Smile, Donghae Episode 47 Recap

I give up. My goal is to definitely complete this drama in 2013. I SHALL do it. I’m determined. Let’s see how long this lasts. I will say that since I have lost all of my raws of this series there will be no screencaps as I’m finishing this up by watching it streaming via DramaFever—got to love that site!

Do Jin walks up to see Donghae and Saewa arguing about whether or not Saewa showed Anna a picture of James. Do Jin interrupts and asks if Donghae is bothering his wife again. Saewa says he isn’t and Donghae goes to leave, but the always angry for no reason when it comes to Donghae Do Jin stops him and again demands to know what Donghae is doing bothering his wife. Donghae insists he isn’t and Do Jin raises his voice and demands to know if it was Saewa then. She steps in reminding him they are at his hotel and she begs him to lower his voice and just go to his office.

When the two get there, Saewa lies and says she was only congratulating Donghae for passing round one when he had to make a snide comment. Do Jin says Saewa will get into trouble for being too nice to a man with such a lack of manners. Saewa then advises Do Jin to do his best to ignore Donghae or risk ruining his reputation at work. Do Jin promises to do his best so as not to worry his wife. Do Jin then hugs her and says that he was afraid Donghae was hitting on Saewa. She silently vows to keep the secret to her grave. She doesn’t care of Donghae and Do Jin are brothers, the only way to protect her happiness is hide the truth that she has learned. Selfish to the bitter end.

Saewa takes Hye Sook some food. Her mother-in-law only shoots her an unhappy look. Saewa apologizes for what happened earlier and promises to never do anything like that again. Hye Sook then says she hates hearing Saewa apologize. She knows its hard on Saewa to adapt, but Saewa needs to no her boundaries and not do things that need apologizing for. Hye Sook then asks if there’s any other secrets Saewa knows that she doesn’t. This throws the girl since she just vowed to keep Joon’s and Anna’s relationship a secret forever. Hye Sook mentions the whispering between Joon and Saewa and the younger girl assures Hye Sook there is no secrets. Saewa then says if anything happened, she would run to Hye Sook over Joon anyways. Hye Sook thanks her for the porridge an then sends her off.

On her way out, Saewa runs into Sun Ae who tries to talk to her, but wouldn’t you know at this time Bongi comes up and accidentally runs into Saewa, spilling coffee all over her jacket. Bongi apologizes, but Saewa angrily says Bongi did it on purpose as Sun Ae cautiously backs around the corner. Bongi points out that Saewa was the one running like an idiot. Saewa angrily leaves to change and Bongi angrily goes down to the kitchen locker room to change as well. Enter Donghae. He immediately looks away and apologizes saying that he didn’t see anything. Bongi yells and asks if he doesn’t know how to knock first. He apologizes again and backs out. Bongi then cries and wonders why she had to wear her mother’s underwear of all days. LOL.

Bongi goes out into the kitchen and Donghae says she was lucky it was him and not some stranger. He then makes her promise to make sure to lock the door while she changes. Bongi promises and Donghae stutters out that him seeing her is a form of harassment, not that there’s much to see. She starts beating him with a vegetable when Sun Ae comes in. Bongi stops tormenting Donghae and tells Sun Ae she will give her a piece of advice—don’t trust Yoon Saewa too much. Bongi then says Saewa only used Sun Ae to kick Donghae and Bongi out. Now that they have passed the first competition, Sun Ae is done. Sun Ae then says that Saewa promised to help her keep her job. Realizing her mistake, Sun Ae quickly rushes out. This infuriates Bongi. She wants to rush and tell the chef, but Donghae stops her and reminds her of Sun Ae’s bad family situation. Bongi knows this, but what Sun Ae did wasn’t right. However, Bongi is too soft hearted to turn Sun Ae in to the head chef.

