May Queen Episode 26 Recap

So Hae Joo goes to Jang and tells him she’ll become the team leader and build the thruster for him if he releases San’s workshop. Of course, Jang still denies that he has any hand in the foreclosure. Hae Joo says whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, Jang has to save San. Fine. Jang has his own condition—Hae Joo cannot help San with the thruster at his factory and can only make it at Cheonji. Hae Joo says that thanks to Jang, it’s not like San can develop the thruster any ways. As long as Cheonji is developing the azimuth thruster, they’ll have her. Jang then says that saving the Kang factory would require a lot of money. That’s fine. Then fire Hae Joo as that is more cost effective and less of a hassle. LOL. I can’t believe Hae Joo dared to tell him to fire her. Jang laughs at her audacity. This girl always surprises him. Not only is she a talented technician, she has a good head for business and production.

Jang introduces Hae Joo as the new team leader. Il Moon demands to know what about him since he’s the current team leader. Jang says he’s now demoted to the bottom. Jang says he won’t introduce Hae Joo and tells the team to cooperate with her fully about the thruster development. He leaves and Il Moon stalks out. Hae Joo bows deeply and says she may be lacking, but please help her along. Right away Yang Do Ri (the male who was helping Il Moon earlier) starts kissing butt. Jo immediately starts protesting to Chang Hee who lifelessly says this is the president’s decision. He then walks away.

Il Moon asks how long Jang will continue to belittle him. Jang says he’s given his son so many chances now, but Il Moon has failed each and everyone of them. Il Moon asks if the results are all Jang sees—what about all his hard work? Well…has anyone actually seen Il Moon working hard? I know I haven’t. And in business, let’s face it, the results are what is important, NOT the effort. It’s all about the Benjamins. Jang points out that since Il Moon is skilless, effort means nothing. He needs to forget about Hae Joo’s unfortunate background and learn from her. Just what Il Moon wants to hear. Dude, you’re the reason your son is this hopeless.

Jung Woo meets with Kang and hands over a file with a man who was a former intelligence officer in Japan. Kang doesn’t look too hot, but he agrees to go meet the man to see if he can’t get him to talk. Considering the Kangs don’t have any money really at the moment, how will he grease the wheels to get him to cooperate?

Hae Joo tells San the news and he isn’t happy. She isn’t doing this because of him is she? Hae Joo doesn’t say it’s for him, just that the first order of business is saving the factory. If that closes, it doesn’t matter about anything—not the technology. Plus, San’s already resigned from Noble. San refuses to accept any handouts from Jang and Hae Joo scolds him for holding on to his pride when he has workers depending on him for their livelihood. San says he has no idea bout their struggles, but rather than accepting money from Jang, they should starve to death. Harsh, man. Not the best mentality to have either (though I think it’s a bad idea to accept money from Jang, too). San then tells Hae Joo that his grandfather’s issues and his own were all a result of Jang. Thanks to Jang Do Hyun, the Kang family lost everything. Even if they had built the thruster themselves, he wouldn’t have given it to Jang whatsoever. He would have sold it to someone else and rebuilt his grandfather’s company.

Hae Joo says she understands, but that doesn’t matter. Shakes head. This girl…is…what’s the word…I can’t think of it. But funny how she ignores everyone’s similar advice, etc., but feels she has the right to preach and lecture and tell them what they have to do. Hae Joo says that if they don’t do this, they won’t be able to make the drill ship anymore. San refuses to accept this and says she can go to Cheonji since he can’t do anything for her anymore. Hae Joo says that isn’t what she means, but San just rides off on his motorcycle. Um…she does realize that no matter how she tried to make it sound, it sounded like the complete opposite, right? This girl is one of the worst female leads in dramaland history.

Kang arrives at the factory where Sang Tae and Kim tell him the factory has been released and they are allowed to go back to work. Sang Tae then broaches the subject about his promotion. Kang then says he has to work for another two months before such a thing can happen. Sang Tae complains about being tricked again. Kang asks where his grandson is and Kim tells him San isn’t there, but Hae Joo is. Kang kicks Sang Tae in the rear and goes to see Hae Joo who tells him what’s happened. Kang tells her that San is smart, but doesn’t understand how money works in the world. He agrees with Hae Joo’s decision. Hae Joo tells him that San got mad over this. Kang still asserts Hae Joo was right. Personally…I don’t think she was because we all know how Jang operates and his caveats were annoying. Anywho, Hae Joo is relieved to hear that Kang isn’t angry like San was. Kang then talks about being regretful of not understanding San’s mother more. Funny how he’s starting to mature only now, isn’t it. He then talks about his time to leave being near and Hae Joo looks anxious. NO, Harabeoji, you can’t leave!

