May Queen Episode 28 Recap

And the train wreck continues. But…there’s progress! However, the tiny bit of happiness one feels about progress comes with the overwhelmingly depressing knowledge that this series ISN’T ending in 4 more episodes. There’s 10 left. WHY evil drama and network and writing gods? WHY? Are you trying to make this drama a big of a disaster as the Titanic? On a side note, are you aware that US teenagers today had NO idea the Titanic was real? We celebrated what, the 100th anniversary of its sinking and they just thought it was a movie, not a movie based on historical events. Sigh. Kids these days.

We open with the scene where Jung Woo asks why Hae Joo didn’t tell him that he’s her blood uncle. I feel his pain so much here. Now, why can’t Han Ji Hye act with such depth? She asks how he found out and Jung Woo confesses that Dal Soon told him. Hae Joo says her mother should never have said anything. You know, at this point in time, that’s infinitely cruel to do, but Hae Joo isn’t known for tact—she tackily brash and tactless. Jung Woo then says he’s an idiot. When he saw her as a child, he thought of her as Yoo Jin, he had no idea this was because they were blood related. He then apologizes for not recognizing. Hae Joo tells him there’s not need for that since she just found out recently, too.

She then confesses she didn’t tell him out of fear of losing her current family. It’s not like Jung Woo would do anything to the Chuns to make them leave or make Hae Joo lose them. Hae Joo also says her identity as Yoo Jin is still uncertain. Jung Woo immediately asserts she is definitely his niece as Dal Soon recognized the baby picture in his room. There’s no doubt left for him. Awww. He then reveals about the scar on her neck confirming her identity. He then says he’s happy to know that he does have blood relatives left in this world. How happy his hyung would be if he were still alive. Hae Joo then hugs the sobbing Jung Woo and apologizes for hiding it from him (so lackluster). Jung Woo cries and thanks her for being alive.

After the tearful reunion, Hae Joo asks him to keep it a secret from the Jang family. Jung Woo quickly agrees since he doesn’t want them to know about it either as there’s something strange going on. He then gets a call from Yi Soo (the other prosector he’s always with), before he can tell Hae Joo about what’s happening. He has to leave. He then tells Hae Joo that today is the happiest day of his life. Hae Joo says that she’s feeling much lighter now that he knows. She should have told him sooner. DUH!!!! I could see not wanting to tear your mother’s family apart. I really could, but there really was no reason to keep it from Jung Woo all this time. I’m curious to know when Bong Hee will learn her niece is alive.

Dear drama gods, if Uncle Jung Woo dies, I really will stop watching this show.

Anywho, Jung Woo returns to his office where Yi Soo tells him the arrest warrant was dismissed like they thought it would be. Jung Woo tells Yi Soo to make sure to win when the case is brought to trial and to delay in telling the defendant that the warrant is dismissed as Jung Woo has some investigating to do in regards to the warrant. Meanwhile, Chang Hee is telling Jang that there is no way he will be arrested right away. The problem comes with the sentencing. With the solid evidence, it’s hard to NOT get convicted and sentenced. Plus, Jang has lost public favor with the latest scandals with Cheonji. Then what does Chang Hee suggest? Chang Hee then says Jang leaving his position would be best. Jang angrily says he can’t because the company is already in a horrible mess. It will be even worse if he steps down. Of course, Chang Hee plotted this well. Good job in that, but bad job in how you got there.

Anywho, Chang Hee says that is only part of the problem. Another one comes with the large amount of funds that will be needed for the penalty. Jang then says they don’t have the money for this—isn’t Chang Hee aware of that. Chang Hee tells him that  there’s no other way if they don’t. Doesn’t Jang realize the huge losses incurred if he’s incarcerated? Chang Hee tells him to think of the future because an arrest means it will be the end of Cheonji.

Hae Joo gets home and you know she isn’t happ that Dal Soon blabbed again. Dal Soon knows this as soon as she sees her daughter. Hae Joo (after telling Jung Woo how happy and lighter she felt earlier) then complains about Dal Soon unnecessarily blabbing. Dal Soon says she promised not to tell Geum Hee, but had to tell Jung Woo since he’s related to her…was that supposed to make sense, because it totally didn’t. Hae Joo then tells her mother she did well. She then warns her surprised mother to not go to In Hwa’s house again. Dal Soon says she won’t.

Hae Joo then looks around. Where’s San? He went out. Where? How would Dal Soon know? Hae Joo takes out her phone to call him and Dal Soon tells her not to cling on since San is ruined. Did her mother say the same thing in front of San? Dal Soon doesn’t confirm this and only says that San left on his own two feet. Hae Joo shoots her a suspicious glance before going outside to call San who’s at his grandfather’s memorial. He sees who’s calling and ignores it.

