Full House Take 2 Episode 15.1 Recap

And here we are in the home stretch. It’s finale week. How do you think this show will end? Good with all loose ends tied up or rushed with loose ends not necessarily all being addressed?

It’s time to begin the Battle Royale between Take 2 and Only One.

Of course, neither side knew they were going against the opposite side and both sides are livid. Bum Soo says it isn’t fair to Tae Ik or Kang Hwi since they were one team until just recently. To Director Kim, that’s what makes it so interesting. Isn’t that right Joon? Well…Joon’s response is that be that as it may, there are classes to be upheld. How dare Kim pit a hastily put together team consisting of a former road manager against the industry veteran Kang Hwi? This angers Bum Soo and Director Kim steps in. Now, now. No need to fight. If anything, this issue will help both teams. Bum Soo doesn’t wish to as one side is going to get hurt. He doesn’t want his boys to experience such feelings or Kang Hwi. He takes them and leave. Kim looks at Joon who kicks Kang Hwi out.

Kang Hwi leaves and catches the trio at the elevator. Go Dong is insisting he could never go against Kang Hwi. Plus, if they lose, how horrible. He hopes that Bum Soo can firmly put an end to this. Bum Soo interjects, “Do you think we will lose? No. Kang Hwi can’t win!” Why? There is no way Kang Hwi can win by himself. The elevator comes and the three go inside while Kang Hwi looks angrily from a distance.

Outside, the boys continue the conversation. As talented as Tae Ik is, there is no way for him to be a solo singer. He shines best with at least a partner. His success was created thanks to the synergy between Kang Hwi-nim and himself. That being said, this is why Tae Ik and Go Dong have formed Take 2. Tae Ik is a strong lead and Go Dong’s voice is great support. Go Dong finally grasps the picture. So…if Tae Ik needs a partner, that means Kang Hwi can’t go solo either? That’s right. Tae Ik wonders why it seems Kang Hwi doesn’t know this. Bum Soo wonders why as well and just what does Joon have up his sleeve as he should no better than anyone that Kang Hwi doesn’t have the chops to go solo. It may seem like harsh criticism, but it’s very true. Some people may have talent, but the kind that can only shine within a group than on their own.

Inside, Kim scolds Lee. Didn’t Joon promise to help with the first episode of the rival show if Kim cancelled Take 2’s debut? So how can Joon renege now? Joon asks when he never kept a promise he made to the older man. Kim is getting anxious. The debut is right around the corner and no other group is willing to be the first since the format is rather difficult. Thus, Kim is depending on Take 2 and Only One. Joon assures Kim that they are definitely doing the show. But what about Bum Soo? He’s a stubborn man who won’t willingly agree. Joon tells Kim not to worry and just keep prepping for the pilot. What will Joon do now? Joon goes to leave and Kim wonders what will happen if Kang Hwi loses as it will be a big loss. Joon’s response? Do you think that Kang Hwi will really lose? I don’t see him winning honestly…not that there’s anything wrong with him…although, dramas do have the caveat sometimes where the person who “needs” the win gets it. Kim says that the chances are 50-50 either way. Joon assures him that he will never do a game that doesn’t benefit him so even if Kang Hwi loses, he’ll have some way of winning. Ottoke?

Joon goes out in the car and lies saying it will be difficult to back out of the show now. Kang Hwi tiredly says that he will do it and prove that he can stand on his own. This makes Joon happy and he promises to get Kang Hwi only the best in the world to ensure his victory in the competition. Kang Hwi’s main concern now is what happens if Take 2 backs out and keeps refusing. Joon laughs and tells him not to worry. Aigoo, Kang Hwi-nim. While I do get what you’re going through, you know how evil Joon is and that he won’t stop doing bad things to get what he wants, so how can you trust him and let him do things his way? Aren’t you really hurting the people you care about by doing this? Is your time to shine before burning out really all that matters? Yes, you need to prove yourself, but at the expense of others?

