Full House Take 2 Episode 14.2 Recap

So we open with Tae Ik returning depressed to the studio only to hear Go Dong’s pretty amazing voice and being surprised. I really love Go Dong’s voice ^_^ Bum Soo comes out and tells him to stop singing and finish cleaning since Tae Ik is coming home. Tae Ik enters and says there’s no need. The two managers rush up to him and hug him, glad that he’s returned at last. Bum Soo and he go into Jang’s office where Bum Soo tells him that Grandfather vacated the studio for association work. So, has Tae Ik figured things out? Tae Ik asserts he will only concentrate on work from now on as he has to get everything back.

Bum Soo then says it’s time to prepare for his album in full force. But before they begin, there’s something he needs to tell Tae Ik. He then calls in Go Dong and shocks them both by saying Tae Ik and Go Dong will be a duo. This will be Go Dong’s debut. Say what? Tae Ik is immediately angry. Partnered with whom? Bum Soo then tells him that realistically, there is no way Tae Ik can make it on his own with only his skills. Wowza. Tae Ik glares at Go Dong. But he can make it with this kid? Bum Soo says Tae Ik only thinks this way because he doesn’t know Go Dong’s singing. Tae Ik doesn’t care, he doesn’t want to. Why? If Go Dong has such talent, let him go solo and debut. Bum Soo scolds him for this attitude and tells him that after careful consideration, he has figured this is the best for everyone. Bum Soo then hands over a recorder and tells him to listen to the mix of Tae Ik’s and Go Dong’s voices and Tae Ik will see why he’s made this decision. Man Ok tries calling Tae Ik, but he ignores her call.

Kang Hwi brings Chaton back from wherever he was staying and is excited to see Mommy’s scooter. He looks all around for Man Ok and finds her singing her happy song in the greenhouse. He smiles until he hears her complaining about Tae Ik not answering her calls and being rude. She even talks to the plants and calls Tae Ik their father. What the heck is with these people and creating families with animals and plants? Tae Ik’s organic veggies are sprouting. He’d be happy to see that. Kang Hwi walks dejectedly away. He goes to his basement where he says poor Chaton has lost his mommy to grass. Kang Hwi is upset because he can’t hold Man Ok back anymore. If only he was a bigshot like before, he could make her pay. Awwww. Don’t say that. It’s partly your fault for holding onto her when you knew she loved someone else.

Tae Ik can’t sleep and recalls Bum Soo’s words. He finally gives in and listens to the recording. While he’s listening, Go Dong comes up and tells him they start vocal training tomorrow. Like it or not. But Go Dong promises not to be a burden. He then confesses that Tae Ik should know this best that no matter where Go Dong went, he was turned away because he was too ugly to be a singer. That’s just horrible. Go Dong says that because Bum Soo has put his faith in him, he will work hard and do his best. So can’t Tae Ik have faith and give him a chance, too? Tae Ik says nothing, but you know he’s breaking down and will give in. The next day Go Dong comes out minus Tae Ik. This annoys Bum Soo as he feels Tae Ik is being too childish. The two turn to leave and there is Tae Ik leaning against the car. Why did he go down without saying anything? Has he been waiting long? Tae Ik pulls out the earphones and says he just came down. He then hands the player over to Go Dong and tells him his voice is good and that he will trust the Tacky Bae Go Dong once. Go Dong then throws himself into Tae Ik’s arms, embarrassing the older man.

Tae Ik shocks Go Dong, Bum Soo, and Sangdae by stopping several times and requesting to do parts over. He also shows skills that surprise and impress them. He is definitely working hard towards his goal. He comes out of the recording booth and asks if Sangdae has figured out how to teach him. This surprises Sangdae. Tae Ik has turned over a new leaf and is trying to be humble and work hard. Tae Ik then yells at Go Dong for slacking off and tells him to come and practice singing with him. Awww. While everyone is shocked, Sangdae laughs and says that now he will teach him and sends Go Dong in there to practice, too.

The boys celebrate afterward with drinks and Bum Soo vows to take over the music world. Go Dong then turns and thanks Tae Ik for trusting him this once. Tae Ik says it’s not because of what Go Dong said, but because there voices did sound good together. Bum Soo says of course since he has the best eye. He then decides to call the group Take 2. Go Dong wants Take Go since Take One used a syllable from Kang Hwi’s name, but Tae Ik thinks Take 2 is good and has meaning, so they now have their official name. Meanwhile, Man Ok is drinking alone and complaining about how the sagaji won’t pick up. She then calls someone. Who? I’m not sure. She then continues to drink and drink and drink. Enter Bum Soo who scolds her for not coming straight to the dojo. Man Ok says it’s her home, but it’s a place she can’t go. Bum Soo then wonders what happened between her and Tae Ik. He then asks why she went back to U Entertainment. Man Ok says that even though she’s suffocating and wishes to tell them everything, she can’t. Why can’t Tae Ik understand he isn’t the only one suffering and trust her and wait? Man Ok keeps drinking and this really concerns Bum Soo.