Ahhhhh. Jae Hee’s English!!!! Now, it’s not bad. It really isn’t, but at the same time, his English voice…sounds very skeezy. It’s like the voice of typical Asian baddies in American films. It’s…distracting. But, anywho, he tells Mario that Ryan Kang is bankrupt and cannot make the drill. He then proposes a partnership between Noble and Cheonji. Mario is reluctant since he doesn’t believe there is anyone at Cheonji with the same talent as San. Chang Hee smiles and assures him there is.

Hae Joo tries to scold Sang Tae for not seeking work since losing the job at the factory. Sang Tae refuses to look and says he will just help Dal Soon with her cart. Well…it’s better than nothing. Young Joo then gets a call from Il Moon. She pretends its one of her girlfriends and slips out. When she gets to the restaurant where Il Moon is, he’s already very drunk. Again? Il Moon wakes up and smiles. The pretty girl is there. Why is he like this? Because he’s in pain. How can someone with his life be in pain? Ah, even though they aren’t blood related, these two sisters are so stupid. They equate money as happiness and being carefree without knowing any pain or suffering. They are complete idiots. It’s just the pain and suffering are usual on different levels with different causes, but it does exist. No one, rich or poor, is exempt from some moments of pain.

Il Moon then asks if Young Joo likes her father. She replies that she doesn’t even remember her father’s face. Il Moon says he envies her. He takes a sip of wine before saying that he really liked his father that he thought of as dynamic and great, but now he really hates him. He doesn’t even want him to get out of jail. In fact, it would be better if he died. Tears s lip down his cheeks. He’s a bad person, isn’t he. Young Joo angrily tells him to go home. She tries to help him up and he hugs her waist. Can’t she stay with him. And it’s moments like these when he’s so childlike and pitiable that I actually don’t hate him. It makes me wonder if there’s hope or if he’s beyond all help. Il Moon says he’s like he is because he’s having a hard time. Please, can’t she stay with him? The conflicted Young Joo then pats the crying man’s back and sighs. She’s a good girl at heart.

San meets with Mario who tells him that they aren’t going to help San out with funding or building the drill as they have already come to an agreement with Chang Hee and Cheonji to work together to get the drilling rights. Seriously? Seriously? How far are you making him fall? How much are you making him suffer? Curse words are beyond me at this point, I’m so angry. San is out of it. He gets Hae Joo’s voice message begging him to call her back and he does return the call. He calls and Hae Joo doesn’t even let him speak before berating him with questions and orders. Nappeun yeoja. She’s horrible. I get that she’s supposedly worried, but why is it she never lets him get an word in edgewise or really listens to what he has to say? Grrrrrrrrrr. San then whinnies like a horse since the Korean words for horse and speak are similar. LOL, leave it to San even when he’s depressed to be clever and witty and try to make sure Hae Joo doesn’t feel bad. She’s so unworthy of him.

Hae Joo demands to know where he is and San replies with a riddle. It was a rather silly joke and instead of laughing, Hae Joo just gets annoyed. This makes him falter. He can’t even make her laugh now. He just hangs up and Hae Joo angrily wonders where he is. Dude—you are sooo clueless and such a bad friend.

Jang is unhappy to learn that he really does need to step down. Chang Hee tells him to only think of it as a small road block. Jang will soon get back his position in time (lies). So who should they pick to take over? Hwang? Chang Hee shakes his head. No one from the board or any other employees. You KNOW he’s going to make himself the head, right? Then who should they put in that position? Chang Hee suggests Il Moon. Jang says its impossible even if Chang Hee supports him. Chang Hee says that Jang is the boss, so who better than his own flesh and blood. Besides, this matter could make Il Moon into a better person. What a setup for failure.

Yi Soo goes to Jang and brings him to Jung Woo who congratulates Jang on getting out for the moment. Jang says that the trial hasn’t happened, so who knows. However, Jang doesn’t really believe that Jung Woo and his men will win. Jung Woo also echoes that you never know either. After this banter, Jang leaves and Jung Woo’s smile slips replaced by a glare. He gets up and goes to his desk where the bullets that killed his brother are.

