May Queen Episode 33 Recap

I took a weekend off. I needed it. So instead of watching and recapping the dramas I’m currently working on, I marathoned God’s Quiz 2. I highly recommend it 🙂 In fact, I recommend all three seasons. Ryu Duk Hwan is pure awesomeness as Han Jin Woo.

Anywho, onto more May Queen melodrama and a birth secret plot that has to have been discovered by everyone by now.

We open with Gi Cheol’s confession. Why he’s confessing now to Hae Joo after keeping it a secret for 15 years, who knows? Hae Joo collapses and asks Gi Cheol to repeat himself. He sobs out that he hit Hong Chul with his truck. He then says he had no choice as Hong Chul had discovered the truth and vowed to take Hae Joo to Geum Hee. Yes, that’s a great reason to kill the only father she knew. Shakes head. THAT does NOT make it miraculously okay. Anywho, of curse Gi Cheol says Jang threatened Chang Hee’s life so he had to kill her father. Hae Joo asks if that’s why he ran her father down. Gi Cheol says he had no intention of killing Hong Chul, but when he swerved to miss his army buddy there was Hae Joo and he swerved again and hit her father, thus killing him.

Of course Gi Cheol keeps repeating this is all Jang’s doing, but Hae Joo sobs and asks how he’s any different from Jang. Good question. Hae Joo then lays out all of his sins. How can he apologize after the statute of limitations has already passed? Does he think an apology will fix things? She grabs Gi Cheol, shakes him, hits him and screams at him to eave. San rushes in. What’s wrong? She tells San to make Gi Cheol leave since he killed her father and seeing him disgusts her. Gi Cheol gets up off the floor, apologizing once more before leaving. Once he’s gone Hae Joo collapses and cries while San can really do nothing to comfort her. Gi Cheol looks back at the factory sobbing before doing his best to regain his composure and walk off.

Hae Joo sits on her cliff and recalls her father. Useless flashbacks, but it makes me happy to see the young Hae Joo and Ahn Nae Sang, so I won’t complain too much. But I do have to say, this is really just Hae Joo realizing what her father’s words meant all those years ago. More sobs and head shaking. Chang Hee then enters the picture. How is he going to shove his foot in his mouth this time? He calls out to her and she glares at him before getting up and walking over. Why did she want to see him? Hae Joo demands to know if he knew everything. Chang Hee doesn’t answer and asks if his father went to see her. Hae Joo then demands to know once more if he knew all along. That’s a loaded question. He really didn’t, but I doubt Hae Joo would believe him anyways at this point. He did suffer when he learned the truth. She should know that’s when he first tried to let go, but Hae Joo doesn’t have the best head for thinking things through.

I do like how she demands to know how Chang Hee could make her so miserable after knowing his father killed hers and made her life into a living hell. It’s about time she recognized this bad aspect of him. She then lays down all of Chang Hee’s sins and wonders why he did such things and why they became enemies. What did she and San do to him? She only wished him success and happiness but rich people are all the same. She demands to know why he did it, but he remains silent. Hae Joo speaks up and says she can’t forgive any of them—Jang, Gi Cheol, or Chang Hee. She calls them all devils and vows that from this day forward she has erased Chang Hee’s name from her life. She also vows to give back all the pain he has caused. She turns her back while the silent Chang Hee leaves. He could defend himself, but what is the point? He chose this path to be a devil and hurt the people he loved for his revenge. It’s too late to regret, too late to turn back.

Jang reveals to Chang Hee that Choi killed Kang. He did not order it, but Choi did it out of excessive loyalty after learning that Kang believed Jang responsible for the accident that killed his son and daughter-in-law. Chang Hee says that isn’t a good enough motive for murder and Jang instructs Chang Hee to not show his prosecutor side. Jang just reasserts that he has nothing to do with it and talks about the oil drilling rights. He then says that Kang Woon and he had the same dream. Jang then says he only has Chang Hee now. He’s disowning the disloyal Il Moon who turned him in. He promises Chang Hee the business since Chang Hee is a lot like him. What an insult. Unfortunately it is true. Jang then says all Chang Hee has to do is follow his instructions and he will get everything. Jang even instructs the young man to call him father.

