May Queen Episode 31 Recap

I’m currently sick, so this might not be the best, but here goes.

So we open with Il Moon spilling the beans to the angry Jang that Hae Joo is really Yoo Jin. Well…might not have done this if Jang hadn’t compared him to her, but given Il Moon’s nature, it’s not surprising that he finally told his father. This, naturally freaks Jang out. He grabs his son by the collar and raises the name plate. Say that again? Il Moon confirms that Geum Hee had DNA testing done and it came out she is Hae Joo’s mother. So, Geum Hee knows? Nope, Il Moon had the results faked. Jang grabs his son’s face and demands all the details.

Hae Joo is currently meeting with Geum Hee who is trying to giver her more money since Bong Hee revealed that the presentation was a total failure. Hae Joo, of course, doesn’t want to accept anything from her mother. Geum Hee then says that what Cheonji is trying to do was her late husband’s dream. So Hae Joo needs to take the money and finish with Hak Soo tried so hard to start. Do you think this will convince her?

Chang Hee runs into the bloody Il Moon and asks what happened. Il Moon says nothing and walks away. Chang Hee then goes into Jang’s office and Jang says that Il Moon really did betray him. So what’s next? Chang Hee says that Il Moon should be called back and not fired. Jang doesn’t like this at all. How can he do this after Il Moon has betrayed him once already? Those who betray once keep betraying and his son has no skills. Jang then says he has no choice thus Chang Hee must be the temporary chairman. Chang Hee refuses, but Jang says that is their only option. Until he can come back himself, Chang Hee needs to take care of things. Jang then switches topics to Hae Joo. can’t they send her abroad? Chang Hee doesn’t get this. The presentation already failed. It doesn’t matter. “That child” can’t be in this country.

Hae Joo shows San the bankbook Geum Hee gave her. Wow. THAT much? [Roughly the equivalent of $2 million.] Hae Joo says she initially wanted to reject the money, but they need it badly. When they succeed, they will pay Geum Hee back and bring Cheonji’s to its knees. Enter Dal Soon and Sang Tae. The two quickly jump up and Hae Joo hides the bankbook. What are they doing alone? Working? How can two broke people work? Hae Joo assures Dal Soon that they will quickly get the factory up and running again and once it is, they will bring on Sang Tae (who is obediently going to trade school) to work. This shocks Sang Tae. Really?San goes to say something, but Hae Joo cuts him off and says there is a foreign investor. Hae Joo then shoots him a look when he goes to say something (this was a rather cute scene as she’s trying to make sure he doesn’t say what’s really going on). Dal Soon asks if he’s really going to rebuild the business. Instead of saying a plain “yes,” San says that he will definitely succeed if she stops scolding him at the table during meals. LOL. Dal Soon is now back to liking San and promises not to do that (when did she ever? Such a thick-skinned woman).

Gi Cheol is shocked when he hears Jang wants to meet him to play golf. You’d think this would ring a bell for him. The last time he and Jang did anything remotely resembling golf was when Jang beat him with a golf club. Gi Cheol is taken to a deserted, wooded area. How is this a golf course? As soon as Jang arrives, his men start beating Gi Cheol. Evil Jang is back in full force. Gi Cheol is dragged into the woods where Choi gives him an evil look and a shovel is set in front of him. What did he do so wrong? Jang asks why he lied about Yoo Jin being alive. Gi Cheol tries to keep the lie going, but Jang is having none of it. Jang turns to leave and the shovel is thrown in front of Gi Cheol. Looks like they want him to dig his own grave. How befitting since he’s been metaphorically digging it for years. Gi Cheol begs for mercy, but Jang says nothing. The man sobs and starts digging. Hard work since the ground is getting harder.

After the grave is dug, Jang asks him once again if he took Yoo Jin to Hong Chul. Gi Cheol denies this. He says he dropped her in the ocean. Hong Chul must have rescued the drowning baby. Jang doesn’t by this and kicks him into the hole. He’s finally put everything together. Gi Cheol killed Hong Chul because he learned Hae Joo’s real identity. Jang cannot believe he made that insect’s son chairman of Cheonji and his in-law. Jang then starts having dirt thrown in. Gi Cheol breaks down and admits he couldn’t bring himself to kill a baby. He had no thoughts of betraying Jang, he just couldn’t do it. Jang then says if Geum Hee learns of this, then Chang Hee and Gi Cheol will live in that hole together.