Sang Tae and Dal Soon are upset that Young Joo spent the night out. Dal Soon then gives him the garbage to take out. When he whines, Dal Soon says he needs to start earning his keep. He does go out like an obedient boy. He then sees a fancy car. What’s that doing there? He then sees Il Moon and Young Joo alight. Il Moon tells her if she gets kicked out, she can move in with him. Sang Tae then yells and demands to know what’s going on. Young Joo immediately hides behind Il Moon. Did the two spend the night out? Young Joo says they only just met this morning. Sang Tae then demands to hear this from Il Moon who cockily says Sang Tae should know just by seeing. Sang Tae then starts beating him with the garbage bag. PRICELESS. Ahhh, daebak. I don’t like Il Moon enough to NOT enjoy this. Although, Sang Tae does take it a little far when he starts CHOKING Il Moon. Young Joo tries to stop him from choking him. Sang Tae then demands to know what happened between the two. Il Moon angrily demands to know what Sang Tae THINKS they did. This earns him a headbutt. Sang Tae again demands to know what’s going on between the two and this time Young Joo manages to knock her brother to the ground and Il Moon picks up the trash bag and starts hitting him with it. Sooo mature, eyeroll. He then runs away with Young Joo rushing after him. Sang Tae then manages to catch Young Joo. She calls out for Il Moon’s help, but the man’s a coward. He curses that he should have put her in a taxi instead and then runs when Sang Tae yells that he’s dead if he comes around Young Joo again.

Sang Tae drags Young Joo home and demands to know what’s with her behavior. Doesn’t she know he’s a bad man who mad her brother a thief. Young Joo says that’s her own brother’s fault for being an idiot and not Il Moon’s. Well…yes and no. Anywho, just where was she last night? At a place Sang Tae will never be in his entire life. Where? A hotel. What a brazen hussy! Well, she probably didn’t do anything with Il Moon in that nature, but just how proud she seems of that. Shakes head. Sang Tae asks if she wishes to be killed. Young Joo then says she won’t be cast aside like Hae Joo nor be a loser dropout like her brother. She has a plan to marry a rich man and be set for life. Um…that’s not any better than her siblings and it’s really hard in dramaland to find a rich man who wants a social climbing snot.

Sang Tae stops Young Joo from going in and says she’s worse off than he is right now. If Hae Joo finds out, Young Joo’s a goner, so she best keep her mouth shut. Young Joo does look worried and promises not to talk. Sang Tae then wonders what he will do with her.

Jang gets home and is immediately being clucked over by Geum Hee who complains his face has already gotten smaller. Eyeroll. Jang then asks where Il Moon is and is livid to learn that his son is at home when he should be at work. Chang Hee says they don’t have time and tells Il Moon to quickly get ready as they need to go to the company. Il Moon wants to know why, but Jang just angrily tells him to do as he’s told.

At the company, Jang reveals he’ll be stepping down. He then says his lifelong dream is to develop a foundation to help people. Only himself. Who on earth would believe such a vile, underhanded man would have such a noble goal? Anywho, that’s neither here nor there. I guess it just sounds prettier. So after vowing to devote himself to public works, he tells the board to nominate his replacement. No one speaks and Chang Hee says it should be someone who knows the company well, so from the Operations Department he recommends Jang Il Moon. This shocks everyone, including Il Moon. He then smirks, though. However, the board cannot agree to this. They complain about Il Moon’s failures and current position. Chang Hee stands and slams his hand down. Just who built this company? Can the board really say they started out able to run a business well from the very beginning? Why are they being so difficult. Jang tells him to stop and then tells the board to stop complaining and start nominating. He then tells Choi to schedule a press conference. Chang Hee wears his usual expressionless face while Il Moon smirks.

Hae Joo is at work even though she’s been fired (seriously…Jang never said until after the thrusters are completed, he said get out now, so how can she still be working? It’s a mystery). She recalls the moment when she and San learned their thruster was a success and wonders where he could be. He’s at the docks where loan sharks are waiting for him. He tells them to leave him alone. They say they won’t let him on the yacht as he might escape. San assures them he’s only getting his stuff, but they say the yacht and everything else belong to them. He gets sassy and then gets punched. Ahh. Writers are seriously making me pull my hair in frustration (well…figuratively). San is out walking when he notices an Italian restaurant looking for help. Score! Then again…don’t you need a chef’s license or something? Eh, this is dramaland anyways. Logic need not apply.