Of course, all of Take 2’s appearances have been cancelled. Plus, they can’t get on another music program because of big comebacks of other groups. Bum Soo tells the two not to worry, but Tae Ik thinks they should at least make an appearance on the rivals show. Before Bum Soo can say anymore, he gets a phone call from Joon. He and Tae Ik go to meet Joon. Bum Soo tries to bluff about their comeback stage, but Joon isn’t stupid, he knows they don’t have a debut stage yet. Joon then says Kang Hwi will do the rivals stage. Just what is he up to? Joon says that it isn’t him, but Kang Hwi who desires to do the rivals stage. Joon says he would love to see Tae Ik broken and defeated on stage. Tae Ik smirks. That will be rather difficult for Joon to see. Bum Soo says that is right because they will never do the show. Why? You do music because you enjoy it. You don’t do music to win.

This makes Joon laugh. Aren’t they just running away with their tails between their legs? Bum Soo gets angry, but Tae Ik stops him from talking. Tae Ik isn’t stupid. There’s a better chance of Take 2 winning. He knows Joon too well. The older man must need something from them. There is no rush for Take 2. If they fight, they will need to make it interesting. Joon asks what Tae Ik wants. Of course, Tae Ik wants Full House. This surprises Joon. Why? Is LJ not confident? Doesn’t he love such deals? Joon accepts Tae Ik’s condition and then asks what he gets if Tae Ik loses. What does Joon want? He wants Tae Ik to come back to U Entertainment. Why? Tae Ik’s value is still usable. Tae Ik agrees to this and Bum Soo is starting to look rather unnerved. He doesn’t like this deal whatsoever. Can’t say that I blame him. With the stakes like this…there’s no way that Tae Ik and Go Dong will lose, right?

During the car ride home, Bum Soo keeps stealing glances at Tae Ik who tells him not to worry. How can Bum Soo not worry? Tae Ik just bet his house and his future. Tae Ik says that since everything is on the line, he will fight to the death and make sure he wins as he can’t leave Go Dong and Bum Soo behind to work under Joon. Tae Ik vows to win once more and tells Bum Soo not to worry. Bum Soo then scolds Tae Ik for maturing and becoming cooler. Bum Soo can’t believe this. He can’t keep up with the younger man anymore. News breaks of the rivalry and spreads like wildfire. Many of the females believe that Tae Ik can’t possibly lose against Kang Hwi since he was always a step above his partner. They are also all abuzz about just who the shadow is next to Tae Ik in the Take 2 posters. No one knows, but he has a sweet voice, doesn’t he?

Man Ok is busy packing when Se Ryeong comes downstairs and complains about her room being dusty. Did Man Ok not clean it while she was in China? Man Ok ignores her and keeps folding. Se Ryeong demands that Man Ok stop ignoring her and Man Ok only says Se Ryeong is dumb. What? Didn’t she tell Man Ok to safeguard her stylist position? Does Se Ryeong not know what such a person does? Se Ryeong then requests Man Ok to pack her clothes for China since that is what a stylist does. Man Ok refuses. She is Kang Hwi’s stylist and NOT Se Ryeong’s. Of course Se Ryeong starts belittling Man Ok’s skills and says this is why Kang Hwi will forever lose to Tae Ik. Of course, Man Ok has no idea what Se Ryeong is talking about. How could she not know? Se Ryeong spills the goods that Tae Ik and Kang Hwi are competing against each other. How could she be soooo ignorant? Aigoo. Man Ok goes to rush off, but Se Ryeong asks her just who she sincerely cares about: Kang Hwi or Tae Ik. Man Ok rushes upstairs without answering and confirms Se Ryeong is telling the truth.

Preparations for the event are going in full force. The two groups will be competing with an unreleased song. This worries Go Dong, but Bum Soo tells him they will be using another song by Sangdae. Meanwhile, Joon placates Kang Hwi’s worries by saying there is a gem in the music industry who longs to be a singer and has gone into seclusion so he won’t get pigeonholed as a mere songwriter. I’m sincerely hoping it’s not Sangdae as well. That would be bad. But then again, Sangdae doesn’t work with people he doesn’t like. I can’t imagine him working for Joon who is a total arrogant arse.

