May Queen Episode 25 Recap

Reckless Hae Joo manages to snag the plans and propeller and takes off screaming at San to run. He chases after her as Choi starts the car and speeds towards the two. Chang Hee freaks out and grabs the wheel, missing Hae Joo, but the rear of the car slams into San. The goons come and take the plans and propellers. Hae Joo holds San and recalls what happened with her father and starts freaking out. He can’t die like her father did. I found…HJH’s acting here weaker than it could have been.

Chang Hee demands to know why Choi did something that stupid or reckless. Theft is one thing, but it becomes worse when a murder is involved. Choi, as expressionless as Chang Hee himself, matter-of-factly asserts that whether it’s theft or murder, he’ll do whatever it takes. Chang Hee actually seems surprised and horrified by this. So our monster isn’t 100% demon yet as he can’t go all the way. It’s not much, but it shows a glimmer of hope for him.

Hae Joo is freaking out and crying and shaking him. She takes out her cell and then her hands shake as she dials a number. At this time, San coughs and she helps him sit up. Is he okay? Does anything hurt? San, in pain, asserts he is well and tells her to call her brother. She tries, but his phone is off. San then tells her to get the bike so that they can chase after the bad guys to get the stuff back. Omo. San, San, San. Use your head (which is probably still rattling from that hit). You got hit by a car and you think chasing after them is good…how? Hae Joo tells him this and then San says that there is only one place for the them to go. This confuses Hae Joo and then the light bulb goes off. Surely he doesn’t mean Cheonji? Omo. How stupid can she get? Knowing Il Moon’s actions, how can she think there is no correlation?

At Cheonji, it turns out that Sang Tae grabbed the wrong blueprints and propeller model. Il Moon is furious. The material proportions aren’t there either? Nope. Il Moon then opens the book and it turns out to be San’s collection of Italian recipes. LMAO. A total loss. Il Moon’s anger is turned towards Sang Tae. How could he be so useless? Deal with it, that’s just Sang Tae—the epitome of uselessness. Sang Tae says that Il Moon didn’t explain himself well and he did bring him what he asked. Il Moon does agree its his fault for trusting such an idiot. When Sang Tae asks for his money, this earns him a rap on the head. Since when is an Italian cookbook worth such a sum. Sang Tae complains because Il Moon refuses to pay and hits him. Il Moon sends him off and then tells his two cohorts to search through everything to find anything of use.

San and Hae Joo arrive at this moment, but the guards have strict orders to not let Ryan Kang in since he’s resigned. Hae Joo then gets off and identifies herself as an employee of Cheonji and even shows her badge. Meanwhile, Jang, Choi, and Chang Hee arrive at the office with the plans in hand. The moment of truth…did they grab the right ones, too? Jang yells for the useless stuff to be cleared off. Choi then places the plans and propeller down that they got. The confirm the thruster and blueprints are for the thruster. Jang smiles happily. Il Moon asks how his father got it. Jang sneers at his son’s worthlessness. What a loving display of family bonds—NOT!

Outside, Hae Joo is also turned away as her ID doesn’t check out. It says there is no employee by that name. Hae Joo asserts she was just reinstated. Be that as it may, her name isn’t on the employee list yet. Hae Joo tells him to call the planning department, but the guard refuses since no one is there. At this time, San begins to exhibit some side effects from his car accident while Hae Joo stubbornly insists she needs to go inside. San, in pain, stops her. She gets back on the bike and he hobbles on behind. Hae Joo quickly drives around the barrier. LOL.