In Hwa and Chang Hee are eating dinner. Chang Hee seems very distant and distracted. In Hwa is talking about how much she really likes him. Chang Hee then says they should end things as she will only get hurt if they continue. Of course, In Hwa sees this as cowardly. If he really loves her, he wouldn’t be so weak and will stand his ground to claim her. Truthfully, there is sense in that saying—it’s true love when you know when to let the person go. Sure, it will hurt, but that pain will be less than staying together when you know it’s not going to work out. Love isn’t always enough. Chang Hee wishes to turn tail and run, but he can’t abandon his father after all. He’s giving In Hwa an out. I think this shows he does care for her a smidgen. It’s not that he’s playing her right now, he’s seriously giving her a chance to run away, much like Maru gave Eun Gi a chance to run away from him in Nice Guy. In Hwa, being In Hwa is selfish and childish like always. Even if she’ll be in pain, she can never let go. She cries and Chang Hee gets up and comforts her. He does have that evil look on his face, but I think it might have a different meaning. At least he tried, right? Then again…ah, mollah. I just can’t get any of these characters.

So In Hwa goes to her mommy and is upset. How could her mother do that? Il Moon tries to suppress his grin. Mommy dearest had her reasons, right? In Hwa asks if they will care for her and love her and marry her. Ugh. My favorite part? If they don’t let her marry Chang Hee then she’ll kill herself. Seriously? It could be because it’s a different country, different mindset, but I hate how in Asian dramas they always threaten suicide. In Hwa then throws her childish tantrum and rushes upstairs. Jang does not like this display from his little princess, but Geum Hee tells him to stand still and she’ll handle the matter. She goes up to In Hwa’s room, but her adopted daughter won’t listen. If Geum Hee opposes this marriage, then she isn’t her real mother. Snort. Geum Hee then reveals what Chang Hee did to Jang, but In Hwa says he father must have deserved it. LMAO. Nice. In Hwa is the type to completely turn on her family for the sake of love. Selfish and rotten to the core, this one is. Truthfully, Geum Hee’s an idiot for not caring what happens outside the home and putting so much faith in family (when they DON’T deserve it) while In Hwa’s a complete idiot for caring solely for love and nothing else. Both view points are NOT healthy or good.

Chang Hee goes to his house and asks Gi Cheol who the head of the Jang family is. Why, Jang of course. No. It’s Geum Hee. LOL. Someone finally realized that she holds absolute power even though Jang does everything he can behind her back. Chang Hee says they have to win her over if they want the marriage to go through as the only way Chang Hee can destroy Jang is to marry into the family…I still don’t get 100% why he’d have to go quite that far, but whatever. Since Geum Hee has a soft spot for Gi Cheol (since when? Honestly, them suddenly getting along when 15 years ago their relationship was shit is just not believable), he needs to talk to her and remind her of the past and get her approval.

San is out drinking when Mario approaches him. The president of Noble refuses to accept his resignation. He then tells San that Noble is competing for drilling rights that Cheonji is also after. Say what? So San gets some inside information about why Jang’s really building the drill ships. Mario wants San to come back to Noble as the ship’s inspector so that he can spy on Jang and ensure that Noble gets the drilling rights instead. Interesting. Sheesh, every time Mario is on screen and talking his horrible acting sends shivers down my spine. He’s even worse than HJH.

At Cheonji, Il Moon as Jo and Yang look into his father’s secret slush fund. We all know why he’s doing this. Sunny boy is greatly displeased and gathering information to destroy Jang. It’ll backfire. Yep, yep, yep. Il Moon couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag. Funny as he was intelligent as a child. What happened to him? Yang and Jo are reluctant to do this as it can get them in big trouble, but Il Moon assures him that they are a team. They live together and they die together. Figuratively of course. I do wonder why those two put so much stock and faith in the horribly incompetent Il Moon?

