Full House Take 2 Episode 8.2 Recap

We get to meet Kang Hwi’s elder half-sister today! The boy has a mother who loves him (even if she does misguided things so he can have a better life) and a sister who cares for him (even if his little sister is a complete b*tch). Who does Tae Ik have? A two-faced president who promises him his old life back as long as he does what he’s told like a good little boy and makes Joon lots of money. This is why Tae Ik and Man Ok belong together.

Ah, and before getting into this recap, I was watching variety show Strong Heart the other day and Park Ki Woong whose popularity has started soaring thanks to Gakistal (Bridal Mask), revealed that 80-90% of his dramas failed epically. The worst was Friday drama The Musical which scored an all-time low somewhere in the 3% range. He also kind of went through what the main character Tae Ik is going through. His family was well off and then IMF hit and his father lost his job and PKW moved to Seoul and started working as an actor to protect his home. He managed to do this and even bought his father a car. What a wonderful son.

Anywho, Man Ok is telling Kang Hwi about snowflake’s (Se Ryeong is going to get called this because I hate typing out her name…it’s awkward for whatever reason) willful invasion. Kang Hwi says she was always a girl who did what she pleased. Man Ok then says she doesn’t think Kang Hwi is on good terms with snowflake. Kang Hwi again talks about his hatred of watermelon people. He then says he likes girls like Man Ok and trails off. He stares at her for awhile and then tells her to stand up. He takes his scarf and winds it around her. He likes people who are white outside and in (meaning? innocent and pure since that is usually what white symbolizes, right?).Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Man Ok wonders what that means and Kang Hwi then says it’s because Man Ok looks like…”that” and he begins singing a song about a cute bear. Man Ok joins in with this children’s song. Kang Hwi then watches her with a big smile and decides to go in for a kiss—a nose kiss. This shocks Man Ok and she stares uncomfortable. Kang Hwi then continues singing about a red face. Man Ok looks down and Kang Hwi starts teasing her about blushing as her face is really red. He picks up Chaton and says “ohmma’s” face is really red. Ohmma? Yep. Man Ok is Chaton’s mother and Kang Hwi is the kitty’s father. LOL. See? Family is really a big theme for this drama. Man Ok doesn’t like this. How about brother and sister then? Man Ok then tells Kang Hwi the kitten is a male. What does that matter as long as it’s pretty, right? LOL.Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

The embarrassed Man Ok leaves and walks with her hands pressed against her flaming face. Tae Ik calls out to her and Man Ok is shocked to see him still digging around in the flower beds. She’s surprised he’s so into it. She then walks over. What is it? Tae Ik gets up and says that since she started it, she should finish it. How could she just abandon her work. LOL. Tae Ik is back in his farmer hat!!!!! Man Ok reluctantly takes the spade and begins digging vigorously while he watches on. They are really so cute together. Him giving her back this task should definitely help her burn away frustrations from Kang Hwi’s affection.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min WooSnowflake then tells Joon there is someone who wishes to meet him at a hotel at 8. Joon wonders who it is, but Snowflake only says it’s a person who will give him strength…or was it power…? Joon looks at his watch and says it will have to wait until 9. Snowflake hangs up and then calls Hwa Min unnie (whoever that is). She speaks in English and says that Joon wishes to meet this girl after hearing about her. Um…That’s painting the truth a tad, isn’t it? Snowflake then hangs up and smiles. Evil wench.Lee Hoon

So Joon meets up with the two women. Hwa Min is Chinese. Joon has an interpreter with him to translate. Looks like international designer Hwa Min wishes to invest in U Ent. Why? Hwa Min refuses to tell him the reason and gives a condition—Won Kang Hwi must be let back into the entertainment world. This really seems odd that Snowflake his helping Kang Hwi. What does have up her sleeve? This surprises Joon. Hwa Min explains they want Kang Hwi to be the face of their Korean brand launch. Joon says that will be difficult thanks the scandal and being ousted. Hwa Min replies that’s why they are giving him mucho moolah. She then compliments his ability to destroy someone quickly. If Joon can do that, then he must be able to reconstruct them just as fast. Joon then asks why it has to be Kang Hwi. He’s Hwa Min’s muse. If Joon won’t do it, Hwa Min will find another company that will. When she goes to leave, Joon agrees to accept her condition. Hwa Min then says she will organize a dinner with Snowflake. Joon isn’t happy and Hwa Min kind of has a smirk on her face. Looks like lots of trouble is heading Joon’s way thanks to Snowflake. He leaves and tells his secretary to quickly find the missing Kang Hwi.Lee Hoon

