May Queen Episode 27 Recap

We open with San and Hae Joo finding the electrocuted Kang. It looks like Hae Joo really zeroes in on the machine that Kang was holding. In the ambulance, the EMTs work on Kang. His pulse does come back weakly and he’s then rushed into the ER. Hae Joo tries to tell San that everything will be all right since Kang is a strong person. Meanwhile, Jang slaps Choi for working on his own. This world has changed. Thanks to the development of forensics, Choi could easily be discovered. Choi doesn’t care. He’s ready to accept whatever comes his way. Well…where does this loyalty come from? Jang has never really treated him well at all, so WHY is Choi willing to go to such lengths for that man?

At the hospital, San and Hae Joo are told to prepare themselves for Kang’s imminent death. San grabs the doctor by his collar. How can he say this instead of trying to save his grandfather? The doctor can only apologize. They’ve done all they can and it’s just not possible for Kang to make it much longer as his internal organs and nerves are all messed up from being electrocuted. Omo. I wanted to cry so badly and hug San. You can see the pain of losing his grandfather is evident. The boy is bad off—probably as bad as when Young Hae Joo lost Hong Chul.

The next day Chang Hee apprises Jang that Hae Joo took the day off because of Kang’s hospitalization in the intensive care unit. Jang looks startled at this while Choi doesn’t bat an eyelash. Chang Hee, though, catches this. He knows something is up. At the hospital, Kang’s fingers move and he regains consciousness briefly. Kang tells San he’s sorry. San says Kang has nothing to be sorry about, it’s his fault. Kang then apologizes for San’s mother. San again assures him that it’s not his fault. Kang then warns his grandson not to fight with Jang as that will only endanger San. What happened with Jang? Kang doesn’t tell him and only says that he wants his grandson to live freely and happily, not fighting for revenge. Kang then grabs Hae Joo’s hand and tells her to look after San. She tells him not to talk like that.

Enter Jang. Hae Joo immediately backs off and Kang’s eyes widen as he catches sight of Jang. Jang asks Kang what happened. San glares at Jang and Kang tells him not to touch San before dying. Jang walks away from the bed, hands in pockets while Hae Joo rushes back over. San grabs his grandfather’s face and cries, telling him that’s not funny. San then says he was wrong and he shouldn’t have started all of this. Omo. Poor, poor, San. This is just heartbreaking. Evil soulless writers. They could have done something without killing off poor Kang. San hugs his dead grandfather to him and cries while Hae Joo tries to comfort him and Jang just watches on.

At the funeral, Jung Woo comes to pay his respects. How did such a thing happen? San replies he got electrocuted. This shocks Jung Woo who says his heart is breaking. He hopes that San will be able to stay strong through all of this. When he leaves, there sits Chang Hee and Jang. He asks if he can sit. Chang Hee quickly moves so that Jung Woo can sit across from Jang. Jung Woo immediately begins questioning Jang about the last time he saw Kang. Jang lies and says it was a long time ago. What reason would he have to see him? Jung Woo points out that Kang was a mentor and a rival. Jang says if he had known he would have met the older man more often. With such strong feelings, how could Jang take over Hae Poong? Did Jung Woo come to the funeral just to fight with him? Fine, out of respect for Kang, Jung Woo will stop for the moment. He then warns Jang that all the secrets he’s hiding he will reveal—even if the law can do nothing. Is a government employee threatening him? Throughout this entire scene, you can see Chang Hee taking it all in. The gears are turning in his mind. Can he use this against Jang? Does he feel anything that his “best friend’s” grandfather died?

Enter in Hae Joo who demands to know if Jung Woo is drunk. Are you kidding me? This kid. Jung Woo then tells her to come speak with him. Hae Joo casts a quick glance at Chang Hee. WAE? He ignores her. Jang smirks as Jung Woo leaves. They go out into the hall and Jung Woo asks about that night. Hae Joo says the police deducted if it wasn’t lightning then it was welding. Ano…how on earth can they say an old man (in his RIGHT MIND) would be out welding in a thunderstorm? Jung Woo asks if she felt anything was off since she was there. Hae Joo says given the fact that Kang was an old pro, why would he weld in the rain with no protective gear. This definitely sounds strange to Jung Woo as well.

