Full House Take 2 Episode 8.1 Recap

Our “special snowflake” (to borrow from tessieroo) arrives and Man Ok is at first impressed by the limited edition branded goods the woman has and then complains about her walking on someone else’s floor with her shoes one. For those who don’t know, that’s a MAJOR no-no in Asia (they sleep and eat on floors, low tables and futons, so shoes are bad to wear indoors and show a huge sign of disregard and disrespect). Enter Tae Ik who demands to know if Man Ok saw anything or not. He stops in shock as he sees Se Ryeong. This girl has the gall to rush over to him and hug him saying she missed him so much. She then apologizes. Is he mad at her for coming back so late? Her constant apologies here sound so horribly fake, like she’s being cutesy to get forgiveness (which I don’t think she deserves at all at this point). Tae Ik’s face finally loses its shocked expression (while Se Ryeong’s seems honestly happy to see him again) and he tries to pry off her vice-like arms while Man Ok still stares in shock.No Min Woo, Hwang JUng Eum

She reports the new arrival to Kang Hwi who cannot believe that Jin Se Ryeong has showed up at Full House. Man Ok is talking about how pretty she is when Kang Hwi interrupts. What did she say? Se Ryeong just said she missed him and wrapped Tae Ik in an American-style hug. Kang Hwi looks like he just got an instant headache—the nerve of that woman. So what did Tae Ik do and say? Man Ok says she doesn’t know because she left right away. She finally asks what their relationship is. Kang Hwi lies and says they were all just in the same company—that’s why she even knew the passcode to the door. Then that means she lived at Full House, too? Kang Hwi twists his ring on and off uncomfortably. For a little bit. Man Ok cuddles with Chaton and wonders how Se Ryeong can so brazenly hug Tae Ik like that as it’s so scandalous. Kang Hwi then does tell her that they used to date and Se Ryeong was Tae Ik’s first love. This instantly displeases Man Ok. She excuses herself to go get Chaton more food while Kang Hwi worries over what Tae Ik will do with Se Ryeong’s re-arrival.Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Upstairs Se Ryeong is making herself at home. She compliments Tae Ik for living and eating so luxuriously before going to sit down. She then asks if his bedroom is still the same room. She should go check it out. Tae Ik angrily grabs her arm and tells her once more to get out of his house. Omo. This shameless little hussy (okay, hussy is a bit extreme, but she’s still completely shameless)! She ignores Tae Ik’s words and says she knows he missed her like crazy, but let go of her since it hurts. Seriously? You dumb woman, you. Well, she’s pretending to be dumb. How long will this go on? Tae Ik angrily drops her hand and Se Ryeong tells him she’s moving back in until the wing construction is complete as she signed a contract with U Ent. Tae Ik is livid and angrily demands to know how she could do such a thing. Se Ryeong talks about being selfish, etc., but isn’t that what attracted Tae Ik to her in the first place? He used to say she was like a queen. Eew. How could you fall for someone with a personality as bad as hers? Tae Ik angrily grabs his coat before running off and leaving Se Ryeong smiling and calling him a fool. He’ll return to her in the long run.No Min Woo

Man Ok is on her way to the main house when she sees Tae Ik rushing off. She runs after him and asks where he’s going. He pauses, but ignores her. Man Ok wonders what’s going on. In his car, Tae Ik recalls Se Ryeong’s kiss with Kang Hwi. She then packs up and leaves. He tries to stop her. How can he want her to stay after what happened? How can Tae Ik do this to her? He was supposed to let her live like a queen so why is everything always about the house? Are you freaking kidding me? She did all of that because she was upset with his house obsession? Yeah, it can be a bit annoying, but at the same time, it’s not the house that Tae Ik is really wishing to reclaim. I think its more along the lines that this house represents the parents he lost and all the good memories he had as a child. So she’s a bad girlfriend for not understanding the significance of the house. Se Ryeong says the house is all he thinks about and she should be regarded more highly than the house and not be stomped on for money. While there is some truth to that, I still think she’s incredibly selfish and only thinking of herself. Tae Ik ends his flashback and pulls over to the side of the road where he leans back in the seat.Hwang Jung Eum, Park Ki Woong, No Min Woo