At the Jang Home, Bong Hee is not happy to learn that Il Moon is in the running to take over for Jang as she has no faith in his abilities. LOVE how honest she is. Il Moon then asks if she can do well. Bong Hee laughs. Has he forgotten all the problems he’s caused already? Should she list them? Chang Hee says everything will be all right as Jang may not be officially in the position any longer, but he will be basically giving the orders. Like Il Moon will consent to be a puppet. Jang then says it was Chang Hee who made it possible for Il Moon to even be nominated. Jang then basically says as a way of thanks, how about letting the kids marry in a month. This makes In Hwa happy, but Geum Hee thinks that’s rushing things and she wants to make In Hwa’s marriage a special event since it’s the first wedding of her children (wonder if that means Il Moon’s future marriage would be less important as the 2nd one?). Jang doesn’t see how a wedding is that special and needs a lot of planning. In Hwa agrees. Talk about moving this train WAY too fast. Evil Chang Hee should be happy. When asked for his opinion, Go Cheol then asks if they can’t change how they address each other since they will be in-laws. So tactless. So awkward. In Hwa then agrees to a quiet wedding since Jang wants to keep things under the radar due to the issues the company is having.

At the Park house, Gi Cheol scolds Chang Hee for nominating Il Moon. Chang Hee says he did this in order to accomplish his marriage to In Hwa who walks in at this moment to talk to him about said wedding. Luckily she didn’t overhear I guess. Anywho, she goes with him into his room. She agreed to have a quiet wedding, but she wants a romantic, luxurious honeymoon. Chang Hee’s response? Honeymoon is a no go since he’s got a lot of work to do. In Hwa says that’s unfair. Chang Hee explains that due to the current situation, he can’t leave. After things are settled, he’ll take a two month vacation for her. In Hwa isn’t happy to hear this. She wants a honeymoon NOT a vacation. Chang Hee asks if that’s really important. She says it is. He then says he only wants her to be happy. In Hwa says she wants the same and hugs him. More sly sideways glances.

At the main house, Bong Hee has fruit and wine. She’s lonely and missing Jung Woo. Poor Bong Hee. She holds up her wine glass and says its for all the lonely people in Korea. Cheers and one shot. Geum Hee comes in and asks if Bong Hee is like this because her niece is getting married before her. If Geum Hee knows this she should keep quiet and leave Bong Hee alone. Enter In Hwa who is exuding so much happiness that she cannot see how her aunt suffers. She hugs her mother and thanks her. She’d have such a hard time if Geum Hee wasn’t there. I so want her to learn that Geum Hee isn’t her real mother. Anywho, Geum Hee asks about getting registered and setting up a new house and In Hwa reveals she’ll be staying at the Park place to take care of her father-in-law like a good daughter-in-law. Such an interesting mindset. In the US, you never really consider living under one parents roof, but moving out on your own independently. Although, that is becoming a little bit rarer thanks to the lovely economic issues we are having. Families are starting to move back in together since they cannot make it on their own any more.

Geum Hee says this is a good idea and will teach In Hwa how to hold back. I don’t think anything can teach her that. In Hwa then says she will live happily until the day she dies. Bong Hee cannot believe this. There is no guarantee for that. No one knows what the future will hold and water sorrows or pain life will throw your way. She’s not necessarily being willfully negative, that’s just the plain, harsh truth of reality. Annoyed, In Hwa grabs her mother’s hand and asks to talk to her in her room since her aunt is throwing a spinster’s fit. Omo. How horrible. Geum Hee then abandons Bong Hee to her fit. Poor Bong Hee who then wonders if she should just go back to Jung Woo’s place. No. for her pride and style, she must wait a week. LOL. What interesting reasoning.

Jung Woo is looking at a picture of him and Bong Hee when they were younger when Hae Joo comes. She asks if he’s heard from San. Wasn’t he with Hae Joo? Nope, she’s been looking for him. Jung Woo needs to talk to him as well. Poor boy is really having a hard time. Jung Woo then asks if Hae Joo ever heard how Hong Chul ended up bringing her home. Didn’t Dal Soon tell him? According to Hong Chul she was born from a girl he knew on an island. Jung Woo says that’s obviously a lie, so what really happened? Hae Joo then brings up the DNA test. What DNA test? Hae Joo reveals Geum Hee conducted a DNA test which came out that they weren’t related at all. This doesn’t faze Jung Woo at all. Dal Soon is certain that baby is Hae Joo, and that’s enough for him. Then why didn’t the results match? Jung Woo explains results can be wrong. That’s no the only problem. What else is there? Jung Woo won’t tell her as there is still things he has to look into. He takes her hands and says again that he is very happy she’s alive. Hae Joo happily tells him she’s happy to have met him.

In Hwa and Chang Hee go shopping with Geum Hee for the wedding while Hae Joo works busily on the propellers and San works hard at his new job as an Italian chef. I have to say, that Chang Hee’s expressions really do look warm and happy at times with In Hwa. They can’t be 100% fake. Right?

