2012 Year End Review

I meant to get this up yesterday, but ended up not feeling the best. Unlike some other sites that do a review of the dramas of the year in general, this is more just looking back on what happened on Asian Addicts Anonymous in 2012 (and back to the beginning of the site). Since Chani-chan and nichan have joined the site, we’ve broken into different music postings, anime postings and drama postings, so this is really only a look back at what NeeNee’s been doing. So here’s some numbers and facts.

This past year AAA has received around 200,000 page views (bringing our total to over 300,000). We hit an all time high in November where we reached 4,561 views in one day. And this is mainly all thanks to the horrible drama that ended up being May Queen. Go figure. The fun thing about these numbers is that it basically doubled what it took me 2 years to get previously. How amazing is that?

  • Number of dramas completely recapped in 2012: 12
    • 3 Taiwanese dramasΒ (Absolute Boyfriend | Love Forward | Skip Beat!)
    • 3 Korean dramas (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store | Full House Take 2 | May Queen)
    • 6 Japanese dramas (ATARU | BRAND GUARDIANS | Iki mo Dekinai Natsu | Pure | Rich Man, Poor Woman | Zettai Reido)
  • Dramas placed on indefinite hold in 2012: 1
  • Number of drama specials/movies recapped in 2012: 3
  • Number of dramas reviewed: 3

The fun thing about these numbers? On average, I think I start WAY more Korean dramas than Japanese (watching-wise), but somehow I end up recapping more Japanese dramas. Why is that? Let’s just say that kdramas get a LOT of love. Unless they are daily dramas or saeguks. Those don’t get picked up that often and I get soooo behind on dramas with a gazillion episodes (poor Smile, Donghae). Thus, someone usually beats me to the punch on a lot of kdramas I watch and fall in love with.

Of the 6 Japanese dramas recapped, 2 were series I originally started recapping back in 2010 when I first started recapping. So, only 4 currently airing jdramas.

So, here’s some more numbers and these are really to just show the progress made in the past few years:

  • 2010
    • AAA started
    • 4 dramas completely recapped (none of them in a very timely manner)
      • 2 Japanese dramas (Nakanai to Kimeta Hi | Sunao ni Narenakute)
      • 2 Korean dramas (Oh! My Lady | Personal Preference)
    • 7 dramas placed on indefinite hold
    • 14 dramas partially recapped. Officially dropped when they were found recapped elsewhere much faster and better or when I realized I just couldn’t take watching them any more. No, I will NOT name all 14, visit the recap page if you’re interested.
    • 3 movies recapped
    • 16 dramas reviewed
    • 4 drama special/movies reviewed
  • 2011
    • Moved asianaddictsannon.wordpress.com to its own domain at http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com
    • 9 dramas completely recapped (3 of which were started in 2010, so only 6 new dramas)
      • 1 Chinese drama (the first ever on AAA!) (2007 drama My Prince)
      • 1 Taiwanese drama (Love Buffet)
      • 1 Korean drama (The Musical)
      • 6 Japanese dramas (3 started in 2010) (Asuko March! | Gakeppuchi no Eri | Ikemen desu ne | Ouran High School Host Club | Quartet | TROUBLEMAN)
    • 2 dramas placed indefinitely on hold
      (Glass Mask | Gong)
    • 4 dramas dropped. 3 which I had planned on finishing eventually from 2010.
    • 5 drama specials/movies recapped
    • 2 dramas reviewed

So, what do these numbers mean? NeeNee has gotten better about NOT dropping dramas or placing them indefinitely on hold. Plus, I’ve increased the number of dramas I recap in a year. Yay me. You can also see the focus of the site shift. There used to be TONS of reviews. Now there’s only a smattering every now and then. This mostly happens when I watch dramas all the way through without recapping them. I usually only review them if I need to gush or rant.. I also used to do more music posts, but those have also dwindled.

So, what are NeeNee’s goals for 2013?

  1. Reach 15 completely recapped dramas in a year!
  2. Start doing music posts at least once a week. Wae? NeeNee LOVES music. You should see the sheer size of my music collection, it’s crazy.
  3. Finish the dramas placed indefinitely on hold
  4. Finish fixing all the things that got broken with the big site hickup this past summer/fall

Also, due to work and trying to get as many recaps in as possible if I feel up to it before or after work, I’m no longer going to be doing subtitle updates. For followers of those pages, you probably haven noticed it’s fallen off the way side. It’s just a lot of upkeep that I don’t have time for. I may or may not do a master list with links to the subtitle releases without actually keeping track of what gets released when. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet.

And yeah. That’s pretty much it. A personal goal (not necessarily related to AAA) is to try to finish every drama I start this year instead of putting it off and finishing months or years later for no real good reason πŸ˜›

Thanks to all the loyal readers and commentors and silent lurkers!


  • Excited to see what else you’ll recap in 2013 and curious as to what is on the indefinitely on hold list. So glad I discovered your blog…Did you see the MQ writer won the writer award – gak!! And I’m so gratefulI can watch ad free on DF for awhile..Thank you for everything ❀

    • πŸ™‚ Indefinitely on hold…Zettai Kareshi (but that’s mostly due to the fact my friend Chani and I do those together and grad school is quite demanding on her time), Gong/Palace, Glass Mask, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. There might be more, but those are the ones I can think of.
      I couldn’t believe the MQ writer got an award. How did that happen? It was a complete mess with soooo many inconsistencies and bad writing in general. The horror.
      You’re welcome. πŸ™‚ I am happy you enjoyed the present πŸ™‚

  • Just amazed at the vast number of hours fans put into doing recaps. Thanks for your site, I enjoy lurking here.

    • lol. I had no idea what I was doing when I started & now the site has slowly evolved in its 3 years to the point where the time & effort equates nearly to a 2nd (or third when I used to work 2 jobs) job.
      Happy to have you lurking & commenting on occasion. πŸ™‚

  • I thank you for the May Queen recaps. I stopped watching … I forgot when, but it was nice to finish it through your recaps. God, it sucked. Not your recaps, they were great. And for what it is worth, I really enjoy your recapping style more than quite a few of the recappers out there.

    • A lot of people stopped watching May Queen. I sorely wanted to, but was determined to NOT drop another series. Thus, I stuck with it. I’m glad you enjoyed the recaps even if the show was less than stellar.
      And I’m always happy to hear that people like my recapping style. πŸ™‚ I’m always worried about being too verbose or boring.

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