May Queen Episode 34 Recap

So what shall follow after In Hwa finally learns her husband doesn’t love her and her mommy isn’t really her mommy? And what will Chang Hee do know that he’s witnessed Hae Joo’s affection for Kang San?

We backtrack to just before the kiss with Kang San telling Hae Joo to go to Chang Hee instead of being sad and crying. Not really going to go over this scene yet again as who wishes to hear Hae Joo bash herself. Thankfully San shuts her up with a kiss as Chang Hee comes back and sees them making out. The two go back to the house and San is all blissful. Was it real? Was it a dream? He goes in for another kiss to assure himself that it wasn’t a dream and this earns him cheek pinches from Hae Joo. San lifelessly says it doesn’t hurt. That means it was a dream. He then says he and Hae Joo must kiss as often as possible. He goes to kiss her and Hae Joo runs into the house.

There stands Jin Joo and Dal Soon. Caught! Just what were they doing outside? They two say it was stuffy so they were out getting air. Why is Hae Joo’s face so red then? Hae Joo tells her little sister it is only due to the cold weather. Uh huh. Neither Jin Joo or Dal Soon is buying this explanation. Just what were the two doing in such cold weather. Hae Joo manages to excuse herself and goes back into her room leaving San to face Jin Joo and Dal Soon alone. Jin Joo leans in close and says she sees makeup on San. He states that he uses women’s makeup for his sensitive skin. Right. Dal Soon then reminds him he needs to succeed before he can have Hae Joo. San says he of course knows this since Dal Soon keeps telling him and he hurries back into Sang Tae’s room.

Meanwhile, Chang Hee is drowning his sorrows in alcohol when In Hwa arrives. He tells her to go home, but she sits down and has a shot. Does he remember this was the place where they shared their first kiss? In Hwa pours another shot. This is where her life started to waver and now Chang Hee has pulled up her roots. In Hwa vows to believe his lies because honestly, she always knew his confession and feelings weren’t 100% sincere. So why did you rush into marriage you fool? Revenge? Sigh. Chang Hee finally looks at her. In Hwa says that this is her choice and takes another drink. Nothing like two people united in perpetual misery.

Geum Hee returns home making Jang happy. Geum Hee confesses that while she doesn’t believe her husband 100%, she does understand his confession of his love. She does reveal that In Hwa also knows the truth now. Jang gets down on his knees and thanks her for coming back. Geum Hee again reiterates that she does not trust her husband. He says he knows. Geum Hee says she can’t bring in her daughter to live with them because of In Hwa and Chang Hee’s marriage. Jang again asserts it was all Gi Cheol’s doing and not his own. Whatever, her daughter has suffered, so Jang needs to give her some Cheonji shares. Say what? Didn’t In Hwa get company shares? Since Jang recognizes Hae Joo as Yoo Jin, then why can’t he give her company shares? Jang reluctantly agrees to do this. Geum Hee then goes upstairs while Jang simmers unhappily on the couch.

At the Park house, Geum Hee visits Gi Cheol looking for In Hwa. She’s not home yet. Enter In Hwa helping a drunk Chang Hee in. Geum Hee says she needs to talk to her daughter. Gi Cheol then takes care of Chang Hee. Geum Hee asks In Hwa what’s going on with Chang Hee, but In Hwa refuses to answer and even refuses to look at her mother. Geum Hee comes closer and In Hwa flinches a bit. What’s she doing there? Didn’t her mother say she was going to throw away their 27 years together and live with Hae Joo instead? Geum Hee says she has raised In Hwa since she was a baby, how can she possibly abandon her? In Hwa finally looks at her and starts yelling. Her mother already abandoned her so she can just go to Hae Joo and leave. Geum Hee pulls her into a hug and apologizes for hurting her. In Hwa says she hates her for everything. Doesn’t Geum Hee know how much she needs her. OMG. I HATE this scene. I don’t find it touching, I just find it selfish. But that’s just me. In Hwa is partly to blame for her mess anyways.