Back at the house, Man Ok is changing Kang Hwi’s bandage. He grins his usual grin and says this is making him feel like a kid. Man Ok brings him food, does this and that for him while he does nothing all day and plays with Chaton. Man Ok says nothing to this and just happily says the changing is done and that his foot should be healed soon. This makes him happy as he is starting to feel more and more stifled not being able to move freely. Kang Hwi then asks when the construction will be finished. Man Ok says it probably won’t be much longer. Kang Hwi then says that once his leg is healed and the construction is complete he’ll quickly find the tape recorder and save her. Too bad she’s not listening. She keeps looking at her phone. Is she expecting a call? It’s late and Tae Ik isn’t home yet. Is she really that worried? He left with a really angry face. Kang Hwi starts getting petulant and says Tae Ik isn’t a child. Man Ok points out that Tae Ik left without even Go Dong and he hates driving, doesn’t he? Pouty face from Kang Hwi. Jealous, jealous.Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Man Ok goes back to the main wing and notices Tae Ik’s car in the drive. She’s happy when she sees it and rushes in only to find Se Ryeong sitting on the couch and drinking wine. Se Ryeong camly says Tae Ik will not return until after she’s asleep. She then says all guys are like that—playing as they don’t like a girl when they really do. Nappeun yeoja. Sagaji. I can swear a bit in Spanish, but shall refrain. She then asks if Man Ok wishes to drink with her. Nope. Man Ok is more concerned about the missing Tae Ik. She goes outside and tries calling him, but notices he left his cell in the car. Just where did he go upon his return? She looks around and then starts thinking. Yep, she finds him on the swing. She sighs and smiles. Why is he there? Tae Ik says nothing and just looks like a sad little child. Man Ok then scolds him for ignoring her calls and texts and leaving with such a frown on his face making her think he ran away for good. Tae Ik says there was nowhere to go but back here. Isn’t he cold? He’s cold. Then let’s go inside. She hasn’t left yet? Nope. Tae Ik’s frown returns in full force. Man Ok tells him if he keeps that up he’ll get expensive wrinkles. LMAO. Nice one.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Man Ok then says she’s show him a revitalizing kick. Tae Ik smiles a bit and asks what she’s talking about. Man Ok assures him the kick will lift his mood. How can she kick in that outfit? It’s okay, she has pants on underneath. She gets in her stance and does her kick, but her ankle turns and she goes to fall. Tae Ik quickly catches her and immediately becomes obsessed with her lips again. He stares without blinking, mouth open, recalling the camera close-up of her mouth. Man Ok, getting a wee bit uncomfortable, finally laughs and compliments his quick reflexes. This snaps him back to reality and he finally lets her back up before stalking off. Man Ok yells at him to go with her and she runs so she can catch up. These two, these two. So cute.No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum

The next morning, Man Ok is happily laying out breakfast when Tae Ik comes downstairs and recalls the previous night. He’s uncomfortable. So is Man Ok. How could a Hapkido master fail at such an easy kick? She  does it again and almost connects with a surprised Se Ryeong’s face. It would have been daebak if she’d made contact. Se Ryeong asks what she’s doing and Man Ok sheepishly says she’s exercising. Se Ryeong calls her an interesting person. She’s really Tae Ik’s fiancée? Man Ok asserts she is and sits down next to her. Se Ryeong asks her name and says that it’s difficult to pronounce when she hears it. She then demands Jang Man Ok serve her breakfast. Get it yourself, snowflake. Man Ok does give her some dishes from the table. Se Ryeong asks if it’s appetizing and Tae Ik ignores this and asks Jang Man for water (remember he leaves off the “bothersome” Ok part of her name). Man Ok gets it and this annoys Se Ryeong because she was ignored. So she then asks Man Ok about Tae Ik’s kissing. Yowza! Shameless snowflake. Man Ok starts choking. Se Ryeong can’t believe the two haven’t kissed yet. Tae Ik angrily slams his utensils on the table and leaves. Poor Man Ok, caught between them.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Man Ok’s got a picnic basket for Kang Hwi and complains about how Se Ryeong acts like the mistress of the house. She gets a text from Kang Hwi saying he’s starving and asking when she’s coming. Man Ok texts back she’s on her way when she gets another text saying his tummy hurts and he needs to use the toilet. Man Ok then starts operation get Se Ryeong to leave the room so Kang Hwi can get out and do his doody. Of course Se Ryeong just waves her off and ignores her suggestion. What can Man Ok do to get her to move?