Kang Hwi is outside the wing that is currently under construction. While trying to figure out how he can get in (and why they are working on it in the first place) he falls hard on his rear. He goes back to his basement apartment where Snowflake is petting Chaton. Is it really okay for him to be hobbling around as he could get caught? What’s she doing in someone else’s room? Snowflake has something to say to him. He doesn’t want to talk to her and takes Chaton out of her hands. Snowflake then asks if he knows Hwa Ming. Kang Hwi looks uncomfortable, but says he has many fans. Snowflake wishes to introduce the two and have him rescued from the basement.Park Ki Woong

Why would this girl help him? Snowflake smiles. Because she hates having Kang Hwi there. Why? What did he ever do to her? Snowflake says he’s just one of those people you hate for no reason. He’s an eyesore and cumbersome to Tae Ik. Kang Hwi laughs. He’s only cumbersome because he sees through Snowflake’s “bad heart.” If he leaves, does she really think things will go well with Man Ok. Smile. Nod. Snort (that’s me snorting, NOT the actress or Kang Hwi). Kang Hwi then reminds Snowflake that Tae Ik is now engaged. Man Ok. She doesn’t worry Snowflake at all (since she isn’t Tae Ik’s style). Snowflake admits she was worried over the engagement news, but when she met Man Ok, she was relieved because Tae Ik could NEVER like such a plain woman. She then tells him to quickly leave before she gets loose lips. Kang Hwi complains she hasn’t changed at all and wonders how Snowflake met Hwa Ming.

At the meal, Snowflake complains of having rice yet again (isn’t that a staple food in Asia? why complain?).  Kang Hwi and Tae Ik reach for the same food and Kang Hwi says he gets preference since he’s hurt. Tae Ik ignores this and says it’s his house. Kang Hwi-nim stands up and demands Man Ok bring his to the basement. Tae Ik in turn stands up and says to set his different in the future as he doesn’t want to eat with Kwang Hwi. Man Ok gets to the table and slams the soup down. If both of them don’t eat here and now, there will be no food later. Both boys sit obediently down. LOL. LOVE. They listen to her so easily and obediently. Man Ok then asks why they think of her as a cook. Kang Hwi angrily whispers it’s Tae Ik’s fault and Tae Ik just jabs his chopsticks and shoots him a dirty look. Boys will be boys.No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Snowflake then complains the soup is too salty. This earns her a death glare from Man Ok that shuts her up. Heehee. Even Snowflake can’t talk back. Kang Hwi then goes to reach for a side dish and his vision starts blurring like crazy and he starts rubbing his eyes. Man Ok notices and asks him what’s wrong. Kang Hwi lies and says nothing. Man Ok then reaches over and gives him food. Snowflake notices this (as does Tae Ik since Man Ok’s reaching over him) and comments that Man Ok treats Kang Hwi better than her fiancé. Man Ok says this is because Kang Hwi is sick. Snowflake: “Did you hurt your hand, too?” Kang Hwi: “What’s it to you where I’m hurt?” Aigoo. Kang Hwi apologizes and says he’ll get up first. He hobbles away and Snowflake just says she was worried. Liar.No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Ki Woong