Meanwhile Tae Ik and Go Dong are on their way to where Bum Soo is because he called them out for a second round. When they arrive, Man Ok has passed out. Bum Soo takes Go Dong for sobering medicine and leaves Tae Ik with her. He sits down and Man Ok springs up. She yells and calls him a chicken foot and a bad man and starts crying. Why couldn’t he believe her? Why couldn’t he answers her calls? Of course, Tae Ik can’t take her crying and gets her out of the roadside cantina. He then piggybacks her home wondering if he’s crazy. He manages to get her on her bed and he looks at her. He wants to trust her, he really does. He goes to leave when Man Ok’s phone rings. He accidentally hits the answer button when trying to find it. He gets supremely annoyed when Kang Hwi’s voice comes up. He does break down and answer it and Kang Hwi is shocked. Why is Tae Ik answering her phone? Tae Ik won’t explain anything and just tells Kang Hwi that Man Ok just fell asleep and not to bother her before hanging up. Kang Hwi has a very angry look on his face. Oh well.

Kang Hwi is shocked to see Man Ok the next morning in the kitchen. She has breakfast all ready for him. When did she come in? Man Ok asks if he looked for her and goes to tell him something, but he just cuts her off and talks about a sauce. Man Ok said she switched out the usual for a fresh, citrus sauce. She then tells Kang Hwi that Joon wishes to see him. When Kang Hwi meets Joon, he asks for the best team so that his solo album will be the best album so he will lose to no one because this could be his last. This makes Joon happy. Kang Hwi also assures him that he will literally work himself to death to make this album a success. Man Ok worries about Kang Hwi’s health and asks him if he isn’t going to undergo treatments. Kang Hwi promises he will, but not now. He needs to concentrate on remaining on the stage for now as who knows when such a chance will come again. After this, he will get the surgery that may or may not be able to save his eyesight.

Jang comes home and finds Bum Soo sleeping and the boys singing. Jang then complains the boys’ voices are too weak. Singing shouldn’t be done with just the voice, but with your whole strength. Jang then leaves telling the boys to follow him. Night training? Nope, he buys the boys a filling meal as only then can they have full strength. Tae Ik just sits and stares recalling his visit with Man Ok. He shocks Bum Soo and Go Dong when he picks up his spoon and starts wolfing down the food. His appetite impresses Jang while really worrying/surprising his managers. I love seeing this “family” scenes and can’t wait until their created family is all whole again.

Bum Soo meets with a PD to promote Take 2 and tries to meet with Director Kim who is already meeting with Joon. The PD quickly takes Bum Soo out for tea. When Joon leaves, Bum Soo’s car is blocking his. Joon wonders why he’s there and Bum Soo asks why he can’t be there. Joon then says he’ll introduce Bum Soo to a job since he’s still desperately looking. Bum Soo assures him he’s already got a job and hands over the Take 2 candy and goes to leave. Joon cannot believe how stupid Bum Soo is trying to make an album with the boys Joon discarded. Joon kicks his car and says that this is why Bum Soo can only drive cheap secondhand cars. Bum Soo laughs. Be that as it may, isn’t his car blocking Joon’s luxury import so that it can’t move? What a silly fight, but he does have a point. Bum Soo goes to get in and stops to tell Joon to look forward to it as his kids will be fitting competition for Kang Hwi. Joon eats the candy and spits it back out.

We then cut to the two boys and Kang Hwi practicing like crazy for their respective albums. News is already spreading. After hard work, Bum Soo even manages to secure a comeback spot which coincidentally is on the same day as Kang Hwi’s. Joon tells Kang Hwi not to worry about this as the two boys can’t possibly succeed. In rushes a worker and tells Joon there’s a problem with the album. A master was released with static. That isn’t good. This means they have to stop the music service and recall all the albums. Joon is livid. He asks for Manager Kim and screams that Kang Hwi’s comeback performance must now be delayed. At Full House, Man Ok rushes down to the basement to find out what happened. Kang Hwi tells her everything was just delayed by a few days. Man Ok tells him to use this time to rest since he’s been overexerting himself. Truthfully, the boy doesn’t look good at all. Aigoo Kang Hwi-nim, while the stage may be important to you, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your health.