Meanwhile, Tae Ik is reading up on sleepwalking. LOL. He then reads that there have been extreme cases of jumping out windows, walking off cliffs, falling down stairs, etc. Tae Ik is immediately concerned. He then reads that heavy curtains are good for sleepwalking (I guess because it’s difficult for them to move in their unconscious state. He then recalls Man Ok making curtains. Omo. This will be fun. He then reads on that calming and relaxing music can help alleviate sleepwalking. He quickly rushes over to his vast music collection and finds a CD with “Healing Sentimental Music” on the cover. Seriously? There’s such a CD labeled thusly?No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum

Man Ok gets another text from the pained Kang Hwi. Still not safe? Man Ok nervously looks back at the basement and tries to figure out what to do. Se Ryeong catches Man Ok’s glances, what’s there? Man Ok says a kitten she’s raising. This gets Se Ryeong rushing over to the basement as she loves kittens. Man Ok tries to stop her, but she gets the door open and Kang Hwi (the hidden kitten) falls over. At this point Tae Ik arrives on the scene and is shocked to find Kang Hwi. He angrily stalks over and demands to know why he’s there. Se Ryeong asks if Kang Hwi has been hiding there all this time and Man Ok guiltily tries to explain, but she gets cut off.Park Ki Woong, No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum

Tae Ik and Se Ryeong then go down to the basement to see Kang Hwi’s little nest. Tae Ik demands to know what’s going on. Kang Hwi says it’s just as he sees it and Man Ok says she did it all and told him to stay there. Se Ryeong then makes a big deal of this. The ousted Kang Hwi who went missing has been hiding in the basement of Full House and was kept there by Tae Ik’s fiancée. What a scoop. This earns her a glare from Tae Ik. What? She didn’t do it. Kang Hwi then tells her it’s not her place to interfere. Se Ryeong says she found him and if it wasn’t for her, he’d still be hiding there like a stray cat. The angry Tae Ik is slowly reaching boiling point and says Se Ryeong needs to leave first.Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Kang Hwi then announces he has something he must find, so until that happens he won’t leave no matter what Tae Ik does. Tae Ik then demands to know just what he’s looking for that he would fool Tae Ik completely and hide in the house like a stray cat. Kang Hwi says he needs to prove his innocence since no one is interested in the truth, what else can he do? He will personally come forward and reveal it. Kang Hwi then begs for Tae Ik to try to consider their 5-year partnership and let him stay until his leg heals at least. Tae Ik looks around and sees all that Man Ok’s done and he’s hurt. Poor boy. Man Ok looks guilty as Tae Ik walks away. Man Ok calls out to him and he tells them to be careful as it’s all over if Joon finds out. He gives them one week. Se Ryeong pipes up and says there is no way they won’t get caught. She says this so joyously. Tae Ik turns and says if she wishes to keep staying in his house, it’s a good idea to keep her mouth shut or she’ll be the first to leave.No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung EumMan Ok chases after Tae Ik who angrily goes to his room and throws down the CD. He sits down and sees Man Ok outside his door. She looks all sad and anxious and his pacing back and forth. He looks closer and she takes out her phone and starts typing a text saying she’s sorry for note telling him earlier. She stops and then says what can she do. She then slides down the wall and hugs her knees and apologizes. Tae Ik’s hand caresses the screen. Yep, these two definitely love one another. I hope that seeing this means Tae Ik won’t be mean to her about the whole situation any more.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Joon gives Tae Ik the guide track for his solo album and Tae Ik only sits with an annoyed look at the president. He has no thoughts of doing a solo album. What about Won Kang Hwi? Why would Tae Ik care for a man who caused a scandal and ran away overseas? Smirk. Did he really go abroad? Joon then says the whole company is focusing on Tae Ik’s solo album now so he shouldn’t be insolent and just do what Joon tells him to. Tae Ik then asks if Joon talks to Se Ryeong like that, too. Ah. Is this what Tae Ik’s attitude is all about? Tae Ik then says he doesn’t care about Jin Se Ryeong. That annex is his and NO ONE can enter without his permission. Joon then says that if Tae Ik and Kang Hwi hadn’t caused such a scandal, then he wouldn’t have been forced to bring Se Ryeong on to stabilize company finances. Tae Ik doesn’t really care about that. So Joon means to say she will be staying in the annex? Doesn’t he recall their relationship? Joon then says the construction of the main house will be over soon. Besides, didn’t Tae Ik say there’s no feelings any more? Then he should be able to put up with her for a week tops. Um…no ROMANTIC feelings, doesn’t mean there’s not anger or grudges. Tae Ik goes to leave and Joon yells that recording will start soon. Se Ryeong comes in. He came. He should have waited for her.Lee Hoon, No Min Woo