Bong Hee is upset. She can’t work for her brother-in-law’s gangster-like organization anymore. How can they steal someone else’s designs and then stop their presentation. Geum Hee shocks her younger sister by telling her to resign and help Hae Joo instead. Hasn’t Geum Hee always been on Jang’s side? Never again? Why? Geum Hee even has a scary expression on her face. Geum Hee then swears her little sister to secrecy. We all know what Geum Hee’s going to tell her.

Bong Hee immediately goes to Jung Woo and hits him in the stomach for lying to her. Jung Woo then pulls her into a hug and apologizes. Bong Hee says he’s just trying to escape her wrath and keeps holding on to her when San and Hae Joo walk in. Oh-ho. What’s with this atmosphere? Awkward pulling apart and Bong Hee immediately scolds Hae Joo. Get over here, is this how you greet your aunt? The cat is royally out of the bag. I think the only ones who DON’T know are Chang Hee and the Chun siblings (they still think Hae Joo is their half sister). Hae Joo uncomfortably goes over and Bong Hee pulls her into a hug and cries as she hugs her. What a bad girl! Doesn’t Hae Joo know how much Bong Hee loved her from the day she was born? Hae Joo apologizes for keeping the secret and cries as she returns the hug. Poor San. No hidden family members for him.

Chang Hee goes and announces to the workers that they will now be focusing on building an oil ship drill. Jo is against this due to the expense and lack of knowledge. Chang Hee then says that if Hae Joo can work on developing this new technology, how come the highly educated people at Cheonji can’t? Good question.

Bong Hee gives San and Hae Joo three months to develop the drill and present it to the oil companies. Looks like now we have a race against time as Chang Hee emphasized they needed to be first. Jung Woo says he will do whatever he can to help. Hae Joo then notices Bong Hee’s luggage. What’s going on? Bong Hee is moving out for the umpteenth time since she can no longer stay in that house. Hae Joo and San welcome her back and San jokingly says that he’ll be staying in Hae Joo’s room. Hae Joo smacks his hands and San says it was only a joke. Unfortunately he’ll be staying in the dirty Sang Tae’s room. The kids and Bong Hee start laughing. Jung Woo looks around. What’s with the atmosphere. Not his room. Bong Hee says she’ll stay in the living room. He must be disappointed. LMAO.

At the Jang house, Jang says that he knows she’s having a hard time, but so is he. What happened? Il Moon stabbed him in the back and turned him into Jung Woo. Geum Hee then says it’s Jang’s fault for constantly scolding and hurting him. Jang says that he wished his son to be strong, that’s why he did all that. He then casually brings up Yoo Jin. Does his wife still think about her? Geum Hee says she has done as he commanded and forgot her. Is it really that easy? Jang then says that all he needs is Geum Hee. As long as she remains standing by him, the whole world can turn its back on him. Geum Hee gets up and gives him a back hug. When has she ever been against him? The final nail in Jang’s coffin will be her turning on him.

Things are very awkward at the Park house. In Hwa and Chang Hee ask what is wrong with Gi Cheol, but he won’t utter a single word and just goes off to his room. Later, In Hwa goes in to bed and is disappointed to find Chang Hee ready to sleep. They are newlyweds you know. Why is he always busy? Chang Hee then reveals he’s taken over running the company. What about Il Moon? He quit. In Hwa sighs. She knew it. It’s not like that position suited her brother. So what’s going to happen? Chang Hee will run things until Jang comes back. In Hwa changes the topic to having a baby. Chang Hee says due to his new chaotic schedule that’s not an option. Time to sleep. Isn’t it much toooooo early to be considering children? Now, I am not a mother, but even I know that once you have kids your life isn’t your own any more. Kids change a lot of things. These two haven’t had that much time to themselves and she already wants a baby?

