May Queen Episode 29 Recap

This episode requires alcohol and angry rock music. I found a song which features both! In honor of San and Hae Joo—here’s Papa Roach’s “Scars.”

Awww, the leading second lead couple got married. There’s not much to say about this. Gi Cheol cried like a baby, Geum Hee cried like a refined lady, Hae Joo cried and smiled as she watched her ex marry her “best friend” and then watched her birth mother cry over this as well. Meh. I do have to say I enjoyed the traditional Korean clothing and Gi Cheol throwing a dozen nuts at the young couple saying that he didn’t care if they were boys or girls, but there should be 12 children. TWELVE? That’s…a little extreme. Jang looked very unhappy at that wish. LOL. Oh, you also have to love Bong Hee’s inappropriate laughter when In Hwa couldn’t make the bow properly and had to be helped up by Chang Hee. I also have to say that during the wedding ceremony, neither the bride nor groom had a happy expression on until the words “I do” when they both smiled. This automatically made the wedding seem so fake to me. Well, granted, they shouldn’t be getting married, but oh well.

When the Jangs arrive home Bong Hee cries because she’s happy yet sad that her baby won’t be living with them any more (the girl is right next door in the Park house—deal with it). Gi Cheol is acting all high and mighty now in front of the Jangs (he scolds the servants and Jang tells him not to ruin a good day). When Jang calls him informally, Gi Cheol is insulted and Geum Hee reminds him that Park is now an in-law and should thus be called more formerly. This will be VERY difficult for Jang. San arrives at this time and watches the family go inside their home as he recalls Jung Woo’s words about how his grandfather was investigating his parents’ deaths. Seriously? I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to stop EVERYONE’s unnoticed visits outside the Jang family estate. They aren’t 100% realistic either as you’d think that SOMEONE should have been noticed by now.

Jung Woo orders Yi Soo to investigate the Cheonji employees and see if anyone has a car like the one Sang Tae identified. Yi Soo says the range is too broad and many Cheonji employees have the same brand of car. Jung Woo stands up and tells him it’s a murder case! Cooperate with the local police and get it done. Jung Woo also demands Yi Soo find out where the official went and if he’s safe.

Young Joo is morosely complaining about the side dishes. Sang Tae asks for her food then and she hands it over saying he’ll never do since he eats everything placed in front of him. Sang Tae then makes a big slip and says that Young Joo thinks she’s so much refined now that she’s been going in and out of hotels. Aigoo. And right in front of big sister Hae Joo. Good job, Sang Tae. Hae Joo catches on and asks Sang Tae what he’s talking about. Sansg Tae then reveals Young Joo spending all night out with Jang Il Moon in a hotel. This shocks everyone. Hae Joo demands to know what happened and Young Joo then snarkily asks what her sister thinks happens between a man and a woman in a hotel. You know, I’m not saying that Hae Joo and Chang Hee necessarily did anything in their own hotel room…but isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? This is why Hae Joo is annoying as all hell.

Anywho, Hae Joo gets up to start beating her, but Dal Soon tells her to calm down and asks Young Joo what happened. This can’t be her daughter’s fault. Um…well, even if Il Moon was all weepy and begging her to stay, it’s not like he forced her—she went willingly. Young Joo then declares she’ll marry him and become the president’s wife. Sang Tae cannot believe this. Young Joo really has no idea just how bad Il Moon is.Young Joo asserts that it’s Sang Tae and Hae Joo who don’t really know Il Moon. Sure, the man has a very painful existence, but he’s evil—he even threw her away already since he became president. Looks like she’s as stupid as her older sister. Young Joo says he cries in front of her and no matter what any one says she knows he’s being sincere.

Young Joo gets up and leaves and Hae Joo jumps up to go beat sense into her sister. What a violent girl—always resorting to violence. You know, this is something that is also odd (just like the complete 180 in Geum Hee’s treatment of Gi Cheol in episode 9), Hae Joo went from always trying to please her family (and just arguing with her siblings) to beating them. This doesn’t really seem all that realistic at times. But then again, after 15 years, a lot has happened, but I still find it odd that she can openly beat them now. Dal Soon stops her and says what’s done is done. The only thing now is to get  the two married. Riiight. Because the Jang family will accept a much younger daughter from a destitute family—I don’t think so. This enrages Hae Joo who keeps fanning herself and beating her chest. This gets old rather fast.