Sang Tae then rushes in crying and wailing. How can his mentor who had just hit him and scolded him yesterday, be dead and in such a way? He then rushes up to San. How did this happen? Who caused Grandpa Kang to die in such a way? Sang Tae then sobs and asks what San will do since he is all alone now. Tactless. Horribly tactless and insensitive, Sang Tae. Babo. Kim then enters and tells San there is a guest. The lifeless San leaves the bawling Sang Tae and meets with Mario from Noble. At this time, Chang Hee comes out and starts eavesdropping. He overhears Mario telling San that they are favorably considering the offer he made.

Carp. I used some very, very strong language watching this next scene. I shall not pollute this post with my horrible potty mouth and only say that I have moved on from feeling anything beyond hatred for the character of Chang Hee. The writers can kill him off at any time and I won’t complain. I’ve never actually really wished for a character’s death until now. He’s worse than Jang in this way. Jang is openly underhanded and evil. He’s annoying and rotten to the core, but…Chang Hee has did himself one better and made himself into a truly evil devil that’s infinitely worse. I don’t think there’s any redemption for him. He’s sacrificing everyone and everything. I don’t care if its latent jealousy and basically wanting revenge on the whole world who did him wrong (San admittedly did NOTHING beyond being naturally smarter, but Hae Joo did profess love and ultimately dumped him first by choosing her family—granted, there shouldn’t have been that type of ultimatum, but still).

Anywho, Chang Hee goes to Jang and tells him he needs to immediately take over San’s factory. A LONG string of very bad words that I won’t repeat yet again. Jang asks if there’s a need to go that far since the technology for the thruster is already in his hands. Chang Hee then reveals that San and Noble are planning on building a drill rig. Say what? Now is the time to not BIND San’s hands and feet, but cut them off. If he and Noble build the rig successfully, that means Cheonji will be at a great disadvantage in gaining the drill rights. Die, die, die.

Kang is officially laid to rest and San stares, lifelessly at first before crying. He recalls moments from his past and recent events. I’m sure he’s very regretful now of saying those awful things earlier. But at least they reconciled before Kang’s death. That should be a very, very small consolation…right? Ah, Han Ji Hye. You need emotional depth. Emotional depth. I can’t believe your tears or your pain and at Kang’s death, you seemed WAY to detached and unaffected. Just doesn’t seem right.

That night Jang reveals Kang’s death. Geum Hee is upset he didn’t tell her earlier since Kang is not a stranger to her. It’s good enough that jang went himself. Jacky (guess what that’s short for?). Bong Hee then asks why In Hwa didn’t go since she dated In Hwa. The petty little witch says she never dated San so why should she go. Omo, omo, omo. Aigoo. And here I thought she wasn’t 100% vile. I changed my mind. She’s not just irritating—she’s a completely selfish prig. I thought she had a modicum of human decency, but I guess not. Enter Gi Cheol and his son. Bong Hee slams her silverware down and says that if they call that b*stard, they should let her know and leave her out of their dinner plans. Bong Hee then gets up to go and In Hwa says it’s embarrassing. How can she do that? Bong Hee just coldly tells her that’s the kind of attitude you can find in this house. She then goes to Chang Hee and tells him that even breathing the same air is disgusting. Harsh. I LOVE her. In Hwa chases after the retreating Bong Hee. Geum Hee and Jang tell the Parks not to mind and sit.

In Hwa scolds her aunt. How can she do that? Bong Hee says she doesn’t care for Chang Hee and that San is so much better (AMEN to that). How can Bong Hee say such things? She can’t possibly know the pain of wishing for love, can she? Dumb girl. In Hwa says she chased San for 20 years and is sick of being in a one-sided love. Bong Hee points out that her liking Chang Hee is relatively new. So what, time doesn’t matter—it’s the fact that In Hwa is being loved. Gag me. So is In Hwa then kind of girl who believes self worth is found in being loved? Naw. She’s a plain narcissist. Bong Hee says that Chang Hee might be using In Hwa. The younger girl doesn’t care. She’s happy and that’s all that matters. Meh. HATE this attitude. Such horrible female leads. Bong Hee does accept the marriage, but that doesn’t mean Bong Hee likes Chang Hee.

At the office, Jung Woo learns the intelligent officer left for Singapore the night Kang died. Also, the cannon phone was used in the area when Kang died. Choi reports this as well to Jang who is upset that his secrets are being revealed after 30 years. He doesn’t like what Jung Woo is doing now. He tells Choi to handle the matter, but then decides better. Jang will handle this personally. Bring him all the information he needs from that time.

