Full House Take 2 Episode 16.2 Recap

It’s the end! Let us sadly bid these characters and their story goodbye. I admit I reluctantly watched the first episode and I only did so because I loved Hwang Jung Eum and Park Ki Woong (I only ever watched Noh Min Woo in Pasta, so I could take him or leave him as the leading male). The posters and teasers just made me thing the show was going to be really weird. But from the first episode on I was hooked. Sure, this may not be the best acted or best written drama out there, but the actors did a great job with their roles and Noh Min Woo’s physical comedy was top notch while Park Ki Woong acting as if he was going blind was wholly believable. Kudos for Hwang Jung Eum taking on a strong female lead who didn’t need a man to rescue her. They are so rare. On to the final half episode recap.

Hwa Ming comes to take Kang Hwi back with her to China. She takes him to her car where Man Ok watches from the distance. Kang Hwi turns and sees her vague outline. He smiles with tears in his eyes as Man Ok sadly waves goodbye. Don’t worry, you’ll meet again. And thus Hwa Ming and Kang Hwi leave. Man Ok goes into the house and comments that it feels so empty now. She hears the door. Kang Hwi-nim? Tae Ik enters in a suit and says not Kang Hwi-nim but Tae Ik-nim. What’s he doing there? Tae Ik then reminds her that is his house. That’s right. She thought he and the boys were moving in tomorrow. That’s tomorrow. He’s there to collect Man Ok so she had better go pack her bags so she can go ask for her grandfather’s forgiveness. This surprises Man Ok. She knows Tae Ik is right, but she’s terrified of going back to Man Ok Kwan.

They arrive and Man Ok balks. Tae Ik tries to drag her inside to immediately apologize so Jang can forgive her, but she resists with all she has. Tae Ik is only saying that so easily because he doesn’t know how scary Jang is when he’s angry. Then why did Man Ok fearlessly defy him? That….she had no choice. IS she going to let her relationship with her grandfather stay like that? Well…no. Then they should hurry in. Tae Ik tries to lead her in again, but again she balks saying she’s not ready. Enter Jang. Why is Man Ok calling him “Grandfather” when he doesn’t have a granddaughter any more. He goes inside. Man Ok rushes after him. He scolds her for defying him and lying to him. Man Ok knows that was wrong, but she just could not leave Kang Hwi-nim alone. Wasn’t her grandfather the one who taught her that a true friend is one who remains by your side during any difficulty? LOL. Jang can’t argue with that. Man Ok begs for his forgiveness once more. Jang calls her a bad thing for trying to win him. He then says he’s tired and asks for bean paste soup before walking off. The boys rush up to Man Ok and congratulate her.

Later she rushes into her room and flops on her bed. Yep, her bed’s the best. Soon Tae Ik comes and joins her. Man Ok bolts upright. What is he doing on someone else’s bed? Didn’t she just say it was the best? He had to try it out, too. Tae Ik sits up, pats the bed and says his is better.  His hand then lands on top of Man Ok’s. He loosens his tie, grasps her hand more tightly and goes in for a kiss only to be shoved off the bed when Man Ok hears her grandfather outside. LMAO. Poor Tae Ik.

The next day arrives and our trio is setting off. They thank Jang for everything and he says he’s happy that they are leaving after accomplishing their goal. He tells them to visit often and shakes their hands. Go Dong faithfully promises to visit often. Tae Ik sighs and looks around, recalling all the memories he and Man Ok shared in the studio. He smiles and straightens up when Jang directly addresses him. Jang wishes him well and tells him that he will be keeping an eye on him, so do well. Awww. The trio then leave.

Tae Ik arrives at his house and flashes back to the happy moment when Bum Soo gave him the paperwork saying that he took care of everything. Tae Ik goes in the gates and immediately heads down to the basement room that Kang Hwi had just vacated the day before. We flashback and learn that Kang Hwi asked Tae Ik to stay by Man Ok’s side forever and to tell her he likes her and she’s pretty often so she will never cry again and can always smile. Kang Hwi was smiling as he said it was something he couldn’t do, but only Tae Ik. Our poor boy.