At the Jang house, Butler Park is drunk and extremely happy while Bong Hee is kind of annoyed at his drunkenness. Geum Hee tells him to take it easy, but Gi Cheol refuses to shape up. Gi Cheol then asks if he can say something he’s wanted to say for a while. Jang tells him to go ahead, but is annoyed when he calls him Jang Do Hyun hyung and then Do Hyun-ah (both informal and less respectful). Gi Cheol then says he is the son of a butler and hyung is the son of a paste maker. They both came from poor families. Gi Cheol then stands up and calls him a punk. How can Jang behave so poorly to him? Didn’t they both feed the cattle in the field together? Now who’s trying to show off? Wow. Alcohol and Gi Cheol can be amusing. Gi Cheol then drunkenly warns Jang that if he keeps acting up, Gi Cheol will hit him. Jang goes to get up, but Geum Hee stops him. Gi Cheol then demands Bong Hee pour him a drink which she does—her annoyance level increasing by the minute. Gi Cheol then passes out sitting up at the table.

In Hwa peeks out of the bathroom and comes out when she sees Chang Hee is nowhere around. She then makes a desperate call to her mom for specifics. She is nervous and not sure of what to do. Then her daddy takes the phone and then Gi Cheol who wishes her to have a honeymoon baby if possible. Then Gi Cheol hangs up the the phone before Bong Hee can talk. This upsets her and she complains. Gi Cheol then says that if an old man talks to In Hwa, they might not get a honeymoon baby. Say what? He then scolds her for calling him ahjussi and passes out. Poor Bong Hee.

The newlywed groom is outside on the balcony recalling his passionate rain kiss with Hae Joo. Soooo wrong at this moment. In Hwa then takes the courage to go outside and give him a back hug. This shocks him. She then tells him that he’s the only one for her. Chang Hee turns around and In Hwa immediately says she wants to spend the night TALKING about their future. Chang Hee says nothing and just scoops her up and tosses her on the bed. How much do you want to bet he can only do this because he was thinking of Hae Joo beforehand. That’s just so wrong. Oh, and one more thing. Shouldn’t they have discussed all those things that In Hwa wanted to talk about BEFORE getting married? They say that (in the US) some of the main causes for divorce is not discussing such things as money and children before marriage. My questions is why wouldn’t people discuss that stuff before tying the knot? In order to get married (in a church at least in Michigan), you and your spouse-to-be actually need to meet with the pastor and priest for such discussions before they will grant permission to marry you. Seriously. Sure, you can just go to the justice of the peace and get it down that way, but that is one of the good thing about church weddings in my state. My unnie and her husband had to go through that with their minister before they could get married. I think my aunt and her husband had to  as well.

At the Chun house, Hae Joo asks Young Joo if she really likes Il Moon. Young Joo says nothing and Hae Joo then asks if Young Joo is certain Il Moon likes hers. Young Joo quickly asserts that she knows he does. He may be bad, but even bad men become innocent lambs in front of the women they love. Um…innocent lamb? Sure, Il Moon did show her his weaker side, but that can also be explained as his disregard for this young woman as she’s not in a position to really exploit his weakness. I’m not saying he didn’t have any affection whatsoever, but he’s more a seeker of his own pleasure and in desperate need of someone to understand and baby him.

Hae Joo really doesn’t believe this. She then then hashes out her own bitter love story. Why does Young Joo think she and Chang Hee broke up after a 15-year love? Educational differences. FACE PALM. Oh, that’s so not it. Sure, Hae Joo doesn’t know 100% the entire truth and she says that she knows Chang Hee is being mean to her so she’ll fall out of love with him, but at he same time, you know she believes this educational BS. Sure, there are times when if two people are at two different levels, it can destroy a relationship, but it’s not like the young Hae Joo was stupid, so I really, really, really hate this right here. Young Joo doesn’t get this. Hae Joo then says Il Moon is a president of a company while Young Joo is just a kid re-taking college entrance exams. So what? Il Moon is already aware of this. It may not be a problem now, but will definitely be a problem in the future. So? Young Joo can just divorce Il Moon and get a big alimony. Oy. So young. So stupid. It runs in the Chun family, though. Hae Joo is no better (even if they aren’t biological sisters, they are definitely sisters all the same). Of course, Hae Joo is unhappy to hear her 20-year-old sister talking like this already. There is no getting through to Young Joo who really doesn’t seem to understand how things work in the real world.

In Hwa wakes up and Chang Hee is nowhere to be found. She gets up and sees him drinking. There’s an ugly look on his face. You can tell he isn’t happy right now. This really seems to surprise her. Really? I guess. Meanwhile, San pays his grandfather a visit and vows that no matter what he will take down Jang since Jang took his parents and now Kang away. He will get him back with his ability and make him pay.

