok and her family suffered. So what? That has nothing to do with the Yoon family. Saewa has now lost face in front of her husband’s parents. Sool Nyeo says that if Saewa gets into trouble with the Kim family then Sun Ok will pay. Sun Ok screams that their relationship has no ended for good and stalks off.

Anna goes to follow with Sun Ok’s coat and scarf, but Sool Nyeo won’t let her go without another warning. If Anna reveals to anyone about Saewa’s and Donghae’s relationship, there will be big trouble. Anna isn’t allowed to say anything to anybody or go back to that house every again. Anna walks off cowed and Sool Nyeo wonders what will become of her eldest daughter. Will she be okay?

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji EunWe then cut to outside the bar where Bongi panics after kissing Donghae. She quickly pulls away and when Donghae asks her what is wrong, she quickly pulls a fake faint. LOL. Nothing like pretending to pass out to hide your complete and utter embarrassment at the boldness of your own actions. Dongahe catches the falling girl and Bongi quickly pretends to be seriously drunk and doesn’t know who Donghae is. She says she can easily walk to the next bar. Donghae says she can’t drink anymore and quickly puts Bongi on his back and rushes off while Yoo Jin angrily glares after the two. How care Bongi steal her man like that. Eyeroll. Donghae is NO ONE’S property. Sheesh girls. However, Yoo Jin isn’t deterred. She vows to make Donghae hers in the end.

Bongi is worrying about what to do since they are almost home. She pretends to be asleep, and poor Donghae cannot believe his bad luck. While Bongi ponders whether or not she should confess, she starts squirming around like crazy. Donghae is really suffering tonight. At this time, they run into Pil Jae who is returning home. Pil Jae demands to know what’s going on and the not drunk, not asleep Bongi quickly hides her head behind Donghae’s. The young man explains the situation about Bongi being drunk and passing out, but Pil Jae doesn’t believe it since he sees Bongi is wide awake. The young girl jumps off Donghae’s back and runs screaming towards the house shouting she doesn’t know. The shocked Donghae can only apologizes to Pil Jae and assure him its not what the uncle is thinking before chasing after Bongi. LMAO. Pil Jae then yells after him about why he’s apologizing. Something must definitely be going on between them. He can’t have that as they can’t start dating before he starts dating Anna.

Bongi rushes into her room and Donghae tries to stop her, but Pil Jae catches him before he can retreat into his own room. Donghae wants to know what’s wrong and Pil Jae demands the truth—is Donghae dating Bongi? Donghae loudly says they are only cooking partners. Pil Jae grabs him by the collar and says that Donghae is absolutely forbidden to date Bongi. This gets Donghae’s goat. Say what? Why can’t he date Bongi? Before Pil Jae can stutter out his reply, in storms the emotional Sun Ok demanding a glass of water since she’s dying. Pil Jae asks her what’s going on. Soon Kang Jae and Bongi come out and Sun Ok collapses to the ground crying.

Sun Ok sobs out the whole story at the dining room table with everyone gathered around. How interesting is it that these four families are so interconnected? Kim Joon’s story destroyed the Lee family’s livelihood and had them out on the streets for awhile. Bongi ends up working for his wife at the hotel and Kang Jae ends up distributing cabbages to that hotel. Not only that, Sun Ok ends up working as the Kim housekeeper thanks to Sool Nyeo introducing the job to her since it’s Saewa’s in-law. Add in Saewa and Do Jin marrying and Saewa dating Donghae who is now living with the Lees and working for the Kims and it’s just…crazy. Pil Jae is livid. How could Sool Nyeo do such a thing? Sun Ok sobs out that this is the reason Sool Nyeo kept them from attending Saewa’s wedding. Sun Ok demands both her husband and daughter quit. Pil Jae seconds this saying they’ve been helping out the Kim family all of this time. He then turns to Donghae and tells him to quit as well. Of course, Kang Jae, as much as he dislikes Kim Joon, is not a man to renege on a business deal.