Jung Woo is questioning Choi who asserts he only ever acted on his own. Neither Chang Hee nor Jang instructed him in kidnapping Hae Joo. Fine. How about killing Kang? Choi smirks. What is Jung Woo talking about? Jung Woo shows a picture of the car and then shows Choi’s cell. How is that proof? Jung woo lays down all the evidence, but Choi asserts that wasn’t true. He was only in the area, there is no proof of him being actually at the factory. Bring the witness forward and see if he can identify Choi. Jung Woo then switches his questioning. Choi’s father was a Japanese intelligence agent working under Jang Do Hyun. After he died, Jang raised Choi and brought him into Cheonji. Ahhh. Why does Jang raise these kids whose families he destroyed? Jung Woo asks if this is why Choi is protecting Jang. Choi says Jang isn’t involved in anything. Jung Woo then shouts asking why he killed Kang. Choi yells back even louder that he didn’t. Jung Woo then holds up the phone and asks why Choi sent Hae Joo the license plate picture. Choi looks away. What is the reason behind the picture. Silence. Jung Woo laughs. He’s exercising his right to remain silent?

Jung Woo goes into his office to find Hae Joo and San. Why are they here? San asks after Choi. Jung Woo calls him a sly bastard who is only admitting to the attempted kidnapping. Hae Joo then reveals what Gi Cheol told her. Is that really true? Without a doubt. Meanwhile, Chang Hee demands to know how his father could tell Hae Joo everything. Gi Cheol says he had to get out the guilt that has slowly been eating away at him. Chang Hee demands to know what his father will do when word gets around to Jung Woo, Geum Hee, and (heaven forbid) Jang. What about Gi Cheol’s revenge? Gi Cheol says he did this so word would get back to Geum Hee since she is the most important thing to Jang. Gi Cheol plans on meeting with Geum Hee and revealing the truth to her about Jang killing Hak Soo. This floors Chang Hee. Gi Cheol knows now that Jang cannot be taken down by one person alone. They will need Hae Joo, Geum Hee, and Jung Woo. Gi Cheol only asks that Chang Hee NOT try to stop him.

At the main house, the maid sets out dinner. Jang is all alone. His family is completely broken now. The man deserves this. He then starts fantasizing about the table being filled with his happy extended family. After that, he can’t eat. Meanwhile, Il Moon is eating at a roadside stand and rushes off without paying. He’s caught by two teenage girls. He talks about being the former president of Cheonji Shipbuilding, but the stall lady doesn’t care. Money. He doesn’t have any. The woman then asks that he strip. Il Moon does as he’s told.

He waits outside Jung Woo’s house and springs up when he sees Young Joo. She throws his own words back at him. Il Moon takes her hand and says they have a connection. Young Joo shakes him off and tells him to get lost, but he follows her inside where Dal Soon gets a broom and Sang Tae dumps food on him. This makes him run away. You burnt your bridges idiot. I did have hopes, but you proved yourself really no better than your father and your horribly inept at being evil. Young Joo is all happy that they got back at Il Moon for ditching her like that.

San and Hae Joo are at a restaurant and Hae Joo refuses to stop drinking. Hae Joo tells him that he has no idea how hard it was on her. Dal Soon used to treat her like crap and the only person who was warm to her and taught her the true meaning of family was her father. Does San know how tortured she was in thinking she was the reason he died? You know…she technically still is the reason he died, but I guess now she feels it’s not her fault (well…her only crime was that of being born) since Gi Cheol revealed his and Jang’s evilness. Jang killed both of her fathers. She can never forgive that devil. San says he knows, but the law can do nothing at this point. Hae Joo then says if the law can’t handle him, with her own hands she’ll make him pay. More tears. Sick of all the crying already. San comes closer and puts his hand on hers and tells her they can’t be like Jang.

Hae Joo’s response freaking annoys me. WHY does she only think of herself and her pain? How is she any different than Chang Hee in this selfish light? That’s my major complaint with her. Sigh. Anywho, Hae Joo responds by saying San can’t possibly know how she feels. Of course not. Jang is only responsible for his parents’ deaths, his grandfather’s death, not to mention him losing his job, stealing his factory and thruster…no San has NO idea how she feels at all. San confesses he knows exactly how she feels, but he and she are different from Jang. They won’t do evil to achieve their dreams. The best way to get revenge is to complete the drill and beat Cheonji fair and square. Hae Joo then vows to build the best drillship.

