May Queen Episode 30 Recap

This song dedication is for all the idiot women in this series. Seriously. Given the context of the song, I find it fitting as there are these women who go around and pretend that their life is much different from the reality. sure, this is about cheating and a guy and a girl, but at the same time…why can’t these women notice what everyone else around them notices? The lies, the deception, the violence, the murder, the betrayal, the love, the obsession? WAE? Oh…the song. It’s Mandi Perkins’s “Why Pretend.” I love her voice 🙂

Hae Joo wonders why Geum Hee is there instead of Jung Woo. Geum Hee says she’s Hae Joo’s mother. She gave birth to her and lost her on that very beach. Hae Joo smiles and says “ohmma.” Geum Hee throws herself into her daughter’s arms holding her tightly. Hae Joo cries and returns the hug. Geum Hee then pulls away and takes her daughter’s hands. She apologizes to all the horrible things she’s done to Hae Joo over the years and for not recognizing her. Hae Joo tells her not to apologize. It’s she who is sorry for keeping the secret. Geum Hee says she should apologize for not recognizing her daughter and letting her live such a hard life. There’s too many sins to apologize for. Geum Hee then tells Hae Joo to come to her house and live as her daughter finally. Hae Joo refuses. She can’t do that. Geum Hee says she has so much to talk about and so much to hear.

Enter Jung Woo. What is Geum Hee doing right now? Did she forget what they talked about? Geum Hee sobs that she and Hae Joo have been apart for 27 years. She doesn’t want to let her daughter suffer and live poorly any more. She wants to take her home and make her a hot meal. Jung Woo says do it later. Geum Hee doesn’t want to listen. She tries to drag Hae Joo home, but Jung Woo yells to stop. He looks at Hae Joo and tells her to go on home. Hae Joo is reluctant, but Jung Woo insists. He then asks to talk to Geum Hee in private.

Geum Hee follows after him and he turns and yells at her for getting over excited and doing all the things he told her not to do. Geum Hee complains that he lives with Hae Joo while she’s been separated from her daughter for 27 years. Even if its only for a night, Geum Hee wishes to stay with Hae Joo. Jung Woo then drops the bomb that acknowledging Hae Joo as her daughter can endanger the younger girl’s life. Geum Hee asks what he means. Jung Woo then reveals Gi Cheol faked Yoo Jin’s death under Jang’s order so that Do Hyun could marry her. Please tell me she won’t defend the man and will finally realize just how evil he is. This really shocks her. That can’t be possible.

At this point, Hae Joo has walked up to the road and is near enough to be able to catch some of what Jung Woo tells Geum Hee. Jung Woo says that not only did Jang do that 27 years ago, Gi Cheol also tried to sell Hae Joo off to an island 13 years ago when the Chun family was to return to Haenam. That is why the family ended up in Geoje. Does Geum Hee really think that Park Gi Cheol acted on his own (well…he did and yet he didn’t all at the same time). Jung Woo yells that Geum Hee has no idea just what kind of monster she married. He even killed his hyung.

In rushes Hae Joo. This shocks the adults. Hae Joo asks what her uncle is saying. Did Jang really kill her father. Jung Woo looks away and says it is true. He is certain that Jang killed his brother and that Gi Cheol was involved. The bullets found and Gi Cheol’s story all support this. Geum Hee shakes her head as Jung Woo again asserts that Jang then ordered Hae Joo either abandoned or killed so that he could marry Geum Hee. who doesn’t believe a person can really do that. Jung Woo replies that Jang is not a person, but a devil. Geum Hee turns to her daughter and cries. Hae Joo was really getting sold off to an island? Hae Joo confirms this this as well as Gi Cheol’s involvement as she confirmed it with Gi CHeol who said he did it to separate her from Chang Hee. Looking back now, it’s obvious it was because he was afraid Geum Hee would learn who she really was. Jung Woo then asks if Geum Hee understands now why she needs to get her act together to protect Hae Joo.