San, Bong Hee, and Hae Joo have procured workspace and start talking about what they need to do. Their biggest obstacle is obtaining the diamonds needed to make the strongest drill bit possible. It’s very expensive and not able to be gotten locally (nationally). Hae Joo then gets a call that seems to disturb her. Why?

It was from Jang. He requested to meet her. Why? He hears that San and she rented a factory. With what money? Hae Joo quickly lies and says foreign investors. She’s doing all she can to save her birth mother from Jang’s wrath. Jang then says that she has a misunderstanding towards him. Misunderstanding? He stole the thruster and ruined the presentation. Jang says it was all Il Moon’s doing and thus the reason why he fired his son and gave the position to Chang Hee. Not believable at all. Jang then says he feels sorry for her and wishes to send her overseas to study to cultivate her talent. Hae Joo says he already knows her answer. He tells her to think about her family first. They will be set for life. Why is he doing this to her? Because she’s like him. She’s worked so hard and come so far, she needs a reward. Hae Joo says that isn’t it. He’s just worried she’ll make the drill first. She goes to leave and he asks if she’s met his wife lately. Hae Joo lies and says she hasn’t since there is no reason for the two to meet. Does Jang believe this?

San goes to Chang Hee’s office with a cactus to congratulate him on his promotion. He should have bought a large flower basket, but forgive him since he’s broke (this is thanks in part to Chang Hee of course). San puts the cactus on Chang Hee’s desk and says the feelings behind the tiny gift are sincere. Chang Hee then says that San’s not that down and out since he’s rebuilding the factory. Is that why Chang Hee called him? Does he wish to take over that factory as well? Try it—it won’t be that easy. Chang Hee then asks to make the drill together. What? So Cheonji can steal sole credit for the development? Chang Hee smiles. San is smart after all. Would he let such a thing happen? Of course not, but Chang Hee won’t use the same method to steal since he’s also smart. What is Chang Hee’s long-germ goal?

Chang Hee says they can provide the capital to ensure San’s drill gets built and he gets the drilling rights which will mean that Hae Poong can be resurrected. San says that Chang Hee made them sick and is now giving them the remedy. How will he stab them in the back this time? Chang Hee urges him to think about it. San agrees that he will. He does have one question, however. Is Jang Do Hyun behind Chang Hee or is Chang Hee the one behind Jang Do Hyun. That is a good question and kind of hard to tell. Jang is masterful with puppetry and Chang Hee is proving to be an excellent game master and string puller.

Il Moon comes home and Geum Hee asks where he’s been. On a small vacation. He’s perfectly healed from his cut. How long has it been? Time in this drama…is really hard to grasp. Did she hear from Jang? Geum Hee ignores this and prepares a huge spread from Il Moon. This surprises him, but he does go along thinking mommy dearest is still wrapped around his finger. He asks her to talk to Jang and she throws his words back in his face. Didn’t he always call her “monster mother”? Then how can he make such a request? Plus, she heard everything he’s done to his father (including turning him into Jung Woo). Il Moon says it’s a misunderstanding. What? Geum Hee sweeps the food off the table. How stupid does he think she is (does she really want to know the answer to that question?)? How long did he think she could be treated as a fool and kept in the dark (this coming from the same woman who said that work was work and personal was personal and she didn’t care what her son did at the office)? Geum Hee then yells at him to get out of the house.

She then slaps him. Didn’t he hear her? Il Moon calls her crazy and Geum Hee grabs his collar and starts bawling him out for his attitude and actions. He pushes her away. How she wasted 27 years on this child. She can’t believe it. Il Moon acts all cocky saying he knew she had this side to her. Fine. Is this what he wanted? She’ll show him her true face. She grabs a piece of broken glass and Il Moon backs away a bit. Is she really crazy? Geum Hee complains of his unfair treatment and wonders if he’d have done the same thing if she was really his birth mother. Blood drips from her hand as she asks if he really wants to see what a monster mom is. Il Moon beats a hasty retreat while Geum Hee laughs maniacally before collapsing. This woman is officially off her rocker. However…it’s really no surprise.