The next morning at the Jang house, Gi Cheol wonders if he made any mistakes in his drunkenness and in comes Dal Soon and Sang Tae. Dal Soon demands to know where Il Moon is and gives Gi Cheol a mighty shove when he says she has no right to be there. Jang then comes and demands to know what’s going on. Dal Soon asks him to ask his son first since he made contact with her daughter first. Say what? Geum Hee comes up. She’s certain Dal Soon is mistaken. Whether she is or isn’t doesn’t matter. Get Il Moon NOW. Jang then tells her to be rational. Dal Soon then says that Il Moon took her 20-year-old daughter to a hotel. They all know what happens between adults in a hotel. Gi Cheol then sneers and says Dal Soon is doing this because they lost Chang Hee as a son-in-law. Dal Soon pushes him and tells him that she gave up on Chang Hee long ago. He should only involve himself when it’s appropriate. Snap. Sang Tae then tells Gi Cheol to leave. Jang then says he understands and asks the Chuns to leave for now. Dal Soon does agree to do this, but promises that if they don’t do right by her daughter, she will picket their company every day. She leaves and Sang Tae then tells them he overheard Il Moon talk about their night of passion at a hotel. He then follows his mother out and Jang curses Il Moon. Geum Hee then says she’ll take care of things since Jang will only cause their son pain. Are you freaking kidding me? While Jang always jumps to the negative conclusions and is too hard on Il Moon most of the time, he’s the better parent as he knows right from wrong when it comes to his kids. Il Moon does something wrong, he deserves a beating and a scolding. To Geum Hee, all that matters is her precious babies. She can’t think they would honestly do something bad, but if they do? It doesn’t matter, they are still her precious babies. Such horrible parenting. Two very opposite extremes. No wonder both kids are screwed up.

Hae Joo then barges into Il Moon’s office. Did he really spend the night in a hotel with her little sister? Il Moon says it’s possible. Hae Joo then demands to know if he has any intention of marrying Young Joo. Il Moon then calls her crazy and laughs at her. She climbs up on his desk and kicks him in the head. Omo. Again, these scenes are about the best scenes of Han Ji Hye’s acting. Sure, they still fall flat, but they do actually show more emotion than her other scenes—it’s rather sad. Anywho, Geum Hee enters as Hae Joo screams at him demanding if he knows how she raised her little sister before punching him again. Of course, Il Moon runs and hides behind Geum Hee who demands to know just what Hae Joo is doing. Doesn’t Geum Hee know what Il Moon did to her precious sister? Geum Hee’s answer? It’s not proven. Besides, this is between a man and a woman. Hae Joo is uneducated, but her behavior should be better. Is she a gangster? Isn’t she an employee of Cheonji? Um…for once, I was totally okay with Hae Joo’s use of violence. 😛 Geum Hee then says private matters should be taken care of out of the company. That is very true. She then sends the angry and crying Hae Joo out. Hae Joo apologizes and leaves.

Il Moon then complains about not being able to hit a woman while mommy glares at him. Geum Hee then asks her son if it’s true. Il Moon replies it isn’t and then says that Young Joo lured him to a hotel when he was drunk and then ran off with his money. He even filed a complaint. Geum Hee can ask the police if she wants. So…after all that Il Moon continued to see Young Joo? Not because he wanted to. Aha! How the tables have turned. He was the one who kept pestering Young Joo until she was wore down and stupid enough to think she hit the jackpot. So how did this happen? Il Moon then says that it’s all because they are poor and greedy for money. Can Geum Hee really not trust her son? Geum Hee then wonders how a family can be like that. Il Moon then bashes Hae Joo and Geum Hee says she really was a poor judge of people. You have got to be kidding me.

Jo hands over papers to Hae Joo and asks if they are okay. Hae Joo stops her from leaving. She doesn’t understand what’s written in one part. This earns her Jo’s scorn. Hae Joo may have spent lots of time doing practical applications, but she is missing some of the basic educational principles. It makes no sense for her to be the head of R&D when she lacks an education even if she can build the azimuth thrusters. Well…Jo does have a point even if she’s being a complete b*tch. I’m not saying Hae Joo is stupid, but she really does lack the fundamentals to be in such a position. In her case, R&D is a place where a more formal education is needed. Practical knowledge is good, but she still lacks much necessary knowledge that formal study would give her.

San is working hard researching drills. He even goes to a drill site where he sees a drill going through hard ground and rock. Wow, what kind of drill is that? The supervisor comes over and demands to know who he is. San says he’ll be working there from now on. The supervisor hadn’t heard anyone was coming. Well…San laughs sheepishly. To tell the truth, he WISHES to work there. This shocks the supervisor. This job is NOT for everyone. San says he’s right and he’s not just anyone. He then holds out his hand and tells him it will be a pleasure to work with them. The supervisor is still in a state of shock. LOL. San literally just hired himself into someone else’s company. Aigoo. O am happy that he’s moving on and doing his best to get back at Jang in his own way. And now that Jang believes him to be completely ruined, I’m sure he’s fallen off Jang’s and Chang Hee’s radars. Time for super stealth ninja attack…sort of.