At this moment Jang calls his wife and she freaks out. Jung Woo tells her to calmly answer the phone. Geum Hee shakily answers and Jang asks where she is. Geum Hee shakily lies that she’s at a department store. Jang then says that he’s getting jealous watching the young couple and asks her to hurry home so that he can have a date with her. He hangs up and In Hwa talks him into buying hiking clothes for Geum Hee since her mother lacks exercise.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo asks her if she understands what he means now. Does Geum Hee think she can see her husband without being too emotional. Geum Hee nods and Hae Joo tells him no. She says it’s too cruel for her mom to be forced to go back to Jang’s now that she knows the truth. These evil deeds need to be reported to the police. Or…why doesn’t Jung Woo lock him up? Jung Woo says the statute on the murder has long expired. Hae Joo still doesn’t except this. She turns to Geum Hee who says she’ll go. Jung Woo asks if she’ll be okay. Geum Hee nods and Hae Joo asks her to move out and live with her. Geum Hee says that day will come soon and turns to leave. Hae Joo stops her and says to call her if it gets too hard. Geum Hee nods and rushes off. I’m waiting for Geum Hee to die before she can live with Hae Joo as something about that promise makes it seem unlikely to happen.

Geum Hee is so shaky, it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets into a car accident. Hae Joo complains about how horrible it is for her mother. Jung Woo says that he had hoped to keep this all from Hae Joo. He then tells her to let the adults handle this and keep her emotions in check. Jung Woo then reveals that Jang is probably complicit in the deaths of San’s parents as well as his grandfather. Does San know about this, too? Jung Woo confirms this. He then tells Hae Joo not to take revenge into her own hands. This is something for him and her mother to pursue, although this could harm Geum Hee. Hae Joo asks what he means.

Driving home, Geum Hee recalls Jang asking her to be his children’s mother. She then recalls Gi Cheol’s desperate lies. She pulls over and stops so she can bawl once more. Well…I know she had a hard time after Hak Soo’s death and Yoo Jin’s disappearance, but she willingly went like a lamb to the slaughter without considering anything. Ignorance is not always a legitimate excuse. At the same time, Hae Joo is walking when she collapses in tears and calls out “father.” Which one? I really don’t feel anything with these scenes even though they are slightly better acted. Hae Joo’s fist curls and she rushes off.

She goes to San who is working hard. He doesn’t look to happy to see her. He asks why she’s doing this to him after he told her not to come anymore. Hae Joo then reveals what she learned from Jung Woo. She then asks him to take revenge. Hae Joo is afraid of stooping to Jang’s level so her idea is to build the drill, make their own shipping company and run Cheonji into the ground. Selfish, selfish, selfish. She will be selfish to the bitter end. San says that isn’t enough. They not only have to ruin Cheonji, they have to completely ruin Jang’s dream of the oil rights and drilling in Korean waters. that is the reason Jang killed their fathers. So…they need to get the drilling rights? Yes, to avenge their fathers. Hae Joo says that they are ultimately connected in this way. Kang San replies that it is fate based on their fathers’ wishes and dreams. You know what I was thinking about besides Hae Joo selfishly insinuating herself onto the scene? Boy, does Kim Jae Won really rock the scruffy look with some facial hair. Ay caramba! 😛 Couldn’t help it. He’s just so darn…good looking. Okay, done acting like a hormonal teenager. I also must say the fate/destiny talk…barf.

Geum Hee arrives and puts on a somewhat convincing face. She’s not all that good at it. I think it won’t take Jang (or Gi Cheol) long to figure out something isn’t right. The Jangs leave for their date and Gi Cheol asks one of the butlers if he happens to have an aunt. LOL. Looks like he’s lonely and wants a woman, too. On their date, Geum Hee keeps giving off bad vibes. She’s totally disgusted by his touch now. They sit on a bench overlooking the water. How long as it been now? Jang then proposes going a vacation while Geum Hee looks off uncomfortably in the distance. Jang asks what she wants to do and she says that she likes being with him like this. He then tells her he loves her so much and in only a few years he’ll be by her side forever after his dream is realized. Oy. She’s too bad of an actress. How Jang can’t feel her discomfort or disgust is beyond me. Again, I don’t think she’ll fool anybody for long. Although, Jang is blinded by his obsession with her.