One month passes quickly and the day before the wedding arrives. Il Moon is now the president and asks that Chang Hee fire Hae Joo. Chang Hee says that isn’t possible since it’s Jang’s special order. I guess…Jang really meant not to fire her until the thruster is completely successful. Il Moon grates at these restrictions. He’s the president now, isn’t he? He visits R&D and demands to know why the thruster isn’t done yet. Hae Joo replies they are working as fast as they can. If she has the hands of god, can’t she work faster? Il Moon then shakes things up by changing people’s positions.  He makes Jo team leader again. He then invites everyone to In Hwa’s wedding and insists that Hae Joo especially attend and wearing a formal dress. A vindictive turd he is. But, I guess, if he can’t fire her, he’ll make her as miserable as possible.

Il Moon gets a call from Young Joo who asks to see him, but now that he’s president, he doesn’t have time for her. Typical. Shakes head. He then gleefully reveals his sister is marrying Park Chang Hee tomorrow. Young Joo then reports this to the rest of the Cheon family. Dal Soon is livid and Jin Joo is unhappy as what will happen to her poor unnie. Sang Tae then says Chang Hee is smart for choosing the woman where he can gain something. This earns him a slap from his mother who is upset about what this can mean for her daughter.Jae Hee, Han Ji HyeHae Joo goes to the place where she ha her last date with Chang Hee and recalls their discussion about the whale they saw when they were shipwrecked. At this time, Chang Hee arrives and sees her there. This…nope. No sense at all I tell ya. She turns and ses him, surprised. Get over it. Get over him. It’s been long enough really. She asks if he’s getting married tomorrow. She then tells him congratulations. Chang Hee wards his expressionless mask, but it does start to slip a bit as Hae Joo keeps talking about the past, the hard times, her father and the dream of being together. Hae Joo finishes her monologue and smiles through her tears. She goes to leave and Hae Joo turns around and calls after her. He, too, ahs tears in his eyes. He can’t bring himself to say anything. It’s too late. Both you and Hae Joo royally screwed up to a point that you can never regain what you lost. Although, I guess I feel bad for him as he did love Hae Joo (obsessively which wasn’t healthy at all) and she just really didn’t love him enough at all. Oh well. He’s angrily drinking and she’s at the lighthouse sniffling back tears. Okay, so here’s what she told him in detail:

When we were little, you told me that your dream was to own the shipyard. That time was the time when I first liked you. When I was struggling, I thought about you and your dream, and told myself that I should build a ship for my dad, too. But, since when did we go wrong? Oppa. I think you changed a lot. The oppa I liked before isn’t here anymore. The oppa that used to give me dreams now looks too greedy. Don’t ruin yourself. I… want to keep the old you.

Hae Joo gets a call from Secretary Kim and we cut to San being complimented for his good food. What’s his secret? San laughs and says no one knows his secret. Hae Joo arrives and angrily calls out his name. Really? She has no right to do that at his work place.  They go outside and Hae Joo demands to know what the heck he’s doing—didn’t he know how worried she was? Dude, it’s obvious the man is trying to earn his bread—cut him some slack wench. She asks about his dream and San throws back about what his grandfather said on his deathbed—there was no need for San to struggle to win back Hae Poong. Of course, Hae Joo bawls him out for this. She believes that he can do it, but at this point, San’s hands are completely tied and he really can’t continue with that dream. Why can’t she understand anything?

Anywho, Hae Joo finally reveals who her birth father is and that her father was best friends with his father. This shocks San. Hae Joo then says by that reason alone, they must continue on to try to realize their fathers’ (and their own) dreams. San ignores this and just clutches on to what Hae Joo said about Yoon Hak Soo. He’s really her father? Hae Joo then asks him to come with her. She takes him back home so they can speak to Jung Woo.

Jung Woo asks San what happened. Does he have any idea how hard Jung Woo and Hae Joo looked for him. Before San can say anything, Hae Joo is dragged out by Dal Soon. Why did she bring San home again? Hae Joo reminds Dal Soon of how she accepted San’s pricey gifts earlier with no complaints. How can she treat him like this now? Fine. Feed him rice and send him away. Dal Soon then warns Hae Joo not to start anything with San since Chang Hee is getting married, Hae Joo needs to find a much better man. Why did she have to meet San? Dal Soon isn’t 100% wrong by being concerned for Hae Joo falling for Sans. I can understand that from a mother’s perspective, she doesn’t want Hae Joo stuck in her current hard life forever. And she’s right, you cannot survive merely on love alone. Sure, it makes for pretty thoughts and grandiose speeches, but reality can be harsh and can destroy love. It’s not always enough. People fail to realize this—especially the diehard hopeless romantics out there.