Saewa changes and recalls the tense meeting between her husband and Donghae. This makes her vow once more to quickly get rid of Donghae or else the stress will kill her. As she goes to leave, Sun Ok and Anna show up to start their cleaning duties. Saewa looks straight at Anna and demands to know how Donghae’s mother could show up at this house of all places. Sun Ok then tells Saewa how she came to work at the Kim household. Sun Ok promises not to damage Saewa’s reputation or let on that their families are related. This stuns Saewa even more—Sun Ok came there know whose house it was? Why did she bring Anna? Because Anna wishes to work to earn her keep. Sun Ok then wonders how Saewa knows Anna’s name. Saewa lies and says she learned it through the program and then drags Anna off into her room. What is Anna thinking? Anna says that she only wants to help Donghae out. She didn’t know it was Saewa’s house at first. Saewa then demands to know if Anna knows whose house it is. Anna just says it’s Saewa’s house. Did she break the wedding picture on purpose? Anna asserts she didn’t. Saewa says that if Anna doesn’t quit, she’ll have Donghae fired so they will never find James. Anna catches onto James’s name. Saewa did go to her house and show her the picture, didn’t she? Saewa confesses she did.

Meanwhile, Joon recalls the missing harmonica and picture—he still finds their sudden reappearance strange. He gets a call about the cooking program host audition while we cut back to Saewa confessing she did visit Anna with the picture of James. Anna tears up and demands to know where he is now. Saewa tells Anna to listen to her. She tells Anna its up to her whether or not she gets to see James. It’s up to Anna? Yes, if Anna wishes to see James she has to listen to Saewa. That means that no one can know that Saewa has found James. Anna wants to tell Donghae about this, but Saewa says that if James learns about the unexpected son he may leave Anna for good. Anna doesn’t want that. She promises to quit and never go near the Kim household again. Anna then asks when she can meet James. Saewa says it will be soon. Anna then asks if James kept his promise to remember her, but all Saewa can say is that in order to meet James, Anna needs to leave and never come back. She hands her planner over to Anna who shakily writes down her number. Saewa gets a call about the auditions and after making Anna promise not to tell Donghae, she rushes out.

Anna slips and falls twisting her ankle. Sun Ok rushes over and Anna cries saying she needs to go home. The phone rings and it’s Hye Sook. She has a favor to ask Sun Ok who reveals Anna fell and hurt herself. Hye Sook asks if any one is home and when she learns Saewa is there, she asks Saewa to look after Anna and take her to the hospital if needed. Saewa brings up the host audition that she was leaving for. Hye Sook then says she will just have Donghae go and pick up his mother. Saewa can’t have that. She says she has some time and will take care of it herself. Saewa angrily asks how bad it is. Anna says she can stand, but she really can’t. Sun Ok goes to get hot water and a towel and Saewa demands to know if Anna did it on purpose. Anna swears it was an accident caused by rushing like Saewa wanted her to. Sun Ok comes back and Saewa tells Sun Ok to help Anna up to her room to lie down. Meanwhile she desperately tries to call her own mother, but Sool Nyeo isn’t answering.

Pil Jae comes home, but his room is empty. He sees a new lamb doll and goes to use it for a pillow when Song Yi comes in and says he can’t as she has to give it back to that “ahjumma.” What ahjumma? Sae Young’s mother gave it to her. Song Yi doesn’t like her so she wishes to give the doll back. This annoys Pil Jae. He asks Song Yi what Sool Nyeo told her. Song Yi reveals Sool Nyeo asked her about having a stepmother. Pil Jae mutters about how the woman can’t take a hint. No. This woman really can’t. He then asks Song Yi to get him a pillow and when she comes back he asks how she would feel if she had a stepmother like Anna. Song Yi starts hitting him with the pillow and calling him a liar. Didn’t he say she was all he needed. Soooo cute. Pil Jae says he’s her dad an then notices something strange in his pillow. Song Yi says that Sool Nyeo put something in the pillow. Pil Jae takes out the charm and starts muttering again about her.