Hae Joo is getting ready for bed when she gets a call from San who is sitting outside her door. Hae Joo is worried that they’ll get in trouble with Dal Soon. San then tells her to lean against her bedroom door. Hae Joo does so and then San smiles broadly and leans against it as well. Doesn’t leaning on each other like this feel good? Hae Joo tells him to hurry back before he gets cold an sick. San refuses. He’s sooo cute. He does start shivering horribly though. Babo. Meanwhile, In Hwa stares at her sleeping husband and cries. Such a contrast. Again, I can’t feel sorry for her. This was her choice. Just as this was Chang Hee. If they are miserable, they only have themselves to blame.

Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae WonThe Jang family is finally eating dinner together again. Geum Hee asks if anything happened while she was gone. Jang assures her there was nothing. Geum Hee then asks how In Hwa is doing. She assures her mother she’s fine, but Geum Hee does issue Chang Hee a warning. Chang Hee forces a smile and vows to do right by her daughter. Geum Hee then tells Jang to bring Il Moon back. Just what is Geum Hee playing at now?

At the factory, San, Hae Joo, and Bong Hee are planning out the drill and trying to figure out how they will install the diamonds. Hae Joo is worried about this point as well. The two start welding their prototype while Kim watches from a distance. Jo apprises Chang Hee of the situation and reveals Yang acted without orders and switched out the diamonds. Yang justifies himself since there isn’t much difference between synthetic and natural to be able to tell. So why did he switch them? Because, in the long run, natural is better so Cheonji would get the deal with the real diamonds. Chang Hee asks if Yang really thinks San and Hae Joo are dumb enough not to notice something wrong with the diamonds. Yang says without a certain test, there is no way they would notice. Chang Hee says that if they do notice, it will be Yang who takes responsibility.

Back at the factory, the drill prototype is done and all they need to do is figure out how to install them. San has a plan that Hae Joo and Bong Hee are impressed with. But the problem is they need a research lab for tests. More than that, they need a shipping company to partner with as the drill alone won’t get them the drilling rights. San has a wide net of connections he plans to utilize. Bong Hee asserts she will do the same. The entire time Kim just uncomfortable eyes the drill. San then gets a call from Jung Woo saying the Kim from Singapore has arrived and he thinks San needs to meet with him.

Jang has heard the news as well. He’s not happy as this man has a bomb that could destroy him. He’s certain that this is Jung Woo’s doing. He tells Chang Hee that Kim Jung Bo needs to be stopped at all costs. Chang Hee demands and explanation to understand. Jang vaguely tells Chang Hee the details and asks if there is no way to frame Kim Jung Bo. Chang Hee says it will be difficult since he doesn’t know everything, plus Jung Woo is no slouch. Jang looks uncomfortable. Does “father” not trust him?

San waits uncomfortably in Jung Woo’s office. They are told that Kim Jong Bo has arrived and will be there after awhile. To calm San’s nerves, Jung Woo suggest going out for tea. He tells his subordinate to notify them as soon as Kim Jong Bo arrives at the office. The man agrees and after the two leave, he plants a bug. Chang Hee tells Jang about the bug and about how his man in the prosecutor’s office will keep tabs on Kim Jong Bo for them. This makes Jang happy. This is why Chang Hee is his son and successor.

In Hwa rushes into the factory and demands to know if Hae Joo met with Chang Hee the night before. Hae Joo says she did meet him, but they only talked about work. In Hwa doesn’t believe this at all. She wants the truth. Hae Joo asserts it was only about work (which, in a sense, you could say it was since Chang Hee told her everything that was going on and why he’s becoming the devil and how she and San should stop their revenge so he can bring Jang down by himself—see? totally work related). In Hwa gets angry. So Hae Joo is lying to the bitter end. Fine. She takes a glass of water and hurls it at the wall. She then goes in to slap Hae Joo. Yay for Hae Joo not letting her do it. In Hwa asks Hae Joo to let go of her arm and Hae Joo tells the brat if she’s that worried then she should hold fast to Chang Hee so he doesn’t come anymore. BURN!