Geum Hee then calls Jang crying. She grasps the broken glass tightly in her hand and only manages to say “Il Moon.” Jang rushes home. What happened? Geum Hee cries and says that she was only scolding Il Moon for what he did. Jang sees the bloody hand and threatens to kill his son. Geum Hee says it’s all her fault, but Jang doesn’t believe this (well…it is and isn’t. Who knew Geum Hee had such a deliciously evil side to her?). He rushes out of the room and Il Moon is coming down the stairs. He tells Jang Geum Hee flipped the table and even slapped him. He thinks she’s not in her right mind. Jang angrily punches his son right in the kisser. He deserves to die. Stabbing him in the back was bad enough, but now he hurts Geum Hee. Didn’t Il Moon recall he already said he wouldn’t stand for anyone hurting his woman. Geum Hee rushes out to stop Jang from beating Il Moon as he kicks him out of the house. Il Moon makes a break for it and Geum Hee collapses to the floor with Jang apologizing for making her suffer so much.

We then cut to scenes with Hae Joo and San working hard to produce the drill. All their tests end in failure. They really need the diamonds to withstand the hard rocky sea beds and pressure. Hae Joo says they spent all their money procuring the factory and she can’t ask Geum Hee for more. San then says Cheonji made him an offer. Chang Hee called him directly to give his support. Hae Joo is against this. They stole the thruster, fooled her, and destroyed the factory. Surely San isn’t really thinking of accepting the offer. San says he isn’t stupid, but at the same time, to catch a tiger one must go inside its den. Joining hands with Cheonji might be their chance at destroying it from the inside out. What counterattack can they do?

Hae Joo gets a call from her mother and the two go to Hak Soo’s grave. Hae Joo pays her birth father respects for the first time as Geum Hee watches on. Hae Joo introduces herself to her father and apologizes for coming so late as she cries. Hae Joo says that even when she did not see him, when she saw the letter he wrote asking her to be his May Queen, she could feel his overwhelming love. Hae Joo promises to complete the dream that he couldn’t.

Wow. It took over 20 episodes, but progress. Our women characters are finally shaping up.

Geum Hee collapses to her knees. She’s a bad woman who didn’t know that person killed her husband and she lived with him all of this time. She also lost his daughter for so long and didn’t know she was right next to her all this time. Geum Hee bawls that she committed too many sins against him. Hae Joo pulls her weeping mother into a hug. Once the crying jag is over, Hae Joo asks what her father was like. Geum Hee says he was a warm and cheerful person with a sense of humor. If he was like that, then why did Geum Hee marry Jang? Geum Hee reveals she knew Jang before Hak Soo. He used to work for Geum Hee’s family. He was a man with lots of wounds on his heart and lots of anger. If Hak Soo was light, then he was darkness. Women sometimes get attracted to the darkness.

This series is nothing if not a bajillion parallel stories. I mean, Il Moon’s and Young Joo’s story sort of paralleled Hae Joo’s and Chang Hee’s. And now with this explanation of Geum Hee’s, isn’t Hae Joo’s love paralleling her own? Geum Hee connected to Jang first as he was a boy full of scars and pain. Hae Joo connected the most with Chang Hee because he suffered as she had suffered while San was all bright sunshine (even though he had suffered in many ways, too, he was not all dark and gloomy as Chang Hee was).

Anywho, Geum Hee then says that after watching Hae Joo for a long time now, she believes San likes her daughter. Hae Joo says that she’s frightened of this as she knows she’s slowly falling for him. Hae Joo again bashes herself. San and Chang Hee are so accomplished. She doesn’t want to be hurt again. It wasn’t her lack of accomplishments that stopped Chang Hee. Her mother takes her hand and says that San is her father and Chang Hee is Jang Do Hyun. He may not be as rotten, but he’s still not a good person. Geum Hee then tells her daughter to not fear the light as she believes San will love her with all his heart and won’t hurt her. Geum Hee’s desire is to see her daughter live a happier life than she herself as lived. Well…after this speech I want romantic progress. But at the same time…I don’t like the metaphor that San = Hak Soo. That stuff always creeps me out. I never like it when characters start referencing how first loves and family remembers resemble current romantic interests.

