May Queen Episode 32 Recap

Who wants to spot how many things DON’T make any sense at all in this drama in the land we call the real world?

*crickets chirping*

Or let’s call it…Time to hop on the logic-defying crazy train! Who’s with me?

Jae HeeHan Ji Hye

We open with Chang Hee’s call. Choi isn’t stupid and his evil spidey senses are tingling. His eyes narrow—who is that? Hae Joo lies and says it’s her family. Does he buy it? Probably not. Meanwhile uri San wakes up in the dimly lit storage unit. The first thing he does is pound on the door and asking if anyone’s outside. THEN he tries it to see if it’s locked (backwards). When it doesn’t open and no one answers he tries to throw himself at the door. Only one try and he gives up. He then notices an opening, but it’s not anything he can get out of. He then sees handy dandy chemicals lying on the floor. This sends him searching through other boxes where he finds even more chemicals. Now…would any GOOD company in their right mind store chemicals together which shouldn’t be mixed in a storage unit in cardboard boxes?

So our Monster Chang Hee has decided to trade in his black hat for white, but before he can ride to our damsel in perpetual distress (in the brains department—she should have known better than to go with Choi, but then again, he’d probably have dragged her off like the Neanderthal he is), Jang comes in. Snapple! Chang Hee says he was going to check on something that has to do with the drill project, but Jang insists he go with him to the prosecutor’s office. And Chang Hee grits his teeth, forces a smile, and goes off with Evil Man Jang. Sigh.

Meanwhile MacGyver San is having fun trying to play with chemicals to escape. Does anyone else think he shouldn’t be touching some of that with his bare hands? [For those who don’t know, MacGyver was a kick butt show that ran in the US from ‘85-‘92. I literally grew up watching this since it came out the year I was born. That man can do anything with duct tape and various things lying around. Oh…and who doesn’t like understated hottie Richard Dean Anderson?] So Chang Hee is in the car and surreptitiously texting someone. Hae Joo? San? We then cut back to San who has a lighter handy for whatever absurd reason. Maybe a worker left it behind in a warehouse full of chemicals which, when combined, can go BOOM! Or maybe San smokes and we just don’t know it. Anywho, after making his bomb and putting it at the door, San stands back and launches his trusty lighter.

Kim Jae Won

KABOOM! He’s free. Wow. Now there’s a true kick butt Kdrama Hero. San stands up and happily walks out of the storage unit and sniffs his scarf (that’s…just wrong). He then calls himself SanGyver. Sort. You can’t help but chuckle. His head’s swelling with how clever he is. Or maybe it’s the fact he got nailed in the head? San winces and whines about always being hit in the head. He then looks around for his cell which is conveniently lying on the ground where idiot thug threw it. He turns it back on (why didn’t idiot thug remove the battery?) and gets Chang Hee’s text message to hurry to the airport to save Hae Joo. And…did he steal a truck or is that his? Speaking of grand theft auto…Hae Joo never got in trouble for borrowing that man’s scooter did she?

Kim Jae Won

At the airport, two more men greet Hae Joo and Choi. She asks if the men are going with them. Choi says yes and asks if she’s worried because there’s only men. Hae Joo says no and then hands Choi her purse and heads off to the bathroom. Choi, being Choi, doesn’t trust her leaving her purse behind and sends the men to follow. Hae Joo makes a run for it out of the airport where she screams for help and goes to more and more secluded areas [Ah, also notice it’s like in horror/suspense thrillers when the idiot female always runs UPSTAIRS from which there is usually no escape. Sigh.]. She does manage to shake the men in the parking lot. Choi says they’ll lie to Jang about sending her to the Philippines since they will obviously miss their flight. I’m still trying to figure out how they could expedite a passport THAT quickly since Hae Joo didn’t have one to begin with. That’s neither here nor there. But, needless to say, Choi’s plan is to catch the girl and put her on the first flight out of the country. Well…I suppose the airport has no policy against hog-tying and dragging someone off to some foreign country against their will to strand them there with no money or way to communicate except to find the nearest Korean embassy and wait the long wait to get things sorted out.

