Full House Take 2 Episode 11.2 Recap

Joon hands Kang Hwi a credit card and cell phone to replace the ones he got rid of. This doesn’t move the dour Kang Hwi in the slightest. What about that other thing? What other thing? Kang Hwi reminds Joon that if he cannot get Man Ok back, then their contract is null and void. Joon tells him all is well and not to worry. I think Kang Hwi would be very unhappy to hear that Joon is blackmailing Man Ok into being his stylist. Kang Hwi says there is no time—should he call Man Ok himself? Joon tells him not.

Lee Hoon, Park Ki WoongSe Ryeong enters. She’s hungry and it’s meal time. She wants sushi and Joon overrides her. Steak since Kang Hwi likes steak. Kang Hwi gets up and Joon is worried—is he not hungry? Kang Hwi sullenly replies he’s going to the washroom. Se Ryeong wonders what’s up as Joon has never studied Kang Hwi’s expressions before. Joon insists there is nothing wrong. Kang Hwi’s cell rings. It’s Man Ok! Joon takes the phone and pulls out the battery. Se Ryeong smiles. So Joon has caught on that Kang Hwi likes “that” woman, huh? Joon leaves the office and catches Go Dong talking to Man Ok. He seems surprised when he overhears Go Dong ask after Tae Ik and Bum Soo. Joon also overhears Go Dong say he wanted to quit and follow the other three. He then promises to tell Kang Hwi to call her right back. Joon then hurriedly pulls out the phone he took from Kang Hwi and calls Man Ok. So, has she thought about it?

Lee Hoon, Park Ki WoongLee Hoon

Man Ok meets with Bum Soo and tells him what Joon is doing. Bum Soo is not happy about how low Joon is stooping, but where there’s no proof, there’s no way. Did she get to talk to Kang Hwi-nim? Not at all. Man Ok doesn’t believe Kang Hwi would do such a despicable thing. She then asks if Bum Soo can’t think of a reason why Kang Hwi went back to Joon. It’s hard to say. Doesn’t Bum Soo trust Kang Hwi? Bum Soo talks about how bad the industry is. Whether you trust someone or not is irrelevant. Kang Hwi going back to Joon may seem like betrayal, but for Kang Hwi that might have been his best solution. Bum Soo then tells her not to worry as he’ll try to take care of the contract matter. Bum Soo drops Man Ok off at the dojo. He then calls and gets rid of his little room. Awwww. The lengths he’s going to for Man Ok and Tae Ik, he’s kind of like a dad instead of a hyung. But with the deposit and rent really be enough to save Man Ok?

Hang Jung EumMan Ok fusses over her new ‘do as she walks into the dojo calling out Tae Ik’s name. She asks if he’s hungry. She’ll set the table immediately. No answer. She unzips the tent, but he’s not there. Is he inside the house? Nope. Tae Ik is at a bakery buying cupcakes! He has no money. None at all. But he can buy cupcakes for her birthday? LOL. LOVED the clerk’s expression when he asks for 24 candles. She looks at the tiny cupcakes…that might be a bit difficult. Tae Ik looks so down that she tells him it’s okay, she’ll pack those separately. She goes to the counter and Tae Ik sneezes. It’s only a stuffed cat toy. Are you kidding me? He recalls Man Ok on her scooter and wishes to buy the stuffed cat on a scooter. He promises to pay far more than it’s worth, but it’s not for sale and is something the boss treasures. Tae Ik then thinks of what Kang Hwi would do in the same situation. LOL. There’s no way Tae Ik can act that cute is there? His aegyo is a fail. So he unwraps the scarf and his hair no longer has his customary frizzy crimps, but loose waves. Seeing that it’s Tae Ik, he gets the cat and scooter for free. That poor girl is going to be in hella trouble later.