Snowflake then exclaims about Man Ok’s dark farmer skin. Isn’t Man Ok aware she’s the fiancée of a top star? She needs to take better care of herself. Tae Ik slams his chopsticks down and gets up. What’s wrong? He should eat more. Tae Ik glares at Snowflake and says he’s lost his appetite. Way to win him over babo. Snowflake then complains that it’s Man Ok’s fault for his lost appetite since the food’s not good. Isn’t there anything fresh? How about a tofu salad? Angry Tae Ik then takes away Snowflake’s spoon and slams that down, too. Unfortunately, his anger bursts out at Man Ok and NOT Snowflake. Is Man Ok in the food service business? How can she serve food to just anyone. Omo. LOL. Man Ok is his the fiancée and doesn’t need to worry about feeding dregs like Snowflake and just feed him in the future. He walks away and Man Ok happily smiles. Snowflake then glares and leaves. Man Ok then looks at all the food. What in the heck is she to do now?No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum

Kang Hwi is in the basement lying on the couch and staring at his hand which he’s having difficulty focusing on. Why is his vision getting worse? Should he go to the hospital again? WHY were the results delivered to Joon and NOT Kang Hwi? He’s the patient, he has the right to know what’s going on. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this with health issues and dramas and idols. The managers/presidents get the prognosis instead of the actual idols. WTF? Isn’t that technically breaching doctor-patient confidentiality? What right do these people have to know first over the person who is affected by whatever? Okay, done griping. So Man Ok turns on the lights and brings down a giant bowl of mixed rice and asks Kang Hwi to join her in eating it. Kang Hwi takes a big spoonful and says it’s good. Man Ok and he then happily eat. And no, she didn’t forget about Tae Ik. She left him a tray of organic foods and a juice box. Tae Ik sees this when he goes to leave his room. He takes it back in and eats while smiling like a happy little boy. Sooooo cute! He then picks up a note. Man Ok wrote:Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Each person eats their own food. Eat it deliciously even if you eat it alone

This makes Tae Ik smile more and he leans his head on his hand in a goofy daze. Looks like Snowflake is the only one who didn’t get special treatment. Ahahaha.No Min Woo

The two in the basement finish their meal and Kang Hwi says it’s happy to eat together. Yes, it is. He looks around and says he thought he could eat upstairs finally, but Snowflake is the problem. Man Ok then asks how Snowflake and Tae Ik broke up. Why, is she curious? Wouldn’t it be odd if she wasn’t curious since they all live in the same house? Kang Hwi smiles and says he isn’t bothered by those two at all. Man Ok then says it seems uncomfortable for Tae Ik to be living with Snowflake. Kang Hwi says that’s a given since Tae Ik loved her as if Snowflake was the only woman in the world and Snowflake just dumped him and left. Man Ok then says it must have been hard on Tae Ik. Kang Hwi then asks if Man Ok isn’t curious about his past loves or his current love? This surprises her. What? Kang Hwi then grins. Don’t tell him she actually believed all those rumors about him liking MEN? Man Ok looks startled? No! Who? Kang Hwi then says she can always ask as he’s always willing to talk. Man Ok smiles and says next time. She then tells him she might be busy from tomorrow onward in preparation for Tae Ik’s solo album. Poor Kang Hwi. Hearing this hurts him. Is he okay? Kang Hwi forces a smile. Of course. He’ll find the tape recorder and be back on top of the singing world. Riiiight. Hwaiting!Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Meanwhile, Tae Ik is again doing a horrible job singing the song for his solo debut. LOL at Go Dong singing along with him. Joon comes in and smiles at the good little Tae Ik. We then cut to his photo shoot for the album and Man Ok is in the background telling him how to pose cutely. When she does the heart over her head Tae Ik follows suit and the it hits him just what he’s doing. Awww, they just unintentionally said they love each other. You just can’t help but smile with this couple and how Tae Ik does everything she tells him to. In the car, both of them are tired and sleeping. Only Man Ok is like completely falling over and leaning to the side. Tae Ik’s head does that lovely sleep bounce that startles one awake and he notices Man Ok’s uncomfortable and awkward position. He picks her upper body up and repositions it so that she’s resting better. Go Dong notices all of this tenderness in the rearview mirror. Tae Ik studies Man Ok’s face and then asks Go Dong stop the car.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo, Lee Hoon