Do Jin arrives home and finds Hye Sook staring down Saewa. Do Jin wonders what is wrong and Hye Sook says nothing and just continues exploring the relationship between the Yoon and Lee family. Saewa confirms everything and apologizes,but Hye Sook is having none of that. did Sool Nyeo really think she could keep that secret hidden? Did she really think Sun Ok and the Kims wouldn’t find out? Do Jin says while he has no idea what’s going on, his mother is being too harsh. Hye Sook snaps at him to stay out of it as Sool Nyeo brought in a woman who hates Joon with a passion into their house, and when Saewa steps in and tells Do Jin also to stay out of the matter, she gets yelled at for speaking to her husband like that. Yep, Saewa, dig your grave deeper and enjoy the fall. Saewa apologizes and hangs her head. Hye Sook then says this is why you look at family backgrounds before marriage. Saewa apologizes once more and Hye Sook says that Saewa has no idea the humiliation Hye Sook endured and she tells Do Jin to take Saewa to their room.

Do Jin immediately hugs Saewa when they get into their room and tells her not to take his mother’s words to heart. She fakes a smile and says she understands Joon and Hye Sook must have been even more shocked than she was. Do Jin goes to shower and Saewa angrily states that Donghae and Anna are out to destroy her marriage. WTF. Get over yourself. You and your mother put yourselves in this position. NO ONE is out to get you. Shakes head. At this time Sool Nyeo calls to check up on her daughter and Saewa scolds her mother for letting Sun Ok take the job. Sool Nyeo says she tried, but couldn’t bring herself to tell Sun Ok who Saewa’s in-laws really were. Saewa reveals Joon already knows about her past with Donghae so she is already walking on thin ice. This shocks Sool Nyeo. What happened then? Joon promised not to tell anyone as if Do Jin and Hye Sook know, Saewa will immediately be divorced. Saewa then makes her mother promise that she keeps Anna away from the Kim house. This puzzles Sool Nyeo—why Anna? Saewa can’t explain and only vows to get Donghae and Bongi kicked out of the competition.

Enter Do Jin. He forgot to take his clothes with him. He demands to know who is getting kicked out of what competition. Saewa tells him it’s Bongi as the girl has been rude to both of them just because of their parents’ history. Meanwhile, at the Lee house Donghae demands to know why his mother was at the Kim house. Anna explains how she wanted to help out. While Donghae understands this, Anna knew that was Saewa’s house. Anna says she only found out later. Anna then rubs her leg and Donghae sees her sore knee. Who did that to his mother? Anna tells him no one—she fell down stairs. She goes to tell him about finding James, but recalls Saewa’s words and clams up. She only promises to find James for Donghae instead. Anna then notices Donghae’s lips are shiny. What is that? Donghae recalls the kiss and rushes out to buy ointment for his mother. Anna then vows to find James and show Donghae his father.

Sun Ok is lying in bed and Song Yi asks what is wrong with Sun Ok. Pil Jae says she isn’t too sick and Song Yi says she should eat to keep up her strength. Kang Jae smiles and agrees. He then asks why everyone seems so down. Pil Jae wonders how they can be cheered up after learning just how beaten down they’ve been. They are in that cramped house while Joon lives in a palace and they can say nothing. Kang Jae nudges his brother. Bongi then asks what her father will do. As much as he doesn’t like to, he will keep the contract. If the hotel breaks it first, so be it. He had to borrow money to get the cabbages for that job, plus he worked really hard to get it as well. He will have to find a new delivery route and customers as soon as possible. What about Bongi? She’s still thinking about it. Kang Jae says she and Donghae are in the same boat, so Bongi can’t quit and leave him high and dry. The angry Pil Jae gets up and walks out.

Joon is sitting morosely on the bed when Hye Sook comes in and tells him not to take the incident to heart. Her solution? She can’t stand having Kang Jae delivering the cabbages and Bongi working in their kitchen, so of course the contracts must be broken. Joon’s head shoots up. Yes, let’s add fuel to the fire, shall we? Actually, Joon isn’t a bad man and does sincerely regret what happened. His wife doesn’t seem to care about that fact. He tells her not to do that and make the situation worse. Hye Sook says she’s only doing it for him and Joon hisses at her. It’s bad enough she already demanded money from that family, firing them will only make things worse—why can’t she consider Joon’s situation? Hye Sook says she understands how he feels, but the hotel is her domain. Hye Sook then says she feels badly for Donghae’s mother who was limping badly. Joon then asks how Donghae is doing at the competition and seems very displeased to hear he did okay. Hye Sook catches this and wonders what happened, but Joon says nothing and then says they need to keep the matter (with the Lee family?) as quiet as possible.