Hae Joo and San sit over juice and discuss the problems at hand. A different company holds the rights and technology for drills and are not likely to share. They must study and develop everything on their own. The problem is that drills are infinitely more expensive than the azimuth thrusters and there is no funds or a factory to be had. Hae Joo suggests giving a presentation on thrusters to get others interested and then giving those who bit a presentation on drills to get investors. With San’s name and Hae Joo’s experience in building the thrusters for Cheonji, they have a good chance.

Geum Hee gets home and stares at her son. What’s wrong? Geum Hee says it must be hard on him to be president. Il Moon says it’s okay and Geum Hee hurriedly excuses herself to wash up. She gets into her room and immediately collapses once the door is shut. She starts crying and beating a pillow. Yeah. This nut is cracking. And the fist in the mouth? Totally disturbing.

Hae Joo gets home and finds Dal Soon badgering Young Joo about Il Moon. Hae Joo screams at her family to stop acting like trash by trying to get money out of Il Moon using Young Joo and tossing her aside. Hae Joo yells that she wants to burn the entire family to ash, but won’t. They should live better lives from now on. This shocks the Chuns. They all look at Hae Joo in surprise. Hae Joo then tells Young Joo she doesn’t have to go to college, but she needs to learn a skill be it cosmetology or something else like that and go out and work to gain life experience and see how the world really is. Hae Joo then turns to Sang Tae and tells him to get a heavy equipment license. Why? Hae Joo says she will need it and his help later so just do it. She then literally screams at them to leave the Jang family alone as SHE will take care of everything. This comes off as soooo high and heavy handed. Her family has just as much right to know the truth and be involved, but nope. To me, Hae Joo is acting like Chang Hee. All that matters is HER pain and HER revenge. The only difference is, she is forewarning others to stay out and letting them know if she plans on using them whereas Chang Hee gave no warning and uses and tosses people aside willy nilly.

Hae Joo and Dal Soon then talk private and Hae Joo reveals she met with Geum Hee who really is her birth mother. Hae Joo then tells Dal Soon to to not give her mother a hard time. This hurts Dal Soon. If Hae Joo is going to act like this, then she should just move in with the Jangs. Hae Joo apologizes for not being able to tell Dal Soon everything. So Dal Soon needs to just be nice to Geum Hee from now on. Dal Soon is hurt. Hearing about Hae Joo and Geum Hee pains her as she feels she’s losing the daughter she has grown to love as if she was her own. Dal Soon angrily (sadly) leaves after telling Hae Joo to rent a room with her mother to live. That night Geum Hee wakes up and tries to strangle her husband with shaking hands. She can’t do it . She covers her mouth and starts crying again. What a useless creature.

Wow. Is In Hwa in for it. Forget about being miserable because Chang Hee doesn’t love her. Gi Cheol is the father-in-law from hell. After bawling out the hardworking In Hwa, she goes into her room where she’s met with an arctic blast from her husband. Well…you sort of deserve your misery, girl as you rushed into this marriage out of your own narcissistic conceit.

Geum Hee meets with Hae Joo for a meal. Hae Joo complains that there’s too much food. Geum Hee smiles and says that they just need to eat as much as they can. Hae Joo starts digging in and then tells her mother it’s not right to be together without her mother eating. Geum Hee gives her daughter food and she happily eats. Geum Hee asks what she will do now that she has quit Cheonji. Hae Joo replies she’s working on something with San. Geum Hee then tries to give her money, but Hae Joo won’t take it as its too uncomfortable. What an idiot. She needs the money badly. Anywho, we circle around the whole Hae Joo hating Geum Hee living with Jang. Geum Hee wishes to spend the day with her newly found daughter, but Hae Joo is meeting with Bong Hee later. Did her mother tell her younger sister? No, because of Bong Hee’s fiery attitude. The two then have an emotional mealtime feeding each other.

