Full House Take 2 Episode 14.1 Recap

Let the marathon of easily avoidable misunderstandings begin due to lack of communication!

The day of the fashion show arrives and Kang Hwi asks Man Ok for posing advice. They agree on his finishing pose and Man Ok hands over a present—a box full of sunglasses. She got Hwa Ming’s permission and even matched a set for every outfit. Of course, Kang Hwi refuses to wear them as his eyes are his best feature. Tae Ik stands in line at the fashion show and Nora immediately recognizes him and takes his arm. This makes her faint and grants Tae Ik access into the fashion show (when he didn’t have an invitation). As soon as they are inside, Tae Ik takes off while the men look after Nora who is sad that Tae Ik is gone.

The fashion show starts without a hitch while Tae Ik watches behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Man Ok shakes as she prepares Kang Hwi’s outfit. She’s more nervous than he is. Hwa Ming gives a fighting speech and the main models take to the run way. Tae Ik takes off his glasses and shoots daggers at Se Ryeong and Kang Hwi before quickly putting his sunglasses on and leaving when he notices Joon. The show ends successfully and Kang Hwi asks Man Ok if he did okay because he totally couldn’t see anything by the end of the show. Man Ok assures him he did fine and the two agree to an after show treat and go.

Se Ryeong then spots Tae Ik and they go to a secluded place to talk. Se Ryeong cannot believe that he came all the way to China just for Man Ok. Tae Ik doesn’t wish to talk to her and goes to leave, but Se Ryeong bawls Man Ok out for being a typical woman wanting a many with money, status, and power. Tae Ik turns back and says not all women are like Se Ryeong. Burn. But Se Ryeong won’t let it go. Doesn’t Tae Ik know why Man Ok returned? Se Ryeong then reveals that Kang Hwi is the son of a chaebol. Tae Ik didn’t know this and says it doesn’t matter and goes to leave, but Se Ryeong then confesses Man Ok knew of this and that is why she returned to Kang Hwi instead of staying with the nobody who is now Tae Ik. And, instead of asking Man Ok, he’s probably going to believe Se Ryeong like an idiot. Sigh. If Se Ryeong had actually told him about Kang Hwi’s eye problem, he wouldn’t have believed an ulterior motive, but since she conveniently left that fact out, it really makes Man Ok look bad. Although…can Tae Ik really think that about Man Ok given all their time together?

In the dressing room, Man Ok is fixing Kang Hwi’s collar after cleaning off a stain on his shirt when he leans in for a kiss. Tae Ik cracks open the door and Kang Hwi pulls away before he actually does it. Unfortunately, from Tae Ik’s perspective, he can misconstrue that a kiss really happened. Man Ok then notices Tae Ik who says nothing and only walks away. Man Ok goes to rush after him, but Kang Hwi stops her. Please just stay next to him. Man Ok apologizes and leaves to go after Tae Ik while Kang Hwi stares in misery and surprise. This shouldn’t be shocking. As much as Man Ok will stay by his side and help him, her heart won’t change. It’s with Tae Ik and she doesn’t want him to misunderstand her real feelings.
Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung EumMan Ok quickly searches for Tae Ik, but he gets into a taxi where the driver actually knows Korean. Tae Ik asks to go as far away as possible from the site. The driver asks if it can be anywhere and takes off to his favorite place—a mah-jong parlor. Seriously. Tae Ik starts playing with the taxi driver’s help and starts unwinding and having fun. Awwww. The two then go out to eat, and, of course, Tae Ik is reluctant to eat the fare, but the driver promises it’s the best food there is as it’s the cab drivers in the world who know the best eateries in town. Tae Ik cautiously takes a bite ans says it’s good. The driver then says his spirits seem so down. Money trouble? Woman trouble? Eh, there’s no one who hasn’t had problems with women. He even takes a poll and all men answer they have. This makes Tae Ik smile and his spirits do lift a little. The driver takes Tae Ik back to his hotel and when Tae Ik hands over a large sum of money, the driver just takes the normal fare and hands everything else back. He then gives Tae Ik a speech on not giving up even though life is hard. He then calls Tae Ik by name. How did he now? The driver’s daughter is a huge fan and looking forward to Tae Ik’s comeback. Awww. Well, this seems to be the pick-me-up that he needed.