The two head to the planning office where they meet Chang Hee. Hae Joo demands the thruster back. Chang Hee plays innocent. Hae Joo is having none of that and demands it back. Doesn’t Chang Hee know what she had to go through to make that? Chang Hee says that has nothing to do with them. He also says that without proof, Hae Joo cannot go saying whatever she wants. San tells him to watch his words. He then pulls out his phone and says there’s proof that Sang Tae burglared his yacht. If they confront him, will he say that Cheonji had nothing to do with the theft? Chang Hee says again that isn’t his problem. Why does he have to know that his worker’s brother is a thief? Plus, San isn’t even have the right to be there since he doesn’t work there anymore. Hae Joo’s eyes narrow and she says she didn’t think Chang Hee could go that low. San grabs her arm and drags her off. Chang Hee angrily slams a folder onto his desk. Didn’t you say devils don’t have conscience? Or are you upset that all of this is getting messier by the minute? Hard to tell. I guess it depends on if you wish to believe there’s hope for him or if you believe he’s a complete soulless devil now. I think there might be hope, but you never know.

Hae Joo and San then head in to Jang’s office. He chuckles, what brings them here so late at night? Jang then asks if the propeller production is going well. At their angry faces, Jang laughs and says that of course it won’t go smoothly. San should have stuck with Noble where his chances were better. He should just retire now (retire? At the age of what…32? right) and stop hurting people with words behind their back. Better than stabbing them viciously behind their backs like Jang does. San says he could have learnt more from Jang as well. It’s regrettable. Here we have Jang at his office this late at night and instructing his employees to do things, too. Oh, yes, Jang is very skilled. Jang plays innocent and then says he’ll do whatever he can to help San if he needs it. Hae Joo angrily mentions the thruster, but San forces her to stop. He tells Jang that this isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. He bids him goodnight and leaves, followed by Hae Joo. Jang smiles giddily and then calls security. Make sure they leave the premises and then call everyone to gather.

San’s swaying a bit unsteadily on his feet when Hae Joo turns around. Were they wrong? Say what? While, everyone here is so confident. And this proves just how stupid she is. Normally I would use the terms naïve or innocent, but at this point, stupid is the most fitting. San calls her naïve and says they should meet up with Sang Tae. He limps out and Hae Joo follows him. They go home and Hae Joo immediately yells for he brother. Dal Soon comes out and is happy to see San. However, Hae Joo cuts to the chase and keeps yelling for her oppa. Sang Tae comes out and asks what’s wrong. Hae Joo demands he tell her what he did before coming home. Sang Tae plays dumb. San then takes out his phone and gives it to her. Hae Joo angrily takes it out and shows the video to Sang Tae who immediately collapses. Dal Soon starts hitting him and Hae Joo demands to know who he gave stuff to. Enter in Young Joo and Jin Joo who have no idea what’s going on. What problem did their oppa cause now?

Hae Joo demands to know why he did what he did. Sang Tae replies he stole from them after receiving $5000. Really? Only that small amount? Sang Tae says he was only supposed to report their success at first and he was then ordered to steal it. If he hadn’t already spent the money, he would have returned it all and did nothing. He had no choice. That’s not true at all—there’s always a choice. The options may all suck, but they’re there. Dal Soon smacks him some more and Sang Tae wonders what he should do now since he stole the wrong thing anyways. Hae Joo kneels down and grabs his arms. Where did he get the money from? who ordered him to steal it? Sang Tae confesses Il Moon said he’d pay him $50,000 for stealing it. This shocks Young Joo. Sang Tae hides behind San who calls him an idiot since the propellers alone are worth 3 billion won each. This shocks Sang Tae. He calls Il Moon stingy and Dal Soon beats him as she drags him into the house.

Hae Joo then turns to San. They need to report everything to the police. San replies Sang Tae will get hurt in the crossfire, but Hae Joo doesn’t care as its time her brother learnt his lesson. San tells her to calm down since Sang Tae admits to taking the wrong thing. With what Jang and his people have, they wouldn’t be able to make the thrusters anyways. And we cut to Cheonji to hear that exact same thing. Jang is surprised to know that with all they have, they can’t make the thrusters after all. Why? They are missing the key ingredient (I’m guessing the material mixture and the ionizing adonizing, whatever the heck it was called). To top it off, that propeller was obviously NOT made by a machine. This surprises Chang Hee. It wasn’t made by a machine? Because of this, they have no idea what increased it’s strength. So even if they take it to the research lab, it would be fruitless? Yep. Il Moon laughs. Looks like daddy dearest failed as epically as he did. What’s the point of getting the propeller if the end result is the same? Jang sighs. Looks like there’s a reason for things to be taken slowly with San.