Tae Ik takes the sleepy Man Ok to a cosmetics store. He’s going to buy cosmetics? Wowza. Man Ok can get him to open his normally firmly closed wallet. Tae Ik sits down and an calls over a sales clerk. What does he need? He takes off his glasses and looks at Man Ok. Because of sunburn and fatigue, he needs something that revitalizes the skin quickly. He looks at her and then changes his tune. Show him that cream right there. It’s the latest import from Bulgaria using rose essence and it’s really a heavy duty cream. Tae Ik immediately says he’ll buy it and Man Ok then jumps in. It’s really expensive, she’ll get him samples later on. Heehee. She’s already acting like a wife and trying to save her hubby money. He then mutters under his breath to be quiet—is she advertising that he uses samples? Man Ok apologizes sheepishly and notices the people gathered around to watch Tae Ik and her buy the cosmetics.No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumThe two get back to the house and Man Ok asks why he would suddenly buy that expensive cream. He tells her that he’s giving it to her to use. Why? Just because. He goes and walks away and Man Ok holds the bag up and stares at it. Why would this rude sagaji suddenly give her something that expensive? Unfortunately, Tae Ik heard that and comes back. Snort. So funny. Petty? Sagaji? Man Ok then tries to explain its only because he doesn’t usually do such things. She then giggles and asks if she can really use the cream. Tae Ik then says its only because people will think he gives her a hard time if she goes around with bad skin. Omo. Not the best thing to say at the moment. He then yells and mutters she gives him a hard time even when he’s being nice. He walks away and Man Ok says he even yells when giving a present. She yells “thank you” after his retreating back and then calls him a sagaji again under her breath.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

In her room, Man Ok takes out the present and tries it out. She’s in 7th heaven. She then complains about Tae Ik’s rudeness in giving it to her, but she’s still very happy. she puts it away and then takes out her sketchbook and starts drawing a caricature of our gardening Tae Ik. LOL. Did Hwang Jung Eum really draw that? If so, she’s got talent.Hwang Jung Eum

Snowflake is unhappily looking at the engagement photos and complaining. The bell rings and since no one is around, she goes and gets the package. When she brings it back in, curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it. It’s the pictures Tae Ik and Man Ok took after they officially became engaged. She notices the date on all of them is the same. She calls the studio and lies about being Tae Ik’s manager and the studio tells her that director Kim had them sent to Tae Ik’s house. So she then calls the director up and he’s over the moon to hear from top star Jin Se Ryeong. Why is she calling? After the usual pleasantries, Snowflake brings up how the director seems to be working with Joon a lot. Kim complains about the sudden call and the problems he had with Tae Ik and the woman PRETENDING to be his fiancée. He then hangs up as he has to start a new shoot. Drat. Now she knows it’s a all a show. Tae Ik and Man Ok return home and are met by the leaving Snowflake. Where did they go so early? Tae Ik had a shoot. Tae Ik angrily goes upstairs and Man Ok yells after him to  quickly changed and come down. Snowflake smiles at Man Ok. Does Snowflake have something to say? Not at all. Man Ok goes upstairs as well while Snowflake says it was all fake, huh?No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum

Upstairs Man Ok unfolds her caricature T-shirt. Will he like it? She says he will and goes to take it down. Tae Ik is sitting on the couch reading when Man Ok comes. He quickly puts the book down. Why did she have him come back downstairs after he was done changing? Man Ok quickly puts the T-shirt on his lap. Here, it’s his present. What is it? Hello? It’s a t-shirt. Tae Ik excitedly unfolds it and Man Ok starts laughing to see her caricature next to the real thing. She really drew him well, didn’t she? Tae Ik says that for a stylist, she can’t draw at all. Is that supposed to be him? She can’t really expect him to wear it? Man Ok snaps that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. That shirt is 100% pure cotton, so if Tae Ik won’t wear it, give it back to her. Tae Ik refuses since it’s 100%. He’ll wear it. Man Ok tries to grab it back, but he quickly puts it behind his back. You can’t take back what you already gave. It’s his now. LOL. Man Ok smiles-she got what she wanted. After his shower, Tae Ik looks at the shirt and then goes to try it on. He poses in the mirror with a big smiles. Aww, shucks. This man is too darn precious.