In Hwa angrily yanks her arm away. Didn’t In Hwa tell her to forget Chang Hee? Hae Joo says she listened and she has completely forgotten Chang Hee. Besides, she likes someone else now. In Hwa is livid to learn the man is San. So Hae Joo has fun stealing her men. This leads In Hwa to say she knows about Geum Hee being Hae Joo’s real mother. But that doesn’t matter. Geum Hee has come back to the Jang household because of In Hwa.See? Love is thicker than blood. Someone please slap this girl. She needs it. In Hwa then warns Hae Joo to stay away from both Chang Hee and Geum Hee. Hae Joo says she could care less about Chang Hee, but SHE will decide whether or not she meets her birth mother. In Hwa again insists that Hae Joo has been thrown away by Geum Hee so she should just live quietly from now on with Dal Soon. If she doesn’t, In Hwa will see to it that Hae Joo and her family is destroyed. Sigh. Just what would your precious mommy say if she could hear In Hwa? By the end of this series, I wonder if Geum Hee will hate every Jang.

Il Moon is sneaking into the house when Geum Hee asks what he’s doing. Il Moon says he’s looking for Jang. He’s not in. Il Moon then says he will just grab his clothes and leave. Geum Hee says there’s no need as Il Moon can now come back and live. She then makes him a meal. Il Moon eats slowly at first. Why? Is he afraid she poisoned the food? Don’t worry, she would never do that since they’ve been together for so long. She then tells them they will continue to live together and she will make him suffer every day. Il Moon’s hands start shaking like crazy. Why is she being so scary? Need you ask? When she goes to take the food away, Il Moon immediately begins shoveling it into his mouth. Do I hate him? Does he deserve such treatment? Sigh. If only he hadn’t turned out so screwed up. You know, that’s as much Geum Hee’s fault as it is Jang’s.

Jung Woo and San return to the office and meet with Kim Jong Bo. Jung Woo introduces San as Kang’s grandson. The three sit down to talk and Kim asks if he can meet with his family. Jung Woo says he will let them meet, but first Kim will have to answer some questions about what he said to Kang. Kim says Jang did not murder the Kang parents. It was an unfortunate accident that happened when the intelligence officers tried to take possession of a microfilm. Kim has no idea what the film contained. After Yoon Hak Soo was murdered, the film came into Jang’s possession and he also took over the intelligence agency’s slush fund. Jang is upset that Kim gives out all of this information. Jung Woo asks if Kim will testify to all of that at a press conference. This makes the other man very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Chang Hee demands to know what the microfilm contains. Jang reveals that it was Hak Soo’s and Woon’s discoveries about the seven mines and petroleum sites. That is why these people were killed? Jang asserts that wasn’t the case. He only wanted the information that was on the film. That’s why he wants the drill rights. This will catapult Cheonji to a major company. They must stop that press conference at all costs. Chang Hee doesn’t get it. Why? Say what? The statute of limitations has long passed on both cases—even if its revealed nothing can be done to Jang. Needless to say, this attitude shocks Jang. Besides, given the opposing side is Jung Woo, stopping the conference will be next to impossible. Jang says the problem comes with the revealing of the slush fund. That is a political scandal that they wouldn’t be able to survive from. This is why they need to find and silence Kim Jong Bo.

Kim again asks if he can see his family. Jung Woo assures him they will be able to meet after the conference. He tells Yi Soo to keep him well until the conference. Yi Soon assures him he will make sure Kim is kept safe and leaves. Jung Woo tells San to go and talk to Hae Joo about all that has happened while Jung Woo meets with Gi Cheol to get him to testify as well. This surprises San. does Jung Woo really think Gi Cheol will testify against Jang? Jung Woo says he heard something from Gi Cheol. He then says that neither San or Hae Joo have to get involved if they feel uncomfortable, but San assures him that he’s all in since it has to do with his parents and grandfather. Jung Woo leaves and San then notices construction workers. He hones in a the shovel they are using. I think he’s suspicious about them really being construction workers.

At the factory, Geum Hee hands over an envelope with the Cheonji stock. Hae Joo immediately says she cannot accept it. Geum Hee insists that Hae Joo keep it. She then reveals she moved back into the Jang house since she can’t do anything on the outside, plus she’s worried about In Hwa. Geum Hee is very apologetic towards Hae Joo as she really wishes she could live with her. She then tells Hae Joo to keep the stock as it will come in handy in the near future. Hae Joo then asks if Geum Hee will be all right back in the Jang house. Geum Hee assures her she’s doing better than before. Hae Joo then tells her to take care of In Hwa well since the other girl seems to be really upset after learning about Geum Hee’s and Hae Joo’s relationship. You know…sometimes I think Hae Joo is too benevolent for her own good.