At this time, Hae Joo gets a call from San which leads Hae Joo to be spotted by Choi who calls the goons over while San floors it. How on earth can it possibly get this dark this fast without them finding her? And WHY on earth did she decide to spring out when she did when the lot was at its deadest? It’s mystifying. Just when you think the girl finally grew a brain. Anywho, she kicks some butt, but is soon surrounded by an annoyed Choi and his men who have no problems beating chicks in a public place such as an airport. And whoever is there ignores it because it’s like New York—everyone goes blind and deaf for five minutes while a crime happens. Choi tells her to come quietly or get hurt. Hae Joo asks if Jang ordered it and then kicks him. Choi retaliates by punching her. He picks her up again and she bites him so he punches her again and then proceeds to kick her while she’s down and step on her precious hand. She screams and is pulled to her feet. He gloats and says that he told her she’d get hit. Hae Joo says she saw his face so we’ll see who gets hurt. This earns her a sucker punch.

As the baddies go to drag her off, the true white knight has come for his queen. The men, defying the rules of true fights, all take turns to fight San one-on-one. San clobbers Choi good and steals his phone. Hae Joo bights the hand that holds her and she and San rush off as airport security FINALLY shows up and saves the day. At this point Hae Joo collapses to her feet and pulls San into a right hug. No, she’s not all right take her to a flipping hospital. You should go, too since you got bashed in the brains yet again.

**Did you know that’s only within the first 13 minutes?**

Jang is disappointed to hear they didn’t send Hae Joo off to the Philippines as planned. When she caught on and ran away Choi should have just let her go as Jang didn’t tell him to kidnap her. Um…technically he sort of did. And how did Choi escape airport security without being handed over to the fuzz? Anywho, Jang commands him to lie low since this was a rather public incident and Uncle Jung Woo will go ballistic if he finds out. Oh…and not to mention Hae Joo now knows Choi’s face. Choi promises that even if he’s implicated, Jang will not be hurt. Jang doesn’t believe this and tells him to just hurry into to hiding. Enter Chang Hee. He asks what’s wrong and Jang says its nothing. Did Chang Hee come to a good conclusion at the meeting? Yes. Jang then tells him to hurry home to his new bride as he’s sure she’s lonely.

Hae Joo and San are at Uncle Jung Woo’s office fingering baddie Choi. Jung Woo holds up a photo and asks if it’s that person and Hae Joo and San positively ID him as they both have seen him often around Jang. Jung Woo’s anger goes up and he slams the packet down. San believes they wanted to take Hae Joo and abandon her in the Philippines because there are a growing number of Koreans being murdered there. I have NO idea how true that is. Given this is a drama—take it with a grain of salt. Jung Woo says Jang has finally turned into a true devil. San says that it’s obvious that Jang knows about Hae Joo’s true identity. This freaks her out as newly discovered mommy dearest could be in danger.San then hands over the phone he stole and it’s the fake phone they’ve been trying to chase. Jung Woo says he’s finally gotten the tiger’s tail (while at least Choi Wook Jin’s).

Jung Woo storms into Jang’s office looking for Choi. Jang says he has no idea where his secretary is (Choi isn’t at his house either). Jung Woo demands to know where Jang is hiding him. Jang replies he has no idea where the secretary is, besides he doesn’t work any more—remember? If he’s not working, they why is he at Cheonji? Boredom. So not believable.

Chang Hee arrives home and finds In Hwa spying on his dad. What is she doing? In Hwa says that Gi Cheol isn’t eating or sleeping and just drinks and sighs. She’s worried. Chang Hee goes in and sits down at the table. What’s going on. Gi Cheol replies it’s nothing, but Chang Hee won’t let it go. In Hwa comes in and asks if she’s done something wrong. Gi Cheol says no and then excuses himself to bed. In Hwa then sits in his vacated chair and tells Chang Hee she thinks his father is lonely and wonders if they should introduce him to someone. Chang Hee says that his father’s always been alone, so there’s no need. Chang Hee goes to get up and In Hwa puts on some aegyo and asks if he’s eaten. Yep. Omo. We then enter into her trying to seduce her husband. He completely ignores her. Hahahaha. Poor In Hwa. Short of literally throwing herself on top of him, he ain’t going to notice. In Hwa then gripes about being ignored and tells him to quit and she’ll support him. He smiles and says that isn’t right. She then goes to get up to go back to her mommy. Chang Hee gets up and stops her and apologizes. Meh. No sincerity.

