Wow. Episode 13 is like one and a half hours total. We had our generic first half and now parts A and B all totaling out around a half hour each give or take. Ah, and it looks like episode 13 just might be the last. Sigh. On the up side, Yoon Si Yoon is coming back with a kdrama in 2013 with Park Shin Hye! It looks like fun goodness.

Story 13A: Catch a Love

A few days after Woo Joo’s confession (how can his face be that good looking after only a few days later?) finds everything seemingly back to normal. Woo Joo makes returns to PISTOL STAR where Luna greets him like her normal cheerful self. Their collaborative men’s line with NUMERO is a success and they’ve already sold out of their first run. Next season they plan on doing ads in a MEN’S MAGAZINE. Luna thanks him in advance for helping next season as well. Luna asks for the paperwork for the returns and Woo Joo hands it over and asks who they plan on working with for the new ad. Luna says probably Stoique which is a brand that Sakurai often works with. Woo Joo then asks for a clothes rack to hang the returns on and Luna leaves to check to see if there is any available.
Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si Yoon Woo Joo then narrates that since that night he has never talked to Luna about her father again. Luna does, however, keep the pendant on her at all times which it made him happy to see how much she treasures it. Woo Joo then says his work as a stylist’s assistant was harder than he could have ever imagined with long hours and little to no sleep. However, he has faith that as long as he keeps at it, his heart will be finally set free.

Yoon Si Yoon

Sung Jun has quit being a fashion photographer’s assistant and now works with a beauty photographer. He wishes to truly hone his photography skills and is much happier now. Meanwhile, Anne received immediate attention after doing the Tokyo ads for NUMERO and PISTOL STAR. She has become the “It Girl” for fashion magazines and is still doing auditions like crazy.

Sung HaKOuKA

We then flashback to what happened after Luna had some alone time to think. On Christmas Eve Luna and Woo Joo walked completely around the bay. Luna never looked back once as if she was trying to rid herself of the painful memories. The next morning the battered Woo Joo talks about how he loves the early morning atmosphere that puts his heart at peace and makes him feel as if he’s the only person there. However, he’s not alone. Somewhere out there is a person whose heart is connected to his. Like a thorn he could never remove, his memory of Aoi Luna remained with him and he could not forget her. He had always believed they were fated to meet again one day. Woo Joo smiles and asks if Luna could guess how he found her. Luna says nothing. Woo Joo then reveals it was Facebook.

Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonTakahashi Yu, Yoon Si Yoon

Luna’s name consists of very unique characters. Woo Joo went onto Facebook and did a search for her name. Wouldn’t you know—there was only one person with that name using those specific characters. Of course, there was no guarantee that the Luna he met in 1991 was the same Aoi Luna on Facebook. Her birthdate was hidden and he had no idea how old she was, but when Woo Joo heard how her dad was dead, he knew for certain she was the one. An unbelievable miracle happened.

Yoon Si YoonTakahashi Yu, Yoon Si Yoon

Luna then breaks her silence with a small smile. She had thought over many things during the long night. She wants to get over her indecisive nature, forget Ren, and start afresh. She wishes to forget her silly dreams and fight for everything as she works towards her goal of becoming a PR specialist. She then asks if Woo Joo is familiar with the words “Brand Guardians.” Woo Joo isn’t. Luna then explains they are guardian angels who support and look after brands. From fans to the hard working staff, those are the brand guardians—like Woo Joo the stylist. Woo Joo smiles. Luna says she loves PISTOL STAR and wants to work harder and gain more knowledge to become a true Brand Guardian herself. She then asks Woo Joo to wait until she can share his feelings. Woo Joo says he shall always wait for her with a smile.

Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonTakahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonYoon Si Yoon

Woo Joo then turns her towards him and touches her necklace. It looks good on her. All these years it was searching for its owner. Luna repeats her father’s last words. They were definitely not meant for the three-old she was, but for her adult self. Luna then thanks him for bringing her that precious message. Woo Joo smiles broadly and then asks what she thinks his first Japanese words were. “Aoi Luna.” It was the Japanese phrase the five-year-old him could remember as that was what she told him as he held her hand when she was crying. He then says that he will not rest until he can hold his dreams himself. He will work hard to become a stylist on his own terms. Woo Joo then takes Luna’s hand. He will work hard for both his dream and her love. He will still respect her feelings. They will go full force to the future and their dreams. Luna wraps him in a hug and thanks him. Woo Joo then says he is the one who is grateful to have met her. He then tells her that he loves here. Aww shucks. I guess this means they will pursue love after accomplishing their dreams? The two then share a very sweet first kiss.

Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonI must say this storyline confuses me just a tad. I only say that because this story option is entitled “Catch a Love” while the next one is “Catch a Dream.” Since I haven’t yet watched part B, I wonder if they will decided entirely to pursue their dreams forgoing their love or something else. This version shows them choosing both love and their respective careers [dreams]. What will B have in store? Stay tuned to find out.

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