Meanwhile, Hae Joo is trying to make the lifeless San eat and I must say that her way of comforting him SUCKS. Sure, she talks about how she thought her father’s death was the end of the world, but she should still eat and sleep as the people who preserve survive. I’m sorry, coming from her, this just sounded horribly lame. She tells him to survive and be courageous. San just closes his eyes. Hae Joo puts the spoon in his hand physically and puts it on the tray. San opens his eyes and does put the spoon into the rice, but he can’t bring himself to eat it. Hae joo crouches down next to him and pulls him into a hug as he cries.

Jung Woo and his men investigate, but can’t find any hint of a crime. Hae Joo feels the piece that Kang was supposedly working on and says it wasn’t his welding job. Sang Tae then says he saw something strange that night. Hae Joo asks WHY he was there that night. Sang Tae says that part isn’t important, what’s important is what he saw. He then talks about how well he knows cars. He saw a 2011 Elegance there the night Kang died. And a sports car…or was he talking about the same car…mollah. Anywho, Jung Woo asks if he saw the license plates. No, it was too dark, which has Hae Joo demanding again to know WHY he was there. That’s really irrelevant at this time, don’t you think? Why does she only pick up on the STUPID matters? Sang Tae then says since it has nothing to do with the situation, so what does it matter? Sang Tae then reveals he was taking scrap metal and Hae Joo just keeps slapping him. Jung Woo asks how Sang Tae knows about cars. Sang Tae explains how he knew what kind of car it was. Hae Joo is livid that he got all those details but not the license place number. Jesus.

Chang Hee then arrives with an eviction notice. The factory is no longer the Kangs. It has been repossessed due to debt. Hae Joo says that the debt was cleared by Cheonji in return for the propellers being given to them. Chang Hee tells her to take it up with Jang and then says he’s now the one in charge of the factory. Hae Joo, you are a giant idiot. Sure, Jang was willing to let San go as he thought the cub no longer had any aces up his sleeves, but you can’t trust Cheonji or Jang. Dummy, babo, baka. Jung woo then asks if Chang Hee is really San’s friend. This is NOT how you treat the dead. Chang Hee says none of that matters as he’s saving the factory. SAVING it? You’re canning all the employees and that’s saving it? Chang Hee then asks Jung Woo and Hae Joo to get lost basically.

San then arrives and angrily demands to know what’s going on. Chang Hee turns and calmly hands over the eviction notice. San then punches him. Right on. Hit him again, hit him again! Chang Hee smiles and says that San just added assault to all the other charges. San goes to hit him again, but Hae Joo and Jung Woo hold him back. Chang Hee says that he’ll take a beating as all that will happen is San will end up in jail. San lunges again, and again Hae Joo and Jung Woo hold him back. Jung Woo tells him to stop as Chang Hee isn’t worth it since the other man isn’t human. BURN.

The angry Hae Joo confronts Jang who says that situations change. Hae Joo asks him to take responsibility for his promise. Jang then says that Hae Joo hasn’t taken responsibility. Hae Joo says she kept her promise on the thrusters. Jang then reveals he knows all about Noble and the new projects. Hae Joo says that she’s never been negligent in her duties so WHY did he do that? Because San is a threat that he can’t take lightly. Oh…and by the way…you’re fired. PRICELESS. Jang has gotten what he wanted so she is now expendable. Well, it’s a hard lesson that she had to learn. I can’t believe she trusted him to do the right thing. How stupid can she get? Wait…I shouldn’t ask that, she’ll probably get much worse. Hae Joo angrily clenches her fist—but what can she do? Hahaha. Great. Now both she and San have lost their livelihoods.

San learns there was much more debt than he originally thought. Even selling his apartment and yacht won’t be enough to cover it and get a new factory. San says that it doesn’t make any sense that there’s no money left in all of the accounts. The manager states that there was more loans taken out for a new project. Poor San. What will he do?