Jung Woo shows San the picture of baby Hae Joo and confirms Hae Joo is Hak Soo’s daughter. He then also tells San he thinks his grandfather was murdered. What does Jung Woo mean? Jung Woo tells San he believes Hak Soo’s and the Kang elders’ deaths are all connected. Please explain so San can understand. Before he does, Jung Woo makes San swear that he won’t tell Hae Joo a word of what he’s about to tell San. San says he understands and makes the promise. So…why did Jang Do Hyun kill his parents and grandfather?

We then cut to the wedding the next day. Gi Cheol is livid to see Hae Joo. He tells her she shouldn’t be there and she angrily says she came because of work. He keeps pushing her out and Hae Joo finally turns, curls her lip and walks off. Uh…random. I’ve never really seen that ugly Gi Cheol expression on Hae Joo before. Jang then goes over to Gi Cheol and asks why Chang Hee isn’t there when it’s almost time for the ceremony. Poor Gi Cheol is nervous since he has no idea where Chang Hee is.

Geum Hee and Bong Hee are with In Hwa. Geum Hee is the gushing mother and Bong Hee is still sour. She does say that In Hwa is a pretty pride. She sends Geum Hee out for water and Geum Hee runs into Hae Joo. In Hwa catches sight of her and waves her over. This can’t be good. Hae Joo greets Bong Hee who is sent off. In Hwa asks how she looks. Hae Joo says she’s pretty. In Hwa asks if Hae Joo hates her. Hae Joo seems taken back by this and says nothing. In Hwa then says what else could she do? Chang Hee is now her man and she would like Hae Joo to forget him cleanly now. Hae Joo shakes her head. Don’t worry and just be happy. In Hwa assures her she’s happy. In Hwa thanks her for her congratulations and then says she will meet a good man. I honestly can’t really tell if In Hwa is trying to be good naturedly vicious, or if she’s trying to mend the friendship she was willing to throw to the wolves (not that these two were ever true friends, but still). Oh…maybe its just pity for the “pathetic loser” Hae Joo. So weird. So weird. Bad writing. That’s all I can say.

Hae Joo leaves and Geum Hee approaches her. She must be hurting. Hae Joo says she isn’t. Geum Hee then touches her cheek. She’s gotten thinner. She thought Hae Joo was her daughter—how could they have this fate? Enter Il Moon who arrives and tells Geum Hee Chang Hee is nowhere to be found. Say what? What time is it now? There’s only a half hour left. Hae Joo looks shocked. Chang Hee is at the lighthouse. Looking all…conflicted or what not.  In Hwa is now freaking out about the missing groom. He didn’t run away did he? Geum Hee assures that isn’t the case.

Chang Hee does finally arrive and the sobbing In Hwa rushes into his arms. She hates him to death for doing this on the wedding day. He’s not hurt anywhere is he? Chang Hee assures her he’s fine and then mentions her makeup will be ruined. In Hwa quickly tells Bong Hee to call someone in to fix it. Poor Bong Hee. She leaves to do as she’s told and the wedding starts safely without a hitch.

We have the sickenly happy Gi Cheol, the annoyed Il Moon, the honestly happy Bong Hee. Chang Hee gets to the front and turns. He catches sight of Hae Joo who smiles through her tears as he looks on with a tearful, pained expression. Dude, in the end, you chose this. While I cannot blame you for not fighting for Hae Joo who abandoned you, I cannot feel sorry for you after all that you’ve done to people who did not deserve it.

And that’s where this episode ends. 10 more to go. WHY couldn’t there only be 4 more episodes. Why?


  • Thanks for the recap. I agree that 4 more episodes would have been just right to conclude this drama. 10 will be a drag. I am impressed with Kang San’s acting in episode 27 (I’ve not watched 28 yet) and glad that he is willing to work in the restaurant and move on in his life. His character is positive even in times of grief and hardship. I feel sad for Bong Hee and wish that she will have a happy ending with Jung Woo. 🙂

  • Thanks for the recaps again! Glad there was some forward movement.

  • Thanks again for your recaps.

    JW’s bawling over HJ being his real niece was heartfelt. Whoa, JW and KS can rock crying scenes. Isn’t it something that KS was the one to reveal this secret unknowingly. KS has once again helped HJ, even though his life is falling apart.

