Remember, 6A followed the story of what happens if Luna chooses to meet Woo Joo over Ren. 6B shows what happens when Luna chooses to meet Ren and make up versus meeting Woo Joo. Personally, avoiding Ren isn’t the answer and I wasn’t 100% happy with what happened in 6A. In this case, I think that this was the more realistic of the choices Luna would make and the events that followed seemed a little bit more believable.

We open with Woo Joo getting a text from Luna saying that she cannot meet with him since she’s meeting with Ren instead. She does promise to meet him for drinks at a later time. Meanwhile, Ren and Luna sit in his car in the rain. She apologizes for what happened in the elevator that morning. Maybe she went too far? Ren says it should be him that should be apologizing. She has no reason to unless there’s something else she’s guilty of. This surprises her. Ren looks at her and recalls what happened the night before with Woo Joo and her in the parking garage. Anywho, he apologizes for how harsh he was, but asserts those were his true feelings and he would really prefer her to get out of that house posthaste.

Luna then asks if Ren can remember the shoes she’s wearing. He bought them immediately after she had commented on how much she liked that particular brand. The shoes cost more than she makes in a month and his buying them made her feel inferior. She feels like she’s nervously dancing like a character in Andersen’s Red Shoes. Is she saying that Ren is keeping her around with his money? Luna says that isn’t it and apologizes. It’s not him, it’s her. Where have I heard that before? Such a lame thing to say. Luna then says she’s afraid that getting accustomed to luxury will make her lose sight of her goals. Ren then asks if that’s why Luna lied about what happened with Woo Joo. Lied? No one would believe she stumbled. It’s more like her heart stumbled, isn’t it? Good one.

Luna asks what’s gotten into Ren. She’s not perfect like him. She worries and feels insecure every day about the future. She also lacks faith in herself. In spite of all of this, she doesn’t want to give up her PR brand dream. Until she becomes a pro, she’s always going to be inspired and drawn to a man like Woo Joo who never moans or complains and doggedly pursues his own dream. Luna then assures Ren she only sees Woo Joo has a friend. Ren’s response is that “likeness” can turn to love. Luna then says that he really knows how to make her feel badly and she gets out of the car insisting she will walk home. Ren follows her, and stops her, but Luna tells him that she will walk on her own two feet (to her dream, not just to the house). It’s funny, in the Woo Joo episode, it wasn’t raining…

Luna returns home where the boys are breaking out the alcohol. This is where the drama lines converge basically. Only this time without the extra tension and anger between Luna and Woo Joo. Sung Jun says he knows about the runaway assistant and Luna isn’t happy the rumors are already spreading. Sung Jun asks if she will be okay, but Luna says that it’s Woo Joo who is in the most trouble. Woo Joo then takes out his laptop and says he’ll find the missing car with Facebook. Luna and Sung Jun both come over to see what’s going on. Luna then gets a call and ignores it, getting up and saying she will take a shower. Sung Jun wonders if she fought with Ren. Who knows?

We diverge a little again when we see Luna out on the balcony. She has her cell out and pointed at the sky looking at a star chart. Woo Joo comes and joins her and helps her find Vega and Altair. Luna finally recognizes the stars as the ones that apply to the Tanabata festival in Japan. Trust Woo Joo to know about such things since his name means “space.” The two are really close and awkwardness starts rising up. They separate and Woo Joo changes the topic back to the runaway assistant. Will Luna be all right?

Luna doesn’t want to think about it. Misaki is known as the “one shot, one kill” empress for immediately firing anyone who falters in their job. Woo Joo asks what she’s going to do. She says she wishes she could just forget about everything. Woo Joo then says they have a saying in Korea: “No matter how dire the situation, there is always a way out.” Woo Joo then says no matter what he’ll help her out so she can forget and relax. Maybe that’s weird coming from him. Luna then says there are memories she really wishes she could forget.

Ren then calls and Woo Joo asks why she isn’t answering it since it’s “him.” Luna says she won’t as she knows they will just fight. Sometimes she feels like she and Ren are Altair and Vega who fell in love outside of their respective classes. Woo Joo then asks what century they are living in. He then confesses he lived in Tokyo as a child because of his father’s work. Woo Joo had to attend a Japanese school when he knew nothing of the culture or anything. It was really hard for him. Like, how the Japanese pray it won’t rain so Vega and Altair can meet on Tanabata. In Korea, they pray that it rains as those mean there are tears of them meeting. Woo Joo then says that things changed depending on how you look at them, so Luna should be more confident. She smiles and looks at him with admiration. He’s strong. Is he? Woo Joo then thinks to himself that Luna shouldn’t look at him with those eyes and make his heart feel weak.

The next day we have Sakurai apologizing to Ren and his assistant. He is then told to sit down. Ren says the runaway was unexpected, but still, they can’t be at ease because if the designs are leaked and made before their official release under the label, their brand could be in jeopardy. Since the production phase has already started, they can’t stop without amassing a huge loss. Sakurai understands this and says he doesn’t believe Kobayashi has any ill intent and asks for more time to sort things out. He does vow to take full responsibility. Sakurai is then given a week before Pistol Star reports the matter to the police. Sakurai thanks the assistant for this and then turns to Ren. He would like to personally apologize to the head press person Aoi Luna. Ren says he’ll convey Sakurai’s apologies. Ren then asks Sakurai who was the one who gave the runaway keys to the van. The new assistant Ha Woo Joo. Ren then asks for Woo Joo’s contact information.

Meanwhile, Ren’s dad learns that the woman in the pictures with his son is Aoi Luna, part of the press staff at Pistol Star. They met in college. Her father died 21 years ago in a car accident and her mother passed away three years ago due to an illness. That’s apparently when she started dating Ren. She lives in the city with two Korean men and a half English, half Japanese woman. The assistant then reports that it looks like Ren and Luna’s relationship could lead to marriage. Ren’s father asks who sent the pictures and the assistant says he doesn’t know yet. Ren’s father then tells him they must want money and they can’t let this scandal break and hurt the company.

Ren is at the Pistol Star office staring off into space and recalling what Luna said about being inspired by and drawn to Woo Joo. His assistant comes with coffee and asks what’s wrong. Nothing. How did it go? The creative director and designer threw a fit. It’s not like he’s the runaway, you know, but he took the brunt of their anger. Ren says the sales team also threw a fit. Ren’s assistant then reveals Misaki didn’t know and Luna’s in big trouble. If Luna hadn’t covered for Woo Joo, she might be okay, but since she did, Misaki won’t let it slide. Ren then tries calling Luna as she’s being scolded by the angry Misaki. Of course, she doesn’t pick up.

The blackmailer also works for Ren’s father’s Star Asia Corporation. He tells the assistant to target Ren so that his pride is wounded. The best way to do this is through Woo Joo. The assistant agrees and then meets with someone where he hands over an envelope. We then cut to Woo Joo who finds the car, but misses catching it and Kobayashi. It looks like the assistant might have been meeting with him.

Ren’s sitting in his office recalling asking Sakurai for Woo Joo’s number in order to save Luna’s job. He takes out his phone to call Woo Joo who is talking to Luna who is worried and wants to help Woo Joo find the car. Woo Joo puts her on hold when he gets a call from Ren asking him to come and talk to him. Woo Joo agrees and says he has something to talk to Ren about as well. End episode.

So, the split storyline is done. I think this one seems more believable than the first one, don’t you?

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