Hae Joo tiptoes into the office and surprises the hardworking San. He immediately starts joking like usual with her. Does she know how much he wanted to see her? He has dark circles because of it. Hae Joo then calls him over and he excitedly gets up with his eager puppy look. Hae Joo pulls a scarf out of her bag. She saw his neck was always bare and with colder weather, she wants to make sure he doesn’t get sick. It’s cheap, but it’s better than nothing. San is so cutely happy as she winds it around his neck. He then takes her hands—warming him up that way would be best, wouldn’t it? Hae Joo takes the scarf and starts strangling him with it. It’s nice to see their bickering.

Jang is putting away his wife’s things and finds a boarding pass for Ulsan to Seoul. What did she do in Seoul? Geum Hee lies and says she met a friend there. She has a friend in Seoul? Of course she has friends. Jang doesn’t seem to believe this. Meanwhile, Gi Cheol is still out of it and this concerns Chang Hee very much. Enter Jang. Gi Cheol is freaked out as Jang pulls him out to go drinking. Chang Hee looks rather suspicious as well. They go to Jang’s office and Gi Cheol is told he must follow Geum Hee from now on. Jang wants to ensure that Geum Hee isn’t meeting with Hae Joo. Gi Cheol cannot believe that Jang is going that far. Jang wishes to be safe rather than sorry. Jang grabs him by the collar and threatens both him and Chang Hee once more. Yeah. That’s getting rather old even if its still effective. When will Chang Hee learn the truth? Oh…and In Hwa?

At the Yoon household, the Chuns plus San and Bong Hee are sitting down to a feast (San’s wearing the scarf—how cute!). Bong Hee gets angry when Sang Tae calls her ahjumma. She should be noona not ahjumma. She then casts a glace Hae Joo’s way and says that they can call her “aunt” (not quite sure how to spell the romanization of that word) instead. Jin Joo then changes the topic to why San is wearing a scarf at the table. San says his charm is his voice so if he gets a cold his charisma drops. Someone says wearing the scarf at the table makes his charisma drop even more.

Dal Soon and Sang Tae then start fussing over San and giving him food. He even calls Dal Soon mother-in-law. He’s happy with the new treatment, but immediately starts freaking out when he drops food on his precious new scarf. Dal Soon then gets angry and tries to take the scarf off and chokes him. San sits back and says that he won’t eat any more as he’s full just having the scarf. Dal Soon shoots him a look and makes a word play on Sang Tae’s name. Since sharing a room with her son, San’s condition worsened. Hae Joo then turns to him and tells him to stop overdoing it. He needs to eat so that he can work. She then drags him back to the table and he tucks his scarf inside his shirt.

Gi Cheol waits outside the Jang house and catches Geum Hee as she is leaving. Is she going somewhere? Yes, she has somewhere she needs to be. She gets in her car and drives off and Gi Cheol hurries to get in his car and follow. At the office, San talks to Chang Hee over the phone. They agree to the partnership and plan a trip to go to the Philippines where a factory is developing industrial diamonds. I thought man-made diamonds weren’t as good as the naturally created ones… Eh, who am I kidding? I sucked at science. Jo will be going with San who is worried about the expense. Chang Hee assures him that failure or success—Cheonji will foot the bill. Not sure how much I believe that one. He hangs up and Hae Joo asks if he’s leaving tonight. Yep. She tells him she doesn’t have a good feeling about this. San tells her to just trust him. He then turns on jokester mode and teases her about not wanting him out of her sight for four days and three nights. Hae Joo jumps up and tries to hit him. Why can’t he be serious for once?

Geum Hee enters in on this playfulness. Looks like they are getting along as usual. Of course. What is she doing there? Does she need a reason to see her daughter? San then tells them to go and have some fun. They go out to eat for lunch and Gi Cheol reports this to Jang. Aigoo. We know this won’t be good. At the prosecutor’s office, Jung Woo is going through information on Choi as Yi Soo comes in saying the Singapore Security Agency has located Kim Jong Bo’s family (the guy who told Kang what happened). The family refutes that they are in contact, but he knows they are. Jung Woo then hands the info on Choi over to Yi Soo and tells him to find out as much as he can about him. Looks like the noose is slowly being closed around Jang’s neck.