    Don’t tell me HJ will be like her idiot bio mom who says she loved two men at the same time. We know how well that worked out for her.

    The part where KS got the job at the restaurant did seem farfetched, but on this show I guess it makes sense. Too bad ST stole his valuable Italian recipe book last time.

    10 more episodes for the writers to redeem themselves. (Ha, ha, yeah right)

    • I had to laugh at this because I was thinking it, too:

      The part where KS got the job at the restaurant did seem farfetched, but on this show I guess it makes sense. Too bad ST stole his valuable Italian recipe book last time.

      Ah, Lee Hoon’s and Kim Jae Won’s crying scenes are so emotional and believable! They are two of the reasons I keep watching this show. I do like how it’s always San helping Hae Joo whether he’s aware of it himself or not. Now that’s real love. My heart broke when he tried to make Hae Joo laugh and she just kept scolding him. Sigh. He deserves better. Doesn’t she know he’s at his lowest right now?

      • Definitely he deserve someone better. 🙂 Sometimes i want to knock KS head too, maybe by doing that, he will lose his memory then forget about his feelings for HJ. While watching him badly in pain, I keep scolding him for being so kind and loving her so much. Aigoo… Otokke…

        • I’m all for that 😉
          I wouldn’t mind if 1) Hae Joo was played by a different actress who can act and actually had chemistry with San and 2) If Hae Joo’s character wasn’t written so horribly. Because even a good actress can’t make their love convincing because Hae Joo is, like Jang, completely blinded by her dream.

          • Actually i read a news few day ago, HJH explain why she was a bit detached to her character as HJ, she blame it on the dialect that they ask her to use. I mean, she was saying she can’t act well because she’s using different language. For me it doesn’t make sense because i’m watching it with English sub and don’t understand Korean, so i can clearly see if she performed her role well or not. I’ve been watching Korean drama for a long time and this is the first time i experience to feel like i don’t want the heroine to be with the good guy because i find her not good enough for him. What a weird feeling…

            • She blames it on the dialect? Um, I’m not 100% certain, but the adult Hae Joo doesn’t speak in dialect all that often. And, I do have to say that Kim Yoo Jung did excellent in the role despite the dialect that she was using dialect 100% of the time. That’s like saying you can’t act. If the language is hard to connect with, shouldn’t you be looking at other areas to connect emotionally and not be held back by hardly used saturi dialogue? That sounds more like an excuse. Now, I could see it if there was something about how the character was written that made it hard to identify with and while Hae Joo is poorly written in lots of respects, HJH could have done a much better job in connecting and portraying her. I mean, look at how well Donghae and Siwon did in Skip Beat! when the don’t perfectly understand Taiwanese/Mandarin, whatever. And look at Goo Hye Sun in Absolute Darling, she really didn’t know ANY of the language, but she still made the character worthwhile and believable.

              I have felt that some male characters were undeserving, but rarely have I found the female leads to be completely lacking as she is. Well, first time for everything.

          • She seriously said that?!?!? I hate to break it to her, but even without any dialogues, she’s got no depth (eyes, expression and voice are devoid of the required “conflicting” emotions). Previously, I even read a korean blog criticizing the productions way of cheating inorder to avoid acting criticism for HJH. Adult Hae Joo’s “occasional” usage of the dialect was to cater to HJH’s capabilities or lack off. It even mentioned that if Yoo Jung was able to master the usage of the dialect in 30-40%) or else she’s gonna get slaughtered.

        • (edit)….It even mentioned that if Yoo Jung was able to master the usage of the dialect in 2 months, then why can’t she when she has the same time period? I guess it’s a good thing that even though MQ has high ratings, it’s not a National Drama (30-40% ratings) or else she’s gonna get slaughtered. Tbqh, adult Hae Joo’s character doesn’t really require much from an actress. The heavy-lifting of acting was already shouldered by young HJ (KYJ). So I was just banking her on-screen chemistry to at least work, but even then, it didn’t.

          • Well… that’s what i understand on the news… She was criticize by a lot of viewers for her lack of emotion and attachment on her character, then the Official Website release her video interview in response to that issue. Maybe in some point using different dialect will affect her performance , i’m just wondering how often she use it since i don’t understand Korean, for me it sounds all the same… 🙂

        • Well, prior to the appearance of the adults, viewers and media alike were already anticipating if Han Ji Hye can live up to the acting, including the natural way of Yoo Jung’s usage of the Jeolla dialect (satoori?). SO what they did, adult Hae Joo now only uses the Seoul speech(no accent) and would occasionally use the dialect when she gets really angry. In the earlier episodes, she’d used the dialect mostly with her family (esp her older brother) and Il Moon. Her dialect intonation was stiff and awkward, but since she only uses it 1-2 minutes/episode, she was spared. And recently her character even when angry doesn’t switch back to the dialect, so how can she use the dialect as an excuse for her performance? To be fair to her, she had big shoes to fill. Kim Yoo Jung was really so good and engaging as a young Hae Joo. I guess a lot of adult actress are now scared whenever Yoo Jung would be their young counterpart.