He goes downstairs where Snowflake is drinking wine. He ignores her and just goes to the fridge. Snowfkale back attacks him. How long is he going to treat her like this? She’s sincere about wanting to start over. Tae Ik angrily takes her hands off him and turns around. Sincere? Did she forget she also “sincerely” broke up with him? Snowflake goes to explain, but Tae Ik cuts her off. “I sincerely like you,” “I sincerely wish to break up with you.” That kind of sincerity? It only hurts people (as she is selfishly only considering her own feelings). For someone like Snowflake, does she really have sincerity? Snowflake then says that Tae Ik isn’t being sincere with his feelings right now—he still loves her and isn’t over her yet. Tae Ik says nothing and goes to walk away, but Snowflake brings up the hidden picture as proof of his undying affection. When the gay rumors started, why didn’t he just release that picture to dispel them? Tae Ik looks uncomfortable. He didn’t show it to protect her right? She cries and hugs him. Tae Ik turns his head and there is Man Ok. Ouch.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

End of episode and now we have to wait until Monday. AHHHHHHH. The scenes, the scenes. This drama is actually moving shocking fast. Okay, so yeah, maybe not, but it just seems like it. I can’t wait to see more of Man Ok’s and Tae Ik’s budding romance. Sorry, Kang Hwi-nim. And death to dummy Snowflake. Does she really think that revealing the contract relationship to the public will make Tae Ik return to her? Daebak stupidity.


  • First time comment here^^
    I’m so so excited when Kang Hwi finally return to the house and not just hiding in basement. I miss Tae Ik and Kang Hwi bickering scene LOL. Man Ok is such an awesome female leading character! She can control the 2 boys even the evil girl. bravo. I can’t wait for the next episode!!
    I already saw Kiwoong’s Strong Heart raw video without english subtitle month ago, I didn’t really understand what he said, so thanks for sharing the story.^^
    I read on baidu that he sometimes helps his mum deliver flowers because his mom has a flower shop and sometimes people recognise him and he’s happy.
    ah thanks to gaksital too that I started to love and watch his other drama like Story of A Man, and now Full House 2. ^_^

    • Hi & welcome!!!!
      I was happy for Kang Hwi to get out of the basement as well and to finally move around like normal instead of like a thief in the night–a rather bad one 😛 Their bickering relationship was sorely missed, totally agree.
      You’re welcome. It was such an interesting story. I also liked how he confessed he doesn’t like to drive and prefers his girlfriends to do the driving. He also doesn’t go to a girl’s house, but asks her to meet him instead 😛 That was a little unexpected. It was interesting to hear how he moved to Seoul and lived in a room where you couldn’t even stretch out without touching the walls. He then saved like crazy and slowly but surely moved up in the world until he got a place that was big, and that was hard for him to adjust to. I really like that he helps out with his mom’s flower shop and does all that he can for his parents. He’s a good man.
      Ah, I really should finish Gakistal. I recommend watching The Musical, too (horrible drama by all means, but he was awesome in it). And Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (he had a non-speaking role, but he was so cute in what little we saw of him). 🙂

      • Thanks^^ I already finished The Musical, gosh honestly it was quite exhausting just to finish the drama kkk (read: boring lol)…you’re right, PKW is the best thing in there, 2thumbs up for his crying scene. His character is also the most complex and interesting one, it’s weird though coz he’s the 2nd lead LOL.
        You should finish BM/Gaksital, I never knew him before so BM is the drama I first saw PKW and I loove him (also Joowon). Kimura Shunji is on my top list of fave&best villain in kdrama. He’s just perfectly make Shunji character as his own.
        KangHwi in FH2 is an okay role, cutie pie-idolish character, but nice to clear PKW’s image after seeing him as the bastard Shunji. kkkkk 😀 though I still like KH, I prefer his silly&naughty role in Tutor Friend 2 more.^^
        —PKW also in War of The Arrow movie though his screen is too short but I can’t forget his wonderful presence as the evil prince with his ancient manchu accent.