Il Moon and Geum Hee argue about In Hwa’s impending nuptials. Il Moon says that since Geum Hee inadvertently destroyed his mother, she should be a good mother til the end and stop In Hwa. Geum Hee tries to get him to understand, but Il Moon refuses to listen. He breaks a pot and rushes out to find Gi Cheol who actually HITS Il Moon. When Gi Cheol sees Jang’s car arrive, he immediately turns into his normal worrisome self and begs for Il Moon’s forgiveness. Il Moon is confused—what in the heck is going on? Jang gets out and immediately kicks his son for being disrespectful to elders. Omo…since WHEN has Jang ever cared about how his son treated Go Cheol? WHAT are these writers thinking? These characters have the consistency of a fickle female—meaning there is none. Gi Cheol smirks and then puts on his other sniveling face and says it’s his fault. Poor, Il Moon. He is the product of his upbringing. Jang leaves and Gi Cheol starts up with his arrogance. JUST LEAVE ALREADY. Quit staying there and taking it.

Gi Cheol then visits In Hwa at the restaurant to give her a present in return for what she gave him. In Hwa is happily embarrassed about the love and attention she’s getting showered by being the “daughter-in-law.” Blech. These scenes send shudders down my spine. Meanwhile, Sang Tae tells Dal Soon about the bankruptcy. He lost his job and didn’t even get paid. Dal Soon thinks there must be some hidden money somewhere. Sang Tae reveals that Kim says there is none. Dal Soon then says Hae Joo should just abandon the sinking ship that is San. Omo. You would think she would have SOME compassion for the poor boy who lost his grandfather, factory, etc. Tsk, tsk.

Hae Joo is ate Cheonji working (didn’t she get fired?). She tries to call San whose phone is off. She rushes to the factory, but he’s not there. He’s also not at his grandfather’s grave nor his yacht. Just where is he? Hae Joo finally finds him passed out drunk at the place where the three of them went drinking together. She shakes him awake. San smiles and calls her pretty. Hae Joo asks why he drank so much and didn’t answer her call. San keeps smiling and laughs as he says he became a beggar, thus he should save on his cell bills. Hae Joo tells him not kid around. San then says that his grandfather believed in him too much. All he has is the debt over the azimuth thruster. There’s nothing now. Hae Joo then tells him what happened with Cheonji and why they took over the factory. Hae Joo says she will quit Cheonji and San asks why she would leave the company she wanted to get into so badly. Hae Joo says she wants to build the rig with him, but San tells her to stay put as he has nothing and can’t watch her back anymore. Again…wasn’t this girl fired? How can she vow to quit when she technically doesn’t have a job anymore? I’m so confused.

San tells Hae Joo to go as he drinks more. She takes the bowl away. Is he just going to drink? San snaps. You goy boy. Get all angry and spew it out at her. She deserves it. San yells and says that he has no money and thus can’t build such an expensive thing as a drill rig. All he has left is a boat. San then picks up a bottle of soju and starts chugging. He then finishes the bowl Hae Joo took away. Hae Joo then brings the drunk San home. Jung Woo helps her take him to his room. Dal Soon isn’t happy to see Hae Joo dragging him home. Jung Woo was really worried about San since he had so many blows of late. Hae Joo then asks if San can stay with them for awhile. Jung Woo says that San of course can stay given Jung Woo’s relationship with Kang. Hae Joo then pauses when she sees the family picture. What’s wrong? Nothing.

Dal Soon drags Hae Joo into the room and bawls her out for bringing San home. Hae Joo reminds her mother of their painful past. Dal Soon says that was different, but you know it really wasn’t. Sigh. Double standards. Anywho, Hae Joo assures the rest of the Chuns that regardless of what happens, they’ll still have rice. In his room, Jung Woo vows to reveal the truth and not let Jang Do Hyun off. Just don’t get killed samchoon. That would really kill this show deader than a doornail.

The next day Jung Woo and prosecutors arrive en masse at Cheonji to take Jang in for embezzlement, etc. Chang Hee demands to know how Jung Woo can demand Jang’s presence. Jung Woo then says Chang Hee should know well about dummy company K. Unless they want the media to find out about this slush fund when the stock prices have been falling. Jo then rushes to report the news to Il Moon that Jang has been arrested. WHY is Hae Joo there? She was fired, right? How can she keep showing up for work when she was canned?