The trio of reporters get Man Ok to drop by. She is horrified when she sees all of the pictures of Tae Ik and Kang Hwi. She thought Ga Ryeong was a serious reporter. What is all of this? Man Ok is sat down and Nora immediately begins questioning her about the China trip and the house where Kang Hwi entered. Man Ok cannot believe this. She wishes to leave, but is surrounded on all sides. She takes the phone and quickly deletes the pictures. This horrifies the trio. man Ok then personally bawls them all out for stalking celebrities and hurting them with their words. She rips the pictures off the board and gives Ga Ryeong a week to wash her hands of such a thing.

The drunk Ga Ryeong goes to the studio and spies Tae Ik. He tries to get away, but she won’t let him go. She complains that Man Ok has lied to her to the bitter end. She hides Tae Ik and follows Kang Hwi around. Tae Ik rushes off and out comes Grandpa Jang. He asks what is going on and Ga Ryeong spills all the beans about Man Ok being a stylist, entering a contract engagement with Tae Ik, and living with Kang Hwi. Jang stopped listening at contract engagement. He demands that Ga Ryeong explain herself and then demands that she take him to Man Ok. Ga Ryeong has no idea where the house is, only Seo knows that. Grandpa doesn’t care. Assa. Ga Ryeong deserves Jang’s wrath for being an idiot and inconsiderate friend. Poor Man Ok is going to catch hell, but she deserves it as well for lying to her grandfather instead of telling him the whole truth.

The anxious Tae Ik is back at the studio and desperately trying to call Man Ok who isn’t answering since she’s asleep. He keeps calling and calling and begging her to pick up. Meanwhile, Grandpa is at Full House and calling out for his granddaughter. The sleeping Man Ok springs awake as she hears her grandfather’s yell. She rushes down in shock and fear. Enter Kang Hwi who fully wakes up when he sees Grandpa Jang. He rushes over to Man Ok’s side. Grandpa bawls out his granddaughter for lying to him. Kang Hwi tries to defend her and say it is his fault, but Jang won’t listen. He orders Ga Ryeong to pack her bags, but Man Ok gets down on her knees. She apologizes for all the lies, but he needs to trust her. So, she’s not going back? She can’t. Jang tells her she’s barred from Man Ok Kwan and leaves with Ga Ryeong. Kang Hwi does follow him out.

Man Ok goes upstairs recalling her grandfather’s harsh words. She notices Tae Ik is calling and picks up. She is immediately bawled out for NOT answering her phone. She explains she had it on silent and went to sleep. She then proceeds to say she isn’t like Tae Ik who won’t pick up because he’s sulking. Tae Ik then says there is a problem. Grandpa might go to the house. Man Ok says he’s been there already and left. Is she okay? Man Ok lies and says she is. It was something she needed to experience. Man Ok then tells him to apologize if Jang says anything to him. Tae Ik assures her that she doesn’t need to worry about him. He’s just happy that she’s okay. She asks after the rival preparation and Tae Ik scolds her saying that isn’t something Kang Hwi’s stylist should be asking. If she has nothing else to say, he’s hanging up. He does so and Man Ok shouts curses at her phone.