Bong Hee and Hae Joo meet and Hae Joo butters up Bong Hee (who’s horribly susceptible to flattery) so that she will help put together the thruster documentation that she and San wish to distribute. At the same time, Jang is undergoing his embezzlement and abuse of power trial. HIs life imprisonment sentence is reduced to three years thanks to him giving up everything and showing remorse. What a crock of shit. Afterward, Jung Woo calls his name and tells him congratulations. He’s disappointed by the failure. Jang says it wasn’t a complete failure since he was sentenced. He hopes to never see Jung Woo again since he’s sick of his face. Jung Woo comes closer and says he will definitely get him. Jang replies he looks forward to it while Chang Hee watches on. Hmmmm. Should we worry about what Chang Hee will do? As Choi leaves, Jung Woo recognizes his car as the one Sang Tae described. Asa!

Jung Woo goes back to his office and confirms with Yi Soo that Choi’s car is the same model that Sang Tae described. Jung Woo hands over the license plate number and tells Yi Soo to confirm with CCTVs in the area of the Kang factory. What about the missing former agent? Since Korean doesn’t have an agreement with Singapore, that’s getting rather complicated and difficult. Jung Woo yells that there isn’t anything that isn’t hard. Yi Soo needs to get him back at all costs. Poor Yi Soo.

Hae Joo meets with San and tells him that Bong Hee has agreed to help. He then shows her his drill sketches. Hae Joo is impressed by this and starts trying to talk shop, but San is having none of it. YAY!!!! San is back to being himself again. Meaning? He’s teasing Hae Joo for a kiss. LOL. The surprising thing is that she actually caves and kisses his cheek. Uri San-oppa is sooooo adorable. I like how shocked he was when she kissed him. She then quickly gets back to work while San says that he wasn’t mentally prepared and she needs to do it again. LOL. Always the scheming opportunist. He prepares himself and Hae Joo says she will give him a beating instead. San avoids her hit and says she can’t beat him because then he won’t be able to work. Hae Joo cracks her knuckles and slams the table and San gets right to work like an obedient puppy.

Hae Joo brings San home and Dal Soon isn’t happy. She gripes about him staying there since he’s poor and hasn’t even paid out wages yet. Jung Woo then comes out and the two kids go to his room. The presentation is in four days. Do they need money? Hae Joo said she received some from her mother (I thought she rejected that en totem?). Jung Woo then pulls out a wad of cash for a backup fund. Hae Joo refuses this and Jung Woo says it’s an investment he expects returns from. San steps in and hurriedly takes the money and promises to cut Jung Woo a slice of the pie (this earns him a glare from Hae Joo). Seriously? This girl is a complete airhead. They NEED money. It’s not completely horrible to take it from her mother and uncle as you know Geum Hee was from a wealthy family thus her money is her own and not her horrible husband’s and Jung Woo likewise isn’t a vicious backstabbing serpent. Eyeroll. Hae Joo then reveals Bong Hee will be helping with the PT. This surprise Jung Woo. He doesn’t begrudge them her help. Since she’s big in the oil industry, she’s a good backer.

Chang Hee tells Jang about San’s and Hae Joo’s presentation. Of course he would know. This enrages Jang. Gah. So want to stab him right now. There really was no need for him at all to throw Jung Woo, San, and Hae Joo under the bus as he has done in order to obtain his revenge. Just like Hae Joo, he’s horribly selfish. This is HIS revenge. HE must be the one who makes Jang pay. Yada, yada, yada. Meh.