Geum Hee learns of Jang’s arrest by Jung Woo and demands to know why he would do such a horrible thing. Does he really bear the family ill will? Snort. Are you freaking kidding me? You are as blind and dumb as both your adopted and biological daughters. Bong Hee says that Jung Woo would never arrest anyone without a reason. Bong Hee then asks if Geum Hee and Jang had an affair. Geum Hee says they did not. She also confesses to accepting Hak Soo’s proposal only because of Jang’s betrayal with Il Moon’s mother. Then why does Jung Woo seem to think they cheated? Because Jang kept coming around to apologize when his brother wasn’t there. Oh…and let’s not forget how quickly Geum Hee remarried after Yoo Jin died. Bong Hee then asks if Geum Hee really loved Hak Soo if she got married out of anger. Geum Hee says that Bong Hee wouldn’t understand how it was to be in love with two people. Geum Hee cries and says this is all her fault. If only she died with Yoo Jin. If only Jang did not bring In Hwa to her at that time.

There’s this saying, you know? If you honestly say that you are in love with more than one person at a time, then you really are not in love at all. Heck, in all of these dramas, even when there’s a love triangle and the girl (or guy) might be stirred by another party, there really isn’t a triangle as there are always two with mutual, strong affection for only each other.

The news about Jang was leaked to the press. Chang Hee says that Jung Woo did it, but Jung woo swears he didn’t. Jung Woo then asks about the fund and didn’t Chang Hee say earlier it could be used against Jang in court? Chang Hee asks if Jung Woo is trying to cause problems between himself and Jang. Jung Woo says he isn’t and then asks Chang Hee to leave. CHang Hee doesn’t want to, but Jang sends him off. So what does Jung Woo want to say? Jung Woo vows that Jang will not get off. Jang wonders why Jung Woo asked such a question in private. Jung Woo then asks after Kim who Jang denies knowing. Jung Woo then silently asks the smirking Jang why he killed Kang, Hak Soo, and San’s parents. Is there a reason he didn’t ask aloud? Il Moon congratulates Yang Du for helping him take down Jang. Yang Du then calls Chang Hee who says that he has nothing to do with this. If word should leak, then Yang’s life will be forfeit.

Young Joo tires to wake San up, but he doesn’t budge. He opens his eyes as she leaves. Dal Soon complains about him being there. Poor, poor San. He has to overhear about how he’s no longer good enough for Hae Joo since he’s bankrupt. Aigoo. Dal Soon, I get your concern, but how can you talk like that? San then comes out and Sang Tae asks if he wants some food. Dal Soon grabs Sang Tae’s wrist. San then says he has other plans and bids them all farewell. Young Joo says she thinks he heard. So what? Dal Soon wanted him to. I hate how Dal Soon says it’s her house when it’s not. It’s Jung Woo’s. Jung woo then calls and asks for a change of clothes.

San goes to see Jung Woo and apologizes for the other night. Jung Woo says that is okay. So, what does San want? San then asks Jung Woo to take care of Hae Joo in the future. Jung  Woo laughs. San really came all that way just to ask him to do that? San says Hae Joo is a courageous girl, but he feels anxious since she isn’t living with her biological mother. This is news to Jung Woo. Huzzah! San is shocked to see Jung Woo’s surprise. He didn’t know? Jung Woo says this is the first time he’s heard such a thing. But more importantly, where is San going? Meanwhile, Jang demands to know how they got the documentation. Chang Hee says that it’s obviously an inside job that he’s investigating. It’s got to be an executive. Just what are you plotting now?

Dal Soon arrives with Jung Woo’s clothes after San has left. She goes to leave, but he stops her. He then asks about if its true or not that Hae Joo isn’t Dal Soon’s biological daughter. Dal Soon’s smile fades. Jung Woo says that San told him this—he heard wrong, right? Dal Soon then says she’s itching to talk about this. Dal Soon tells him that Hae Joo is his niece Yoo Jin. Come again? FINALLY!!! Manse!

Poor Jung Woo. He’s in his car driving and crying. He recalls his conversations about Yoo Jin and Hak Soo with Hae Joo. Don’t get into an accident Jung Woo-ssi!!!! You can’t die on us. Nope, nope, nope. Jung Woo makes it to where Hae Joo is and demands to know why she didn’t tell him. Tell him what? That he’s her uncle. He then calls her Yoo Jin and demands to know why she didn’t tell him while he cries. Omo. How sad. Hae Joo just seems shocked…well…that would be if she expressed any clear emotions.Han Ji Hye, Lee Hoon

A plague on this show. A plague since there’s still 10 episodes to go. We really didn’t need an extension as the plot really seems to actually be winding down. They can only ruin this by making it go longer and longer.


  • Thanks for your MQ recaps. They are much appreciated.