Jung Woo meets with Gi Cheol and asks why he’s coming forward only now. Gi Cheol says it’s because of his guilty conscience. Jung Woo says that is obviously not the reason since until only a little while ago Gi Cheol kept insisting Jang was innocent even with the ballistic results. Jung Woo then reveals he knows what happened with Hong Chul, Choi, and the license plate. Hearing all of this again makes Gi Cheol tear up. Jung Woo understands that Gi Cheol wanted a better and different life for his son, but in the end, Gi Cheol made Chang Hee another slave didn’t he? Gi Cheol has heard enough. He confesses Jang treated him as animal and yes, he wishes to take revenge. Is there a way for him to do so? Yes, there is. How? Jung Woo tells him about the press conference and asks him to testify about Jang killing Hak Soo. Gi Cheol doesn’t see the point since Jang can’t be brought to justice. Jung Woo assures him while that may be, he has something more severe than the law that he can use against Jang. Even if he has to stoop do doing so, he will in order to destroy Jang. Jung Woo then urges Gi Cheol to take this chance and finally break free from Jang.

Kang tells Hae Joo about the press conference and Kim’s and Gi Cheol’s confessions. Hae Joo is a bit reluctant to go out publically for the conference because she doesn’t want the rest of her family to learn she’s Hak Soo’s daughter. San tells her to stay put then, but Hae Joo refuses. She will be by San’s side and share his fate. She then gets up to leave so she can tell her family beforehand. San stops her and says he has something important to say. What?

Meanwhile, Gi Cheol reveals to Chang Hee that he will testify against Jang at the press conference the next day. Chang Hee is adamantly against this. Gi Cheol then tells his son that it was Hak Soo who was the first person that ever treated Gi Cheol as a human being. He will pay Hak Soo back in this way. Chang Hee again asserts that his father can’t do that. Gi Cheol then angrily demands to know how long his son will live as Jang’s dog as Gi Cheol wishes for revenge NOW. Chang Hee says Jang won’t fall that easily and his father will only end up hurt in the end. Gi Cheol again tells Chang Hee that alone it is impossible, but together it isn’t. Chang Hee then says a press conference doesn’t matter since there is no concrete evidence against Jang. It’s just their word against his. So what does Chang Hee want Gi Cheol to do? Chang Hee says that if Jang was that easy, he wouldn’t have gotten under his wing. Right now Chang Hee is the person Jang trusts the most. If Gi Cheol testifies against Jang, then that trust will be gone and they will be back to square one. Sigh. I’m sick of dragging this out. Finish it already.

Jang returns home and sees Il Moon. Didn’t he tell him to never come back? Il Moon tries to talk to him about Geum Hee, but out she pops scaring Il Moon witless. Geum Hee says that by looking at Il Moon you can see how much he’s suffered. Jang should really just forgive him. Jang doesn’t want to, but Geum Hee insists Jang listen to her. Enter Chang Hee who bows and says he has something to report. They leave and Il Moon shies away from Geum Hee. She asks what he was going to tell Jang. Il Moon says he wasn’t going to tell his father anything. Geum Hee then says even if he did, does Il Moon really think Jang will believe him over her? I love this vicious woman. It’s sooo much better than her always crying and collapsing to the floor. She’s finally fighting back at long last.

Chang Hee reveals that Jung Woo asked his father to testify that Jang killed Hak Soo. Poor Jung Woo. He’s always being thrown under the bus by Chang Hee. As is San which means that Hae Joo is as well. Shakes head. Jung Woo cusses Jung Woo out. Chang Hee says they cannot ignore this and need to make a preemptive strike. So what shall they do? They will meet with Kim Jong Bo and then hold their own conference. This one will put Jung Woo’s to shame and completely destroy him. Jang says he will meet with Kim Jong Bo while Chang Hee handles his father. Sigh. Trying to hold in my screams of frustration.