No Min Woo, Park Ki WoongTae Ik happily walks back to the dojo where he runs into the anxious Man Ok who is out looking for him. Where did he go? He lies and said he went for a walk because he was feeling stifled. She glances at the bag. What did he buy? Just something that he needed. He should have told her earlier and she would have gotten it for him. Tae Ik insists that it’s something he had to personally buy. This makes Man Ok more curious since he’s hiding something. She lunges for the bag and Tae Ik yells out that it’s panties. Heeheehee. How embarrassing. Man Ok backs away and Tae Ik tells her to never mind as he’s hungry. The two head back to the dojo where they see Ga Ryeong standing outside. Freaked out, Man Ok quickly shoves Tae Ik out of sight. Poor guy.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooMan Ok rushes up and asks what her friend is doing there. Ga Ryeong says she heard Man Ok is back and wants to talk. Man Ok tries to tell her they can do that later, but Ga Ryeong needs to pee badly, so in they rush to the dojo. Ga Ryeong finishes her business and sees the tent. Man Ok lies and says she was remembering how they used to pretend to go camping when they were younger. Ga Ryeong sits in the tent and then bawls Man Ok out for lying to her and making her sad. You’re one to talk. You gave out all of her personal info because you were mad. Bad friend. Ga Ryeong then says she has something she’s really sorry about. What is that? Ga Ryeong won’t say and then hands over her new business card. Man Ok is terrified when she learns her friend is now a reporter. Ga Ryeong then threatens to beat Man Ok up if she lies to her again. She then asks to sleep over, but Man Ok who had received a text from the freezing Tae Ik earlier, does her best to get Ga Ryeong out of the dojo. She is so suspicious and fake.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumMan Ok pushes Ga Ryeong out successfully and anxiously calls out for Tae Ik. He comes out. She tells him they are in trouble if they get caught by Ga Ryeong since she’s now a reporter. Man Ok then tells him that he must never stray outside of his tent. Say what? Does that make sense? Man Ok replies that Kang Hwi-nim was okay with hiding and Tae Ik has two good legs, so what’s the problem. LOL. Does this bring out his competitive spirit? It usually does when Man Ok mentions something that others can do – especially Kang Hwi-nim.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Later that night, Tae Ik calls Man Ok out. She’s removed her makeup and is putting on cream. She tells him she won’t, but he insists that she hurry up as its an emergency. She comes out and Tae Ik has his back turned, hiding the cupcakes and flowers. What does he want? Tae Ik then starts a countdown. When it hits midnight, he happily turns and wishes her a happy birthday. Man Ok is floored and touched. This is her first time receiving something like this. However…her birthday is tomorrow. Tae Ik looks at his watch. It’s after midnight, isn’t it? He then gripes that Man Ok has no sense and is a mood killer. Man Ok laughs at this.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

The two sit down and Man Ok goes to dig into her cupcakes when Tae Ik pulls out the bag and hands it over. Man Ok jerks back. Is he a pervert? Why would she want to look at his panties? He tells her it’s not he just said that to keep her from looking. She takes the present and opens it. Wow. It looks just like her scooter. Tae Ik then reveals he got it for her because they met because of that scooter. She’s really touched. Tae Ik then tells her to finish opening the present. He tells her to be careful as the last part is really dangerous. What? Man Ok opens it and laughs. It’s a kitten doll. No wonder Tae Ik said it was dangerous. He then says he saw that and thought of her because of how much she liked Chaton (Kang Hwi-nim’s kitten). Awww. Man Ok then says the kitten’s expression looks like someone she knows. How can that be? Man Ok looks at Tae Ik and back at the doll. She bursts out laughing. They have the same blank expression! This annoys Tae Ik, especially when she says she’ll call the doll Ik. He goes to take it back, but she pulls it away. Fine, she won’t call it Ik.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooMan Ok then says the candles are going out and Tae Ik quickly needs to sing to her. What? Sing? Sheesh this girl is making him do all sorts of things, isn’t she? Doesn’t she know how expensive his singing is? Man Ok says she does, but it’s her birthday, so please? Tae Ik starts off like a serious ballad singer and he almost sings he loves her and changes it to strong Man Ok. He then tells her to enjoy the expensive organic cupcakes. Man Ok complains about how tiny they are and how she can finish one off in a single bite. Tae Ik yells at her to savor and enjoy them. Ah, forget it. Time for their second round. Say what? They are going to a cart mart.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooReally, the second round is a bottle of wine in Tae Ik’s tent. Man Ok complains because there is only one bottle. It’s her grandfather’s raspberry wine and she gets in trouble if she drinks a lot of it, but not to worry, he won’t be back for ages. The two are pretty drunk. Tae Ik stares at Man Ok. Is her hairstyle pretty? Tae Ik says the clothes make the people, but her hairstyle makes her. Man Ok scolds him for not outright saying she’s pretty. She then thanks Tae Ik for doing all this for her. Jang is gone and she had completely forgot her birthday. Tae Ik then says he’s more thankful. This way he doesn’t have to hide all alone. Awww.

Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooMan Ok then asks why he gave up everything when their fake engagement was made public. He didn’t have to, so why? Tae Ik says he didn’t like it. What? Man Ok was having a hard time and Tae Ik couldn’t stand it. He has thought about it and he guesses this is because he likes her. At this declaration, Man Ok’s head goes down on his shoulder. She calls him an idiot. What? She springs up and repeats it louder. He’s an idiot because she’s liked him for a long time now and he keeps treating her poorly. She yells out babo again and goes in for a kiss. This surprises Tae Ik. Awww, how sweet. Man Ok then snuggles into his shoulder again. Such a sweet scene. Tae Ik then cuddles her into him and smiles. FINALLY A REAL CONFESSION.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumThe next morning, Man Ok is sleeping wrapped in Tae Ik’s arms (and his legs). At this time, grandpa Jang arrives and calls out to his granddaughter. He spies the tent and is immediately angry. He calls for his granddaughter who quickly rushes out of the tent. Jang then starts yelling at her for putting a tent in the sacred dojo. Tae Ik then comes out and wonders why it’s so loud. Man Ok gets on her knees in front of Jang and tells him it’s not what he thinks, but Jang won’t listen and flips Tae Ik. Enter Bum Soo who rushes in and tells him to calm down. Bum Soo then gets flipped. Poor guy. What a mess.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumAll three are kneeling before Jang. Bum Soo starts talking about how they are indebted to master Man Ok. They are undergoing training for Tae Ik’s next album. Is Jang really buying this? So what? Bum Soo then says they have nowhere to go and Tae Ik is learning Hapkido abdominal breathing. Jang then asks for Tae Ik’s name. When he gives it, it doesn’t ring a bell for Jang. And here I thought he might recognize the name since Mr. Lee was his disciple. Jang then tosses Man Ok’s favorite seaweed to her and tells her to make soup and set the table. Awww. Grandpa Jang came home just for her birthday.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumAt Full House, Se Ryeong is eating breakfast when Kang Hwi enters. She asks if Kang Hwi has any idea where Tae Ik is. Instead of letting him answer, she then makes a laundry list of all the lies that Joon told to rescue Kang Hwi’s reputation while keeping Tae Ik’s nice and tarnished. Does he really not know where Tae Ik is? Kang Hwi tiredly replies he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Se Ryeong then asks for Man Ok’s address. This can’t be good. Kang Hwi asks why she needs to know that. Se Ryeong says it’s because Man Ok might know. He can’t possibly be with her can he? Doesn’t Kang Hwi know Tae Ik is only doing this because he’s mad at her. Kang Hwi goes to leave, but falls down as his vision goes. What will happen now that Se Ryeong has discovered his secret? In the basement, Kang Hwi looks at his blurry hand and tries to convince himself in fear that he can really see. 😦 Pout. Poor baby.

Park Ki WoongIt’s a very uncomfortable breakfast at the Jang house. Tae Ik keeps shooting unhappy looks at Man Ok. Wae? Because she didn’t introduce him as her man or something like that? Anywho, Jang then says that a martial artist never goes back on his word or kicks out guests. Since Man Ok promised them, they can stay as if this is their own home. Jang then looks at Tae Ik and says he must train hard in order to become a singer. Train? This shocks Tae Ik. Why, doesn’t he want to? Man Ok cuts in and says that of course Tae Ik will train hard. Tae Ik reluctantly agrees to this. It’s at this time that Kang Hwi calls. Tae Ik’s face drops and Jang tells his granddaughter it’s rude to answer the phone while at the table so she hangs up on Kang Hwi after saying she will call him back later. Poor, poor Kang Hwi-nim. No love. Call your noona. Kang Hwi gets in a taxi looking all dispirited.