Tae Ik goes outside and Go Dong tells him that Bum Soo has become Se Ryeong’s road manager. This floors Tae Ik. Say what? Go Dong says Bum Soo protested since he has no experience with actresses, but Joon insisted. This is causing havoc with the other managers. Just what in the heck is Joon doing? How much of this is his doing and how much is the snowflake’s?

Joon tells Se Ryeong to go to a small film festival as it will be good exposure. Se Ryeong refuses to go alone and demands Tae Ik go with her. Joon immediately refuses. They are working hard on Tae Ik’s solo album and the younger man wouldn’t want to do it anyways. Se Ryeong says it if was easy, she’d do it on her own. Joon only says he’ll think about it. Se Ryeong goes to leave and Joon tells her Bum Soo is waiting for her in his office. Se Ryeong then turns and asks if Tae Ik really got engaged because he wanted to. Joon asks why she would say that. Se Ryeong smiles and says she knows Tae Ik’s smile. Just between her and Joon, “that woman” is a total no. Joon then says that just between them, no one knows what goes on between a man and a woman except for the man and woman themselves. Touché. Joon then smiles and says she should know better. This makes her unhappy and she leaves while Joon looks unhappy as well. Yep, snowflake is bad news.Lee Hoon

At Full House, Man Ok is doing the laundry and complaining about how she’s not their maid. She then gets texts from the two annoyingly childish men in her life. Kang Hwi wants her to quickly come to the basement and Tae Ik wants the moisturizer he bought in Switzerland that has gone missing. Add on top of this a text from the snowflake asking her to clean up the bathroom since Se Ryeong is done bathing. Man Ok’s temper skyrockets. These three. She then sees a spade on the ground and gets an evil look. Hahaha.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Tae Ik finishes cleaning his room and goes to take the trash outside when he sees Man Ok crazily digging at the flower bed. Is she crazy? What is she doing? He rushes over. Man Ok turns, spade in hand. Can’t he see? She’s making a vegetable garden. Is she crazy? Doesn’t she know how much those flowers are? Man Ok ignores this and continues digging away. She then says she will make him his own organic veggie garden. Awww. This means the food expenses will decrease as well. Food expenses? How about it? Does Tae Ik wish to try as it really relieves stress? LOL. Man Ok OWNS him. He starts to smile, but quickly pulls a straight face. Never mind, continue what she’s doing. Man Ok then complains of back pain and hands him the spade. He should finish it since the food will feed him. LOL. Tae Ik says he doesn’t do such things. Man Ok then puts the shovel in his hand and forces him to bend over and start digging. See? Doesn’t it relieve his stress? LMAO. Nice one. Her revenge plan is soooo cute.

