Full House Take 2 Episode 13.1 Recap

Before I begin, props to Park Ki Woong. Wae? It’s not that easy to portray someone losing their sight and Park Ki Woong is a strong eye actor. I mean it. His gaze can speak volumes. And in this episode, he does a smashing job of showing just how much Kang Hwi-nim is losing his sight.

Kang Hwi comes down to the basement with refreshments. He’s moving gingerly and when he goes up to Man Ok, he isn’t really looking in the correct direction. He apologizes for thinking she was Se Ryeong—how could he make such a mistake without his glasses on? The two sit down and Man Ok asks if he’s really okay. He really looks at her this time and assures her he’s fine, just tired. Kang Hwi then switches topics. Has she given any more thought to what he asked? He’s going to China in a few days and is scared since he’s been out of the loop for so long. He would really like her by his side—he even bought her plane ticket already. Man Ok apologizes and Kang Hwi plays it off as being okay, but you can see that hurt desperation creeping in.

Hwang Jung Eum, Park Ki WoongMan Ok leaves and Kang Hwi insists on taking her home. Man Ok tells him that’s okay as she rode her scooter. A man going blind wants to drive the woman he loves home? Always a great idea—NOT. I’m sure it was probably all just a smokescreen, but just imagine if Man Ok had taken him up on that offer. Shakes head. Kang Hwi gingerly walks back towards the house and almost runs into a bush. Man Ok restrains herself from rushing after him to help. She doesn’t need any more proof of just how bad his condition is. Instead of leaving, she sits by her scooter and cries. You know her resolve will crumble since she’s seen how bad off Kang Hwi-nim is.

Hwang Jung Eum, Park Ki WoongMan Ok gets home and is immediately scolded by Tae Ik for running off and worrying everyone. He notices her expression and asks if anything is wrong. Man Ok lies and says nothing, but Tae Ik is not stupid, he knows something is up. She goes inside and Bum Soo, Go Dong, and Grandpa are grilling pork belly for Go Dong’s welcome party. Bum Soo asks if everything went well and Man Ok says it did. Tae Ik comes in and they ask if he was waiting for Man Ok since he wouldn’t come in earlier no matter how much they insisted. Awwww.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooMan Ok leaves the table early and Grandpa asks how preparations are going for Tae Ik’s album. Bum Soo says things are slowly coming together and they will surely repay Man Ok’s and Jang’s kindness to them. Bum Soo then looks at Tae Ik and tells him that he needs to work hard and stay resolved in order to get everything back—even Full House. This catches Jang’s attention. Full House? Yes, that’s the name Tae Ik’s father gave his childhood home in order to make it a house full of happiness. Still no ringing bells on just whose son Tae Ik is. Seriously?

No Min WooMan Ok lies in bed and can’t sleep as she recalls Kang Hwi’s bad condition. Tae Ik can’t sleep because he’s worried about what’s worrying Man Ok. Grandpa sits up recalling Mr. Lee talking about his Full House project. He says he copied Jang’s Man Ok Kwan and turned it into English to have a house full of happiness. Jang then requested Lee to invite him when the house was finished. The flashback ends and Jang wonders if Lee Tae Ik of Full House is who he thinks he is. Man Ok then goes out to request something of him.

No MIn Woo, Hwang Jung EumThe next morning Kang Hwi throws Man Ok’s ticket away and goes to leave all sad and pouty. Enter Man Ok surprising him. It’s a shame to waste a ticket that was already bought. Meanwhile, the boys are supposed to be meditating, but all Tae Ik can think about is just where is Man Ok. Bum Soo tries to get him to hush up in order not to anger Jang. Tae Ik then goes outside to call Man Ok who is in China at Kang Hwi’s photo shoot. She finally picks up her phone and Tae Ik is unhappy to learn she’s with Kang Hwi. Her battery dies before she can explain the situation. Kang Hwi then looks at her and asks if it seems he’s looking at her. He’s having trouble focusing on the camera. Man Ok says he’s embarrassing her from all the eye contact. He nervously asks if she’ll be there still when he’s done. Man Ok promises not to go anywhere and fights back tears as Kang Hwi goes back to the shoot.