San takes the drunken Hae Joo back home and she shocks him by smiling and cuddling into him. She says she’s happy that a person with the same thoughts is by her side since she doesn’t think she could have survived this alone. She then passes out and out comes Dal Soon asking if he’s trying to take advantage of her. San says that’s impossible as Hae Joo would have beaten him to a pulp. Hae Joo wakes up and then hugs her mom and talks about Hong Chul. Dal Soon tells her to hurry and rest and Hae Joo vows to make her mother happy in Hong Chul’s place, so Dal Soon can’t be lonely. Dal Soon says she’ll be happy if Hae Joo doesn’t drink like that and she then orders San to quickly take Hae Joo in and lay her down. Where? If San wishes to put her daughter in his room, he needs to quickly earn money and buy a house. LOL. San agrees and then quickly takes Hae Joo inside while Dal Soon tears up and wonders why Hae Joo is mentioning Hong Chul’s death now. She then says the only good thing her husband did was bring Hae Joo home. San lays Hae Joo down and says he’s also happy she’s there as he wouldn’t have made it alone either. He pushes hair off her face and then sneakily looks around. He grins and then tries to go in for a kiss, but Dal Soon yells out and asks why he’s taking so long. LMAO. Thwarted again.

Awwww. Such a cute Bong Hee and Jung Woo scene. I like that even if Bong Hee can’t remember, Jung Woo has warmed up to her once again and is treating her like before. It’s nice. This kitchen scene is soooo like a newlywed couple that it’s adorable. Jung Woo watches Bong Hee’s cooking with a smile and rushes in when she burns herself and takes over. He tells her that cooking requires devotion and patience. Bong Hee says she has a bad temper, that’s why she can’t cook. Jung Woo says she doesn’t have to worry as he’ll make sure to cook her delicious food for the rest of her life. SQUEE!!!! Bong Hee goes to give an angry rebuttal, but stops short. What did he say? Bong Hee wishes for clarification and Jung Woo says he told her last time, but she was drunk and slept. Bong Hee demands to know what he said. Jung Woo smiles shyly and goes to confess once again, but in comes Sang Tae. ARGH. The eternal moment biter. This will earn him Bong Hee’s wrath. She slaps him and then starts beating him with tongs. Poor Bong Hee.

At the Park house, Chang Hee drinks soju alone and recalls Hae Joo’s angry words and Jang’s words of making him his successor. He’s not happy. Go figure. Enter his wife. Why isn’t he sleeping? Is something wrong? She should be drinking with him. Chang Hee tells her to go back to bed. In Hwa insists on being his drinking partner and he shouts at her to go back. In Hwa asks why he’s like that and rushes off to cry to her mommy who doesn’t answer the phone. Sigh. Seriously. If she can’t handle anything without calling her mommy or running to mommy, there is now way she was ready for marriage. She leaves Geum Hee a message while Chang Hee gets angrier and swipes the bottles off the table.

The next day Jung Woo asks Chang Hee if what he heard from Hae Joo was the reason he quit and went to Jang’s side. Chang Hee asserts that is all in the past. It is. Jung Woo scolds him for not telling him and Chang Hee says at the time, there had still been a few days left. Jung Woo then begs Chang Hee to leave Jang and come live with Jung Woo and help Jung Woo take him down. Chang Hee says he is only there to see Choi. Jung Woo is unhappy that Chang Hee is stubbornly remaining on this path.

Chang Hee hands Choi a note from Jang telling Choi to take responsibility and Jang will take care of his father. Choi, looking unhappy at first, eats the note and asks Chang Hee to call in the prosecutor. I feel sort of bad since we now know that Choi is this way because it was Jang who basically raised him. Oh well. He can’t be saved, poor guy.

Kim tells Hae Joo and San that the diamonds have arrived. This makes the two relieved. They go to leave and get the diamonds, but Kim says it’s the least he can do for them to get them himself. The two then go to finish the drill instead. Kim calls Yang who confirms the diamonds are synthetic and not natural. This worries Kim, but Yang assures him there is no way of knowing by the naked eye. Hae Joo and San would need the equipment to check it. In walks Jo and she asks just what Yang is doing.

San and Hae Joo walk outside and it’s snowing. The first snow of the year and it’s the day the diamonds arrive. That’s a special meaning. Hae Joo thinks it’s a gift from their fathers sent to comfort them. San gets closer and gives her a quick peck on cheek. Hae Joo slaps him and tells him to stop playing around. San says a beating is worth a kiss. The two then go off and play on their way while Chang Hee watches on from a distance. Yeah…you lost your opportunity to be with them like that.