Sool Nyeo is making formula and wondering if her charm has worked when she gets a call from the annoyed Pil Jae demanding to see her right away. Sool Nyeo plays it cool saying she’s busy, but does quickly say she can make time to meet him. Meanwhile, Tae Hoon goes to deliver the babies to his sleeping wife as he has to leave for work. Sae Young doesn’t wish to wake up since she stayed up late watching videos. Tae Hoon reminds her he isn’t going out to play and asks her to hurry up and wake up. Her phone rings and it’s her friend asking about a blind date. Sae Young looks over at her husband—she can’t go. There will be lawyers an judges. She still can’t go. She hurries and hangs up. Tae Hoon is angry at her for not telling her friends that she’s married—is she ashamed of him? Of course. He needs to hurry and pass the bar so she can brag about how she’s married to a lawyer. Tae Hoon looks down at his babies and asks how he will pass in this situation since Sae Young only thinks of herself. Sae Young angrily gets out of bed and grabs her keys and purse and leaves. How immature.

Head chef Bang comes into the kitchen and delivers the second contest rules. The main ingredient is rice. Bang is hoping that one of his kitchen teams will end up winning and going on to represent their hotel chain. He leaves and Yoo Jin says she has something that can help Donghae make it to the finals. Donghae agrees to meet with her if Bongi can come with him. Yoo Jin quickly refutes this as Bongi needs to stay to make tomorrow’s breakfast. Bongi smiles, she doesn’t have to. Yoo Jin also smiles, now she does since Yoo Jin told Bongi to. Yoo Jin then says she will meet Donghae later in front of the hotel. Worried that Yoo Jin will confess to Donghae, Bongi urges him to not meet with Yoo Jin. Of course, Donghae can’t do that as they need all the help they can get to ensure their win. He just doesn’t get it. He’s a bit on the slow side when it comes to girls it seems.

As Donghae is leaving, he runs into Kang Jae who is delivering cabbages. Donghae  scolds him for not letting him know sooner and immediately begins helping. Kang Jun says he knows Donghae is busy and tells him to stop, but of course Donghae refuses and continues on. The younger man says he heard from Sun Ok that Kang Jae’s cabbage orders are increasing steadily. Kang Jae reveals that since people know he’s supplying that hotel, orders have been coming out of the woodwork. This makes the older man very happy. Kang Jae says this is all thanks to Donghae. He then switches the topic to Anna—is she okay? She ran out of her room early that morning. Donghae says his mother just must be really tired. Kang Jae asks to go home together with Bongi, but Donghae says she has to work late and he has plans. He then rushes off as Bongi comes out. Kang Jae asks her to help him finish off the cabbages and then go home together, but Bongi says she has to work and runs after Donghae. Work…right. 😛

Yoo Jin and Donghae are meeting in a club. This makes Dongahe very uncomfortable. Yoo Jin tells him to wait as he will soon see why she brought him there. She links her arm through his and that  makes him even more uncomfortable. Bongi goes into the club and says she knew it was just an excuse. She watches the two and complains about Yoo Jin  getting all touchy feely with Donghae. Bongi then wonders why Donghae isn’t doing anything about it  (in his defense, he keeps flinching away, but she just doesn’t stop—now THAT’S sexual harassment). It’s like Donghae has Bongi radar. After she says that he immediately turns around and she ducks down out of sight. LOL. Bongi is hiding behind some stranger’s legs and apologizes and goes to a different spot. Yoo Jin asks what’s wrong and Donghae says he thought he heard Bongi’s voice. Yoo Jin says he’s hearing things and asks if he likes Bongi. This makes Donghae uncomfortable while the annoyed Bongi tries to figure out what the two are talking about.

Meanwhile, Pil Jae slams the charm down in front of Sool Nyeo with an angry face. What is that for? Sool Nyeo looks around uncomfortably. Pil Jae says he’s sick of beating around the bush and he straight up tells her he doesn’t like her and never wishes to see her again. He gets up to leave and Sool Nyeo says she only did that as she likes Pil Jae too much. Pil Jae insists he doesn’t wish for Sool Nyeo to like him, so just stop it…dude, I know she’s like a clueless stalker at times, but you can’t really command someone else’s feelings. Ah, I LOVE Pil Jae.

Saewa finishes her audition and feels confident she did okay. Now her goal is to get Anna out of the house. She calls her mother and scolds Sool Nyeo for not picking up sooner. Saewa demands her mother go to the Kim house. Sool Nyeo who is drinking away her broken heart asks why she would do such a thing. Because Anna is at the house right now. This floors Sool Nyeo. She immediately jumps up. Say what? Saewa reveals that Sun Ok brought Anna there to work. Sool Nyeo immediately rushes out to keep the Kim family from hopefully learning about Donghae’s and Saewa’s relationship.