Dal Soon and Sang Tae are complaining about the Jangs’ attitude at home. Boy rich people are scary and shameless. Sang Tae then says they should get money if they can’t get a marriage. Dal Soon starts beating him because of this. Doesn’t he think about his poor sister? Sure, that’s why he said that. Riiight. As Dal Soon hits him some more, Jung Woo comes out and asks to speak with her. They sit down in his room and he asks for details about just how Hae Joo made it from Ulsan to Haenam. Dal Soon just doesn’t know. Even when she learned Geum Hee was Hae Joo’s mother, she just originally thought her husband might have really had an affair with Geum Hee all those years ago. Perhaps…did Dal Soon know it was Park Gi Cheol who lost Yoo Jin? Lightbulb. That’s right! Come to think of it, Geum Hee told Dal Soon that. Dal Soon then recalls she did think at one time that Gi Cheol gave the baby to her husband. She then asks to know what is going on. Jung Woo says nothing.

Aigoo. This can’t be good. Hae Joo is keeping a firm eye on San like a watchdog. How freaking annoying is this? I know that it’s supposed to be because of worry, but more and more it just comes off as Hae Joo’s selfish desire to build a drill ship. Anywho, she meets with Secretary Kim and demands to know if he found San (I guess because he went missing from the restaurant…?). Meanwhile, at the drill site, San is staring at the drill and the supervisor rushes up and demands to know why he isn’t working. San then asks him to be able to look at the drill bit. Enter the angry Hae Joo. This seems to annoy San as he sighs heavily. She immediately demands to know why he’s there. Just why is he doing this? While she is ranting, San mutters about Kim telling her everything and then he says he just can’t face her like this. Poor San. He’s stuck liking that shrew. San then says he quit the restaurant because she found out. Now that she knows about this, should he quit and starve? Nice one! However, Hae Joo is not reasonable. In fact, this is a girl who from episode 9 on, has NEVER been reasonable. She’s not saying that, but why is San giving up on his dream, which is also his father’s dream and her dream? Selfish biotch.

San then says Hae Joo told him this once—about how miserable it is to make a living. Well, that’s what he’s trying to do right now. So why is she complaining about the dream. Doesn’t Hae Joo know already how miserable it is to a have a dream when you have nothing? Nope. Life is even more miserable without a dream. So…both are right and both are wrong. Sometimes dreams are all that can keep people going when life is going badly, but at the same time, sometimes having those dreams can crush you even more if you know they can never be actualized. Since Hae Joo has a dream, she wishes to live more earnestly. San is different from her. He’s a genius who studied in America—he has the abilities to quickly rebound (oh, sure, the intelligence, but not the capital—that’s the problem sweetheart. Get it through your thick skull) and get back on his feet. And you know…worldwide, there’s economic crises. From the US to Europe—finding work anywhere is hard right now.

San smiles and asks what that has to do with her. Is she his lover? His wife? What? She is the R&D head of Cheonji—why is she hanging around him? Does she feel sorry for him? Don’t—it’s pathetic. Hae Joo then asks if he’s forgotten what Kang asked of her in ICU. San laughs. Then why can’t he honor his grandfather’s last words and live freely? Good question (although we all know that he’s NOT living freely as he is still plotting revenge). Anywho, Hae Joo then brings up the fact that regardless of his grandfather’s last wishes, he’s her partner and they are supposed to make a drill ship together. WHY is he being like this. San the angrily tells her to shut up and leave. He is not interested in hearing any more of her lectures. He can’t even stand to look at her so go already. Omo. YES!!!! Even if he’s lying, I’m actually happy he said that. Frustration levels are up with her selfish attitude. I HATE this character with a bloody passion. She can so be left in the background as we focus in on San and Jung Woo joining forces to take down the evil Jang family.

Hae Joo stops him from walking away. Is he happy being a loser like this? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME? Slap her. She obviously hasn’t been slapped enough. She then starts hitting him. Does he feel good about treating her like dirt? Um…sure. Wae? It’s okay for you to treat others thusly, but entirely different when they do in in return? Argh!!!! She is one of the sole reasons I totally don’t like this series any more. San then spits this back at her:

Just Take what you got from me and make the azimuth thrusters well. Have a good life with that! Don’t worry about me!

Asa! In the real world, he has every right to be angry with Hae Joo for stealing the thruster design and creation away from him and giving it to Cheonji to “save” him and his factory. In dramaland? Um…is he supposed to be meaning what he’s saying or just trying to distance her from the reality? At this point, it’s about time for him to give up in frustration. He’s tried to keep Hae Joo out of Jang’s clutches and each time she willingly goes back. Dummy. He walks away leaving Hae Joo. You deserve to be left alone. She cries and says it’s frustrating. Only because you can’t make your drill ship, baby. San then walks to where he’s supposed to be working and throws down his hard hat and fights back tears. She’s not worth it. She’s totally unworthy, babo. His supervisor comes and complains about him shirking his duty. San quickly puts on his usual bright expression and goes back to work quickly.