Gi Cheol meets with Geum Hee and finally tells her the truth. Jang ordered Yoo Jin’s death so that he could marry Geum Hee. Gi Cheol couldn’t do it so he took her to Hae Nam. Gi Cheol then reveals Jang killed Hak Soo and was going to Gi Cheol who did what he could to survive for his only son. Geum Hee cries. All this is her fault. All because of her. Gi Cheol says that isn’t true. Think about it. After the call, Hak Soo ran upstairs for a film canister. He was killed for whatever was on that. However, Gi Cheol has no idea what it contained.

San and Hae Joo are working on the new design and anxiously awaiting the diamonds. Jung Woo calls San and says Choi confessed and insists that he acted alone since he didn’t like San interfering with his work. San says he wasn’t working much after the thruster was stolen. Jung Woo knows its all an excuse. They will learn the truth once the man is brought over from Singapore. Jung Woo hangs up and San puts his head down all depressed. Is he okay? Obviously not, but San says he is.

Geum Hee is in her hotel room and notices the missed calls from In Hwa. She tears up again as she listens to In Hwa crying and saying she’s having a hard time. At least Geum Hee hasn’t turned against her, but she really has no reason to at this time. At this time, Jang calls. Geum Hee throws down the phone and then looks at it. What will she do? She goes to meet Jang. What’s happening with him? Jang says she looks awful. What does he want? He wants her back home as the world seems empty without her. How can he say that after having Yoo Jin abandoned? Didn’t Gi Cheol explain it to her? That did not happen as he had no reason to do that. Jang then tells Geum Hee to bring Hae Joo home to live with them. How can Jang expect her to bring Hae Joo into their house as In Hwa’s stepsister? Jang reminds her that In Hwa is her daughter, too.

Geum Hee silently interrogates him about killing Hak Soo and the film. Why does she never speak anything out? Jang reminds her of how she liked him since she was only 15. Geum Hee then reminds him that even then he betrayed her first. Jang explains that after he found out she liked him, his father beat him nearly to death and sent him off to Seoul. He had to give her up to save his family. That’s also the reason he met Il Moon’s mother. Geum Hee says that Jang shouldn’t have looked for her again and then all of this wouldn’t have happened. Jang says he couldn’t forget her. He can abandon everything but her. Doesn’t she understand that? No. Geum Hee says its frightening to know such a person and angrily rushes out.

Il Moon meets with In Hwa who feeds him and asks him what happened. He tells her that Chang Hee plotted his demise and that he’s only using her. He then asks for money since he was kicked out with no clothes and his cards were all stopped. In Hwa refuses since she fed him and he belittled her husband. Il Moon then reveals it’s all “that woman’s” fault that he got kicked out. In Hwa is very unhappy to hear him reference their mother like that. Il Moon then reveals Geum Hee is their stepmother, not their biological mother. She doesn’t believe this at first, but the more she hears, I think the more she does. Il Moon says he’s been trying to tell In Hwa for a long time now. He also reveals that Hae Joo is Geum Hee’s real daughter and that she’s trying to get rid of both Il Moon and In Hwa in order to bring Hae Joo into the family to inherit everything. Riiiight.

Meanwhile, Hae Joo, Bong Hee, and San are working on different drills and planning out their final design. Bong Hee is the advisor, San is the designer, and Hae Joo is the welder. The three do a mini celebration about taking down Cheonji before seriously getting down to work once more.

Geum Hee recalls Gi Cheol’s words about why Hak Soo was killed when In Hwa rushes in crying. It’s all lies isn’t it? Geum Hee says she must have heard. Geum Hee takes In Hwa’s hands and says she has never not thought of In Hwa as her daughter. However, she raised In Hwa in a loving home for over twenty years. In Hwa knows how horrible Hae Joo’s life has been. It’s time for Geum Hee to be with her now. In Hwa says that she’s suffering right now with Chang Hee acting weird. Isn’t In Hwa her daughter, too? She really needs her mom right now. Geum Hee apologizes, she can’t. In Hwa cries. How can her mother do this to her? Geum Hee can only cry and hold her. Sigh. I get it. In Hwa is in pain, too, but at the same time, how can she solely demand her mother? Aigoo. The selfishness and childishness of people in this drama.