Geum Hee goes home and is surprised to see Jang there. He isn’t going out? He has nowhere to go. On the other hand, Geum Hee seems to be going out quite often these days. She isn’t cheating is she? Geum Hee admits to visiting Hae Joo. Why? Bong Hee moved in with Jung Woo again and Hae Joo also lives with Jung Woo. As much as Geum Hee wishes to visit her little sister, she can’t because of Jung Woo’s attitude. Jang asks if she’s doing well. Geum Hee says she is and that she is working with Hae Joo. Did Jang eat already? He says he has already had lunch and gets ready to head to the company. Looks like he’s trying to convince himself that his wife is still ignorant. He can’t keep letting Hae Joo and his wife meet.

Chang Hee reveals he offered a deal to San in order to head off a preemptive strike. Did San really take the offer? Yes, he did. Thus he and Jo are off to the Philippines to check out a diamond factory. Jang says that even though it seems San has a lack of funds, he won’t sell them the drill. That’s fine as Chang Hee already has measures in place to take the technology from them again. Even though they don’t know what San has up his sleeve, they are prepared. Great. Jang trusts Chang Hee. He then asks again if the factory is in the Philippines. Yes, but why? No reason. Riiight. Jang then asks if Choi came in. Yes, he’s in the secretary office. Should Chang Hee call him? No. Jang will go to him personally. I believe Chang Hee’s suspicious.

Jang goes to Choi and tells him to ensure its Hae Joo who goes to the Philippines instead of San. She also can never return. However, he isn’t allowed to kill her like he did Kang since homicide is always risky. Choi tells him its possible if it’s the Philippines and Jang does reiterate that Hae Joo is supposed to leave and never be able to come back (but she can’t be killed). Chang Hee sees them talking and the two immediately shut up. Jang then sends Choi off. Chang Hee comes over and wonders what’s going on and Jang says it’s all routine company stuff. He pats Chang Hee’s arm and leaves. Chang Hee isn’t stupid.

San gets a mysterious call from someone who says they have information about why Kang was killed. Who is it? If San wishes to know more, he must agree to a meeting and not tell anyone. Ahh, that is soooo annoying. As you know people always fall for such things. So San goes to an empty warehouse where he is clubbed on the back. His phone is then taken and he’s locked inside. The goon then throws his cell on the ground outside and takes off.

Choi then goes to Hae Joo and reports San was supposed to go with him to the Philippines, but is nowhere to be found. Hae Joo knows all of this. She tries calling San, but no answer. Choi then proposes she come since they can’t delay the departure and meeting. Hae Joo says she doesn’t know enough English to get along. He tells her not to worry since he and other Cheonji employees will be there as well. She can call San after they reach Seoul.

Chang Hee then learns from Jo that Choi has replaced her and Hae Joo has replaced San. Say what? This shocks Chang Hee and worries him as he recalls Jang’s words asking if it would be possible to send her abroad and Choi’s words asserting he will kill someone if necessary. Chang Hee then rushes out of the office. He tries calling Hae Joo. She answers and he tells her to only answer him yes or no. Is she with Choi. Yes. Are they on their way to the airport. Yes. Listen carefully. Once they get to the airport, Hae Joo must run away as she’s in danger. Omo. Good job. Now you must rush to the airport to save her, too.

The next episode shall rock. Looks like Chang Hee will go off his revenge course for the truth (and will he join Hae Joo and San this time instead of always blocking them?). Plus Jung Woo finally confesses (to a drunk and sleeping) Bong Hee and San gets his first real kiss with Hae Joo!!!!! But I probably won’t get around to watching that until later as this sinus headache is kicking my butt.


  • Thank you for the recap. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    We continue with the never-ending birth secret revelations. When In Hwa finds out Hae Joo is her half-step-non-sister she is gonna FLIP OUT. HJ has the hearts of both guys and her Mama.