Geum Hee anxiously meets with Jung Woo and asks why he’s there. Jung Woo tells her to just sit down. He has a question he wishes to ask. WHY did Geum Hee have a DNA test done on Hae Joo. Geum Hee then admits its all because of the scar, the yellow outfit, and a certain feeling she had, but the test turned out negative. Hmm…do you think Geum Hee will badmouth Hae Joo at all to Jung Woo? Nah, she wouldn’t want to tell him about her “personal” family matters in that respect. Jung Woo then asks where the DNA test was done. Why? Jung Woo then answers with another question. It was Park Gi Cheol who lost Yoo Jin, right? Geum Hee again asks why he’s being like this. Jung Woo says it’s because he can’t answer her. When he finds out every thing, then he will tell her. He then asks her for a strand of her hair. Say what? Jung Woo insists he will investigate himself, personally.

Geum Hee comes back home out of sorts when Bong Hee rushes in and demands to know where her unnie has been as the kids have returned and are waiting. In Hwa then rushes out saying how much she missed her mother. Omo. They weren’t gone THAT long and only remained in Korea. Bong Hee comments on this, too. In Hwa then sees her mother’s face and wonders what’s wrong. Didn’t Geum Hee miss her? Is she sick? Geum Hee says she’s fine and then asks how the first night went. In Hwa says fine. Chang Hee then says they will pay respects to her and Geum Hee refuses this and tells them to just sit down. Bong Hee wants more intimate details about the first night and In Hwa replies back that Bong Hee can experience it for herself first and only then will In Hwa tell her. Way to annoy her aunt. Geum Hee then takes Chang Hee’s hand and calls in son-in-law. She tells him to take care of her daughter in the future as she is entrusting In Hwa’s happiness to him. In Hwa says she is getting goosebumps hearing the two call each other in-law. She slides her arm through Chang Hee’s and says that she’s feeling good because they are all now a family. Geum Hee then asks if they have paid their respects to Jang. In Hwa says they have and that he’s now talking to Il Moon. This makes Geum Hee look worried.

Jang immediately demands to know what Il Moon did to Young Joo. Will he easily fall for his son’s lies like his wife did? Il Mon says it’s all a mistake and his father says where there’s smoke there’s fire. If nothing happened then why did they come to the house? Il Moon says he was wronged and just ask Geum Hee—she’ll tell him, too. Jang then bawls him out for being chairman and still getting into these scrapes. Il Moon blames it all on Hae Joo’s presence. Jang needs to get rid of her immediately. Plus, won’t Chang Hee be uncomfortable? Jang again tells him work is work and personal is personal. Why can’t he understand just how much of an asset Hae Joo is? And I still maintain that he fired her in a previous episode when he knocked San flat on his rear (metaphorically speaking). Or did I just misinterpret that scene? I thought then that maybe it was just until she finished the thrusters, but then this. What the f(x)?

In Hwa and Chang Hee go to pay their respects to Gi Cheol who has a very unhappy expression on which makes his new daughter-in-law nervous. What’s wrong? Chang Hee then asks what’s wrong to make his father like this. Gi Cheol insists nothing is wrong, but In Hwa insists that he tell them since it’s plainly clear something is up. The problem? They didn’t bring him any gifts. Omo. How outrageous. I mean, I know that’s more polite and expected in Korea, but at the same time (as the kids explain) they were only gone for a night. Gi Cheol doesn’t care. Shakes head. SOMEONE needs to hit him with a truck. In Hwa then calls him cute and wonders why he just didn’t ask when they spoke on the phone. In Hwa then promises to take him to a department store to buy whatever he wants to make him happy. Eyeroll.

The newlyweds go to Chang Hee’s room. In Hwa complains that it hasn’t been completely redecorated and it’s small. And I wonder just how many of your wedding pictures you need in your bedroom? My sister had a special frame for multiple pictures of their wedding and it hung prominently in their living room. That seems more tactful to me 😛 I also never get it when you see people in dramas (particularly stars) who have pictures of themselves EVERYWHERE (sans friends and family). I don’t have a single picture of myself hanging in my room. It’s all family photos. Okay, enough griping. Chang Hee then says he’s okay with moving into the Jang house if In Hwa doesn’t like his house. Besides, they won’t be too far from his father. In Hwa insists she doesn’t DISLIKE the room and that she doesn’t want to upset her father-in-law and make him hate her by moving out. Thanks to Chang Hee, she knows how happy it is to be loved, so she wants to take good care of his father. He hugs her and thanks her and looks guilty.