Joon is getting ready to leave when Saewa rushes in and invites him out to dinner. Joon doesn’t feel comfortable having dinner with just the two of them and refuses. He gets ready to leave and Saewa panics. It’s too soon, her mother wouldn’t have gotten Anna out yet.

Yoo Jin is drinking and Donghae says if she doesn’t give him the info, he is just going to leave. She tells him he’ll regret it and Donghae picks up the drink and finally sips it. What is that? It’s rice. Ah, so she invited him to drink a rice wine cocktail. Bongi gets angrier as she watches and takes a shot. This girl is NOT a good drunk. Her plan? She sees a drunk foreigner and uses broken English mixed with some Korean to tell him that Yoo Jin (who has slipped away to the restroom) likes him so he should go over there. The man lurches to his feet and rushes over. When Bongi turns around she sees Donghae is alone and the drunk foreigner is hitting on him!!!!! LMAO. How hilarious. Either the man is gay or he’s reallllly wasted. Ji Chang Wook is good looking, but I don’t think is a feminine way. Even when he dressed in drag for BVS you could tell he was a man. Donghae fends the man off while Bongi rushes up and tries to stop the foreigner. She accidentally runs into a waitress and Donghae manages to fend the man off to rush to her aid. Bongi quickly pulls her hate over her eyes and says in a deep voice that she’s not Lee Bongi. LOL. Like that was believable. She then rushes out.

Bongi runs after the girl who trips and falls. He helps her up and asks what is going on. When he smells the alcohol on her breath he demands to know why she went drinking alone—what if some weird man hit on her. Bongi snaps and asks why doesn’t Donghae drink with her then. She then scolds him for doing nothing when “the big flirt” had her hands all over him. Enter Yoo Jin who cannot believe Bongi’s been stalking them this entire time. This surprises Donghae—did she really follow him? Why? Bongi clears her throat and tries to come up with something when Yoo Jin butts in. Even if Bongi was jealous, she shouldn’t have drunk that much. Yoo Jin then says she paid the tab so Bongi had better pay her back tomorrow. Donghae asks if Bongi is jealous and the drunk girl aggressively pulls him into a kiss shocking both Donghae and Yoo Jin.

Anna and Sun Ok are getting ready to leave when the angry Sool Nyeo shows up and demands to know where “she” is. Sun Ok is taken aback. Just why are Saewa and Sool Nyeo being so mean to her and Anna like this? Sun Ok asks what the problem is and Sool Nyeo can only anxiously tell her to shut up. She spies Anna and then tries to drag her out. Sun Ok tries to stop Sool Nyeo. It’s at this time that Hye Sook, Joon, and Saewa arrive. Saewa thinks Anna should be gone now. Sool Nyeo is desperately trying to pull them out when the bell rings. Sool Nyeo panics and pushes the other two women into the study. Sun Ok escapes to use the restroom leaving Sool Nyeo and Anna alone. Sool Nyeo threatens to kill her if Saewa’s relationship to Donghae is revealed.

Sun Ok manages to come out as the Kim family arrives and she is shocked to see Kim Joon. Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo tells Anna to be quiet.

End episode. Fireworks anticipated in 48. I must say that daily dramas really suck as they can drag a plot sooooo long. But they are surprisingly good even in their predictability and taking the long way around everything.


  • Ahh caught up to you. Well, watching 48 atm. I wish df would fix that session expired error >_<

    Curious to know what you think of the whole Kim Joon vs Lee family thing. And there needs to be more BongYi/DongHae scenes (they can fit them in between the drama)!

    • I feel bad for Kim Joon since he knows he made a big mistake that hurt Lee fily terribly. I get annoyed with Hye Sook’s attitude as u know she’s never experienced what that family went through and says its ultimately their fault for not doing better. I do think at this point & after all these years, it’s time to let the matter rest, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

      I also want more Bongi/Donghae moments 🙂

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