I won’t lie. In Hwa seemed very immature in this scene. Sure, she’s hurt. Sure, she’s lonely and she does have a point, but at the same time she only thinks of herself and not the trough time her husband is going through. To further prove her immaturity, she’s running off to mommy because marriage isn’t going like she thought it would. Hello? Marriage isn’t all sunshine and roses and if you’re going to run away at the very beginning because you’re disappointed, you shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. Babo. I’ve seen enough divorces in my 27 years to respect just how serious a commitment marriage is. This is why i also vow I’m never getting married 😛

Jung Woo calls out Geum Hee and she is completely panicking to hear that Hae Joo was nearly kidnapped (and possibly killed). Hae Joo then begs Geum Hee to move out. Geum Hee says she’ll handle things on that end and requests San never leave her daughter’s side. San promises he will stick to her like glue whether she likes it or not.

At the docks, Hae Joo says she’s really worried about her mother. San says she’ll be all right and then says he’s frightened to death that Hae Joo might really get killed at this rate. He was so disturbed and suffocated as he thought about this on his way to the airport. Hae Joo says she’s fine and he arrived in time to save her. San then grabs her arm slowly and says that she is the only reason for him to stay alive since his parents and grandfather are gone. Omo. Huggles! He then leans in for a kiss. Hae Joo cries and goes to accept his kiss (about time) when Sang Tae spies them and yells at them. San quickly turns the kiss into bending Hae Joo over his arm to check out what went into her eye. Shakes head. Chang Hee? Too many kisses now to count (2 forced). San? One forced kiss from In Hwa and a quick cheek peck from Hae Joo. He’s totally behind. Hae Joo then hits San and says she was all right and rushes off. San’s anger at Sang Tae…cute. Of course, Sang Tae can’t pick up on this disgust.

San goes over to Hae Joo’s room and calls to her softly, but is caught by Dal Soon. She tells him that the only way he can marry Hae Joo is if he has five digits. That way her daughter will be kept well. San thinks about it for a moment. Ah…that five digits. He goes back while Dal Soon looks at her hand. Is that too little? Meanwhile, Hae Joo is positively beaming in her room.

Il Moon confronts Geum Hee about his frozen accounts. Geum Hee says it was his father’s doing, but Il Moon insists she was the one who urged it. He then reveals Jang knows everything and will never accept her bringing Yoo Jin into the family. Geum Hee says even if Jang knows everything it doesn’t matter. Il Moon then tells her that Jang knows that not only that Geum Hee was searching for Yoo Jin, but that he knows Hae Joo is Yoo Jin. Geum Hee asserts Il Moon is lying. He then gloats about all he’s done and how Jang won’t accept Yoo Jin and Geum Hee starts beating him with flowers leaving him with a bloody face once again. He angrily leaves while Geum Hee shivers and collapses. She’s going into full on evil Mom mode to the bad men who are hurting her daughter.

Jang confronts Gi Cheol about slacking off on the job (following his wife). Enter Geum Hee who slaps her husband. That slap was bass ackwards. Seriously. It just looked wrong. Anywho, she slaps and demands to know if he knew Hae Joo was her daughter all of this time. This shocks him. What is she talking about? Geum Hee then throws Il Moon under the bus. She demands to know how he and Il Moon could keep Yoo Jin’s being alive from her. Jang, of course, says that Il Moon is lying. Geum Hee then turns on Gi Cheol. Why did he lie about Yoo Jin dying? Gi Cheol can’t say anything. Geum Hee then screams that she will never, ever forgive either of them. She runs off to pack while Jang chases after her and tries to stop her. Jang says that it’s all a misunderstanding. Geum Hee tells her his touch disgusts her. Jang tells her to listen to his side and not trust Il Moon, but Geum Hee says she’s realized its 27 years of lies. She heads for the front door to rush out to see her precious daughter. Jang tells her not to throw their time together away. Geum Hee says he was the one who did it by throwing Yoo Jin away. She leaves and Jang pushes all the blame on Gi Cheol.