Park Ki Woong, No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumBum Soo goes off with Jang on a mountain trail. As soon as he is gone Tae Ik tries to hug Man Ok, but she shakes him off. What if her grandfather sees? Tae Ik is concerned. Why is she like that after saying she liked him? He then recalls her drunkenness. Don’t tell him she doesn’t remember!? Nope. Seems like she doesn’t. Drat. Are you freaking kidding me? Kang Hwi then calls her up and asks if she’s home. Yep. Then come out and show her face. Fine. Where should they meet? Turns out he’s outside. Man Ok rushes out and Tae Ik stops her. What is going on? Man Ok looks really unhappy to have Tae Ik there with Kang Hwi coming in. I don’t get why she should be so guilty and uncomfortable. Granted, yes, she is aware that Kang Hwi has some feelings…but at the same time, she really has nothing to be guilty of since she never reciprocated. Tae Ik then hears Kang Hwi’s voice and that is soon followed by Kang Hwi’s body. Uh oh. Needless to say Kang Hwi isn’t happy to see the two are living together. End episode.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Ki WoongI can’t believe they made the confession a drinking scene that she doesn’t remember. sigh. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! Bromance and jealousy combine. I miss their bickering. Too bad that they have to fight over the same girl now.


  • Thank you for the recap!

    I liked Tae Ik’s behavior and look in this episode more then any other. He was likable and his most attractive. Someone somewhere commented on NMW’s ability for physical comedy, it was in evidence when his character was pushed out of the way at the dojo. That was funny.

    I also expected grandfather to recognize Tae Ik’s name, may be it will come in a later episode.

    It does look like the two boys are about to go toe to toe over Man Ok. *sigh* Hope they end up with a renewed friendship.

  • wooooooooooooooow ,,,,,thank yoooooooooooooooooooooi !!! ❤ . ❤

  • Ah, i liked this episode. Tae Ik actually admitted his feelings, and then totally followed up on them the next day! He actually came up behind her and put his arms on her shoulders! That was so unexpected! Of course, she’s forgotten her confession, because what would a drama be without alcohol driven memory loss… but I hope she remembers soon. I don’t want that to drag on, i want them to get together and then deal with everything together. I mean, really, all Tae Ik has to say is “i like you” again, and be serious about it, and Man Ok would just admit her feelings again as well.

    Admittedly, the kiss freaking annoyed me because it wasn’t actually a kiss, but whatever, i’ll take what I can get.

    Poor Kang Hwi! He doesn’t need to show any weaknesses in front of Se Ryeong! Although having said that, she’s actually quite a boring character who doesn’t seem to have much of a point other than be a bitch with no actual power, so it probably makes no difference whether she knows about his eyes or not.

    But the thing is, why doesn’t Kang Hwi just ask Man Ok to be his stylist? Why is he leaving it to LJ to deal with? Especially considering he knows how LJ works. Does he think that Man Ok wouldn’t work with him without LK making her?

  • Man Ok look so pretty with her new hairstyle,I love this espoide so much Man Ok and Tae Ik both confess and it so sweet that he was the first one to say happy birthday to her and he put so much thought into buying the present..poor him remember the confession but not her…the way he was trying to hug her and her reaction was so funny he said “You said you like me” but I felt bad for Kang Hwi he going blind poor him losing both his love Man Ok and Sight I feel bad he only with Joon because he want to get revenge…Man
    Ok and Tae Ik are so cute….I love the was he smile and act even his rudeness is cute…Man
    ok is the only one that can control him
    …looking forward for the next espoide

  • Caitlyn, I agree that the kiss was a fail as far as kisses go. And Tae Ik was pretty darn cute the whole episode.

    And everyone is deferring to grandfather! He is the new boss in town and he will flip you if you get out of line!

  • Yes, kiss could have been better, but still not as bad as the horribly fake and posed Japanese kisses nor as bad as the kiss between Choi Daniel and Goo Hye Sun in The Musical. Shudders.

    I don’t understand why Kang Hwi is leaving Man Ok returning up to Joon. Is it desperation? No, that can’t be it as Kang Hwi isn’t one to hurt others just to get what he wants. Silly boy should have thought that through as Man Ok even became suspicious of him a little bit because of what Joon is pulling.

    Tae Ik yelling after Man Ok’s back saying that she said he liked her. Totally cute. I am glad that after the birthday, he is honest to his feelings. He was partly drunk, too. So how come he can remember and she can’t? Sigh. Stupid writers.

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