At the studio, Kang Hwi plays the guitar. He looks all depressed as he recalls what happened the other night. The composer comes up and says that Kang Hwi must really like that song. Kang Hwi says he developed an affection for it. However, Joon doesn’t think it has enough impact, so it won’t be on the album. Kang Hwi asks the man to write the lyrics for the song since he’s curious about the story now. The man refuses since it won’t be on the album anyways. The suggestion? Kang Hwi should write the lyrics himself. Who knows, it just might become his song. The song is entitled “Babe Why.” How much do you want to bet that they are pronouncing “babe” as “baby”? It’s a pet peeve of mine. I get sooo annoyed when the lyrics say babe and it’s sung and pronounced as baby. The two words aren’t the same, and even if you put on the Spanish pronunciation, they don’t sound the same anyways. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Go Dong and Tae Ik get the song from Sangdae. They are very impressed with it. They believe it’s better than the previous song. Sangdae promises to have it ready in a few days. Once the song is completed, they will make the recording schedule. Bum Soo happily thanks him. Meanwhile, Joon arrives as the trio leaves. He is shocked to know they have gone to see Sangdae as well. At the dojo, Tae Ik is diligently working on writing something when Go Dong enters. This shocks him and he immediately hides the notepad he was working on and scolds Go Dong for not knocking. It’s a tent. Go Dong can’t knock, silly. Go Dong tells him as much and then says it’s Tae Ik’s turn to do the dishes. LOL, Tae Ik tries to get out of this, but Go Dong says he can’t since it’s Grandpa Jang’s orders. Tae Ik angrily says he will do it and gets up and leaves. Go Dong then takes the notepad to see what Tae Ik was writing. Looks like lyrics. Go Dong smiles and then he begins singing it. This will be their new song. You know it. Go Dong comes down to Jang Man and is shocked. Guess he didn’t know how much Tae Ik likes Man Ok who is busily sewing at Full House and having problems. She picks up her Tae Ik cat and flicks it’s head. This is all his owner’s fault. She then huggles the kitty doll. LOL.

We then cut to Tae Ik and Go Dong arriving at Sangdae’s and Tae Ik is itching like crazy. Bum Soo asks why Tae Ik is itching and Tae Ik turns to Go Dong—is he wearing fur? Go dong looks down at his clothes. Nope. He’s not, plus these have all been freshly laundered. Tae Ik then goes inside still itching like crazy and Go Dong laughs and says he’s doing that on purpose. Bum Soo says this is because he’s nervous about the song. Go Dong then says his heart is also pounding. The two go upstairs and come across a frozen Tae Ik. Why isn’t he going in? The studio is locked. How can that be? They were supposed to meet at 2. Bum Soo calls Sangdae who apologizes and says he gave the song to someone else. Bum Soo demands to know why and who. Sangdae says nothing and hangs up when Bum Soo demands to know if Sangdae gave the song to Joon. The trio rush to U Entertainment where Tae Ik takes his wrath out on the unsuspecting Kang Hwi-nim. He grabs his collar and demands to know how he could do something so low. Does he want to win that badly? Bum Soo and Go Dong rush up and try to get him to let go. And that’s where we end this episode.

Full House Take 2 Episode 15.1I’m going to laugh as I have a feeling Joon’s plans will fall through. Kang Hwi won’t end up using Sangdae’s song but that guitar song he’s in love with and that he will right the lyrics to while Go Dong and Tae Ik will end up using Tae Ik’s lyrics (and probably Go Dong’s composition as he put the words to a melody earlier). I’m happy that Tae Ik will finally learn the truth, but am a bit annoyed that it’s taken so long.

One comment

  • Because this drama is not going thru a live shoot, I think the show will end up with most of the loose ends tied up.

    I want Tae Ik and Kang Hwi to make up. I want Go Dong to be a hit and have lots of sane fan girls. I want Tae Ik to get his house back and let Man Ok live there because, omo, Grandpa threw her out and they love each other. And I want Joon and Snowflake to be trapped together on an island with only each other for help.

    Re: This episode

    Bum Soo is tender hearted, not wanting the boys to go up against each other.

    Kang Hwi must feel like he is fighting for his life, his casual attitude has vanished.

    Man Ok’s “friend” is a horrible, irresponsible person who needs to be schooled. (doubt we will see that before the drama ends)

    I wondered how Tae Ik would be able to “get it all back” fame, house, and love, before the end of the drama, the bet with Joon would take care of fame and house.

    And Go Dong is quietly taking care of business, because will all know that he will turn Tae Ik’s words into the song they sing on the show.

    As far as I can see it looks like both songs sung on the show will be for or about Man Ok.

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