Jung Woo comes home to find the Chuns finish up making their winter kimchi. The mood is good until Jung Woo spots Bong Hee. She wraps him up food, but Jung Woo is very unhappy that she’s back. He tells her to go home and even knocks her proferred food to the ground. Bong Hee tears up. Does he understand that if she goes back, he’ll never see her again? Jung Woo goes into the house while Dal Soon and Sang Tae administer first aid in the form of makgeoli (rice wine). That night, Bong Hee sneaks out of the room she shares with Dal Soon (who wakes up and complains about being jealous of the younger couple). She goes to Jung Woo’s room and cries, asking what happened to them. Back in high school everything was fine—especially after they shared their first kiss. Why has Jung Woo become this way? Wow. I wasn’t expecting that history. She then leaves and Jung Woo opens his eyes. Babo. He does love Bong Hee, but because of their whole twisted, complicated family relationship he’s suffering and pushing her away. He hugs himself and turns towards the wall.

Hae Joo is studying and worrying over her fight with San. She calls him, but San ignores her call. She then leaves a message. She apologizes if he’s hurting and angry because of her. He’s given her so much comfort and kindness and that’s why…whisper…she likes him. Hae Joo quickly shuts her phone and wonders what in the heck she’s doing. Looks like she is trying to desperately keep herself from acknowledging the fact she loves him. Looks like all the slaps only made her dumber, so another one wouldn’t knock any sense into her. You know, it would serve her right if San found a better love than her, but we all know that won’t happen.

Bong Hee returns to the Jang home as if nothing happened. This shocks the Jang family, but they are happy she’s back. Bong Hee won’t explain what happened or why she returned. She does tell Jang she’ll be going back to work for him once more. Aigoo. Bong Hee-ssi, don’t go back. Become independent and get away from that family before they ruin your life more than it already has been. In Hwa is happy as she thinks Bong Hee will support her marriage to Chang Hee and Il Moon is just as certain that Bong Hee won’t. Bong Hee instead washes her hands of everything. Typical Bong Hee.

At the company, Yang tells Chang Hee what Il Moon is doing. Yang doing this…it almost seems like he’s trying to get Chang Hee to save Il Moon from himself. Of course, I’m probably reading WAY too much into this wishy washy character. Chang Hee, of course, asks Yang to officially come over to his side and forget about Il Moon and Yang says Chang Hee can trust him. At the Sheriff of Nottingham said in Princess of Thieves, “Never trust a traitor—especially one you’ve created.” Chang Hee shouldn’t really trust a person who turns coat so easily. Does anyone else notices that Chang Hee used to wear more muted grey suits when he was good Chang Hee but mostly wears only black now that he’s bad Chang Hee? Symbolism, man.

So Bong Hee is drinking tea when Gi Cheol comes to plead his son’s case. Apparently, his family has always been serving hers. In fact, her father “accidentally” killed his on the battlefield and that’s why Gi Cheol had been living like an animal. Hak Soo was the first to treat him as a trusted friend and human being. Dude, you should have just died then and left your son an orphan…eh…Chang Hee would be screwed either way. He’d either have been disposed of like Yoo Jin or he would have been raised by Jang. There was no happy life for that kid. So this is what gets Geum Hee to really reconsider the match. Oh wow. How shocking.

We now enter the land of ship building. And Hae Joo…she seems to have a completely different attitude and I find it quite unbelievable at this point. I can’t tell you why, it just doesn’t really make sense. The writers really did a bad job on fleshing these characters out and making them believable. We now have a cocky Hae Joo who puts both Il Moon and Chang Hee in their places. We also get a whole bunch of scenes of her discussing shipbuilding, her new position, and chiding Il Moon who’s a childish b*stard.

San returns to the factory and Sang Tae asks him what took so long. They’ve been operating again for awhile. San doesn’t say anything to this and asks where his grandfather is. Kang is in the office packing the money to talk to the ex-intelligence officer. San wants to know why he’d need such a large some of money, but Kang won’t say more than he’s going to Seoul on business. Kang then tell San to make up with Hae Joo. He really wants San’s and her relationship to work out after what he did to San’s parents. San does begin to worry as Kang talks of death again. yeah, all this death talk and you just know something will happen to harabeoji. 😦

Hae Joo tells Jang that things are progressing nicely and they should start being able to produce the thrusters soon. Jang is over the moon. He was right, this girl has some mad skills. Meanwhile, Yang hands over the slush fund documents to Il Moon. We all know this is Chang Hee’s doing. Whether or not the documents are real or will blow up in Il Moon’s (and Jung Woo’s) face remains to be seen.