        • Well, I didn’t find The Musical boring until about halfway through when the totally had a plot identity crisis and it just got plain annoying. Second male lead rocked! I thought he was robbed because I honestly felt he should have ended up with the leading lady.
          I shall. Right now I’m marathoning Faith and plan to finish up Arang and them maybe Gakistal. It’s hard as I watch quite a bit of a series and then kind of decide I need a break and it hovers in unfinished land forever 😛
          I have heard that his role in War of the Arrow was something to see even though it was brief and he died a horrible death. I heard him use the Manchu accent on a variety show. It was awesome. I’m hoping he gets a lead role that ISN’T a baddie or the 2nd male lead. He deserves to be leading man material.

  • I have grown to like Park Ki Woong as an actor, thank you for sharing his story.

    It was great when Tae Ik told Man Ok not to cook for just anybody. Man Ok had the biggest grin on her face because of it. Tae Ik consistently stands up for Man Ok. He may be a jerk to her but no one else can.

    Regardless of who brought Hwa Min to the party I am glad she came! She will help protect Kang Hwi and push the president around while she is doing it. The president clearly needs to be pushed around.

    Thank you for the wonderful recap! Cannot wait till Monday

    • 🙂 You’re welcome. I have no idea exactly why, but I’ve loved him since I first some in in an unstandoutable role in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang. 😛

      Heehee. Isn’t that how it goes with lovers and siblings? No one can torment you, but me? I totally LOVED that scene and Se Ryeong’s expression. It was priceless–as was Man Ok’s gloaty happiness.

      Yeah, Hwa Ming will kick butt for Kang Hwi, which will be good. Maybe she’ll finally get Joon to do right by her “brother.” I’m assuming she’s the elder sister since she’s from China and Kang Hwi was taken in by a man and lived with the new family in China.

      Waiting impatiently for Monday for this show, but NOT too excited for Monday to get here to learn whether or not I’m stuck reporting in for Jury duty…sigh.

  • Aah, so that’s the older step-sister.. so pleased he has someone coming to his rescue. I just love this light-hearted show where evil plans eventually get thwarted.

    Love how chatton gets to have mom & dad and the contrast of how it got ‘rescued’ (snatched) away from evil snowflakes’s hand.

    I love PKW’s Kang Hwi character – he can be playful, child-like most of the times and immediately switches to a deadly serious adult when need to. I first saw him as Kim Sun-ah’s brother in ‘When it’s at night’ and he was fabulous. I love how he was so absorbed at the cuteness of the moment and plays kissing the bear’s nose and at the same time, suspiciously testing the water…..sneeeaky…. I also like his hair color that brings out the color of his eyes.

    I love Man Ok’s character and I think I watch this show for her mainly. She is so cool and I understand her exasperation of dealing with 3 childish adults. Hwang JE is an actress with pretty face that can act!

    No MW is pretty pretty, can’t get enough of his face. Thank goodness for the good editing & camera works, he doesn’t need to do much in terms of facial expression and we know he’s starting to like Man Ok very much and believably lusting after her lips as well. I wish he would show a bit of a man (beasty) side because it would be more believable when he actually kisses her.

    Snowflakes – they are beautiful & frail. This watermelon girl is nothing like snowflakes… Even watermelon is not quite right, it’s difficult to eat but there’s satisfaction in the taste…but I think she nails it, she made us hate her the minute she walks into the screen!!!

    • I *think* it’s the step-sister/half sister, but am not 100% positive. Regardless, it’s nice to have someone that is fighting for Kang Hwi-nim. I also think he’s doing a wonderful job at showing the childish, playful side and then the serious adult side. He’s a wonderful actor. I’ve liked him since seeing him in his barely there role in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang.

      HJE is terrific! I loved her acting in Can You Hear My Heart? I’ve been a big fan ever since. She seems to take on stronger leading lady roles who protect the leading males. Definitely characters you can look up to and not completely loathe as pathetic, weak female leads are a norm.

      NMW’s beastly side? I’ve seen it. Will it come out in this drama as he becomes more and more attracted and falls for her? Who knows. I hope so. He’s got so much charm and charisma and his physical comedy and facial expressions are right on. I hope we get to see more and more leading roles from him (and that he puts on a bit more weight–he’s a wee bit too skinny right now).

