Before getting into the recap, I think I have a song dedication for this drama! SHINee came back with “Sherlock” earlier this year and this drama, especially the connection between Luna and Woo Joo, has me completely curious…so…yeah…here’s the Japanese version of “Sherlock”:

I think the concept of time with this drama is so very skewed and passes so quickly without too much indication. Weeks and months fly by so fast. We open episode 7 one week later with Woo Joo running like crazy. He’s still tracking the missing smart car. It’s right in front of him. He rushes to it and starts pulling out the clothes and searching through them. He then calls Taka and tells him it wasn’t a false alarm—it was the real deal and Woo Joo found it. Really? He isn’t lying is he. He then reports the bags and clothes are all accounted for. Taka is happy to hear this and says he will call Sakurai and let him know.

Sakurai and Woo Joo go to PISTOL STAR to return the goods. Luna confirms that all the items have been returned. Sakurai deeply apologizes and Misaki says that its not rare for assistant to run off, however, Sakurai is responsible for all leased items and should be more careful. Abilio then asks for “Cherry’s” help in styling their new joint project with Numero. Sakurai says there’s no need for a stylist since Ako from Numero can do the styling herself. Abilio explains it’s a limited edition men’s line. Their brand will launch a full men’s line in the upcoming fall and winter. So, will Sakurai do it?

Before Sakurai  can answer, Abilio reveals that Luna will be working on the project, so why doesn’t Woo Joo handle it as well for Sakurai? It’s good to let the new generation get some experience in from time to time. Sakurai smiles and takes up the offer while Woo Joo looks slightly ill, Luna smiles, and Misaki looks grumpy.

Misaki later then yells at Abilio saying Luna shouldn’t be a member of this project at all (Luna is listening in secret). Abilio says the decision came from Ako and headquarters, so there is nothing that they can do. Misaki is very miffed that she is the head of the project and wasn’t even consulted. Abilio says they probably were too afraid to talk to the “ice queen.” For some reason, Misaki seems shocked to hear herself referenced thusly (I’m on a ‘thusly’ kick for some reason, gomen ne). Anywho, Abilio asks just what does Misaki have against Luna—and don’t tell him its something like a gut reaction to hating her face. Misaki says it’s nothing that frivolous. It all comes down to believing that Luna will become the Achilles heel for their brand. I’m guessing Misaki is basing this on Luna’s less than stellar performances…and possibly her connection to Ren.

Of course, hearing this makes Luna all depressed. In the workroom, she gets a text from Woo Joo asking her to go and get wasted with him to celebrate. He’s steaming clothes when she texts back and tells him okay with a happy face emoticon. Too bad she’s really NOT happy after all that Misaki said.

The two go out and Woo Joo is worried about Luna’s actions. He tells her to stop drinking. She tells him she’s fine and says she wants to get drunk tonight. She asks for more and Woo Joo stops her. She starts guzzling his beer and he takes it away. When people start staring at her actions, he keeps saying it’s her birthday. She laughs, acts goofy, eats everything in sight. Luna starts crying and Woo Joo tries to figure out what’s going on. I don’t think he’ll ever go back to that place again. Poor guy even gets threatened by a fork from the drunk Luna who then suddenly sits down and starts bawling again. Woo Joo quickly removes all silverware and while his back is turned, she steals his beer. He tries to take it away, but she just whimpers and and drinks. Yeesh. What a girl.

Takahashi Yu, Yoon Si YoonWoo Joo takes the drunk girl home and she calls him “Ren.” He doesn’t like this one bit. They arrive outside and Luna stops and stares. She loves this house. There’s no way Ren’s making her move out. Woo Joo has no idea what’s wrong, He tries to get her inside, but she stumbles backwards and he catches her. She talks about how hard she studied to win scholarships for high school and college. Even when her mom died, she worked hard and tried her best not to cry. That’s why one day she’s going to become a solo PR pro and spread Japanese fashion to the world. She’ll become so successful all the bad memories will get blown away. She wants to be happy and live a full life for her deceased parents. Is that so wrong? She tries to walk and nearly falls over again. Woo Joo catches her and asks if someone said something.