In Hwa can’t stop thinking about Chang Hee. She goes to the office and is shocked to see her brother sitting on one side and Hae Joo on the other as team leader. Say what? In Hwa, like her brother, doesn’t believe Hae Joo could have the skills to be in such a position at all just because of her background. Oh, this is getting ridiculous. So In Hwa rushes into Chang Hee’s office. He assure her Hae Joo’s job is all Jang’s doing not his, but even Chang Hee has to acknowledge she really does have the skills for that position. In Hwa then demands to talk about their relationship. Chang Hee doesn’t want to, but does eventually go with her.

Also interesting to note, when Chang Hee was with Hae Joo, it was always by water. When Chang Hee is with In Hwa, it’s always in land. First a mountain and now a field. Interesting, isn’t it? In Hwa wants to know what they will do about their relationship. Chang Hee is still adamant about ending things between them thanks to her family’s disapproval. Of course, In Hwa doesn’t want that. She even talks of DOUBLE SUICIDE. OMG. Really…sigh. Anywho, Chang Hee isn’t keen on this idea. He says he has no problem dying for her if it means they can be together in another life, but this isn’t the answer. Then what can they do? Chang Hee hugs her and I think looks slightly pained. But…I like to read things that aren’t there. These just aren’t played right as they show more care and concern that heartless, soulless monster. I just can’t get a grip on his character.

San explains everything to Mario who says he’ll talk to Noble about supporting San’s factory. It’s a win-win situation. Noble supplies the funding and San supplies the drill ship and they split the drilling rights 50/50. At least you know Noble is less likely to screw San over than Jang would. In your face! Hopefully this all works out as I’m sick of all this up and down BS. And there’s supposed to be an extension? WAE? This show is bogged down enough without making it worse.

So Jang meets with the man in Seoul. Apparently, Hak Soo was NEVER a target. It was always Woon. What happened is that Jang chased down Woon and his wife in their car. Woon swerved to miss an oncoming car from the opposite direction and went off a cliff. Jang and his men searched the wreck, but no microfilm was found. That’s why Hak Soo was killed. Well…that and the fact that the intelligence agency gave Yoon Hak Soo a secret fund for oil exploration. So, by killing Woon and Hak Soo and all the others involved (save for this man who magically escaped), Jang keeps the money and the drilling information and gets filthy stinking rich. This makes Kang feel even worse. If only…if only. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride as says Kyo from Fruits Basket. I’m feeling rather random tonight if you couldn’t tell.

Back at the Jang house, In Hwa and Chang Hee arrive arm in arm and Il Moon is shocked. What’s going on. Geum Hee then says she’s consented to the marriage after all. In Hwa is over the moon about this change. Il Moon blows up. Guess he’s not a part of this family after all since they keep him out of the loop and treat him worse than a dog. He’s opposed to this marriage, but no one cares. He knows just how evil Chang Hee is, but no one cares. Fine. He’s no longer part of this family. It’s the straw that broke the camels back. I had a feeling In Hwa and Chang Hee would help drive him over the edge. Geum Hee stops the angry Jang from going and beating his son and then she collapses onto a chair as Gi Cheol secretly smirks.

Hae Joo and San finally make up after she plays cutesy with him. Gag me. Seriously? Since when did Hae Joo DO all the stuff she’s doing in this episode. Character identity crisis whiplash. Oh. Plus, I HATE aegyo. Seriously. I can’t stand watching all of these kpop idols and actors being all sickenly cute. Shudders. Blame it on living in America’s breadbasket growing up with men and women who hunt and farm and are “tuff” as my father always says. Acting cute isn’t something we do unless you want to get slapped. Seriously. But, yay for them making up I guess. San also invites Hae Joo to make drill ship rigging with him. The rigging alone is half the cost of building the ship. Well…Hae Joo can join him because she only agreed not to build the azimuth thrusters with San.

Jung Woo meets with Il Moon who hands over the slush fund evidence while Jang and Kang meet. Kang reveals what he knows and then vows to take Jang to hell with him once the truth is revealed. It doesn’t matter that the statute has passed as the truth will still ruin Jang even though he can’t be prosecuted. Not smart, harabeoji, not smart at all. Back at Cheonji, Jang instructs Choi to take care of the matter. He wants Kang painted as a crazy old man and the truth silenced. Choi says that this isn’t like the old days now that there is the internet, the truth can get out and spread virally. They have no other choice. Choi…actually looks very unhappy at this moment. This is surprising to me. But maybe I’m just misreading his look. After all, he’s the one who heartlessly told Chang Hee that he’ll kill without blinking an eye if its necessary.