Man Ok is heading out to exercise and there sits Tae Ik. His presence shocks her. What is he doing there? He grins and tells her to come with him. What for? To have some fun. He then drags her off with her protesting to be able to change her clothes at least. The two arrive at his house. What? They are just going there? Tae Ik tells her she wanted to change, so go upstairs to her room and change then. But she took all her clothes home with her. Really? Then what’s thrown on top of the bed? Isn’t that hers? Man Ok insists she didn’t leave anything behind and Tae Ik tells her to check it out to see if its hers or not. Man Ok goes upstairs and Tae Ik smiles his happy crooked smile.

Man Ok goes upstairs and her room is filled with flowers and balloons. Cheesy, but cute. In the middle of the bed is a present. Man Ok opens it and takes out the blue dress with a big smile. Meanwhile, Tae Ik plays the piano downstairs in a tux. Man Ok comes down and Tae Ik immediately starts singing a song just for her about how he can’t do anything without her. Soooo cheesy and cute. He ends his song to Man Ok’s happy applause. The two sit down for dinner and Man Ok asks why he’s staring at her. Because she’s pretty. Who knew that when she first came in that ridiculous costume, they would end up like this? Tae Ik must be crazy. Man Ok says she must be as well. He’s the king of jerks, of pettiness. LOL. Tae Ik then asks her to remain by his side. A proposal? He doesn’t want Apsala, but Jang Man. He wants her as his stylist so she’s always by his side no matter what. Man Ok says she can no longer be his stylist as she’s enrolled in classes thanks to Kang Hwi-nim and is going to formally study design. Tae Ik mutters that this makes no sense since Kang Hwi told him to give being with Man Ok a try.

What was that, Man Ok didn’t catch it? Tae Ik childishly tells her to forget it as she doesn’t need to know. He then demands to know if “that institute” is more important than him? Man Ok replies that it’s her future at stake. Tae Ik then doubles his childishness by demanding to know how she could stay by Kang Hwi’s side as his stylist, but not as Tae Ik’s? This earns him a scolding from Man Ok. Kang Hwi was kind enough to worry about her and register her for classes and all Tae Ik can do is childishly whine because she won’t be his stylist? These two. Soooo cute together. Tae Ik doesn’t like being referred to as a child. He then tells Man Ok to call him the same as Kang Hwi. What’s he mean? Instead of calling him Tae Ik-ssi, call him Tae Ik-nim. This floors her and she laughs. Tae Ik then clasps his hands together, widens his eyes and asks her to call him like that as she did that with Kang Hwi. Man Ok tries, but can only break into laughter. Why is she laughing? She points at him and says he said “Tae Ik-nim.” Why is that funny? Man Ok laughs harder and says it doesn’t suit him at all. Tae Ik then begs her to say it once. Man Ok then gets up and runs away. She won’t. Then we have a cute scene of Tae Ik chasing her all over the house.

We fast forward 6 months. Tae Ik is sleeping in bed and hears someone calling him Tae Ik-nim. He rolls over and puts his arms around…Man Ok! But it’s all a dream. He’s really wrapping himself around poor Go Dong who tells his hyung to let go. Tae Ik snaps awake. Go Dong then gripes that he’s pure and innocent and scandal free. What will become of him thanks to Tae Ik always doing such things? LMAO. Tae Ik then tells him to talk as he used to, but Go Dong asks how a Hallyu star can do that. They are supposed to be haughty and chic. Tae Ik then demands to know why he’s there. Go Dong reminds him of their schedule and tells him to stop making things hard on the managers and do things properly. Go Dong leaves and Tae Ik takes a picture of him and Man Ok and kisses her photo. He looks around to make sure no one saw this (he’s in his own room, eyeroll). He smiles and gets up to leave.

Meanwhile, Man Ok is at the studio when a package is delivered. She signs for it and it looks like it’s from Kang Hwi. She takes it to her room and opens it. Inside is a recorder and we get an audio message from Kang Hwi. He misses her and everyone else. Is everything going well? Chaton has ascended as king cat in Kang Hwi’s neighborhood. How is the Chaton in Korea? Man Ok looks at her cell charm and smiles. She then clears her throat and starts recording her own message. Everything and everyone is well. Take 2 has really taken off and Go Dong has become really cool, but he imitates Kang Hwi too much, which gives Tae Ik a hard time. Bum Soo is doing well as the president of U Entertainment and Se Ryeong has really turned into a world star thanks to the success of the movie she filmed in China. Grandpa’s studio is once again filled with students and Ga Ryeong, Nora, and Seo are doing well with their newspaper and Man Ok gives them exclusive Take 2 news. Man Ok says she’s really busy teaching kids at the studio in the morning and attending the design classes in the afternoon. Everyone misses Kang Hwi. When will he be coming back?

