My second song dedication (I think) for this series. It’s C-Clown’s “멀어질까봐” (Meoreojilggabwa; Far Away Young Love). Really, it’s about a guy who is afraid to confess because the girl he likes has someone else, but the guy is completely wrong for her. Yep. That works for this series very well.

Ren gives a presentation about how social media marketing is all the rage and helped a certain company drive up sales by 25% without an increase of traffic to their physical locations. Going forward with such a tactic for PISTOL STAR will take a lot of money and a lot of hard work (reducing production costs, etc.), but Ren’s father gives him the go ahead as he believes it’s viable and he doesn’t want to lose out on business just by being afraid of new technology and media outlets.

Warabino Tomoyo

The meeting ends and Ren sits alone in the conference room. He pulls out his cell and calls up Sakuraba (I think that’s his long-haired assistant’s name) to let him know that he got the approval for the proposal. Sakuraba congratulates him on his successful step in bringing PISTOL STAR closer to becoming international and warns him about losing everything because of a girl. Sakuraba tells him that Abilio reported Misaki’s dislike of Luna being made part of the project. Of course, Misaki happens to pass by at this time and catches her name as Ren asks if Misaki knows that it was him who made Ako recommend Luna for the position. A new reason for Misaki to dislike Luna!

Warabino Tomoya, Iconiq

Misaki goes back and asks what’s between Luna and Ren. Luna says that they are only college classmates. Misaki, of course, doesn’t believe this. She then states that women like Luna make her sick. Luna doesn’t understand the problem. Misaki then complains that evil women like Luna who use men to climb the ladder are the reason why women in the business are known as “lease women.” Luna asserts she’s never done that. Misaki says if that is true, Luna should immediately turn down the position.

IconiqTakahashi Yu

Woo Joo returns to Sakurai’s studio to be greeted by Taka who’s in a funny state. Something just happened that he can’t wrap his mind around. Taka then says that Woo Joo just might be a smash hit. Woo Joo doesn’t get this. Taka then says Woo Joo is not only an assistant on the NUMERO project, but he’s also been chosen as the stylist. This shocks Woo Joo. Is this true? Taka assures him it is. He then asks what Woo Joo’s tricks are since he got this position after 2 months while Taka has been working for about 2 years with no such luck. Taka then wonders if Woo Joo used his body—he didn’t sleep with Abilio for the position did he? Wowza. Woo Joo tries to deny this, but can’t get a word in edgewise. Poor Woo Joo. Now he’s being misunderstood as well.

Yoon Si YoonYoon Si Yoon

Luna is working when Abilio comes up and talks to her about the project. She’s very quiet and only answers monosyllabically. He complains about her fashion taste not improving and she apologizes for that. He then notices her dour expression. Has she been crying? Luna then hurries and leaves the room. Abilio goes up to Misaki and another female worker. What’s up with Luna? Who knows? Misaki does, but she’s not saying.

At the house, Luna, Sung Jun and Woo Joo are sitting down to dinner. Anna calls to say she will be home late as she’s been put in charge of casting for the PISTOL STAR/NUMERO project. This surprises our photography apprentice. They usually use top models for that. Luna says that since they are particularly trying to break into the whole of the Asian market, especially China, Anna who’s part Chinese could have an edge. Sung Jun then asks if Luna recommended her. Woo Joo then reveals Luna is in charge of the project from her end. Woo Joo then says he’s also been put in charge on the styling end. Luna is happy for him, but her happy face slips as she recalls Misaki’s harsh words. Woo Joo and Sung Jun notice and she steps out for some fresh air.

Sung Ha, Yoon Si Yoon, Takahashi Yu

Woo Joo goes outside where Luna is staring at the harvest moon. Isn’t she cold? Luna says it feels good. She can feel her warm feelings cooling down. Woo Joo then says it’s always interesting with her up and down moods. Luna then says she might pass on the NUMERO job. Why? Isn’t this her chance? Luna says she really wants to do it. Luna then talks about a designer she admires. She desires to control every step of the process from the concept making to photo direction to the fashion shoot. That’s why she really wishes to do this project. Then why would she give up this chance? Luna then reveals it wasn’t her talent but Ren who got her the position. Why did he have to do that? Now she feels stupid for thinking they recognized her talent. How did she find out? Misaki told her. Luna isn’t sure if Misaki is lying or not. Ren doesn’t mean anything bad by doing such things, but him doing them makes things hard on her.

Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonTakahashi Yu

Luna then talks about the college days. Ren was popular and always surrounded by girls thus Luna was starstruck whenever he was nice to a dumb girl such as herself. She always felt she had to dress herself up more than necessary in front of him. By doing this, she has lost the way to show her true self. She can never tell him how she feels and she can’t bring herself to break up with him. Looks like they are stuck together until the end. Woo Joo says this isn’t like Luna and she needs to stop this. He then says he’ll help her forget this “inseparable relationship.” Looks like Sung Jun was eavesdropping. He gives me an uneasy feeling.

Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonTakahashi Yu, Yoon Si Yoon

Our schemers are plotting a coup. Their goal is simple: use Luna and Woo Joo to cause a bigger rift between father and son. Hirouchi will do whatever he can to force Ren to break it off with Luna which will make him rebel which will then make him be disowned and taken out of the running for inheriting the company. This means the other guy (who is related to Ren and is the son of the company’s original founder) is next in line to inherit. Ah, one of those plots. They need to eliminate any who could get in there way. This means its time to threaten a little bit.


Ren, as usual, is stalking Luna. He drags her angrily into his car and takes off. This guy. He’s got a pretty face but an ugly personality. They drive to the riverside and Luna demands to know what’s wrong with him as he’s being self-destructive. What would he do if anyone saw them together? Ren then shows her the photos he was given. What is this? That’s his line. Didn’t Luna says there was no romantic spark there? Luna then says she doesn’t recall ever doing this. She then stops—whoops. She recalls the drunken night. She apologizes. She was quite drunk and everything is hazy. She then asks how he got the photo. Please don’t tell her he’s been having her followed. Ren slams his fist into the steering wheel. Does she think he’s stalking her? Um…by definition, his actions equate to stalking.

Takahashi Yu, Warabino Tomoyo

Luna then wonders who else it could be. That’s what Ren would also like to know. Ren says he found the data this morning. Did Woo Joo do this? Luna quickly and positively says that Woo Joo would never do such a cowardly thing. This enrages him even more—she suspects him and protects Woo Joo? Luna then yells she can’t do this any more. She then reveals she knows he told Ako to recommend her. Luna says he didn’t do that for her, but to satisfy himself. She then tells him his good intentions are destroying her dreams. She then says that she’s very disappointed in herself and wishes to go back to who she truly is. So…let’s break up. Snap!

Warabino TomoyoTakahashi Yu

Woo Joo is leaving Sakurai’s studio when someone comes up behind him and that’s where we end this episode.

Yoon Si Yoon

I wonder if we’re getting closer to the scene where we started this series where Woo Joo was beaten and bloody? That means we’re nearing the end, right? Or not. These web dramas tend to have episode counts in the 20s as they are a lot shorter than normal episodes, but I don’t know for certain.

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