Of course, Geum Hee is a wreck thanks to Jung Woo. She immediately denies to herself that there is any possibility that Jung Woo is right. Enter her husband who thinks she looks unwell because she’s “lost” her precious daughter. SHE’S RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Of course, that’s not why Ge4um Hee looks so unwell. But at least it keeps Jang from getting more suspicious. There is a saying. I’m not sure where it originated from, but when a child get’s married, there is this: “A son’s a son until he takes a wife. A daughter’s a daughter all her life.” Although in Asia, it is more likely for the daughter to leave her household to go into her husband’s. Not so much in the US. The actress playing Geum Hee is doing a great job. I hate her so much.

Hae Joo is up studying late into the night recalling San’s promise to make the drill ship. Seriously hate this girl. San is hard at work studying drills while Hae Joo is checking on the progress of the thrusters. Meh. Why can’t she get it? Anywho, San sketches and plans out a drill while she continues to study so she isn’t a complete ignoramus about her job. Yi Soo goes into Jung Woo’s office and hands him the results of the maternity test. There is no questionable doubt that Hae Joo is his niece. This confirms whatever Jung Woo has been thinking.

The thruster is done. Jang is ecstatic and happily hugs Hae Joo, calling her a treasure. Hae Joo throws off the compliment and says it was the combined effort of everyone working hard. The workers clap. Jang then instructs his son to move full speed ahead so there’s no mistakes this time. Everyone starts leaving and Hae Joo holds Jo back. What was Jang talking about petroleum workers? Jo scornfully say she doesn’t know and leaves. Idiot Hae Joo. Doesn’t she know the reason WHY they are building a drill ship?

Jung Woo has the DNA tech in for questioning and demands to know why the two maternity results are different. The tech says he has no idea what Jung Woo is talking about. Jung Woo then puts down the results in front of the tech and tells him this test showed Geum Hee to be mother and daughter. The tech’s hands shake has he looks at the results. This is impossible. Really? Should they call the two women in for yet another test? The tech then says it was his mistake. Jung Woo knows something is rotten and asks why he forged the results. This means the tech can lose his license so just tell Jung Woo the truth. The tech easily breaks down and says Jang Il Moon insisted he forge the results. This shocks Jung Woo. Not what he expected.

Young Joo storms angrily into Il Moon’s office and demands to know why she’s being ignored. Il Moon then says he already told her he was busy. Also, why can’t a young girl be more casual about things? Young Joo angrily demands to know if he’s throwing her aside because he got what he wanted now. Il Moon then lists all the expensive things he’s given her. If he thinks of her, he may call her later. Until then, get lost. Young Joo calls him a son of a b*tch. Il Moon tells her to watch her mouth. She is pretty as long as she doesn’t speak. When she opens her mouth, she’s just like her unnie. Young Joo calls him that again and then throws stuff at him before angrily marching out. Il Moon then calls security and tells them to make sure they never let Young Joo in again.

Hae Joo gets home and Young Joo is really sick. Hae Joo then rushes to a pharmacy to get her medicine and then dashes back home. Hae Joo goes to give her medicine, but Young Joo refuses to take any. Hae Joo then asks exactly where is her sister sick. The sobbing Young Joo sits up and then says Hae Joo was right. Il Moon threw her away after she slept with him saying she’s now useless to him. Young Joo then asks what she can do since she really likes Il Moon. Sure, it started because of money, but then she came to love him him. Now he’s kicked her to the curb and she feels like dying. This earns her slaps from Hae Joo and then a hug. She tells Young Joo to just think of it as being bit by a crazy dog as he isn’t worth this. Young Joo is young and will get back up on her feet. Hae Joo then cries and apologizes. She should have treated Young Joo better.

Hae Joo rushes into the office where she runs into Kim. Is he there because of San. Yes. Is he still working at that place? Yes. To learn about the drills for the drill ship. Of course, Hae Joo cannot see any correlation. There is no way the two would be the same. Babo. Kim tells her to take a look and convince him. Hae Joo agrees to this and continues on with her mission. She meets with Il Moon who is ready to call security on her. She tells him not to worry as she isn’t there to hit him. Awww, shucks. She tells him that just hearing what he’s done to her sister makes her wish to rub mud in his face. She then tells him to keep from meeting her sister. Il Moon promises he won’t since he wishes to be rid of her (Young Joo). He then asks how she can treat the head of the company this way. Hae Joo replies he’s just trash and throws down her resignation letter. She tells him there is no reason for her to stay any more and if he so much as comes near her sister, she’ll crush every bone in his body. Il Moon is ecstatic. He got what he wanted—Hae Joo gone. Isn’t it funny that Hae Joo quits because she doesn’t want to work for a rotten company run by a man as rotten as Il Moon when his father is 100x worse?

Jang goes to his daughter’s store and asks why she is there so soon after getting married. In Hwa replies as the president, this is what she needs to do. Jang is impressed. If only his son was as enterprising as his daughter. So…will he pass Cheonji on to her instead? What? Just kidding. In Hwa wishes to make it on her own. But why is he there? Jang says being unable to work is boring, so he came to see her. In Hwa says her husband is coming soon, so it’s great timing.