Kang Hwi is outside on the veranda with Man Ok’s message when the maid tells him he has a guest. Kang Hwi doesn’t move at all and Tae Ik goes outside and scolds him for not greeting him. Kang Hwi turns in surprise and the two men break out into big grins. Ahhh, the brotherly love. Meanwhile, Joon has started his own entertainment company. Wonder how things will go? Anywho, Man Ok goes and brings Tae Ik a replacement outfit since he said his was torn. Go Dong asks him where. Nope, it wasn’t torn. He just didn’t like how it was sewn. Tae Ik is lying through his teeth. Why? Just before this scene we saw a blondie wearing sunglasses coming in the building. Kang Hwi-nim is back!!!! Man Ok checks the stitching he says he doesn’t like, but it’s fine. Man Ok says that he’s just being fussy. Tae Ik tells her to forget it and go outside while he changes.

We then cut to the performance. Tae Ik starts off followed by Go Dong. The dancers enter on the main chorus. I’m still sad that we don’t get to hear Go Dong’s great voice that much. Sniffle. But, you can’t complain since Tae Ik is the lead. The song finishes and the stage goes dark. The lights come on again and there sits Tae Ik at the piano introducing a special stage. He has a special song for an important friend. It’s the acoustic, ballad version of Take One’s last song! When will Kang Hwi-nim enter? You know, the lyrics to that song…very risqué. The main stage’s spotlight turns on and there is Kang Hwi. Tae Ik then comes on stage and the two begin to perform their dance version. Nice way to end things. Ahhh, Kang Hwi just shines on stage with his wide smile. Man Ok and Bum Soo happily watch from the wings. It’s nice to see the boys smiling happily on stage together. They look like they are truly having fun. Their stage ends and the two hug.

Man Ok happily comes up to Kang Hwi and scolds him for not telling her. Kang Hwi happily says he wanted to surprise her. Enter Go Dong. He flings himself into Kang Hwi’s arms. He’s so happy to see him, but can Kang Hwi see Go Dong? Kang Hwi says no at first and then says his eyes are perfectly fine now. He then scolds Go Dong for copying his fashion, but says he’ll let is slide this once since it suits Go Dong a little bit. Kang Hwi then complains that Go Dong’s dressing has changed, but his speech hasn’t. Go Dong then straightens up and says he only uses formal language now. Man Ok and Kang Hwi burst out laughing and are soon joined by our cutey pie Go Dong. Kang Hwi then turns to Man Ok and says he misses her. Man Ok says she missed him, too and the two hug. Enter a jealous Tae Ik who yanks Kang Hwi away from her. What does he think he’s doing? Kang Hwi says he’s meeting Man Ok after a long time, let him say hello. Fine. With words, not with a hug—not even a handshake. What if Kang Hwi gets those indecent desires again? Omo. Tae Ik. Shakes head. Kang Hwi says he’s a pure soul. Kang Hwit hen asks Man Ok who is more pure, him or Tae Ik? Man Ok says nothing and smiles. This makes Tae Ik angry. Kang Hwi quickly runs behind Man Ok’s back. See, Tae Ik is even getting violent now. Shouldn’t Man Ok take him instead? Tae Ik lunges for him and they two run around Man Ok who asks why they are acting like this when they finally meet again after a long time. Heehee.