Snowflake goes into Tae Ik’s room looking for him, but he’s not there. She sits down and sees his family picture. She recalls him quickly taking the frame away from her. She tickled him and got it back. When she opens it, it’s another picture of his family. Why is it there? Because it’s precious. Back in the present, she opens it again and finds the picture of the three of them together. He hasn’t changed at all. She then smiles. Nope, Tae Ik has changed. He’s fallen for a MUCH better woman.No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong

Meanwhile, Tae Ik is really getting into the gardening while Man Ok praises his speed and talent. He’s got a smile on his face even. Tae Ik then says he was the one who decorated the entire garden. Man Ok then brings up Kang Hwi and apologizes for not telling him in advance. This completely ruins Tae Ik’s good mood. Man Ok then says it must have been a shock, but what could she do? Tae Ik then asks about sleepwalking. Sleepwalking? Oh, she doesn’t do that. Once she falls asleep, she can’t even tell if someone carries her. Tae Ik recalls the trailer incident and his unhappy face is replaced by a smile. Awwww. He say she slept without stirring then. What? Tae Ik doesn’t explain and just says there’s something like that. Anyway, it’s a relief she doesn’t as sleepwalking is scary. Man Ok then calls him a coward. Say what? Man Ok then points out a spot he missed. He glares and Man Ok holds her finger to her mouth meaning she’ll stop talking. Tae Ik continues on and she then starts praising him again.Hwang Jung Eum, No Min Woo

Man Ok returns to the house to find a “disguised” Se Ryeong getting furniture delivered. What is she doing? Se Ryeong then says she can’t live in Man Ok’s storage closet without the proper furniture. She goes to leave and Man Ok mutters that she slept perfectly fine the night before. Enter an angry Tae Ik who demands the furniture be taken back. Se Ryeong refuses and tells him to discuss things with the president as the agreement to do whatever she wants has already been finalized. Tae Ik angrily storms after her yelling and poor Man Ok can only shake her head. This situation is just getting worse.

Man Ok tells Kang Hwi what’s going on. He says Se Ryeong always has done whatever she pleased. Man Ok then comments on how it sees Kang Hwi doesn’t get along well with snowflake. Kang Hwi says he hates watermelon people. Green on the outside and red inside. Plus, they have cumbersome seeds. He just hates her. He prefers girls like Man Ok. Awkward. He then tells Man Ok to stand up and he wraps her in a white scarf. He likes white, fluffy people. He then says she looks like a cute little bear and starts singing a childish song. Man Ok then joins him and they sing it together. Cute moment. But these two are really better off as friends. Kang Hwi then stops and kisses her lightly on the nose, shocking her. End episode.Park Ki Woong, Hwang Jung Eum

Nope, she’s better with Tae Ik. As much as I love Kang Hwi, they just don’t necessarily suit each other. And the scenes for the upcoming episodes? Yeah. Se Ryeong will be a complete witch trying to prove Man Ok’s and Tae Ik’s fake relationship and Kang Hwi’s going to be more jealous and Man Ok is really only showing interest and concern in Tae Ik. Poor kitten Kang Hwi-him. He’s scarred, too, I know. Anywho. I love how Man Ok gets these two boys to remind her. Family. They’ll become a better family than the jealous Se Ryeong who wanted Kang Hwi out of the way so she could have Tae Ik to herself.


  • Thank you for the recap!

    Se Ryeong is going to make the presidents life extra difficult. Good.

    It has been a tough couple of days for Tae Ik; Ex girlfriend resurfaces and invades, Present girlfriend is sneaking behind his back. The man, who is very private, now has three people living in his home and he has no where to run for sanctuary. While clearly he needs to work on his social skills via interaction, a little breathing room is only fair. And who is paying for all the food and electricity that is being consumed? They will all be lucky if he does not go on a rampage. Plus those LIPS keep haunting him. Lol

    Poor Kang Hwi, he will not get the girl, does not need a girl, needs a mother.
    And while Kang Hwi needs help he does not need it as badly as Tae Ik. I love that Man Ok can get Tae Ik to do just about anything. She does not have an evil or malicious bone in her body but still can twist that man six ways to Sunday and he will be smiling while she does it. She is the cure for what ails him.

    Is anyone else worried that Man Ok will get out of shape and lose her skills if she does not began practicing her hapkido?

    I had to laugh at your sentence “a CD with “Healing Sentimental Music” on the cover. Seriously? There’s such a CD labeled thusly?” (and loved your use of thusly)

  • Love your recaps. “Special Snowflake” needs to just go far away. Thank you!

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