Tae Ik then sees Man Ok waiting for him. He goes to pass by, but she jumps up and stops him. She begs to go somewhere quiet and talk, but Tae Ik angrily insists that he has nothing to say to her. She pleads with him to listen to her as there’s been a misunderstanding. Tae Ik doesn’t believe that and says just to forget everything. What? Forget? As he walks away, Man Ok declares her love for him! Ye gads. It’s about time for her, but at the same time, this wasn’t really the best time to do it. She should have done it BEFORE all this carp cropped up (and remembered it afterward). Man Ok says she doesn’t recall all that happened on her birthday, but she vaguely recalls confessing and she does sincerely like him. Tae Ik turns in disbelief. He doesn’t know what to believe any more. Just who is she? Whose words are right? He walks away and Man Ok tears up. She calls him mean for walking away without listening to her. He’s so mean. She bawls and Tae Ik looks like he’s breaking down.

The two end up at a café where Tae Ik tells her to stop drinking and start talking. He’s giving her a chance. Man Ok doesn’t know where to start—his expression is frightening her. So Tae Ik starts. Why did she leave without telling him. Man Ok’s reply? She had her reasons. Seriously? Aigoo. But it’s definitely not what Tae Ik is thinking. It isn’t? Man Ok then says she can’t tell him everything now, and Tae Ik interjects that she must tell him everything now. Why would she leave him when he needed her the most and come to China alone? Man Ok apologizes and says it’s something she can’t tell him as she wishes she could. She tells him to remember one thing and one thing only. She then repeats his words back at him. She likes him sincerely. Tae Ik isn’t buying it since she confesses she sincerely likes him, but refuses to tell him what is going on. She’s no different. Man Ok earnestly says that while she doesn’t know who he’s referring to, she is different. She then adds on she isn’t Jin Se Ryeong. Tae Ik’s eyes narrow. Kang Hwi then calls and Tae Ik gets up to leave. Man Ok tries to stop him, but this time he really does leave. Man Ok sadly looks after him and calls him a dummy. You’re a dummy as you caused this mess by not telling the whole truth. She could have revealed what was going, but chose not to. I get that it isn’t her secret to tell, but still.

So we get sad music from Monday Kiz while Tae Ik wanders morosely, Man Ok cries sadly, and Kang Hwi recalls Man Ok leaving him for Tae Ik as he stares at the cat ornament he bought. He goes outside on the veranda and sees Man Ok sadly returning. She sits on the steps and he goes down with the charm and tries to cheer her up. The charm really looks like their Chaton, doesn’t it? Man Ok agrees it does and Kang Hwi asks for her phone and he puts the charm on so that Chaton can always be by his mommy’s side. Kang Hwi then says when they get back to Korea, they should immediately bring Chaton so they can all three live happily together again. Man Ok does start laughing and smiling again, but I’m sure they both know that isn’t really going to happen.
Meanwhile, Tae Ik-ssi is getting all liquored up when Bum Soo calls and scolds him for leaving without letting anyone know. Does Tae Ik really plan on making a comeback? Tae Ik flashes back to the fashion show and Se Ryeong’s words while Bum Soo keeps bawling him out for not getting his priorities straight. Tae Ik stays silent and Bum Soo goes to angrily hang up when Tae Ik says he’ll do it. The things he wants to guard so that they won’t be taken away again, he’ll sing. This makes Bum Soo happy, but he’s worried about Tae Ik.

Joon is back in Korea and planning Kang Hwi’s solo album and Se Ryeong’s next film under a hotshot internationally famous director. After the meeting, he asks his secretary about the matter he told her to look into. She reveals all the info she’s learned about the Won family. Joon is shocked to learn that there is a hidden son of  Korean woman. Meanwhile, Ga Ryeong and Seo check out Nora’s photos. Nora reveals that the other picture takers had their cameras confiscated. Nora reminds Ga Ryeong about Man Ok being with Kang Hwi and Ga Ryeong calls her to find out more info. Like Man Ok will talk. Sheesh.