    I had to post because this drama is driving me bonkers, but I endure for the love of KJW. I want to know how they are going to build San back up after taking absolutely everything away from him, plus he will probably try to give up HJ so as not to burden her. If anyone has a reason for revenge it’s San and he’s got nothing really to lose since his family is all dead.
    I don’t get Noble either, how can Mario talk business at the grandfather’s wake/funeral. I mean for something so important and supposedly secret why discuss it out in the open.
    I hope the ending of this drama is satisfying cause the evil is running amok.

    • You’re welcome.

      This drama does drive one up the wall with all they have going on. I am curious to see how San bounces back. He’s been so bright (well, he kept his pain well hidden) and he never lost hope. I really hope that the writers won’t make him completely lose all hope and that he springs back quickly with a new plan of attack. He truly does deserve revenge. Jang has taken everything from him now (this time unintentionally in the form of his grandfather and intentionally in the form of the factory).

      A funeral is never a good place to talk about business. Sometimes…it can’t wait, but this time, Mario could have given San some space and told him afterward (especially since there were Cheonji employees lurking around). Sigh. But we can’t have that happen as the writers were determined to completely screw San over and take everything they possibly could from him.

      I hope for a satisfying end, but with 10 more episodes…it’s really hard to believe we’ll get one.

  • I quit watching this show weeks ago ad have been reading recaps only. So thank you so much for that. This show is stupidity personified. I don’t know how you persevere.

    • I’ve been whining on Soompi for two weeks now about how sorely tempted I am to give up this drama completely, but I’m trying NOT to drop dramas that I’m recapping as much as I have in the past. Although, depending on the next couple of episodes…who knows? But I’m going to try to ride this train wreck to the end.

  • I have also stopped watching this drama, too. The writer just being 婆 婆 妈 妈
    , and going in circle. There is no substance for extending to 38 episodes. I guess the writer just want to make more money because they are paid as per episode.

    Sorry, Kang San….

    • I totally understand that. Just when you think progress is being made, they take 10 giant steps back and resurface with the birth secret that everyone’s decided to keep secret, etc. etc. I don’t think the extension necessarily has anything to do with the writers, but more along the lines of the producers and network, but I could be wrong. I just don’t see writers as having ultimate power to do an extension. Plus, shows usually suffer heavily from extensions as the writers only prepared for so many episodes and have to scramble to rework the original ending.

      The writers of this drama are still stupid and on crack, though, in my opinion with how horribly inconsistent they’ve made everything.

  • i was just wondering what the “long string of very bad words” and “very strong language” were..LOL….anyways thanks again for ur recaps, they really make my day..n never in my life have i so badly wanted a drama to end, i mean wind it up already!!! there is a limit to how much my undying love for KJW can endure 😦

    • I know. 10 episodes. T_T I could tell you, there was a lot of F bombs and my favorite mix of that word with the word “retard.” Not to mention all the lovely other curse words we have in the English language. And I thought it repeatedly through scenes throughout this episode. 😛 Wow. Such a potty brain I have at sometimes. My grandfather always constantly complained about my bad habit of swearing when I get worked up.

    • btw, how do these thumbs up and thumbs down icons work?? i clicked one by mistake and cant undo…humphhhh 😦
      shameful ignorance!!!

      • Um…I’m guessing like/dislike? Or agree/disagree? I’m thinking about doing away with those as they are confusing as all heck even to me 😛

  • i love your recaps so please stay on this wreck train till the end. 10 episodes for San to recuperate and hit Jang back ~ how ~ my guess is as good as yours 🙂

    • 🙂 I will. I’ll probably be bald by the end due to pulling my hair out in frustration, but I’ll do it. We should take up a pool about the ending. How will the writers end this mess?

      • hahaha i would not think the writers will do a good job about cleaning this mess ~ it will defintely end with HJ & KS together as both of them has the same dream and also their goal of finding out what happen to their fathers. It is this connection that will make HJ have special feeings for KS. They would also realise of CH’s *so called idea of revenge* but there is no way he can get back with HJ since his dad greatest mistake of killing HJ’s adopted dad. How his revenge on the President will actually help KS & HJ to realise their dreams is up to the writers. Infact i am rooting for Bong Hee and Jung Woo happy ending ~ they should be happy.