At the Yoon house, Tae Hoon scolds Saewa for falling asleep while feeding the babies. Saewa complains about not having a good night’s rest in ages and how she would never have become a mother if she’d known it would be that hard. This earns her another scolding. How dare she say that in front of Gang and San? He then reminds her that his grandfather’s memorial service is coming up soon and Saewa will have to go to his mother to talk about what needs to be done. Sae Young tells this to Sool Nyeo who immediately says that Sae Young is barred from seeing her in-laws for the time being. Sool Nyeo explains what happened the other night and Tae Hoon is unhappy to learn that Sool Nyeo let his mother work as the Kims’ housekeeper. He understands her wanting to protect Saewa, but she should have stopped this incident from occurring. Sae Young then scolds her mother as it makes her look bad to have her mother-in-law working as a maid for her brother-in-law. Oy.

At the hotel, Bongi avoids Yoo Jin uncomfortably. Yoo Jin then asks if it’s possible for the team members to be switched as long as they are paired with someone who won the first round. Bang says it’s possible, but why would you switch? Is there a problem? Yoo Jin says there isn’t, but thinks people could do better if they switch partners. Bang tells them to think hard before doing such a thing and leaves. Yoo Jin then approaches Bongi. She heard that right? Not only will Bongi lose her love, but the competition as well. Bongi cannot believe this. Yoo Jin then proceeds to say she’s never had another woman make a move on the man she likes. She may not have been able to stop Bongi the other night, but she’ll make sure to stop her now. The nerved up Bongi then horribly murders a radish and Yoo Jin says she cannot believe the hotel lets someone with crappy knife skills work in their kitchen. Bongi then tells Yoo Jin to stop showing off. Doesn’t Yoo Jin know that Bongi is the best at chopping in their kitchen? Dae Sam then rushes in and proposes a chopping competition. Donghae tries to stop him, but no such luck.

The two girls each get a radish half and and start chopping. Yoo Jin finishes first, thus winning. Yoo Jin then says Bongi isn’t anything and only passed because of Donghae. Bongi rushes off in tears and Dongahe goes to run after her. Yoo Jin catches his arm—where’s he going when break time is over? Donghae shakes off her grasp and rushes to catch up to Bongi. He grabs her arms as she rushes upstairs. Why did she leave the kitchen like that and why did she agree to such a childish thing? Bongi jerks her arm back. Yes, she’s childish. She can’t chop. She’s just horrible at everything. Why doesn’t Donghae just partner up with Yoo Jin and win the second round? Bongi saw how they were the other night. Donghae grabs her arm again. What is she talking about now? Bongi shakes his grip again. She has no idea. She hates how Yoo Jin comes in from nowhere and messes with her head. She hates the fact that she works for Kim Joon’s wife. She has no idea if she should keep working at that hotel. Donghae then throws back Bongi’s words—she told him to forget his pride over Saewa and work in the kitchen to accomplish his dreams. Now Bongi needs to do the same thing and see the bigger picture so that she doesn’t miss the forest for the trees.

Saewa delivers some documents to Joon’s office and notices the file about the auditions. She goes to sneak a peek as Joon walks in. What is she doing? Saewa apologizes saying she was just too curious. Joon tells her that she may be the host of the program, but she had better be extra careful not to cause trouble. Saewa is happy to know she got the job on her own talents. Joon warns her again to be extra careful since the Camilla will be at the competition, too. She can’t do anything to cause suspicion about her and Do Jin. Saewa smiles and says she will. Joon then asserts that she can’t be seen at all with Donghae. Saewa assures him that won’t happen and silently says that Donghae will be leaving the competition too.

Hye Sook is sitting in her office recalling both Sun Ok’s and her husband’s words. What will she do? Hye Sook asks for Kang Jae’s address and asks for the car to take her there. Meanwhile, Anna is having a nightmare about James. She wakes up in tears. She came all of this way with her son to find James whom she misses so much. Anna then picks up her cell to call Saewa who is shocked to get a call from Anna. Saewa is very unhappy that Anna called. The woman is supposed to lie quiet and wait. If Anna keeps this up, she will never get to see James. Anna is too anxious and says she will go to the station if Saewa is too busy. This, of course, gets Saewa moving to the Lee house. Anna rushes out to meet the angry young woman. Saewa again reminds Anna about her conditions. Anna apologizes and says she wishes to see James, can’t she at least have a picture? At this time Hye Sook arrives and spies Saewa and Anna talking. End episode.

I really wish to see Saewa’s web of lies revealed sooner rather than later.

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