We cut to Chang Hee’s office where he’s trying to entice Kim to betray San and Hae Joo with money (for a sick parent?). I would like to think that Kim won’t honestly do anything, but we cut to the office with him sending confidential information to Chang Hee when Hae Joo and San come in. Kim leaves and Hae Joo asks if Chang Hee sent San the message. San confirms this and Hae Joo wonders how he knew and if he’s in trouble for snitching. San asks if Hae Joo wants to see Chang Hee. No. She’s just worried. San then tells her to go and see Chang Hee.

The stolen information is passed out at Cheonji and Chang Hee asks Jo if they can make the drill based off of what they got. Jo says they can, but there is no guarantee it will work. If it doesn’t, they will have to discover the problem and fix it first before Hae Joo and San can. I am still desperately hoping against hope that Kim’s “betrayal” is really just false info…but given this writer’s penchant…doubtful. Chang Hee is then told by Yang he has guests. San and Hae Joo go with him to his office and San asks why Chang Hee warned him and Hae Joo. Before Chang Hee can answer, San then asks where Choi is. Chang Hee turns around. He doesn’t know and if he really saved Hae Joo, can’t San just tell him thank you? Grrrr. Argh. Annoying. Sna doesn’t believe Chang Hee is doing anything out of the goodness of his heart and demands to know what Chang Hee is hiding. His attitude earns him a scolding from Hae Joo. She wants to believe the best about Chang Hee. She asks if Chang Hee will be all right, and Chang Hee ignores this and asks about the diamonds. San says they’ll manage and rejects the partnership with Cheonji. Chang Hee’s expression…is he sad or trying not to smile since he’s got the upper hand? Jae Hee has this expression that makes it look like he’s smirking even when he isn’t…that’s talent.

San pulls Hae Joo after him. What will they do about the diamonds now? San doesn’t care about that. How can Hae Joo trust that guy after all he’s done? He wasn’t bad to begin with. Well, let’s see. I guess you can say no one is bad to begin with. Babies are innocent (although completely selfish and ruled by their Ids if you go by Freud’s theories I think. As you grow, you develop a conscience and become less selfish…or at least you’re supposed to. Ah, college psychology days and sociology as well.) to being with. Anywho, San is angry about Hae Joo’s attitude. I can’t blame him. I am, too. San then run down his list of Chang Hee’s sins and how he and Hae Joo have lost everything while Chang Hee has gained everything. He’s shouting. Literally shouting at her. He then tells her to never mention Chang Hee’s name in front of him again and walks away. Hae Joo calls after him and he asks if she’s coming to work or not. Sigh.

In Hwa rushes home and demands to know if Geum Hee really ran away. Jang just replies that Geum Hee complained it was too stuffy and will be home in a few days. In Hwa isn’t too convinced as even Bong Hee doesn’t know where Geum Hee is or what’s going on. Where is she? She’s meeting Gi Cheol who confesses everything is a misunderstanding. How so? He then spins the same lies he told Jang. He lost Yoo Jin at sea and Hong Chul picked her up. Then what about Dal Soon’s cravings when she was pregnant with Hae Joo? He confused that pregnancy with Sang Tae’s. With a 3-year gap, how can there be such confusion? Gi Cheol asks why he would lie to her and Geum Hee says that’s what she’d like to know. Gi Cheol then reminds her of Jang’s obsession—I mean love—and how In Hwa would be so hurt by Geum Hee leaving. Geum Hee says it’s so funny how concerned he is with In Hwa, but he could throw Yoo Jin away so easily. She then gets up to go and tells him to relay the message that she regrets the life she lived with Jang. Snap. Have you noticed Gi Cheol’s gotten better at lying? I mean…usually the way he was, you could tell he was lying, but here it was actually somewhat believable.

Jung Woo gets a call from Mr. Kim from Singapore. What does he want? Jung Woo wants to know what he told President Kang. I think the two arrange to meet or something. Bong Hee then comes in and requests to talk to him. The two go out for drinks and Bong Hee tells him he has misunderstood Geum Hee for all of these years. It’s time to let it go. Jung Woo says they’ll say it’s all a mistake. Bong Hee then asks if they can be together. Jung Woo’s response? He pours her a drink. The game is one. Who will die first? Aigoo. Many bottles of alcohol later, both are completely schnookered. Bong Hee tells him to be honest—does he really not like her even a little? Jung Woo takes another shot and Bong Hee says she is bad, isn’t she? Jung Woo then confesses he’s only liked Bong Hee since high school. He had problems with Geum Hee, lost his brother and niece and lost his courage to confess as he couldn’t stand losing any one else. He finally works up the courage to confess and Bong Hee is passed out cold! I want to pull my hair out in frustration. Jung Woo sighs and looks rather annoyed. He takes another shot and slams the glass down. Bong Hee is startled awake and continues the same train of thought before passing out again while Jung Woo glares at her.