Hwang Jung Eum, Park Ki Woong, No Min WooTae Ik goes back inside wondering just what the heck is going on when he overhears Bum Soo and Go Dong talking about how Kang Hwi is in China and Man Ok went with him. What’s even more strange is that she agreed to go back to U Entertainment. Just what is going on? Back in China Evil Snowflake Se Ryeong enters the picture at long last. Does Tae Ik know she’s there? Man Ok doesn’t say anything. Se Ryeong then says Man Ok is as horrible as she said always going back and forth. Se Ryeong is then called in for her photo shoot. She then turns and tells Man Ok this suits her best—carrying Kang Hwi’s clothes and being the stylist. So she should just stay there and stop confusing people and do her job properly. Man Ok is fuming, but what can she do? It’s not that Man Ok is waffling between the men. She knows she loves Tae Ik…but she just can’t abandon her very good friend who is losing his sight.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooThe shoot continues and I must say it looks like there is no chemistry between the main models (well…it is true). Kang Hwi starts having issues, but Se Ryeong actually saves the day. So…she’s not 100% evil, but I still don’t like her. After the shoot, Man Ok rushes up to the resting Kang Hwi and shows him the shoot pictures, complimenting the fit and styles. She then reveals that Hwa Ming has been her role model for years. Will he introduce her to his sister? Even given that Kang Hwi wants to keep his family relationships a secret…I think he probably will just because it’s the two women he loves the most.

Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung EumTae Ik is moping outside of Man Ok Kwan and recalling Man Ok’s drunken kiss and confession. Poor boy. He then gets a call from Bum Soo who comes up and scolds him for ignoring his calls and sitting outside all alone. Bum Soo knows Tae Ik is disturbed over the sudden turn of events, but there is nothing they can do. He needs to focus on his preparations. Tae Ik ignores this and goes back into the studio where he zips himself up in his tent. Jang sees all of this and recalls Man Ok’s words about leaving Man Ok Kwan to stay and help out a friend. What about the people in the studio? Bum Soo is there so everything will be okay. Just trust her. Jang asks her if she told them yet. Nope. She then requests Jang look after the three boys well.

The next morning Jang wakes up the sleeping Tae Ik and takes him on a special outdoors training. We then cut to Tae Ik gasping for breath saying he can’t go any more. Jang complains about his lack of stamina. Tae for Big. Ik for Wings. Tae Ik = Big Wings. This name was given to him to be able to fly around the world, but he’s like a baby chick who can do nothing. His father was a focused person. Say what? Does Jang know Lee? Jang then reveals he’s Lee’s Hapkido master. Even when Lee was busy, he’d still stop by the studio 2-3 times a month to train with Jang. Grandpa then tells him about the visit he paid to Full House after it was built. Tae Ik then flashes back to the older man and the little girl who came in uniforms. So…this means Jang is the master who named him? Yep. Jang then gives him a pep talk to strive forward and confront what he needs to confront so he can stand proudly before his father. Tae Ik goes to Full House and with renewed vigor says he will definitely get back Full House and his love Man Ok. Aja, aja hwaiting!

In the hotel, Man Ok picks up her cat doll and asks if Tae Ik is well. Awww, she brought it with her. She then gets a knock on her door and it’s room service. Eh, she doesn’t speak Chinese. She lets the room service in and says she didn’t order it and Kang Hwi takes off his hat. How this girl cannot recognize his voice or demeanor yet is beyond me. He then says he didn’t know what she liked so he ordered a little bit of everything. He asks to eat breakfast and then quickly go out as there is some place he needs to show her. Where?

Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung EumMan Ok comments on the pretty buildings and demands to know where they are going. Kang Hwi just smiles and says they are almost there. He points to a building and it is Win’s store! He takes her inside and Man Ok is in awe. Enter Hwa Ming. Man Ok scolds him for talking in Korean to the Chinese designer and Kang Hwi reveals that Hwa Ming had a close childhood friend that was Korean so she knows the language even if she can’t speak it. Hwa Ming then invites the two for refreshments. Of course, there’s fried shrimp. Kang Hwi goes to give Man Ok some and she drops her tea cup in her lap (which all looked very deliberate to me). Hwa Ming immediately asks if she’s okay, plus the skirt looks expensive. Man Ok looks to Kang Hwi to translate. He does. Man Ok assures her that she’s fine and that the skirt isn’t expensive—she made it out of old scarves. This really catches Hwa Ming’s eye now and she smiles broadly.