Meanwhile, San is getting yelled at for working with the drill machine when he has no experience or license. The supervisor then complains about where San was drilling. He replies he was only testing the drill strength. If he broke it, he’s dead. Enter Hae Joo. He angrily asks if she’s his stalker since he told her to never appear before him again. Hae Joo then spits out what she learned from Kim which makes San even more upset. Why didn’t he tell her? It has nothing to do with her. Yes, it does—she wishes to build a drill ship, too. San then asks if she’s stupid. Does Hae Joo think the drills are the same? Hae Joo then asks why he’s there. San yells that he’s only starting his life over there. Hae Joo says that regardless they are partners. San yells at her to go back to Cheonji where she belongs. Hae Joo says she resigned. This makes San mad. He’s already a burden, why say she resigned to follow him and make a drill ship (yeah she should have done that to begin with). Why can’t this girl understand?

In Hwa tells her father not to monopolize all of her husband’s time and goes off. Jang asks Chang Hee how the company is doing. Chang Hee reveals Hae Joo resigned. Jang cannot believe Il Moon didn’t listen and fired her. Chang Hee replies it wasn’t a forced resignation—it was over the Young Joo matter. Chang Hee tells him it’s all okay since the thrusters was successfully completed and there is no need for her any more. Jang says its still a pity since Hae Joo was so capable. He then asks after the prosecutor’s office. Chang Hee lies and says he has no idea who turned Jang in and is still looking into it. How long until Chang Hee reveals Il Moon?

Jung Woo shows the real results to Geum Hee who freaks out. Where is Hae Joo? Jung Woo tells her to calm down and listen. Geum Hee then yells hysterically for her Yoo Jin causing Jung Woo to again yell at her to calm down and listen. He explains the first test was a fraud done by Il Moon. This shocks her. Il Moon? Jung Woo says he gets why Il Moon did that. The problem comes with how did Yoo Jin go from Ulsan to Haenam when it was reported she was lost at sea. How did she end up at Gi Cheol’s army buddy’s house? Before these questions are answered, Geum Hee needs to remain calm and do nothing. Geum Hee doesn’t care about all of this. She wants to meet her Yoo Jin. Jung Woo pulls out his cell while she shakes and cries.

Hae Joo is at the seaside when Geum Hee and Jung Woo pull up. Geum Hee rushes to her daughter crying while Jung Woo watches from afar. Hae Joo turns at the sound of Geum Hee’s voice. Geum Hee rushes down and Hae Joo asks why she’s there when it was Jung Woo who called. Hae Joo then gets a shock when Geum Hee calls her Yoo Jin. She then calls Geum Hee “mother.” End episode. I must say this last scene is unrealistic and forced. Well, Geum Hee’s reaction should be that way, but Hae Joo crying and calling her mom? NOT believable even though Hae Joo has known for some while. Sure, she knows and has always respected Geum Hee, but there is no way in hell I would call a woman I just found out to be my biological mother, “mom.” Let’s face it, in real life I don’t use that word. My mother is referred to only as “mother.” She was never a “mom.” And my stepmother? I can’t bring myself to call someone only a few years older than me “mom” in English, so I use the Tagalog word for mother instead since she’s Filipino and I find it much less awkward. Thus…I don’t get how Hae Joo can call Geum Hee “ohmma.”

A reunion of two pathetic women. What will happen now as I am sure Geum Hee can’t keep a secret now that she’s found her daughter? The previews really show the plot more as winding down, so I wonder how long they are going to make this all drag.


  • Thanks for the great recap! I couldn’t watch this episode, the wedding & honeymoon crap literally made me sick. Best part was San telling HJ off. LOVED that! (LOL) So we add YJ to the list of stupid women in this drama. It’s so pathetic.
    I still can’t stop watching or reading recaps though. *hee* Thank you! 🙂

    • There was so much of the Jang family, etc. that it was annoying, but I really did enjoy the scenes where Hae Joo was being told off by San–too bad he wasn’t saying what he was really feeling 😦

  • i’m really quite annoyed with HJ in this episode, she didn’t quit her job because of KS , why she have to tell him that she resign to make the drill with him.? He is already feel burden and she went their just to add up.

    • I KNOW!!!! Hae Joo makes me so mad. Just like she tried to keep her problems to herself, can’t she understand what San’s going through & how he doesn’t wish to be a burden???? Even seeing the previews with Hae Joo asking to be included in San’s revenge ticked me off. Sigh. I’ll watch that tomorrow I just can’t tonight.