The Chun’s are sitting down to dinner and Sang Tae shows off his college acceptance letter. I’m totally confused. I could have swore they sent him off to college where he squandered the money and education, but, there they say he went, but failed to get into any college before. Sooo confused. Anywho, Sang Tae is proudly showing off that he’s taken the initiative and has even been accepted. He says this is all due to San who says this only happened as he realized some things can’t be forced. Dal Soon doesn’t get this. Hae Joo smiles and holds up her glass to toast her brother’s acceptance.

At the Park household, Chang Hee is sitting morosely on his bed when In Hwa comes in lifelessly. What can she do now that Geum Hee has confessed that she isn’t In Hwa’s mother and that Hae Joo is her daughter. In Hwa asks if Chang Hee already knew. How could he not tell her when they are married? In Hwa asks if he still loves Hae Joo. Chang Hee tears up and apologizes and confirms Hae Joo is Geum Hee’s daughter. She’s lived a life being hurt. In Hwa asks if Chang Hee has to love Hae Joo since she’s lived being hurt. Fair question. That just sounds wrong. In Hwa then talks about how San first said he loved and pitied Hae Joo. Now In Hwa’s mother and husband…What about In Hwa? What about her happiness? Can’t they see she’s unhappy? Why did he marry her? Was his confession a lie? Chang Hee’s lips tremble and he says everything was a lie and goes to leave. In Hwa rushes after him and asks where he’s going. Gi Cheol comes out. Did the two fight? Chang Hee says he can’t lie to himself any more and he rushes out with In Hwa following behind begging him not to go. Not how I imagined it. Not sure how I feel about this.

Yi Soo tells Jung Woo that Kim Jong Bo will be arriving the next day. Jung Woo tells him to be certain that Jang doesn’t catch wind of Kim’s arrival. Enter Geum Hee who tells Jung Woo that she may have to go back to that house. Why? Doesn’t Jang know already? Geum Hee then reveals what Gi Cheol told her about Jang definitely killing Hak Soo over some film. Geum Hee says she has to find it to pay back her dead husband. She will find out the reason why Hak Soo had to die.

Hae Joo and San are going over the new drill plans and diamond placement. They finally feel like they are on the right track and everything is falling into place. San demands to know if third wheel Jin Joo is their chaperone. Jin Joo says she’s not Dal Soon’s spy. San then gives her money to go buy a cake and bring it back so they can all eat it together. She can even keep the change. Jin Joo says she’ll gain weight if she eats at night and gives him the money back. San then demands to know if she thinks he’ll eat her precious unnie. Hae Joo is strong! He then tries to give her the money again. At this time Hae Joo gets a call from Chang Hee asking her to come out. Hae Joo refuses, but Chang Hee threatens to go to the house if she doesn’t come out. Hae Joo tells San she has to go out suddenly and San once again tries to bribe Jin Joo.

Hae Joo goes outside to meet Chang Hee. What happened? Didn’t she already tell him there’s nothing left? Chang Hee tells her to give up on making the drill bit. Why? They can’t be rivals with Jang since that’s like hitting a boulder with eggs.  With San’s skills, he and Hae Joo can make in anywhere else. Hae Joo says she doesn’t want anything to do with Chang Hee the devil. That’s right. He chose this path, but doesn’t she know this is all because of her. He then finally reveals everything that happened and how his life has been ruined since she chose her family over him. Since he can’t do anything else, he’ll become worse than Jang and overtake his place. Chang Hee cries and says she made him that way. Sigh. Yes and no. You can’t pin sole blame on Hae Joo. Or your father or Jang. You yourself made that decision—you live with the consequences of your actions. Hae Joo tears up and asserts that Chang Hee never told her the truth. What difference would that make since she can’t abandon her family and this is the only path he can take. He sobs and says he wishes to give up everything and run to her, but he’s come too far now. That’s why she needs to give up revenge on Jang. Chang Hee will do it himself. He turns and walks away while Hae Joo can only look at his retreating back and cry.