  • thanks for the recap..i usually watch this even its in raw then read your recap and then watch with eng sub…but now the drama makes me annoyed..

    im shock that this drama is extended to 10 more episodes..makes me more annoyed..i agree with the past comments about the female lead really sucks..

  • “Jung Woo tells San he believes Hak Soo’s and the Kang elders’ deaths are all connected. Please explain so San can understand. Before he does, Jung Woo makes San swear that he won’t tell Hae Joo a word of what he’s about to tell San. San says he understands and makes the promise. So…why did Jang Do Hyun kill his parents and grandfather?”

    That is the only part that makes me look forward for the next episode. I’m curious how is San going to handle this thing since he was in deep trouble right now. I actually want him to leave Ulsan for a while, and comeback when he was financially steady and emotionally prepared to fight against Jang Do Hyeon and Chang Hee. He was well educated, and smart, for sure it won’t be difficult for him to find a good job outside Ulsan. I also want Uncle Jung Woo to stay cool while his is looking for more evidence against Jang Do Hyeon, i don’t want him to get killed and leave KS doing all unfinished business that both of them should fixing together. I don’t want Hae Joo to get involve, i don’t think she could be in any help… 😦

    • i agree with you..if would be better if kang san leave for a while..this drama makes me really frustrated..i have lot of thoughts..
      what if hak soo is still alive then hes the ceo of noble..hes already planning to destroy jang..then he will found out about hae joo.hahahhaa

    • I know! You know, this episode makes me think this show will be done in only a few more episodes, but the reality is 10. So they have time for San to leave and come back better prepared to take on Jang Do Hyeon. And I swear, I really do, that if Jung Woo dies, I’m completely done with this series. Shakes head. Really, I agree, Hae Joo wouldn’t be any help at all. She is the achilles heel for the people around her. She breaks things and makes them worse instead of better. Okay, let’s take the info to Jang so the Kangs’ factory can be “saved” oh…wait, Jang reneged on his word, but I’ll still work and build the thrusters anyway. This girl. Complete idiot. Too trusting. Meh.

  • i also thought that uncle jung woo will decide to tell hae joo about jang being involve in killing her father..then she will make up her mind that jang should not be able to finished the thruster..she will ruined all info about its production and leave..

    but hak soo will kidnapped her..hahaha then maybe after a year they will come back and reveal that they are father and daughter in a big event where all jang family are there…

    • hahaha i think you mix up all the name in the drama, i don’t know who are you referring to.. but your imagination really amazed me… 🙂

    • LOL, it would be nice if Hak Soo really were alive, but I’m pretty sure Jang killed him dead in the first episode. Aiyo. Truthfully, Hae Joo SHOULDN’T need an extra push to get her to realize how evil Jang is and to just leave. Seriously. This girl is close to brain dead when it comes to intelligent thinking about people.

      • what i want to be alive is KS father Kang Woon , eventhough they showed us that the car explode during the accident there is a tiny part in my head saying that he manage to get out of the car and save himself. The chances was too slim but since it’s in drama land , the writer can do anything if he really want to. I was thinking , maybe he is somewhere watching KS, he didn’t show up for a long time because he is angry with his father.. and now that he is dead and KS was in big trouble i hope he pop up from nowhere and give KS a hand to fight against Jang Do Hyeon. 😀

  • hahaha sorry for just out of my mind right now..

  • damn right…grrrr…hae joo’s (PJH) acting keep flashing on my mind!!!!!!!!!! it makes me really sick…if it is possible i wish they change that artist…though its too pisses me off that when im watching im really into the other characters..on their acting and then scene of PJH will suddenly pop up!!!!gossssshhh…

  • Jung Woo was so full of emotion when he told HJ that he knew she was Yoo Jin.
    HJH had no expression at all, her expression is like “what is the big deal”
    By the way I boycotted “East of Eden” , was HJH the one ,at that time who got more screen time because she was dating Song Seung Heon?With Song ‘s popularity and influence, HJH
    was made lead actress and Lee Da Hae as 2nd lead instead.
    So I had made the right decision, her acting is so horrible.

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