At Jung Woo’s house, Bong Hee is all shy going into his room now. Haha. LOL. Jung Woo pats the bed and Bong Hee nervously goes to his side. He has something to talk to her about. AGAIN? Now is the time for action and not words. Bong Hee springs up. Isn’t it too hot in here? Shouldn’t she dim the lights? LOL. Poor girl. You know Jung Woo is going to tell her about the press conference. Bong Hee mistakenly thinks he’s going to publically announce their relationship and boy does she feel foolish after that. She then hits him with her purse and leaves the room while Jung Woo follows behind wondering what is wrong. Babo.

Hae Joo reveals everything to her family who are all stunned. Of course, Dal Soon is upset and Sang Tae is livid. They really aren’t family after all so why is Hae Joo still there? This earns him scoldings from both Jin Joo and Young Joo. Hae Joo tries to calm her little sisters down. Sang Tae doesn’t really mean Hae Joo is not his family. He just feels even worse towards her now. Hae Joo then spits out Hong Chul’s words about families being made by what they share, not necessarily by blood. Sang Tae cries and asks if that makes sense. Didn’t he and Dal Soon give Hae Joo a hard time and treat her horribly as she grew up. I’m happy to know this idiot has finally developed a conscience. Yay him. This makes all the other Chuns cry. Hae Joo says she can’t leave after all the hard times she shared with him. She can’t leave because who else will take care of Dal Soon and Young Joo. She can’t leave because of the memory of delivering Jin Joo and raising her all of these years. Young Joo cries and apologizes and Jin Joo says she can’t live if Hae Joo leaves. Hae Joo hugs her baby sister and promises that she won’t go any where.

At the Jang home, Il Moon pulls In Hwa into the kitchen to talk about Geum Hee. In Hwa is still upset that Il Moon addresses Geum Hee so horribly. Il Moon again asserts “that woman” only has room in her heart for Hae Joo. In Hwa insists that isn’t the case since Geum Hee came back to them. Il Moon tells her that is only to torture him. Of course In Hwa doesn’t believe this at all. Enter Geum Hee. In Hwa says that Il Moon is saying strange things when In Hwa has it hard as it is. Why? Is she having problems with Chang Hee? In Hwa quickly asserts that isn’t the case. Uh…did this girl forget she called her mommy bawling about her problems with her husband not to long ago? Do you really think Geum Hee will believe you? In Hwa quickly leaves and Geum Hee corners Il Moon and calls him an idiot. He cowers in fear and Geum Hee again says there is no one in the house who will believe him. She pours a glass of water, her hand shaking. Il Moon should consider this as payment for his sins. She slams the glass down and leaves.

Chang Hee comes home and finds In Hwa sitting on their bedroom floor in the dark. Why did he come home? If he has work, he should just stay at the company. She then jumps up and tells him to get out of the room. Whether he sleeps with his father or freezes outside, she doesn’t care. To this, all I have to say is that is HIS room. If she’s going to act like this, she should be the one to leave. She pushes him and Chang Hee grabs her wrists. Did he forget that he told her he couldn’t forget Hae Joo. Chang Hee lets go of her. He got rid of Il Moon and used her, so will he bring his old lover back? Go ahead and try. Airhead. Yep, she’s an airhead. In Hwa vows she won’t stay still since she’s her father’s daughter. This could have been a more believable threat if she didn’t follow it up by saying she’s going to run to daddy and tell him everything. Shakes head. Soooooo immature. Sooooo stupid. Chang Hee stops her. Jang isn’t home right now. Fine, she’ll tell mommy everything then. Chang Hee then pulls her tightly into a hug. She struggles at first and yells at him to let go before breaking down and crying. Chang Hee seems to be in pain. She tells him lying is fine, not loving her is fine. He just has to remain by her side and she will make him like her. Chang Hee starts crying at these words. You both chose misery. Deal with the consequences.

Kim Jong Bo is shocked to see Jang who greets him by hitting him with a briefcase. Jang demands to know if he betrayed him. Kim grovels and apologizes. He only did so because his company went bankrupt. Jang said he should have come to his first then since they were comrades. He throws the money at Kim and then tells him they should talk inside. Sigh. Meanwhile, Geum Hee goes into Jang’s office and locks the door. She goes to his safe and tries to open it. When she does get it open, she sees piles of money, but no film. She hastily shuts it and starts going through his desk, cupboards, and bookshelves. No luck, it’s in his work office. Ah…Yi Soo was supposed to be protecting Kim Jong Bo. How could Jang get to him so easily? Yi Soo isn’t corrupt like that other prosecutor.