Tae Ik returns to the dojo and hears someone singing inside. That person has a really great voice. Who is it? It’s Go Dong singing to the vacuum cleaner. LOL. Not all notes are great, but it’s awesome for the most part. Bum Soo comes out and compliments him, but they need to finish cleaning first. Tae Ik then says there is no need and smiles. End episode.

So…does he trust Man Ok or does he not? Kind of hard to tell. And how long will Man Ok and Kang Hwi go on pretending that everything is fine when nothing is fine?


  • Tae Ik having wittiness a kiss that didn’t even happen he must feel hurt, Man Ok confess how she feel to him but he doesn’t believe her I think he does but doesn’t know how to respone since his mind is full of thought an Man ok refuse to tell him why she came to china so I don’t blame him..I can’t wait for tomarrow espoide I want to see Man Ok drunk calling him jerk and bad man will crying in public and he having to piggy back her…Tae Ik is going to believe her..

  • Much happened in this episode.
    Everyone now knows that Kang Hwi is from a powerful Chinese family. (not sure how this changes things)
    Man Ok soberly confessed her affection for Tae Ik, it was badly timed and not well received but she put it out there.
    Tae Ik’s resolve to be successful has crystallized. It was a bit mushy before but now it unyielding.
    Go Dong can Sing!! (i just love this guy. saw this actor in King of Dramas!)

    My favorite part of this episode was with the taxi driver and the slice of China. The mah-jong, the food, the other citizens at the outside cafe. It was a time for Tae Ik to be removed from his problems get refreshed and receive encouragement. The taxi driver was a bit of an angel for Tae Ik.

    I understand that this drama was filmed in Japan, Korea, and China and I had wondered why, but this episode cleared that up for me. The biggest markets for Hallyu are China and Japan. We know that this drama is airing in Japan as it airs in Korea and is hugely popular there. By incorporating cityscapes, people, and customs from these countries into the drama, the viewers from these countries feel a sense of ownership. e.g. while I was watching this episode there was a spectacular needle shaped building that lit up at night, as I wondered, “What city is this?” and in the next shot a viewer commented (this was on viki so you can comment) They’re in Guangzhou my home. Voila, ownership!

    This drama is not the best written or the best acted but the story is good enough, and fluffy enough to make you ignore any plot holes. The people in charge of this drama fully intended to make use of the international popularity of Full House and Kdramas. I am new to kdrama so I do not know if this is a common strategy or if this show is breaking new ground. Either way I am impressed and wish I could invest in this production company.

    • The main reason they made Full House 2 was for the international rights. It’s rare that a Korean drama is filmed before they actually have a time slot, but they sold it overseas before anyone in Korea actually picked it up.

      It kind of annoys me though, because it has nothing to do with Full House. They just called it Full House 2 so they could sell it. How stupid. But it worked, so you know, props to them. But if viewers went into it thinking it would be like Full House, than they would have been disappointed.

      I liked the taxi driver, and i laughed at a comment someone on Viki made when he started speaking Korean – “how convenient”, lol. But it was a very cute scene.

      • That’s actually why a lot of people stayed away from this drama to begin with. They had all these expectations because of Full House and after hearing the plot and seeing the trailers, didn’t think the show would be good. You then got these naysayers who complained they came into it expecting the original and getting this and loyal fans of the original coming to love the show for what it is worth.

        It is rare for kdramas to be filmed without a broadcasting station or timeslot. But there are exceptions. I think IRIS was one of the…no wait. It was one of the Korean war dramas. Maybe the So Ji Sub one. And then there was the flop known as The Musical (PKW said in Strong Heart that was the lowest of drama rating lows for him). I actually don’t like the filming as it airs just because you do get some horrible plot deviations that can completely kill the show due to problems arising with cast, crew, writers, and viewers.

        Dramas are full of these little conveniences, but I still loved the taxi scene. It seemed very random, but definitely helped Tae Ik get a better mindset.

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