Meanwhile, In Hwa is getting bawled out by Gi Cheol again. Why? She bought dinner and is trying to pass it off as her own. Gi Cheol scolds her for this and In Hwa says it’s because he didn’t like the maid’s food last time. Well, huzzah (I guess) that Hae Joo didn’t end up with him as a father-in-law. Usually in dramas it’s a mother-in-law nightmare. In this case it’s the father who’s the monster-in-law. Geum Hee comes in to overhear Gi Cheol scolding her daughter unmercifully. What does he think he’s doing? Gi Cheol is immediately cowed. Geum Hee asks to speak to him privately. In Hwa tries to defend him, but Geum Hee sends her away. Seriously? Another airhead. Shakes head. But then again, we already knew In Hwa was stupid in spite of her sound business sense. Gi Cheol tries to explain it’s all a misunderstanding and Geum Hee says he’s different. Gi Cheol says he’s only showing In Hwa the real world. Yeah right. Geum Hee then screams that he’s not a human. Isn’t he the one who took her daughter away from her and NOW what is he doing? Geum Hee then babbles about Yoo Jin in her head and Gi Cheol’s schemes and lies over 27 years. Gi Cheol says he’ll never do it again and Geum Hee angrily gets up and says she’ll keep an eye on him. That glare sent shudders down my spine. Superb acting. Gi Cheol even says his heart stopped at such a scary expression he’s never scene before.

The Chuns plus San sit down for dinner. San is trying to keep an upbeat atmosphere, but Dal Soon and Sang Tae treat him like crap. Hae Joo tires to defend him, but neither of them will let him go. San leaves the table and Sang Tae takes all of his leftover food. Hae Joo shoots an angry glare and rushes out after him. Aigoo. Seriously. Dal Soon you need to stop being a petty witch. I still like you, but when you act like this, I remember my earlier hatred.

Anywho, we have what every good (and awful) Korean drama must have—a back hug scene. Hae Joo shocks San by giving him a back hug. What is she doing? She tells him she’s very sorry and that her family aren’t horrible people. San, being the cheeky guy that he is asks if Hae Joo will treat him like this every time he gets scolded. Hae Joo pulls away and tries to hit him, but San pulls her tightly into a hug. She goes to pull away, but he holds on and asks to stay that way for a little while. Hae Joo then returns the hug. Awww. You feel a smidgen of feeling, which you didn’t get in the earlier kiss scene since you know Hae Joo only did it so they could get back to work. I guess it’s better than nothing.

Four days pass and San catches Bong Hee trying to sneak into Jung Woo’s room. LOL. Bong Hee hasn’t changed. She’s jealous of San to learn he’s sharing a room with Jung Woo alone. How does he get all the luck? LOL. Hae Joo then comes out and Bong Hee drives them to the presentation. On their way, a car suddenly stops and Bong Hee slams on her brakes, but rear ends the car in front. Then another car slams into her. Accursed Jang. This is his way of keeping them from the PT. San tries to settle things, but, of course, the men don’t want to settle and keep their insults and complaints coming. One of the men even try hitting Bong Hee. San manages to stop this. San then says they should just call the police. Aigoo. Will they make the PT in time? Probably not. Grr.

At the presentation, the people waiting are in an uproar while Kim tries to calm them down and keep the peace. But it’s too late. They all rush out while the trio are engaged with the police and the crooks. They all start to look desperate. Hae Joo then sees a motorbike and jumps on it leaving San and Bong Hee to deal. Ahhh…nothing like committing another crime on top of the fender bender. Choi watches from a distance and smirks.

Hae Joo arrives and Kim scolds her for being so late. How many people are there? Only 5. How about Ryan Kang? Hae Joo will personally due the presentation. She begins her presentation while Chang Hee is giving a similar one at Cheonji to the board. The few remaining people at Hae Joo’s PT get angry and leave while Chang Hee’s ends with applause. Jang tells his son he did well as Chang Hee gets a call about the failed meeting. Hae Joo picks up the presentation packets on the ground as San and Bong Hee arrive. Hae Joo apologizes for not being able to succeed. Bong Hee is upset at herself for the accident. San reveals it wasn’t an accident, but Cheonji’s doing since Cheonji also stole their thruster. This shocks and appalls Bong Hee. Again, a smart woman who is a complete ignoramus. All the signs are there pointing to her brother-in-law being a horrible person with shady business dealings and this news shocks her? Ay de mi.