There is a party at Full House. Man Ok is serving her grandfather wine when Tae Ik tells her to come out and follow him. Man Ok sneaks out and she worries that they will be scolded as they slipped out. Tae Ik says they can’t be scolded since he’s out walking with his girl. Man Ok is happy. He’s calling her his girl out in the open. They arrive at their desitination and Tae Ik asks if it doesn’t remind her of anything. Man Ok looks around. What? Tae Ik then repeats “dummy” and “Chaton.” We flashback to when the children first met. Man Ok smiles and says she remembers. The rude little boy and across from her is the child actor who played Tae Ik. That’s right. We then turn to the adult Tae Ik with the little Man Ok across from him. The rude boy and the girl who was looking for Chaton met again. Isn’t that fascinating? Man Ok smiles and says it is. Tae Ik then tells her to put her hand into the hole. This startles her. Isn’t she going to find her cat? Man Ok does and pulls out a basket with another cat doll inside. Attached the the doll’s ribbon is a  ring. Tae Ik puts it on Man Ok’s hand and then shows the matching ring on his own. He then asks Man Ok to do it once. What? “Tae Ik-nim.” LOL. Will she or won’t she? SHE DOES!!! Tae Ik asks her to translate her name into English. Man Ok smiles. Full House. Tae Ik then says they should live together happily in Full House. Tae Ik goes in for a kiss to seal the deal. The two then head back into the house.

Full House Take 2 Finale


Say it isn’t so. This was an awesome drama. Thanks for joining me during this journey!


  • This episode did a great job of wrapping up all the loose ends.
    I loved the scene in Man Ok’s bedroom when Tae Ik is about to go in for a kiss with the loosening of the tie and all. He was almost in there with his smooth moves! lol

    Kang Hwi is/was such a great, decent, nice character, I loved the arch of illness, withdrawal and then restoration with his performance on stage with Tae Ik at the end. it was very satisfying to see him well, performing again and reunited with Tae Ik, Man Ok and Go Dong.

    I thought Park Ki Woong looked his absolute best during the last stage performance.
    No Min Woo was looking very good this episode as well, but he has been looking good for the last several episodes.

    The interaction between Kang Hwi and Tae Ik throughout this episode was the best.

    The switching between child actor and adult actor during the proposal was sweet. The proposal was sweet. The kiss, on the other hand, was awkward. I have to assume they acted as they were directed to act because the previous kiss on the ferry was a good kiss.

    I first watched Full House 2 because No Min Woo was in it. He did a credible job of carrying the lead roll. He has a bigger emotional range then I expected, am impressed by his musical talents. I understand he was the musical director for a film/drama in China, in which he also acted. Would like to see that performance. Oh and I did not think he was too thin, thought he had very nice muscle tone. ahem…

    NeeNee, Thank you again for your recaps, It has been a pleasure to share this show with you and the other commentors. I will keep checking your site for recaps on shows I am/will be watching. (I am now watching King of Dramas and School 2013)

  • This espoide made me happy and sad…Happy that it has such a cute and happy ending and said that it ended…I love Tae Ik how he ask so cute and like a child when he want Man Ok to call him Tae Ik-nim so cute when he refuse laughing calling him a child and I love how he run after he in the house and when he kissed her on the photo and then look to see if anyone saw it and I love how he loosen his tie just to kiss her ….And the last part when they Tae Ik was talking to young man ok and Man Ok was talking to young Tae Ik it so cute how they remember how they met…And Kang Hwi he have his sight back so happy he has a amazing voice and so cute when he was gugging Man ok and jealous Tae Ik came in and said “No hugging or handshake” so cute…Go dong is so cute when he tell Tae Ik he has a problem since he hugging and smiling when he sleeping he has a really good voice and he so good looking…Bum soo is a wonderful president he is so sweet….Man Ok is pretty really pretty I live when Tae Ik said that to her….he listen to Kang Hwi request I already miss this shows and all of them….

  • 1st and foremost, thank you to the blog owner for writing FH2 recaps diligently. So sorry that I don’t write much comments in this blog.
    Full House Take 2 is a happy ending, it can be forgettable but I enjoyed the ending so much, it was such a truly happiness for all the characters. the plot might have some unlogical problem but I was entirely satisfied and glad that I chose to finish watching this drama over Hong Sister’s Big.
    No Min Woo did really good job as Lee Tae Ik. LTI has unique awkward personality that makes him sometimes annoying but also adorable. NMW’s chemistry with Hwang Jeung Eum is really good too. I will continue to follow him HJE’s career after FH2, I’ve been loving HJE since Can You Hear My Heart. The whole cast are also did great job. It’s good to have Go Dong not just a sidekick manager, his turning into an LTI’s idol partner is quite an unpredictable side story to me.
    Last but not least, it is Park Ki Woong, I was totally blown away by him, this is coming from a person who just finished watching his previous and one of my favourite 2012 drama, GAKSITAAAAL. It’s amazing to see him in comedic role and he also did the singing and the idol dance!!! FH2 can be a prove that he’s versatile and it’s quite a good year for him to win acting awards. Please drama-gods.