      • i’m amazed on how KS mischievous personality can change the atmosphere so quick. I feel so sad looking at him when he just have an argument with HJ but when the foreman of the drilling yard came , his cheeky smile really make me laugh. And one thing that i find it strange , the way the foreman behave reminds me of his grandpa character. 😀

        • It was an amazing scene & really showcased Kim Jae Won’s acting ability & San’s overwhelming strengths. It changed the atmosphere completely (although u know he was still hurting incredibly). I never really noticed, but since u mentioned it, he really does remind me ok harabeoji. 🙂 it’s nice to have someone like him by San for a little while.

  • Thanks as always for the recap. It’s hard hating the lead female character so much. Are the ratings good? Why did this get an extension?

    • Ratings-wise this drama has consistently ranked in the top 5 (mainly 2nd & 3rd) with ratings between 18-20% which is good. I think they managed an extension thanks to the leading male actors, decent ratings & hype. However, I really don’t think they needed a 6 episode extension with this plot that is going in circle & is actually portraying women in a derogatory light.

  • thanks for the recap ~ episode 30 whouls be *daebek* with HJ revealing her feelings for KS but likely it will be awkard since it will be the HJ way ~ but noted that there will be scenes when KS goes back to his *cheeky* and *mischievous* way that makes him so adorable ! Aja Aja fighting Oppa Jae Won 🙂

  • Thanks for the recap (and the music too)!!

    This episode had far too much wedding and honeymoon nonsense. Even CH agrees and had to get drunk out of this mind after sleeping with his new bride.

    The part where San got himself “hired” at the drilling site was just too funny. Why is Assistant/Secretary Kim reporting to HJ? Who is paying him since the company went bankrupt? I was kind of hoping Grandpa had some kind of secret/hidden will that would be revealed.

    I was feeling a little conflicted cause I sort of loved the parts with angry San yelling at HJ (but she was totally being a nag and pain in the butt). His life has gone downhill since meeting back up with her.

    • LOVED your Chang Hee drinking comment. So THAT’S why he was getting snookered on his honeymoon after sleeping with his new bride 😉 Sigh. They really did drag out this wedding/wedding night/official greetings way too long. You know, if they cut out half of the crap that hasn’t been necessary to this point, there’d be a lot less episodes and more forward movement.

      Ah, angry San. Totally daebak. I was cheering in those scenes even though I knew San was really only doing it to push her away. Selfish, selfish, Hae Joo.

      • With the show extension, I was hoping for more San and less of the other crap. We just have an extension of the worst kept birth secret in the history of kdrama.

        Like everyone else, I just can’t stop watching. I hope San will get the upper hand against the bad guys soon. Give the guy a break already.

        • Had to laugh at your birth secret comment. We’ve been dancing around this for the past 28 episodes and almost everyone knows now in some way, shape and form, but it’s still a “secret” that must be kept hidden at all costs. Riiiight.

          I’m rooting for San as well. He better get his revenge and get back what is rightfully his or…well…we’ll all just cry buckets of tears and go bald in frustration while screaming ourselves horse over 38+ hours wasted.

  • Just like you guys, though I have a lot of issues with this drama I’m still hanging on (I don’t know why). But sorry show, since I’m still reading recaps (c/o neenee) and then watch (if episode is watchable), I’ll give you a piece of my mind.

    Hae Joo, Oh Hae Joo! I’m trying to recall if I’ve ever come across a female lead in kdrama who is as thick-headed (trying not to use the word st*p*d, but if the shoe fits), selfish and oblivious as you. Personally, I can forgive the stupidity sometimes, but for a character to lack loyalty, sensitivity and empathy is just too much (unless that is the premise of the drama). Finishing that thruster even though Jang renegaded on his promise to help KS, running with your mouth and forgetting to assess/empathize with other’s situation and spending all your energy fighting the wrong people, hence the wrong battle, GIRL! You are…. >.< I'm just asking improvement for Hae Joo's character, I'm not even gonna touch Han Ji Hye's performance anymore.

    And Kang san, you deserve more…. more screen time and "more" choice of female lead.^^

    • Ditto. I echo your thoughts on Hae Joo. There have been some disappointing and unsympathetic leading ladies, but I think none as bad as this character. I’ve been whining about her lack of empathy and just how IGNORANT she is for the past couple of episodes. Why do we watch this, why? For the two seconds we get to see Kim Jae Won’s portrayal of Kang San per episode? For Jae Hee’s excessive screen time as a soulless zombie? For the complicated love story of Bong Hee and Jung Woo? It’s rather hard to say.

  • I really missed the young strong-hearted HJ. In fact, I dont blame HJH’s act for the adult HJ, it’s probably the scriptwriter’s fault making her such a weak freak. From HJH’s previous drama-acting, she can also be very strong willed woman too! Overall still, I tremendously love the 2 male leads (KJW and Jaehee)..the reason why I am sticking with this drama so far..

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