      Snowflake is like a snowflake in that she portrays this cool, beautiful delicacy while she’s more like a watermelon: Sweet but full of seeds (which are annoying–I only buy seedless watermelons :P).

      • I’d like to see more of No Min Woo like he would have been before Snowflake broke his heart. I want to see him have fun with Man Ok, and let his feelings show more. We’re already well on our way to that happening, he’s smiling more often now.

        I became a fan of HJE about CYHMY as well (it’s one of my fave dramas of all time). I don’t think she’s pretty but I do like her as an actress. I don’t know why the two shows i’ve seen her in have both given her a ridiculous hairstyle but oh well.

        I think i read a comment on Dramabeans about Park Ki Woong not having an overly successful career before Gaksital. They also said that he hadn’t really cared about acting as an artform until the last couple of years or so. He just used to act because it was fun, but not really care if he was any good (now i’m thinking it was just because he got into acting to make money for his family). But now he really wants to become a good actor, and be regarded as such. I thought that was really interesting. I’m glad he’s getting more noticed now, he did such a good job in Gaksital. And his role in Full House 2 is so completely opposite to his role in Gaksital that it’s great seeing such a different side to him. With just these 2 shows alone, he’s topped my list of Second Leads.

        I don’t know how FH2 is rating in Korea, but at least they sold it to a bunch of other countries beforehand so even if they don’t get domestic popularity, it’ll get the actors more known overseas.

        • Oh, and i almost forgot. Why can’t Lee Tae Ik sing? Didn’t we think that he was the singer in the group because Kang Hwi wasn’t? But now… neither of them can sing? That’s entirely realistic, lol, but i just thought it had been suggested in the earlier episodes that Tae Ik was talented. So now i’m wondering if we had assumed that, but the show had never actually said that.

          And the photo shoot scene was adorable. Tae Ik following Man Ok’s movements? Cutest thing ever!

          • Hmm…was it implied or not? They always said that Tae Ik had the talent to go solo…I think. Otherwise, why would Joon push his solo album so hard? A pretty face only works so far if there’s no talent to back it up, right? Well…maybe not. I found it strange, too.

            Ah, LOVED that photoshoot and how he blindly followed Man Ok without really realizing it too much until the heart. It was sooo cute. I want more of them and more of the smiling, happy Tae Ik-ssi.

        • I think with PKW & HJE they aren’t conventionally good looking, but are attractive. Ah, yes. Hated her bowl cut in CYHMY. And now she gets an ahjumma perm. Some girls have no luck when it comes to styles in dramas.

          Yes, in Strong Heart, PKW did open up about how when he started out he took on whatever acting job he could. It wasn’t for a thirst for acting, but I’m sure for the money to help his parents out. Really, such a great man. He then talks about how now he’s becoming much more selective. I truly hope that he continues to do well. He’s a genuinely good actor. I also hope that he’s in more projects that aren’t complete flops like The Musical.

  • aaaah thanks so much for the recap….now I can’t wait for next week’s episodes to come…No Min Woo is so pretty it’s unfair ^_^ I love his character and Kang Hwi’s they’re both so childlike it’s cute and funny to watch. So far Snowflakes’ actress is doing a damn fine job – I hate her so much…grrrrr

    • LOL. Yep, it takes a really great actress to make you hate them and Snowflake is doing a great job. I also love the cute childishness of out two main leads. You want to take them home and take care of them 🙂

  • Best episode yet – I too LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TI sticking up for MO and continuing to treat Snowflake like the dirt that she is. *hee* (okay, that’s my opinion but I’m sticking to it) Can’t wait for Monday! Thank you! 🙂

    • Yep. I LOVED how TI did stick up for MO. It was priceless to see Snowflake’s reaction. That girl. I don’t care if she sincerely feels anything for TI, she shouldn’t have treated him that way if she really loved him. Now it’s great TI’s already falling for MO so he can resist the evil pull of Snowflake.

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