Lee Hoon

He piggybacks the drunk girl home. Dal Soon catches them coming in together and she tells him to just put Bong Hee in his room instead of the living room. It’s not like she doesn’t know about the two of them. Jung Woo ignores this and deposits her in Dal Soon’s room. She calls out his name and he pushes the hair off her face and smiles. Awwwww.

Lee Hoon

Geum Hee comes in with tons of gifts for the family and asks to speak with Dal Soon. Geum Hee has come to ask a favor—she wishes to sleep one night with her daughter. This floors Dal Soon. Here? Geum Hee pleads saying she will leave at dawn. Dal Soon says she can suit herself and then Geum Hee thanks her for raising Yoo Jin well over the years. Dal Soon tears up and says he was not good to Hae Joo while the girl was growing up so she does not need her thanks. Geum Hee says thanks all the same. Hae Joo arrives home. Why is Hae Joo without San? He had some stuff to take care of. Geum Hee tells her to come in and talk. Will Dal Soon ever learn what’s going on?

What is San’s important business? He’s talking to Mario who is still in Korea. Go figure. Will Noble be able to help them out or will they stay true to Cheonji? Every time that English-speaking actor comes on I cringe. T_T Wae? Why couldn’t they find someone who could actually act? It makes these scenes so painful and unbelievable. Anywho, San tells Mario to reduce the risk by diversifying the investment. Meaning? In plain English, invest in both San and Cheonji. This means a greater chance at success versus having all your eggs in one basket…or something to that effect.

Lee Duk Hwa, Park Gyu Chul

Gi Cheol goes into Jang’s private study. Jang asks what happened. Gi Cheol reveals Geum Hee is adamant about not returning home. This earns him a punch. This is all his fault for not killing Yoo Jin and leaving her with a sailor to be discovered. Gi Cheol apologizes, but that isn’t enough. This earns him a kick to the face. Chang Hee stands outside the door listening and shaking in anger. Again, he can’t bring himself to barge in and save his father. He can only wince, tear up, and shake in anger while his father is being beaten by Jang. Another useless person…or should I say impotent?

Geum Hee and Hae Joo are having an all night talk session. They are trying to catch up on the 27 years they missed. Just a lot of crying and apologizing, etc. Geum Hee then says she will live the rest of her life as a sinner with a bruised heart. In order to pay for her sins, she wants Hae Joo to move out and live with her. This way Hae Joo can live a good life and study what she wants. Hae Joo refuses. Why? She visited her birth father’s grave, but doesn’t feel as if he’s her father as Hong Chul is in her heart and she can’t forget him. Just like she cannot forget the mother and family she has right now. Hae Joo cannot live without them. Then why can’t they all live together? Hae Joo asks Geum Hee to be understanding and cries about how she is happy to have met her birth mother. Dal Soon stands outside listening with refreshments as Hae Joo talks about being so happy learning that Geum Hee was her birth mother. It’s hard. It’s hard since you know how much Dal Soon loves her daughter now. Hae Joo then vows to always be by Geum Hee’s side even though they aren’t living together.

Chang Hee sits in tears and gets up immediately to demand what happened when Gi Cheol comes home. Gi Cheol lies and said he fell down stairs. Chang Hee then reveals he overheard everything and demands to know just who Yoo Jin is that she causes his father to be beaten like that. Gi Cheol collapses to the floor. They need to take revenge. Chang Hee says that he won’t agree to this until he hears the whole truth. Gi Cheol then says that it’s all Yoo Jin’s fault. The then reveals that Yoo Jin is Hae Joo and that Jang ordered her to be killed and she was given to Hong Chul. Gi Cheol then lies and says Jang killed her father. So…this has two possible outcomes. 1) Chang Hee steps up his game to squash Jang for all the pain he’s caused the Park family & Hae Joo 2) Chang Hee goes full steam ahead to destroy Hae Joo and Jang since they led to his family’s downfall.