Jang chortles about San and Hae Joo’s failed PT. Chang Hee then reveals he knows who is behind Jang’s arrest. Jang’s happiness is immediately turned to anger. Who is that b*stard who dared to go against him? Chang Hee tells him not to be frightened and then reveals it is Il Moon. This stuns Jang. His son? Chang Hee confirms this and Jang immediately becomes enraged. Chang Hee then calls in Yang Do Ri to confess to Jang about Il Moon’s backstabbing. Oy. Poor Yang, caught up in that spider’s nest. Jang then goes into his son’s office and starts beating him. What is Jang doing? Jang reveals he knows about what Il Moon did and then disowns him. He needs to get out from the house and the company. Il Moon tries to deny all this and Jang reveals that Yang has already confessed everything. Jang even threatens to kill Il Moon and begins launching things at his son. Of course, Il Moon can’t let things go. He tells his father to please kill him. As he gone crazy? Of course! Jang then says this is why Hae Joo is sooo much better. This of course irks Il Moon into revealing to his father just who Hae Joo really is. Il Moon confesses that Hae Joo is Geum Hee’s biological daughter Yoo Jin. This royally freaks Jang out and we end this episode with him holding up his son’s placard to brain him.

Aigoo. 8 more episodes. Wae? What will Jang do now? Who knows? I am just getting so annoyed. Our good guys take one step forward only to be slammed back to the starting point. This has entered the realm of absurdity and ridiculousness. I curse you Jang and Chang Hee.


  • Yay recap!! Woo hoo!! I look forward to the recap more than the show.

    Curses, foiled again!! Damn you Chang Hee. C’mon writers, give San a break.

    “Boy, does Kim Jae Won really rock the scruffy look with some facial hair. Ay caramba!”

    I totally agree, the screencap under your comment – MMMmm Smexy!! Hae Joo is an idiot for not showering him with kisses.

    Eight episodes left better be chock full of San’s revenge plan unfolding and HJ giving him some deserved loving.

  • I’ve been watching The Duo and HJH is really not bad in that. This show, however, even she can’t stand her character I guess? Thanks for the recap!

    • I can’t comment on that since this is the only show I’ve seen her in. My question would be why would you take on a character that you KNOW you cannot possibly empathize with or portray well as that’s opening yourself up to a lot of negative comments, plus it helps drag the show down if you cannot perform well.

  • yay! thanks for your recap! it was daebak since we KS back to his cheeky and mischievous way – trying to needle HJ for a kiss and awwwwwwwwwwww i really enjoy his *one more time* then the back hug and goodness to fullness real hug from KS – that melted me and left saying a big *YES*…..

  • This episode really got me in… not because KS got a kiss from HJ but the way he ask for a kiss and his reaction after that…:) KJW really made me giggle and laugh.., he was considered matured at his age but he is so adorable and funny in such a way.. hahahaha his cheeky attitude can change the atmosphere completely… I’m so amazed on how KJW control his emotion , he can be so sad or happy in an instant and it’s so natural …

  • The writer is in “overkill” mode right now – he can’t seem to turn it around so the other side starts winning. Still wasting too much time on CH and IH (my opinion) and the entire Jang family. This writer is definitely on my DO NOT EVER WATCH AGAIN list. 😉 Great recap, thank you so much!

  • Great recap onnie, i always wait your recap after watch a drama.. Hwaitting, ^^~

  • Hi, not being rude, but I find your thoughts on the characters rather disturbing. I would much rather read your recaps that discuss solely about what happens and not about your character bashing (hae joo).

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