San comes out at this time and sees Hae Joo and Chang Hee’s retreating car. He’s not happy. Can’t blame him. He knows Chang Hee is basically poison to Hae Joo. Chang Hee does an angry u-turn. Where is he going now? San goes up to Hae Joo and asks if she’s been crying. She says no and he tells her to wipe her tears before telling a lie. So what happened with Chang Hee? Nothing. San’s angry look. Another lie. Does she still like him after all of this? Is that why she’s crying? Hae Joo says that isn’t it. San starts crying and tells her to just go to Chang Hee if she can’t forget him after all that pain. He goes to leave and Hae Joo stops him. Can’t the dummy see that she likes San not Chang Hee? Her heart aches because of this because she’s sooo lacking. Aigoo. Seriously am sick of that attitude. But. on the upside, San finally scores his kiss at long last. He pulls Hae Joo into his embrace and plants one on her as Chang Hee pulls up and watches the scene in pain. Sigh.

Kim Jae Won, Han Ji JyeKind of…a filler episode of sorts where stuff happened, but yet a lot didn’t happen as well.


  • Thanks again! I haven’t had the chance to watch this episode and just read your recaps and agree with you on all points especially your take on Hae Joo and Chang Hee.

    Looking at Hae Joo’s point of view, she’s really more of her mother’s daughter than being her biological dad’s daughter. It seems that Kang San and Uncle Jung Woo are really the only one who radiates light and most times be self-less. Most characters in May Queen all have their own burdens and pain and it’s only KS and Uncle, who seems able to look past their pain and still care and have empathy for others.

    I am fairly certain that Sang Tae already finished college. I remember an episode where Hae Joo was lamenting to Dal Soon about stopping school and if she went to college instead of Sang Tae, then they would have a better life that what they’re having now. I remember it clearly coz it was then that I thought that HJH kinda lacks the depth to carry a crying scene. And that scene of Sang Tae with grandpa and the secretary and he said, you can’t treat me or I can’t work menial jobs coz I’m a “college graduate”. A second course, perhaps?^^

    • I agree that Jung Woo and Kang San are probably the best and most selfless characters. Sure, Hae Joo’s all about her family and holds in what she’s really feeling, but she’s just plain selfish when you strip away her facade, which is too bad. She has created some of her own misery, just like her birth mother did. Got to love the parallels in this drama.

      Yeah, now I’m totally confused. Did Sang Tae graduate or drop out since they make it sound now like he never attended because he couldn’t get in which makes no sense because he did always lord college over Hae Joo who always complained it was wasted on him? Ah, writers. Stop being inconsistent already!

  • God’s quiz 😀 I knowwww..i marathoned s1 n 2, its awesome!! How many episodes are left of may queen?! The story seems to be making some sense now, compared to how bad it used to be earlier..but i think even then it should move towards some resolution, rather than creating new conflicts every now n then..i wish they could focus some more on why Hak soo or San’s parents died

    • There are now 4 episodes left. With that 6 episode extension they had a lot of time to fill I guess so new conflicts keep cropping up even as the plot is winding down.

  • From the past episode… i remember once Young Joo mention that she won’t be like her ST oppa, a college drop out, or her Unnie HJ who is being dump by her bf… sort of that thing.. i’m quite sure he reach college but he didn’t graduate hehehehe…

  • I love how HJ enumerate all the bad things that CH did to her… i actually expect her to slap him.. but too bad it didn’t happen. After that scene i thought CH will turn his way and be on the right path… but he still choose the wrong one and go on… sighhh…..

    • I know, Park Chang Hee, why couldn’t he do the right thing for once? Sigh. I think he needs San to knock some sense into him.

      Sang Tae always brags about college & those guys from one episode were his college buddies, but with this episode, they said he had never gotten in to college tho he had applied, so I think the writers flubbed a bit, but maybe I’m wrong.

  • Thank you for the recap.

    Ahhh, the truth of this horrifying birth secret finally revealed completely,sort of, I hope. A slow, tortuous road it’s been for all of us.

    Just add the Sang Tae college thing to the list of things that don’t make sense on this show. Maybe the writers don’t check their work or don’t remember or don’t really care anymore. I mean we have Jang’s evil minion, Choi, who is loyal to a T, willing to take the fall completely for his boss. And then we have Kim, who for some unknown, puzzling reason is stabbing Kang San in the back. Hopefully, the Kim betrayal is an elaborate ploy to fool Cheonji (a double, triple cross backstab).

    At least we had some cute couple moments with KS/HJ and JW/BH. Also GH is kind of awesome as evil stepmom terrorizing IM.

  • thank you for downloading these episodes and I am following them rreligiously even not sleeping some nights. However, when can the final episodes be completed. The story has to end some times right? Please keep me up dated. I love the characters too.

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