San tells Hae Joo the good news about Noble’s investment. She tells him he shines brighter than diamonds. San says her lip service is enough to make him cry. Hae Joo calls him cute and he asks if it’s possible to be touched even more. He then comes in closer and asks if she remembers about their interrupted kiss. He leans in and Hae Joo pushes his lips away. What is he trying to do in an office? San then offers to go somewhere with a better atmosphere and wine. Hae Joo asks if he wants to get hit and quickly plants a peck and runs out while the happy San runs after her.

Yi Soo brings news about Choi being discovered. Jung Woo and he rush out and then stake out the house where Choi was spotted. They catch Choi leaving and he’s quickly caught…or not. He manages to push away the prosecutors and run for it, but he’s quickly surrounded by more men who watch as he and Jung Woo go one-on-one. Jung Woo totally kicks his butt!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!! Choi struggles and yells to be let go, but Jung Woo keeps a firm strangle hold on him and tells him he’s under arrest for murder and attempted kidnapping. Huzzah!

San unhappily goes to wear Hae Joo is working and says she has a guest. A guest? It’s Gi Cheol. She glares at him and asks why he’s there. She tells him to please leave, but he won’t as he has something to say to her. Hae Joo yells at him to just leave an turns her back. Gi Cheol says he did wrong and gets on his knees and calls her Yoo Jin. She turns as he tells her he did her a great wrong and was the one who killed her father. Hae Joo collapses to her knees as Gi Cheol bawls like the baby he is. I guess…should we be happy that he’s finally confessed his sins and stopped lying?

End episode. 6 episodes and counting. What will happen next? I must say…there should have been some cocoa puff kicking to go with the violence against women in this episode. It would only be right. Oh, and props to the man playing Choi Wook Jin. You believe his evilness so well and you can’t help but hate him.


  • You should be commended for being able to stick with this drama and all it’s craziness. I tried so hard to stick with it, but after learning about the extension I just dropped it. The character’s actions are so sporadic and unpredictable they’re different characters. Really I only stay with it to see how Jang FINALLY gets his comeuppance and for Kim Jae Won.

    Good job on the recaps and good luck lol

    • I don’t know, I’ve been kicking and whining for awhile now, but with the extension actually came more progress and plots that probably didn’t need to be added 😛 But thanks 🙂

  • the writer likes to tease ~ the almost kiss ~ OMG it is episode 32 ~ the only thing i like is when i lol when *MacGyver* theme came about – it was a surprise and KS saying he is KangGyver – such a disappointment on the almost kiss it was like de-va-ju (thinking WR) I got a feeling the only real kiss will happen towards the finale episode! oh noooooooo of course i am also waiting for JW and BH kiss too 🙂

  • By Gi Chul revealing to Hae Joo that he killed his foster father Hong Chul, this may drive HJ to hate him more , and she might treat him in an unpleasant way even if CH is around. And since Gi Chul told CH that their suffering was YJ’s fault, CH might symphatised with him and get angry if he saw HJ hate his father. Actually i feel that Gi Chul is making a big misunderstanding between HJ and CH. (Just guessing). As for KS, i know he is more cautious towards CH now even if Assistant Kim betrayed him by sending KS new work to CH, i think KS still have the upper hand on the project. He already solve the problem regarding the diamond, they only have to race against time to finish the project first before Cheonji does.

  • Wow onnie,when i read a recap, your comment is always my favorite part! Hehehe.. When you say he than seens a handy dandy chemical lying on the floor. Thats LoL part!! :)))

  • i think the writer will drag out the 6 episodes ~ remember that Choi guy hurt HJ hands ~ so maybe that will delay the drill or CH wants to have his revenge against Jang more than HJ & KS or he will join forces with KS to bring down Jang.

  • Thanks for the recaps! And hope your feeling much better now.^^

    I’m seriously amaze with May Queen, even with all the plot loop holes, brain-less/materialistic/man-hungry female characters (can the writer be anymore chauvinistic?), racist/unfounded statements about other countries and uneven and inconsistent acting, I was still able to watch this recent episodes. And they are seriously pulling away in ratings and even beat KBS Gag Concert. They have the korean ahjummas in the bag.^^

  • I was surprised that Secretary Kim would betray San. WTF!! Is he still mad from the time he had to hold the cow picture when they went to visit HJ’s family? Then again a lot of things didn’t really make sense in this episode. Hope things sort out as this series finishes up.