Sang Tae is collecting scrap from the factory to sell for some extra money for food for the family when he sees a car. I have a feeling that just like when Choi saw Gi Cheol drive off with a truck, this will become important. Kang is drinking alone in his office when he hears something. He takes a flashlight and goes outside where it’s now not only pouring but thundering and lightening as well. Electricity and water don’t mix. And we know this because Choi electrocutes Kang when Kang goes to pick up welding equipment sitting out. Choi then calls Jang and says he won’t have to worry any more.

Hae Joo and San arrive and find Kang’s office empty. Where would the old man go after he called and told them to come. My guess…Kang was going to tell them about San’s parents’ deaths. If Kang dies and Jang silences the lone officer who escaped, will this truth be buried again? The two go looking for Kang and find him collapsed on the docks. Why do people think yelling and crying will solve matters? WHY does no one in dramas call for help first?Kim Jae Won, Han Ji Hye

Yeah. Weird episode. Weird, weird, weird. What will happen next now that writers are officially writing like they are on crack?


  • LOL – loved this recap. I feel your pain & frustration! 😉

  • Ok, i’m quite relieve that San has Noble as back up. I understand why HJ cooperate with Chun Ji to make the thruster propeller, but KS disapproval is also right, it’s not just because of pride receiving help from JDH , but more on feeling betrayed because it’s also means that HJ was giving away the fruit of his hard work to the people who wanted to destroy him.

    I hate that HJ like KS but she is denying it on herself… if she can’t reveal her true feelings to San because of pride or whatsoever, it’s fine but.. at least she have to admit it to herself… it’s not that I like KS to be with her, i actually wish someone is out there who is more deserving than her,.. but what should i do , KS character love her so much that he can’t even think about himself.. all he think about is for her and her happiness.. and all she do is hurting him and doing stupid things to add up on his headaches..

    I don’t really know what’s CH up to.. he want to bring down JDH but he is destroying those people who want to destroy JDH.. it doesn’t make sense.. Does he think having JDH company and all his wealth will compensate to all his wrong doing. I think he is no difference to his father at all. At first he only want revenge but now it seems like greed is getting on his nerve. If he is not greedy like JDH or GC he shouldn’t have done all the things that he did. I think if he eventually fall for In Hwa later on, it will be his karma.. he will feel the guilt for using her as a pawn.

    KS grandpa is also so silly, why he have to confront JDH before telling everything to KS or JW first.. now his life is in danger and everything will be buried forever if he dies. The writer really make me sick.

    And what’s with KS, does he need to tell HJ everything about the Drill ship rigs? She will probably screwed it up again.. he never learn at all.. that girl is to ignorant, she can put him in trouble without even knowing it. I like him being honest to her and shared everything without second thought but ..Aigoo…. i really don’t know what to say… 🙂

    Thanks for the recap..

    • I know. I get where Hae Joo comes from, but cannot agree with her decision. Besides, if she had waited a little bit longer, I have a feeling Noble would have saved San. It’s not a done deal, but I think it will end up going through. Truthfully, shouldn’t there be a legal issue since she did co-develop it with San? Then again, when did laws ever really apply in dramaland?

      I think San should give up, too. At this point, there is no reason for him to love her. Why does he? She’s no longer that spunky lass, but a girl who seems to believe education and wealth = self-worth. PLUS she is completely ignorant most of the time to his pain and is dilemmas. He really does deserve a better, caring partner. Poor, poor San-oppa.

      I give up on understanding Chang Hee. My only guess is he’s going against the others who are also out for revenge so he can have the sole satisfaction of bringing Jang down, but…he’s really hard to peg at all anymore.

      Totally agree about the writer making me sick, too. ARGH, I was sooo frustrated with Kang confronting Jang. And THEN he gets electrocuted. Sigh.

      I also think confiding everything in Hae Joo isn’t the smartest. It’s not like she willfully divulges info to ruin him, but come one, she gave up the biggest secret they had just to “save” San and the factory. Truthfully…it seems very self-serving. This way Hae Joo guarantees she gets to build her dream. Meh.