    Glad to see San bouncing back. Well at least, until he got wacked in the deserted warehouse. Didn’t you learn anything from CDJ in CYHMH.

  • yes i want to be there when IH finds out about HJ. I find the BH and HJ tearful reunion more impactful than GH & HJ reunion – maybe because i like BH. KS is so cute and like a child getting a *christmas gift* I saw episode 32 and WTF! the writer likes to tease *big disappointment* it’s like a rewing of WR…….

  • Thank you so much for recapping this series. I discovered your recaps a couple weeks ago and you are amazing! You capture every detail, and I appreciate all your insights..Thanks for recapping despite your cold. I hope you feel better soon.

    Agree that the women are finally coming through, kind of, but Hae Joo’s naivete is driving me up the wall. I don’t want to completely bash her, but she’s more than a little bit slow on the uptake. I liked the CH and HJ couple in the beginning of this series, but saw the Viki description of the characters and saw they weren’t the OST. And then saw that CH really wasn’t that outstanding an individual even as a kid…more a pathetic character to be pitied. Anyway, nothing to dislike about KS whatsoever so I’m happy.

    This is definitely not one of the better dramas out there, but I’;m watching it nonetheless…thanks again for recapping. Don’t feel like I’m the only one watching ^_^

    • Welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying the recaps. I always worry that I put in too much detail and unnecessary information, so I’m always glad when people say they like them and they aren’t too drug out and boring 😛

      Yeah, I’m not sure if Hae Joo will ever bet 100% on my good side, but at least she and the other women of the drama (save In Hwa right now) are finally stepping up their game. Thankfully the writers aren’t letting them be total idiots for the ENTIRE drama.

      I also knew the character descriptions, but the childhood part really had me rooting for CH inspite of the fact they bonded over pain. As much as I liked young San, he didn’t have quite as much screen time with Hae Joo, so it was hard to accept the OTP until the drama started going with the adult roles and you saw there was ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRESS in HJ’s & CH’s relationship. Nope, nothing to dislike about San as he’s probably the best written character of the series.

      Yeah, all of us wonder why we stick with this train wreck or sinking ship, but we do 🙂 You are not alone

  • I find it really funny and make no sense when Gi Chul made a hole for himself… why dig such a big one if he is going to confess anyway. Wasn’t it a waste of time and energy? For sure he was so tired after digging hahaha… poor thing..such a coward jerk. He deserve it anyway..

    I love Bong Hee and HJ reunion, i really feel Bong Hee deep emotion knowing that HJ is her niece.

    I love the part when GH advice HJ about how she should handle her feelings towards San. Mom always knows best for their child. San is obviously the best for her.

    Enter on San and HJ scene, will…. San never fail to make me smile and laugh.. he is so cute and really funny… i wonder where did he get that sense of humor :)..most of his drama are melo and dramatic, i just realize that he is not just best in delivering sad emotions but also really good on doing funny scenes.

    I was glad CH help to save HJ but so disappointed of him on the next episode. He paid Assistant Kim to betray KS and stole his work again… CH never change his selfish attitude. Such a let down…

    Thank’s for the recap… i really appreciate your hard work and looking forward for the next recap. Get well soon…

    • May Queen, May Queen. It’s the eternal logic defier. Well, most dramas tend to be. Like how its daylight one moment and the next moment its pitch black and only like 5 minutes have passed. Or not enough time like with GC digging his own grave (lol – how apropo as it’s both metaphorically done throughout this series and now literally done).

      I totally agree that KJW is really showcasing how great of an actor he really is. He can give you morose and in pain. He can give you a childish boy or a serious man. He can give you physical comedy gags (although I did feel bad as he got strangled by the scarf twice)

      Sigh. Chang Hee. The eternal flipflopping enigma. I wonder if the writers have figured out his character themselves yet.

  • Thank you so much for the recap. I was very touched by the reunion between BH and HJ.
    Do take care of your health first. I will wait for episode 32 recap patiently. 🙂

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