Take 2 prepares for their debut. They are doing well on the music charts while articles are out about Kang Hwi’s album and the static. Go Dong worries about Kang Hwi. While it’s good they aren’t debuting on the same day anymore, it’s bad that he’s facing such problems. Go Dong then says that they should do well to give Kang Hwi strength. Enter Bum Soo who says the boys’ appearance has been cancelled. Say what? The trio go out for drinks and Go Dong yells wondering how they could do this after the rehearsal. Bum Soo knows it’s Lee Joon’s doing as he doesn’t want Take 2 onstage before Kang Hwi. Tae Ik still finds it strange and even Bum Soo wonders how the evil Joon could stoop that low. Tae Ik then says they shouldn’t have thought things would be easy. So, will Bum Soo give up now because of this setback? Nope. He will definitely make sure his boys stand on that stage so drink up. Bum Soo sits outside the studio in worry. What will he do now? He goes to call someone and gets a call from Director Kim. Bum Soo asks what happened and Kim says he cancelled the performance to make a special debut stage for Take 2. Say what?

The next morning Bum Soo gets the two boys out of bed early an they wonder what is going on and where they are going. Bum Soo reveals that Kim has the boys scheduled to appear on a rivalry program. Tae Ik demands to know who the rival is, but Bum Soo doesn’t know. It’s Kang Hwi. Is there any doubt? And I was soooo right. When the boys arrive, there is Joon and Kang Hwi. Looks like Joon and Kang Hwi weren’t aware of this. So it’s Only One vs. Take 2. Who will win?

We’ll have to wait until next week, which is our final week as well. How sad. I’ll miss this show when it’s done. I’m hoping for a great ending and previews don’t look too disappointing.


  • I am so happy the writers included Go Dong this way! What a gratifying thing to have the abused underling get a chance to stand next to the star.

    I love how Go Dong is always hugging on Tae Ik. I just laugh and laugh when he does.

    That Joon was as surprised as everyone else at the rivalry program is great; it is not one of his machinations.

    I, too, hope the whole family comes back together, this would include Kang Hwi. I am distressed at how pitiful he is. He sure tugs at the maternal instinct.

    Silly silly Man Ok not able to communicate.

    NeeNee, Thank you for your hard work and diligence in writing these recaps. I have greatly enjoyed reading what you have to say and will miss this when the show ends next week.

    • Yeah, i thought Joon would have set the rivalry show up so i was surprised at his surprise too, lol

      • I was half expecting a set-up since the guy playing Director Kim always seems to be sneaky and underhanded in his dramas. And we all know that these directors will go for ratings and not the personal interests of the entertainment companies they work with. So, I wasn’t 100% surprised that Joon didn’t know.

    • I know, while I thought it was a little random that they made Go Dong into an aspiring singer at first, I’m happy he’s joining Tae Ik and getting the chance to show he can shine, too. Plus, it’s not like his look are all THAT bad.

      I’ve enjoyed you coming here and leaving your thoughts as well 🙂 I hope you will still stop back here every now and then when this series is over.

  • I do like the group names. Only One and Take Two. That’s actually quite smart, and really funny.

    I felt bad for Go Dong when he was saying that he always got turned away because he was too ugly. And realistically, he would’ve been fine in a group, he just wouldn’t have been able to make it as a solo singer.

    Tae Ik was actually sounding okay (singing-wise) in this episode as well, which is a nice change. But i’m a bit concerned that he actually believes Se Ryeong when she says Man Ok is only with Kang Hwi because he’s a chaebol’s son. He should know Man Ok well enough by now. But the way he was going on about making it big so he got everything back, it seemed that he was including Man Ok in that. But does he think that she’ll come back to him if he’s rich?

    But then, if he does think that, then how would he explain Man Ok confessing her love for him (several times)? Ah, i just don’t know.

    I’m looking forward to next week. It does seem to be wrapping up very quickly though, and i think if he does end up getting Full House back, it’s going to seem a bit rushed.

    • I’m expecting the rushed ending. I thought it was originally 20 episodes (later learned that was the Japanese version) which would give them time to end everything nicely, but since it’s only 16, it doesn’t look promising in that respect.

      I’m also a bit confused as to whether or not Tae Ik does believe Se Ryeong or not. I guess it would make somewhat sense if he did since his first experience with love was with that viper. But he should know Man Ok well enough by now to realize she isn’t anywhere near Se Ryeong’s type. And if he’s doing this wholeheartedly thinking Man Ok will come back to him when he’s rich and famous again, then that is completely for the wrong reasons. Or maybe he thinks if he has his wealth and fame, he can protect and stand up for the people he loves better so they won’t be hurt or forced into situations for unknown reasons that cause all this misunderstanding and pain.

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