  • I cried whole night when i watched this episode, KJW really got me hit when he cried so badly after his grandpa past away. His emotion was so natural and you could almost feel the pain that he was going through…sigh… i feel so bad for him.. i think the only thing that keep me going, on watching this drama is to see him win at the end.. I don’t know why but no matter how i look at HJH acting, there’s really lack on it.. i couldn’t feel any attachment on her character at all… am i the only one feel that way.. i saw her crying and comforting KS but it seems like she was on the other side of the world… I’m wondering how the writer is going to twist the events now.. he completely put KS in total lost… how is he going to recover and fight back?… unless they are going to do another time jump….ohhhh…dear…. as much as i wanted to drop this drama, i just can’t bear to miss how KS could win his battle…

    • HJH’s portrayal of Hae Joo is flat and emotionless. She is okay on doing anger scenes, but whenever she was with our hurting San (such an excellent, heart aching performance by KJW) I felt nothing. Seriously. She’s supposed to be suppressing her feelings and comforting him, but at the same time…I couldn’t feel any comfort from her at all let alone any romantic spark. Her presence ruined what should have been very touching scenes. Meh. I wanted to slap her as she seemed so unaffected by the whole turn of events when she should have been reeling just as bad. Shakes head.

      • this drama really had a lot of flaws from how the characters portrayed their role down to the story plot.. it’s completely in a mess. I feel bad for KJW and the young actors who did a good job. They deserve something better.. it’s a relief that it gained a high rating due to nonstop advertising and promotions, plus the fact that KJW is one of the most popular actor in Korea 。 Sighh….. since i already ride on in this wreck ship i’d rather enjoy the trip anyway… hehehe

        • Eh, as long as we start getting more San, Jung Woo, and Bong Hee moments instead of overdosing on Chang Hee, In Hwa, and the Jang family as a whole, I’ll be happy 😀 Let’s ride this sinking ship to the end for whatever it’s worth.

          • You are right… San, Jung Woo, and Bong Hee are the only people who makes this drama bearable to watch.. I like KS grandpa too but since he’s no longer around, i can’t do anything but hope that they don’t add one more on our lost… i’m afraid Jung Woo will be the next one to go..

            • I know. Right now I’m terrified we’ll lose Jung Woo, too. Must. think. happy. thoughts. Of course, my sister and I always joked that the characters we fall in love with always meet tragic ends. Maybe I shouldn’t like him sooooo much 😛

  • Thank you for your recap!
    One can feel your frustration with this drama through every word! I’m with you!
    Like some other people here I thought about to stop watching this misery too, but I will keep going to the bitter end. Fighting :D!!!

    A better end? I don’t expect this drama to end really satisfying. Not with this lacking heroine and this nonexistent chemistry between her and San.
    It’s kinda funny. There are sparkles between Chang Hee and Hae Joo (all thanks to Chang Hee) and CH + In Hwa (less, because of him faking the feelings). The Il Moon/Young Joo-couple works in the lovey-dovey-section and Bong Hee with her beloved prosecutor is believable too. But HJ/San? Nope. The most important couple, the maincharacters, don’t hit it off.
    Why I keep watching?
    It’s a mix. Putting aside the fact that it would be than a sad case of unfinished business – this drama got so bad already (and keep getting worse, I’m impressed that this is still possible :D) — it got its own bizarre fascination for me. And the unintended comedy is watched with some completely irrational hope *shaking my head about my foolishness which simply don’t want to die* that the final part will deliver a halfway acceptable closure.

    I’m looking forward to your review of episode 28!

    And yes. The fact that she keeps hired-fired-hired-fired-…ongoing… has its own weirdness. The payroll-accountant at Cheongji needs an enormously pay-rise for clearing up this mess :)!!

    • LOL, is it a good thing that you can feel my frustration? Ah, what a drama this one is. Yep, to the very bitter end (unless the evil baddies get REAL justice, in which case, it will be a nice ending). Yeah…all the good build up with the chemistry of the child actors is *poof* gone with HJH taking on the adult Hae Joo. There is no believability in their “love” so that will ruin any ending we get.
      It is odd that there is more chemistry in the second leads and other non-lead characters. You’d think they would have cast someone with better chemistry with KJW, but no. How does this actress manage to snag major roles?

      I’m still trying to piece together the whole Cheonji thing. If I’m not mistaken, Jang did, in fact fire her in this episode. So WHY is she still showing up and working? Can someone explain this to me? I mean, San’s rights got revoked right away, how come Hae Joo was allowed in after Jang fired her? What a mess. This is why I gripe the writers are horribly inconsistent.

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