Park KI Woong, No Min WooHwa Ming leaves and tells Kang Hwi to let Man Ok know how much she enjoyed the visit. Kang Hwi promises and then tells Man Ok its time for their next schedule. Next schedule? He takes her to another pretty little spot and then teases her for enjoying meeting Hwa Ming more than spending the day with him. Man Ok says she can see him all the time, but not Hwa Ming. Kang Hwi then states as long as she’s happy then it’s all good. He then rushes over when he spots a cute fluffy dog. He really likes animals, huh? Yes. He then asks Man Ok if she remembers how he said she reminded him of his first love. Well, it was about the same breed as the dog they are currently petting. Omo, omo. Kang Hwi-nim did NOT just say his first love was a dog? Snort. This completely floors Man Ok. She then recalls his words earlier. His first love was a dog? We then have Kang Hwi looking at charms and he finds a cute cat charm. Man Ok is distracted by photos hanging of Tae Ik and Take One. She gravitates towards them and Kang Hwi sees this and his happy expression fades. Well…no matter what…it’s Tae Ik in her heart.

Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung EumAnd speaking of Tae Ik, he arrives in China! Just what is he thinking? He arrives at the hotel and ends up on the opposite side as Man Ok and must desperately run after her and try to avoid detection at the same time. Man Ok is startled. What is he doing there? Tae Ik pulls her after him for a private conversation. He then throws her words back at her. What is SHE doing there? There is no way she’d leave without telling him so just what is the reason? Man Ok just says it’s her work. Of course Tae Ik doesn’t believe that. Man Ok says whether he believes it or not, it’s the truth. Did he come without telling Bum Soo? How can he do that? Why is he acting all immature and giving Bum Soo a hard time? Tae Ik doesn’t think that’s important. Man Ok then gets a text from Kang Hwi and goes to leave.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooThe frustrated Tae Ik stops her. Does she really not remember? Fine. Since she seems to have forgotten, he’ll tell her once more. “I like you…sincerely.” Man Ok stares at him in wonder and that’s where this episode ends.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eeum

Looks like the next episode will focus heavy on Kang Hwi’s past and just what exactly happened. Looks like Tae Ik also makes a proposal to Man Ok in which she needs to meet him if she accepts his feelings, but we all know Se Ryeong and Kang Hwi will get in the way of that.


  • It’s going to sad for Tae Lk for a few episode can’t until they come back together again

  • I got to admit that the first 5 minutes when Kang Hwi in basement talking with Man-Ok really made me saaaaaad….even almost in tears when he takes her outside and then go back to the house like a blind man…it REALLY breaks my heart. (TT____TT) (why another sad story with PKW)
    Man Ok must talk to Tae Ik, but she didn’t do it. *sigh* I dislike this misunderstanding plot, I guess Man Ok really has “lying” syndrom in her. She’s still not telling anything to her grandpa…

  • Thank you for the recap!

    Kang Hwi, is so pitiful. Glad Man Ok changed her mind and went to work for him. I am irritated by the lack of communication between Man Ok and EVERYONE else. She could have explained herself to her comrades back at the dojo. I know this is a way to drive the drama, still frustrating.

    I think the next few episodes for Tae Ik will be a time to grow up, toughen up, and aggressively take his future in his hands. He has the support of Bum So and Grandfather so he has not been abandoned, but he will not be babied either. It is time for him be become fully fledged.

    I love that the crazy jealous boy flew to China to stake his claim with Man Ok. He cannot bear to have her far from his side.

  • I know, I was so giddy and happy he went to China to stake his claim. It was so romantic. Awwweeeeee. I want more of Tae Ik and Man Ok lovey dovey and jealousy. I hope Tae Ik doesn’t give in to his ex because Man Ok is now by Kang Hwi’s side. It would just make me want to throw something at my screen.

  • Tae Ik is so worried over Man Ok even thought he don’t say it,I can’t believe he went all the way to china to get Man Ok and confess again since she doesn’t remember poor Kang Hwi doesn’t want Man Ok to know about his sight…even though Man Ok is by his side she has Tae Ik in her heart only Tae Ik doesn’t see it yet…I can’t wait for tomorrow espoide…to see what Man Ok say about Tae Ik confession….

  • What do you wanna bet that the first person who ever grabbed someone’s wrist was a Korean? lol

    Also, again with the “we’re broke so we all have to live together in Man Ok’s house except when we can want to buy cupcakes and plane tickets to China cos then we have plenty”.

    I’m really loving Tae Ik though. Ever since the show went in a different direction to what I thought (him declaring his love and then following through with it), i’ve been liking him more and more.

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