Woo Joo holds her and tells her that she’s the one person who has to be happy. That’s why he’s there. Hmm…They have to have some kind of history…which, thinking back, Woo Joo told her in 6B that he lived in Japan for some time as a child. Woo Joo then hugs her tightly while someone takes pictures. He notices someone’s there, but can’t give chase because of the passed out Luna. This can’t be good. I guess this is the leverage they plan on using against Ren since they know how jealous he is when it comes to other men and Luna.

In his bedroom, Woo Joo recalls his conversation with Ren one week earlier. Ren told him point blank to leave the house. Woo Joo tells him in return that he will not move just because Ren wishes him to. Ren is impressed by Woo Joo’s Japanese vocabulary. He wonders why Woo Joo was so hostile when they first met. It seems like he has an answer now. Ren says he hates Woo Joo to the point that he’s physically ill. He guesses the feeling is mutual. Did Ren really call Woo Joo out to say just that? Ren then says he won’t let Woo Joo have Luna. Woo Joo comes back in Korean and says that love that has turned to obsession is not love any more. Too true. Or…it is, but it’s not a true, healthy love.

Woo Joo also says in Korean that Luna is the person he wishes to see happy the most. See…there has to be some history. He lived in Japan when he was younger. Luna thought that he seemed familiar when they first met. What gives? Ah, so curious. And now I have SHINee’s “Sherlock” stuck in my head. Ren asks what he’s saying, but Woo Joo replies in Korean that has nothing to do with Ren. The flashback ends, and Woo Joo once again pulls out that moon necklace. What gives. Seriously. He says that something inside him snapped and a hidden memory is becoming clearer and clearer. Doesn’t she remember that snowy day? Luna is having a nightmare of snow and a little girl crying.

The next morning at PISTOL STAR head office, things are pretty normal. Ren finishes up a meeting when an envelope is delivered. There is no return address. Ren opens it and there is a USB drive shaped like a key. He inserts it into his laptop and clicks on its contents. He’s not happy at all. Ano…you’d think he’d be more careful with his work laptop. What if that USB drive had a virus or opened up his computer to a hacker so they can steal information? Ay, these people don’t use there heads.

At Blue Moon house, Woo Joo gets out a bottle of water when the drunk Luna wakes up. He tells her that she looks horrible and she tells him to speak softly as her head is killing her. He didn’t even say that loudly. She then asks how she got home. Woo Joo says he brought her home. Would she like to try honey and water to help with her hangover (Korean remedy)? Luna smiles and thanks him and then leans towards him as she starts gagging. Woo Joo tells her not to get any closer. He then tells her to hold on and tells her not to puke there. Luna swallows it back down, horrifying Woo Joo. Enter Sung Jun. He just got home from an all nighter. He seems oddly distant as he immediately goes back to his room to sleep. Luna rubs her tummy while Woo Joo just watches on amazed. She’s the best.

Ren angrily goes through the pictures of the drunk Luna and Woo Joo. He then recalls Woo Joo’s words from a week ago. Looks like he’s jumping to a not good conclusion. End episode.


  • i juz stumbled your site while checking for full house take 2 recaps and i saw your recap on brand guardians…now i’m watching this series on their site.

    i really like yoon si yoon since baker king, he’s a good, well versed actor and accepting this drama will be a good exposure for him. though his happy noodle chinese drama was shelved but this one is also good. i’m really enjoying your recap. wish he would end up with luna.

    • yay! I’m glad you’re watching it 🙂 I’m happy that they are providing English subtitles for non-Japanese/Korean speakers. That’s so cool and the first time I’ve seen a Japanese drama do that.

      I have yet to see baker king. It’s on my watch list. I fell in love with ysy from the slightly annoying Me Too, Flower. I hope he gets more exposure, too. I had heard there were problems, but I didn’t know Happy Noodle was officially shelved. That’s disappointing.

      I hope he ends up with Luna, too. Especially since we know that Ren’s love is rather unhealthy and more like obsession. Kudos to Woo Joo for pointing that out to Ren. Of course, it’s not like that will get Ren to change his bad ways.

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