Full House Take 2 Episode 13.2 Recap

Do you really not know or are you acting like you don’t know? [Blank stare] Ok,fine. Since you really don’t seem to remember, I will tell you once more. I…like you…sincerely. [Surprised expression] I don’t like it when the woman I like is next to someone else, so, Jang Man, I want you to just be by my side.

That’s why Tae Ik came all the way to China. He puts down her hand and takes out a pen and writes down his hotel. She is to meet him at 8. He’ll be waiting. He then leaves the stunned Man Ok. What shall she do?

The fashion show rehearsal is going on and Kang Hwi is in the back. When he starts squinting again, Man Ok asks if she should request the lights be dimmer since this is only the rehearsal. Kang Hwi smiles and says he’s fine. Right. That’s soooo unbelievable.

Hwa Ming, Se Ryeong and Joon are all sitting down together talking about how the interest has spiked because of the two Korean models. Joon promises that sales will only continue to grow as long as they are the models. Bold statement given Kang Hwi’s limited time. Se Ryeong excuses herself for the final rehearsal when Kang Hwi’s mother comes in. Se Ryeong stops and listens. His mother says she will wait in a coffee shop near by. Se Ryeong is already plotting to invade his privacy. Sheesh. This woman. Hwa Ming tells Kang Hwi is mom is waiting in the coffee shop. He quickly calls her and goes to meet her. His mom scolds him for not calling sooner. He apologizes and says he was too busy. She complains that he’s getting thinner and he smiles and says he’s perfectly healthy. Liar. His mom then reveals his father really wishes to see him now that he knows his son is back in China. His mom tells him his father’s health has gotten even worse. Kang Hwi’s response is only that he really hates that house. His mom tries to get him to change his mind, but he refuses. Bad son. Although, he did suffer, poor boy. Hearing what she can, Se Ryeong is definitely shocked.

Kang Hwi is swimming alone and recalling his mommy’s pleas. Will he listen? Totally off topic, but with Noh Min Woo’s towel scene, it was slung low on his hips…Park Ki Woong’s has his towel firmly at waist level. Wae? Anywho, back in his hotel room, Kang Hwi’s mother’s words keep replaying. He then gets a text from his noona asking him to please visit their father before leaving since Won is very ill. Kang Hwi leaves his hotel and is being stalked by…NORA! Ga Ryeong is looking at the fan photos from China and Seo is scolding her obsession when he notices Nora in the background. He tells Ga Ryeong to go back and she curls her lip, but complies. She then sees Nora as well. The two exclaim in surprise. Nora is currently stalking Kang Hwi (who shouldn’t be driving when his sight is failing). She is ignoring Ga Ryeong’s calls and Ga Ryeong leaves complaining messages about her leaving for China without her. Nora apologizes, but insists she had to follow Kang Hwi. Nora vows to record every move of Kang Hwi-nim and send reports live. Ga Ryeong agrees with this and then Nora says she saw Man Ok. Ga Ryeong doesn’t believe her, but Nora insists and sends a photo over that she took. Ga Ryeong takes a look and gets even angrier at Man Ok. Ah, seriously. And she calls herself a friend.

Kang Hwi arrives at his destination not looking one bit happy. Nora gets out of her car to take photos and there are all sorts of fans outside snapping pictures. The security team quickly confiscates all cameras and deletes all pictures. Wow. Nora quickly escapes unnoticed since she wasn’t with the gathering crowd. Hwa Ming takes Kang Hwi to see his dad who is happy to see his son. His father takes his hands and apologizes for not being a proper father. Kang Hwi seems really unmoved while his sister cries. The two leave his father and meet with Kang Hwi’s and Hwa Ming’s mothers.  The first wife is actually coldly polite, but little sister is all brimming with anger. What does Kang Hwi expect to have come here? Hwa Ming immediately scolds her sister for being rude. Of course, the younger witch won’t stop and keeps insulting him and bashing him for trying to take over the inheritance. She gets scolded by her mother and yells at Kang Hwi to go out. He leaves and his mom rushes after him crying and apologizing. He then demands to know why she’s sorry. He pulls his hand away and tells her not to follow him out.

Kang Hwi wanders the streets alone and depressed. Don’t you just want to hug him? He again recalls the spinning table and vicious little girl who wouldn’t let him eat shrimp. He then sees a mother and son dancing together at a large fountain and you know he’s thinking about how happy he used to be when he and his mom were alone. At the same time, Man Ok looks at her hand and recalls Tae Ik’s message. She quickly dashes to the closet for some clothes. As she is ready to go out, she gets a call from the depressed Kang Hwi. She becomes worried at the sound of his voice and he confesses he went out alone. Can she come out to him? He’s hurting, he’s hurting a lot. Meanwhile, Tae Ik waits and paces in front of the hotel.

Man Ok does go to Kang Hwi and asks what he’s doing there and where is he hurting. Kang Hwi says he was just feeling suffocated. He then points to the mother and son dancing and says he couldn’t see this alone. Man Ok looks and smiles and Kang Hwi asks if they should dance. Man Ok laughs and tells him to stop joking. They should head back. Kang Hwi stops her and begs for just one dance. Man Ok states she has somewhere she has to be and he says just one dance…please. Man Ok looks at him. What is wrong? Kang Hwi starts crying and lowers his head on her shoulder. Man Ok’s mommy instinct has woken and you know she can’t leave him alone.

Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Kang Hwi is getting drunk and like last time, he sings drunkenly at the top of his lungs. Man Ok keeps glancing at her watch and then complains about his drunken singing and people looking at them. She gets up to leave when he gets even louder. He takes her hand. He will tell her everything. Tae Ik at this time is trying to call, but gets no answer. Poor little Tae Ik is going to be hurting as well. 😦 Meanwhile Joon is at a store browsing clothes when he gets a call saying that the photos were lost. What photos? He hired people basically to stalk Kang Hwi and take photos. How did that happen? They saw Kang Hwi enter a house and took pictures and people came out of the house. The secretary then said she looked into the family and it’s the Won family—a very famous family. Joon asks her to look into it in more detail. Meanwhile, Se Ryeong is also trying to figure out what is going on. Seriously? What the heck is with her? She immediately calls up Hwa Ming to meet. Se Ryeong immediately asks Hwa Ming about the family skeletons and she gets a shock when Hwa Ming confirms the woman is really Kang Hwi’s mother and that Hwa Ming is his half sister. Was this necessary? I think not.

Man Ok gets the drunken Kang Hwi into his room and glances at her watch. It’s way past the time she was supposed to meet Tae Ik. Se Ryeong catches her leaving. What is Man Ok doing coming out of Kang Hwi’s room so late? Man Ok says nothing and goes to leave, but Se Ryeong stops her. Is Man Ok doing this because she likes Kang Hwi-nim or does she have an ulterior motive? Man Ok turns around. Ulterior motive? Se Ryeong then brings up Kang Hwi’s family background. Man Ok then recalls all the stuff that Kang Hwi confessed to her. Her silence is taken as an affirmation and Se Ryeong basically dubs her a gold digger. Man Ok tells her not to misunderstand—not everyone is like Se Ryeong. Burn. The angry Man Ok then walks off and Se Ryeong’s lip curls. Just what is Man Ok?

Man Ok goes back to her room and takes out her phone. She notices the missed calls from Tae Ik and wonders if he’s fallen asleep. She texts him and apologizes saying something came up. She then erases that message and says that work went over and she can’t explain everything now, but will when they are back in Korea. I can’t tell if she deleted that message, too. Actually, she’s good at not sending messages and just saying things out loud instead. Too bad there is no CCTV and a watching Tae Ik this time. She does send out one message—“I’m sorry.” Tae Ik is moping in his room when his phone dings. Man Ok’s “Sorry”—how does he take it?

The hurting Tae Ik arrives at the fashion show and that’s where we end this episode.


  • NONoNO you stupid woman! You do not just say sorry!! Man Ok is killing me with her poor communication skills! This woman!

    This was kang Hwi’s episode. More was revealed about his history and the other characters are learning about his past. Snowflake is so very nosy! Why will the discovery of Kang Hwi’s family have an impact on Joon? I do not see how Kang Hwi rich family makes a difference in anything. No 1 Mother acted nicer to him this time then I expected. 2nd Daughter was a flaming Witch. Perhaps the French Fan has a future with Kang Hwi? That would be nice and tidy.

    Tae Ik was a man, he clearly (take notes Man Ok) stated how he felt and put his heart out there. Way to man up.

    Thank you for the recap!

  • Tae Ik went all the way to china to tell her he like her and want her to stay by his side.Kang Hwi second step sister is so mean,his first step sister treat him so nice he have a mom who love him but a father who was never able to show him love since his step- mom..snowflake is so noisy she cannot mine her own business she jealous that Tae Ik and Kang Hwi like Man Ok and not her…Man Ok is lack of communication skill how can she send his a text saying only sorry does she even know what it mean she should have explain herself as to why she didn’t show up he would have userstand instead of getting the wrong message…I want to see more Tae Ik and Man Ok

  • I love Tae Ik’s confession in first minutes, now it’s his best time to fight for Man Ok! ^^
    about towel scene, I guess there’s a rule in kdrama that 2nd male’s towel shouldn’t be lower than 1st lead…kkkk so Kang Hwi ended up just on his waist level. LOL
    Hwa Ming is very pretty, she reminds me so much to Hongkong actress, Rosamund Kwan.

    • Had to laugh at the towel comment. Makes sense, tho 😛
      I don’t know Rosamund Kwan, I’ll have to look her up. Hwa Ming is an understated pretty 🙂 I like her.

  • Yeah…Joon’s and Se Ryeong’s actions and nosiness. They make no sense to me. Why does it matter? But you know they will do their darndest to use Kang Hwi’s family skeletons against him somehow.

    I was also cursing Man Ok for her lack of communication. She doesn’t tell her grandfather what’s going on. It looks like she basically left without telling the trio & she can’t even give Tae ik an explanation after he FLEW TO CHINA [major awesomeness on his part] and CONFESSED AGAIN!

    Sigh. More drama to come. I bet our leading pair don’t get together for reals until the last gosh darn minute of the last gosh darn episode at the rate they are going. Sigh. Looking forward to Tae Ik pairing up with Go Dong. I posted the not best quality link on the Facebook page to their version, so check it out 🙂

    • I don’t see why it matters who Kang Hwi’s family is. Like, it doesn’t affect anyone, and it’s not like fans will care. And freaking Man Ok just saying “sorry” to Tae Ik. He’s probably interpreted that as “sorry but i don’t feel the same”.

      Kang Hwi wasn’t driving though, he was in a taxi, wasn’t he? Did you notice how the photographers just popped out of nowhere? It was really creepy. And why did Joon have so many people tailing Kang Hwi anyway?

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