  • first of all let me thank you for giving us wonderful and detailed recaps every week, i always read them (sometimes twice ;)) but never comment
    about last episode, well i still can’t think of it without grinning, in fact i can’t stop grinning because all i do is thinking of it! such a happy and perfect episode. it gave me what i long wished for: Take One on stage again (and how awesome performance it was) and the cute and sweet TInim + MO momments left me wanting for more, GD was so funny too.
    i loved this drama so much, i love the main characters and the supporting cast (except SR, because as much as i hated LJ i enjoyed him a lot) the ost is my current music addiction and what’s more important it give me the most adorable, cute yet sexy character ever Tae Ik NIMMMMM. how much do i love him, and thanks to it i discoverd the multy talented and awesome NMW… what more could i ask??
    well i can ask more TI + MO , i need some bts at least!!!

  • Thank you & you’re welcome everyone! I’m happy you tuned into my recaps every week (even if you didn’t comment :P). This drama was totally awesome and was one that I could stick through week after week with no complaints (unlike some other drama that’s currently airing…). I knew PKW and HJE were great actors thanks to The Musical, My Tutor Friend 2, and Can You Hear My Heart. Noh Min Woo was good in Pasta, but I really didn’t know how well he’d be with a leading role. I was happy to see him do so well and help create the wonderfully quirky character of Tae Ik. I’m definitely going to follow him more now 🙂 I am also going to follow the adorkable Go Dong. I’m hoping to see him more and more. He may never get a leading role, but his smaller roles steal the screen.

    Now that this series is done, I’m at a loss. What will I do every morning before work from now on? 😛 Time to focus in on other dramas. I take requests if anyone wants to make one. But, I will definitely go through all of my recaps and put up the screencaps. I think I might write some after-the-fact commentary as well because since I rushed to get these up before heading off to work, I couldn’t put as much time into sharing my thoughts as I have with other dramas.

    • This show was definitely an unexpected find. I was like you, probably not going to watch it originally, until i read a couple reviews of the first episode and thought i’d give it a try. It’s one of those shows that isn’t the greatest, but was just fun to watch. It’s also given me another side to Park Ki Woong, because i’d only seen him in Gaksital before, and god, could he have done two more different roles!?

      Oh, but Se Ryeong? Quite possibly the most pointless character in existence. She did absolutely nothing at all. They didn’t need her; she didn’t really cause any issues that couldn’t have been caused by Joon himself, and it was only the memory of her kissing Kang Hwi that made Tae Ik have an issue with Kang Hwi, and we could’ve kept the memory without bringing Se Ryeong back.

      And from part 1 of this episode – Joon was kicked out way too quickly and easily. He didn’t really do anything all that bad (i mean, entertainment companies are all about the money, so putting Kang Hwi on stage (and Kang Hwi agreeing, might I add) despite knowing his issues, isn’t as big of a deal as they made it out to be) and the chairman comes in and just fires him, and then thats that. Joon doesn’t do anything to get his job back, or fight the Chairman over it, or anything. I thought that was out of character. Like, we had that one scene where he cracks it in his office, but that was it, and it was just him being angry, not him trying to fight what he would think is an unfair dismissal. So i thought that was too rushed. I guess seeing him in part 2 as creator of his own production company kind of cleans that up a bit, but i still have a bit of an issue with how it was played out.

      Thanks for the recaps :-). It’s always good to read other peoples reactions and opinions, especially if so many of them are yours as well, lol.

  • Thank you for recapping this series! =)

  • Hi Nee Nee
    Thank you so much for your recaps of this series.
    I so so love the ending – am very happy!
    I look forward to your after-the-fact commentary. 🙂

  • Hi, missed full house take 2 and you today. It is going to take a few days to get out of the habit. I enjoyed waking up to a new episode and then reading your recaps at work. I miss the cute. Hope you have a great christmas and a prosporous new year. I will keep trolling your waters to see if you are recapping any thing i am watching. Take care.

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