    Thanks as always for recaps.

  • j’adore vos commentaires j’ai l’ipression de regarder ca en famille merci; thanks

  • I know. These writers. These previews. A kiss!!!! Finally!!! Interrupted. Sigh. And Hae Joo’s quick peck soooo didn’t count.

    We had some progress, but I agree the writers will drag this out unmercifully now–especially by having Kim betray San (which I’m still hoping is an elaborate setup that San already anticipated…but these writers suck, so probably not)

    @feima …what’s WR? I’m running through drama names and coming up blank. I had to chortle at KanGyver. A nice 80s-90s throwback of my youth 🙂 It WAS the best part of the episode. Na do! I’m waiting for Auntie and Uncle to get together now, but of course, she had to get drunk and pass out. Curses. Just like FHT2 with Man Ok’s drunken amnesia.

    @Chen yeah. I don’t think Gi Cheol has any good motives. What he’s actually getting at…that’s what remains to be seen. Will it push Hae Joo and Chang Hee further apart? Probably, but I’m hoping he’ll keep his sliver of human decency. I mean…at least he’s not MURDERING anyone and just DESTROYING their lives completely…or is death better?

    @rickaa Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the commentary. Some days it’s better than others 🙂

    @Joy I’m still trying to figure out how they can pull such high ratings with all that bad writing and horrible takes on other Asian countries and women in general. Wonder if they get the ahjumma ratings thanks to the two male leads?

    & Thanks for all the well wishes. Slowly…very slowly getting better.

  • Since Cheongi arranged HJ trip in Phil. and got into trouble isn’t should the company accountable for it if she file a case? I can’t understand why there’s a lot of violence in this drama and seems like nobody take responsibility for it and just let it pass.

  • i think the ratings was good because of the two actors and viewers tend to anticipate who win at the end, the good guy or the bad one.??? 😉 i also check the Korean online poll for drama awards this year , Kim Jae Won rank #1 for best actor category follow by Song Joong Ki and Kim Yoo Jung also got the same position for most outstanding actress category beating Han Ji Hye who is only at the last position for best actress category sigh….

  • I can only hope San anticipated the under-handed move by Cheonji again, since he did tell Chang Hee he won’t make the same mistake twice. How about getting some freaking security in the factory since you’re making super expensive fancy-schmancy technology. But, oh no, that’s right, we still have 6 episodes to go… **sigh**

    I complain, but will continue to watch.

  • WR – Wild romance or Agressive Romance – starring LDW (known as Wookie) to his fans. Another disappointing drama that started well but ended with no oooomph! towards the end because of the stalker thingy.

    • Ah, that’s right. I forgot about Wild Romance. Sigh. So many dramas have promising starts only to flop at the end…like Heartsrings. That drama should have stopped while it was ahead. Shakes head.

  • This drama is so unintentionally funny – especially the unbelievable fight scenes. Lots of laughing, and then Kangyver?!! You know, the main story line seems to be falling into place but there are so many episodes left! Do you think the ending is going to be about revenge and the fall of JDH? or do you think they’ll extend the part where all the couples make peace and find happiness? Maybe instead of the infamous time jump, they’ll choose to wrap up the storylines more carefully and satisfactorily! That’s probably wishful thinking! I don’t know if you saw Answer Me 1997, but that drama really excelled in wrapping up all the loose ends and giving all the characters a good send off. The writers certainly have had a lot of time to rewrite this one. Hope this isn’t just wishful thinking..

    • I wonder sometimes if they just throw the absurdity in for laughs or what. But it was very funny. Given the extension, the ending is hard to predict since so many things are coming to a head now. My biggest fear is the huge dragout of the ending. At this point, they don’t need to drag out the revenge plot anymore. They can finish it up neatly in like 2-3 episodes and have it done with and then devote a few episodes to the aftermath and the characters’ figuring out what’s to become of their lives now that the revenge motivation is gone. But, wishful thinking.

      I haven’t seen Answer Me 1997 yet. I’ve heard some rave reviews, some not so good, but I want to watch it for Hoya as it’s his debut drama. So, maybe this holiday season, I’ll marathon it.

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