The morning arrives and the press conference is announced. When neither Kim Jong Bo or Gi Cheol arrive, the press get antsy and Hae Joo, Jung Woo, and San wonder what happened. Jung Woo learns that they have lost contact with Kim. Say what? Bong Hee asks what happens if he doesn’t show up. Jung Woo can only say Jang’s name. The reporters demand to know when the witnesses will come forward. At this time, another reporter stands up and says that Jang is holding his own press conference. The press get up and leave. What has happened? Jung Woo can only say they have lost to Jang do Hyun. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Soooo annoying. I’m so sick of this being dragged out already.

Jang’s press conference starts. Reporters start berating him with questions. Jang does not answer them. He says that because he’s a big shot, there has been misunderstandings that have arose. This time he could not stand still and take it. Geum Hee shakes as she watches the conference. Jang says that both Woon and Hak Soo were like his brothers. He then calls in Kim and Gi Cheol. Chang Hee gives his father encouragement and Gi Cheol chucks Jung Woo under the bus. He confesses he was pressured by Jung Woo into giving false testimony. Listening to this enrages Dal Soon who is also watching the conference. Anywho, Kim then goes up to the podium and lies and says Jung Woo offered to help cover up his wife’s fraud in exchange for Kim’s false testimony against Jang. He even has audio as proof. This tape, I’m sure is a doctored version of their conversation. Geum Hee continues to shake uncontrollably as Il Moon smiles and says that San, Hae Joo, and Jung Woo are now finished. Of course, one dark glare from the livid Geum Hee is enough to silence him.

Jang ends the press conference by saying Jung Woo contrived to slander him and accuse him of fraud. However, Jang says he is willing to forgive the poor, misguided youth who followed Jang. Eyeroll. Jang then switches up and says he will definitely forgive them since they are his good friends’ children. He won’t forgive Jung Woo and asks for him to take full responsibility. I want to smash Chang Hee’s smirk. His father was right, a collective effort was good. But no. Chang Hee chose to make this his sole revenge. And I suppose…it doesn’t matter who gets hurt along the way because he’s only a walking wound. Hae Joo hurt him. San hurt him. Jung Woo…never did anything to him, but I guess guilty by association. Chang Hee could have became a devil to bring down Jang without fully selling his soul like he did. It irks me.

Of course Jung Woo is forced to resign and is even threatened with prison time. The man break down in his office. He fights back tears of frustration and anger. I want to hug him so badly. 😦 A pox on Chang Hee, Jang, and the idiot Gi Cheol. Meanwhile, San has something up his sleeve. Hae Joo asks how it’s going and San smiles and says well. So it looks like San might have planted his own device where Kim was kept. I don’t know if it was because he was suspicious that Jang had something up his sleeve when he saw those workers or if he just decided to hedge their bets. Who knows?

Jang is happy to have squashed his enemies so completely thanks to Chang Hee. He pulls the young man into a hug. None of this was possible without him. Chang Hee is really his son. Enter Jo who runs in saying there is a crisis. What is it? Turn on the TV. Jang does so and there is a video clip of Jang beating Kim and giving him money. Haha. Chang Hee and Jang are both livid. How could this have happened? Thanks to this, all of Jang’s earlier claims are seen as invalid. Woohoo! Thank god for a small miracle.