      • If HJ didn’t act in a rush, San can still do something about the propeller project and the factory problem with the help of Noble. But because HJ already compromise herself to Chun Ji , San has to give way to avoid putting HJ in difficult situation. This thing really gets into my nerve because HJ think she did the right thing and only KS pride made him against her decision. She never even thought that what she did is like stabbing KS at the back without even knowing it.

        I don’t know why i still hope things will get better than this.. Maybe just because i want to see KS character win at the end. It’s not entertaining watching him in pain but i will bear with it until he win.

        • I know!!!! I was screaming at Hae Joo the entire time. It wasn’t about money. It really wasn’t. San is smart and even though his back was to the wall, you know he could’ve figured out how to make everything work out. But no. Hae Joo has to run to Jang. Meh. I was also annoyed that Kang said she did the right thing. She really didn’t. Not at all.

          Yeah. You expect better and are bitterly disappointed. I want San to win out completely in the end–even without Chang Hee suddenly turning “good.” San will be a true victor because he isn’t giving in to darkness and keeps picking himself back up and dusting himself off to go another round with a positive attitude while Chang Hee caved to darkness and evilness and really doesn’t deserve to win over Jang at all when you think about it.

          • You are right, it’s not about money at all. The old Kang might have agreed to HJ because he can’t figure out either how to solve the problem. I just feel so angry about it because i find it so unfair to KS, he work hard for it and HJ just give it away easily and to my surprise she look like she feel good about it because after all she is the one who is making it. I don’t want to see any slapping scene anymore but i honestly wish that KS will give her a nice slap for what she did to wake her up. Although i know it will never happen. KS was so inlove and i think he is the only character in this drama that never think about himself.. The writer made his character so perfect and yet so pitiful. I don’t know how is he going to smile again if his grandpa dies and JDH start to destroy his business again after HJ is done doing the propeller. I saw photo of CH and KS at the factory and it seems like they arr taking over the place again.. one big blow after another.. i don’t know how strong is KS to stand all this… i don’t think he can count on HJ.. she is just too stupid and weak..

          • you mention about CH, i don’t understand the way he think. He want to take everything to JDH as revenge , then if he succedd what he will do next. Would that make him happy.??? He is going to marry IH which only means he will tie himself to the family of the person who made him suffer before… what’s so good about it… he is digging his own grave… all he think now is money and power…

            • Hmmmmmm. I think…when it comes to Chang Hee it’s more like self destruction in a way. He doesn’t intend to be happy. What he intends is for revenge and to turn himself into a complete devil. In the movie Serenity, the main baddie hunted down the main characters. His dream was of a perfect world–one without sin. What he did to get that world was all kinds of evil and bad. When asked about this, he says that he has no intention of living in that world as he has no place in it. Reminds me of Chang Hee. He’s trying to completely obliterate Jang and take everything that once belonged to him. He isn’t trying to be happy as since his light has left him, there is no way for him to be happy and the normal world has no place for him in it. What will happen when he achieves his end game? He’ll be like that other character from Serenity–completely lost and without purpose. Where can you go from complete self-destruction? He’ll end up like the uncle in Nicholas Nickleby and realize the only people who could have given him comfort, he “destroyed” (i.e. burned his bridges by being evil to them). In the end, the uncle took his own life as there was nothing left to the world but bleak blackness and a horribly empty existence.

  • I dont even know why I continue this.erratic show. Perhaps it my love for the San character but nothing makes any sense and Hae Joo is absolutely unlikable as are most of the characters. I cant figure out why I am still clinging to some sort of hope.

    • It’s a mystery to everyone why we are sticking with it. Will this drama make me scream afterward that I wasted 38+ hours of my life like Breakout did? Probably, but finish it I must :p

  • Kang San, you deserve so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call it “foolish” pride, but I’ll never work for someone who stole my hard work and profit from it through my added “help”, unless I’m there to do some spying/revenge/damage. And besides, how can you trust JDH to keep his end of the bargain? Oh well, Hae Joo would coz she’s stupid like that. The logic and loyalty of this girl is down the drain.

  • So sad, I think grandpa will die in ep 27. No extension please, just stay at 32 episodes ….
    I am only watching this for Kang San, JW and Bong Hee

    • I Know! I don’t want grandpa to die in the next episode 😦 Poor San will have no one then. You just can’t count on that Hae Joo girl. I really don’t want an extension and I’m frankly surprised they got one. Of all the shows out there, this one really didn’t need one. I’m really watching it for San, BH & JW, too. They are the only gems in this show now.

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