San, Hae Joo, Jung Woo, and Yi Soo watch this in Jung Woo’s office. The prosecutor is shocked. Is this San’s and Hae Joo’s doing? San happily says that it is. This was a product made with their joint talents. Jung Woo is floored. How did they do it? We then flashback to San noticing the workers as Jung Woo left. He goes over and asks what kind of construction they are doing. the men say they are working on a water line. Then out pops a man in a suit from the van telling San to get lost. San says he was immediately suspicious since they should have been using a drill to drill through the pavement, but all they had were shovels. Plus, the men in suits with listening equipment definitely couldn’t be there to fix a waterline. This is when San enlists Hae Joo’s help since Kim would recognize San. Hae Joo goes undercover as a hotel employee delivering Kim Jong Bo’s meal. When Kim went in to take a shower, Hae Joo quickly went to work to replace the smoke detector with a camera. Jung Woo scolds them for not telling him earlier. San said he didn’t since he was not certain. And what would Hae Joo have done if Kim didn’t go and shower? Hae Joo would have knocked him out and installed it. This girl. Always resorting to violence. LOL. The quartet are laughing when the phone rings. Yi Soo answers it. What’s wrong? Jang is on his way. Of course, he must be anxious by now. Jung Woo laughs and says they must greet him in a serious manner.

The angry kids go outside to greet Jang and Chang Hee with glares. They walk down to meet him and Jang actually looks away from their glares for a bit. Shocking. End episode.

Four more left. I think they could have extended the show by a few more episodes, but 8 was a little too much. Still, finally the evil doers are getting their comeuppance slowly but surely.


  • My god, these characters. All I can do is shake my head. Sigh.

  • In this episode in hwa make me angry, so annoying, so selfish.. But geum hee make me proud,, cant wait to four last episode again, hwaiiting oenie

  • Yes! I am so looking forward to the punishment for the evil doers!!
    So happy to see the adorable moments between KS and HJ. They win when they put their talents together. 🙂

  • First of all – another big THANK YOU for recapping this drama. You’re such a good writer and I appreciate the time you put into these really thorough recaps. I’m going to check out God’s Quiz now too!

    My biggest reaction to this epi? Yay for San and HJ finally getting the better of Jang! I knew something was up when San saw the van, but didn’t think anything was going to happen because the reveal was in the last minutes of the episode.

    There were so many “fun” moments in this episode…Even though its a side story, I love the Bong Hee and Jung Woo relationship. Those two genuinely good characters deserve some happiness and its hilarious that Bong Hee never gets to actually hear Jung Woo confess properly.

    It’s so gratifying to see the entire Chun famlly rally around Hae Joo and begin to lead independent lives. I’m liking the way Hae Joo has this solid foundation beneath her now, Her devotion to her family is paying off —-FINALLY!!

    I also love the Geum Hee transformation…even though she’s a little over the edge. That actress plays batshit crazy like nobody’s business!! I used to roll my eyes when she used to sob and crumble to the floor whenever she had an Il Moon encounter. GAK! I like her crazy eyes!! I had hoped that Il Moon would reform and turn his life around, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. The Jang kids are just messed up. I felt empathy for In Hwa because of Chang Hee’s lies, but then she went and told Hae Joo that she should stay away from her own mother?

    Thanks again! Looking forward to the end.

    • I hope you enjoy God’s Quiz. I fell in love with Ryu Duk Hwan’s quirky character. It’s a bit heavy at times on the medial terminology and rare diseases, but it’s really good.

      There were a lot of good moments. HJ and San are finally having a more romantic relationship. Do I believe in their chemistry 100%? Nope, but I still like the idea of them getting together. And the side story of Jung Woo and Bong Hee is priceless. LOL. I LOVED the bedroom scene where she was so disappointed when she learned he was talking about Jang and not announcing their relationship to the world.

      I am happy to see the Chun family rallying and maturing. I’m happy that Hae Joo didn’t give up on them and stood by them and thus they are able to grow and stand by her now and feel genuine regret over their previous actions.

      I, too, love Geum Hee’s particular bag of crazy. I always knew she was one step away from plunging off the deep end. It’s gratifying to see Il Moon cowering now instead of her. Heeheehee. I at first felt badly for In Hwa, but in these episodes, I can’t anymore. She rushed headlong into this marriage for all the wrong reasons. And her actions towards Hae Joo? Totally wrong. Sure, she only knew Geum Hee has her mother until now, but that does not give her the right to order Hae Joo away from her own birth mother. Sigh. This girl. She is in serious need of slapping.

  • I really didn’t want San and heju’s couple I preferred changhee most

    • Given how awful Chang Hee and Hae Joo were with their similar personalities that were seriously frustrating, they really were more suited to each other at times.

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