Back at the Chun house, San is leaving and saying that the material proportions were in their heads and never written down. Ahhhh. I’m actually surprised they didn’t write any of that stuff down. When I do things like that, I always forget and can never duplicate the same results. Anywho. on top of that, they don’t have anyone like Hae Joo with such a find hand to make the thrusters. Even so, can’t they still make it like there’s? San smiles and says not to worry. As long as they redo it and register for the patent, everything will work out for them. Hae Joo then wonders why they went after the baddies as if their lives depended on it if they couldn’t reproduce the results anyways (um…technically she was the idiot who charged into danger without thinking). San smiles and says it’s because it was the first they made with their combined effort. Plus, they don’t have enough material to redo it. That’s why San was planning a partnership with another shipbuilding company. What will they do now? San tells her things will work out since they have her hand of god. Hae Joo smacks him for his touchy feelyness. when he cringes and complains of pain she doesn’t believe him. HELLO HE GOT HIT BY A CAR!!!!!!!! For a person who was smart as a child she is a complete idiot as an adult. Hae Joo then becomes concerned. Should they go to the hospital? San asserts its not that bad and tells her to go in. Hae Joo goes to do so and then San collapses. Hae Joo rushes out and tells him to come to his senses. Just get him to a hospital already.

At the Jang residence, Jang thanks Chang Hee for his hard work, casts a mean glance Il Moon’s way and walks off. In the Park household, In Hwa and Gi Cheol excitedly rush out to greet the returned Chang Hee. why is he so late? They waited dinner on him. In Hwa even mad it herself.Chang Hee seems really surprised by this. He then says he turned off his phone due to work and says they needn’t have waited dinner on him. In Hwa goes to heat up the soup and Gi Cheol follows Chang Hee to his room and tells him that In Hwa only made the soup and it tastes horrible, but Chang Hee should praise her. Of course, Chang Hee does no such thing. The soup’s too salty. Even I know that you don’t put salt in with bean paste and I don’t even eat any form of bean soups (I HATE bean soup with a passion—it’s disgusting to me and it’s a favorite of my grandfather’s so I was always stuck eating it). Anywho, Chang Hee refuses to lie which annoys his father and In Hwa, but he does praise her trying to cook. After dinner, he even gives her a present—a hair pin “as dazzling as she is.” In Hwa happily hugs him and Chang Hee’s smile fades.

Il Moon returns home and is livid to hear that In Hwa is at Chang Hee’s. His sister still hasn’t come to her senses yet? Geum Hee isn’t happy about this relationship as well, but is willing to let the two get married since In Hwa stubbornly insists. Plus, Chang Hee isn’t a bad man—he even saved Il Moon from jail. Il Moon then lays down all the stuff that Chang Hee did. Of course, Il Moon spins it to paint Chang Hee as doing everything to become Jang’s heir when Chang Hee, at that time, had been trying to seek his revenge and live in the light. Geum Hee is horrified to hear this and hugs her sobbing son. Omo. Gag me. Il Moon’s acting was so fake I wonder how Geum Hee could believe him. But then again, she’s perpetually blinded by her children.

At the hospital, we learn San has torn a ligament and has a concussion. Hae Joo then scolds him for chasing after the thieves (again, SHE started it, but whatever). Chang Hee then says that while his other injuries are because of the car, his head injury is because of her. Hae Joo wants to stay with him in the hospital and take care of him, but San (as much as he loves her tender caring) sends her home to fix things with her family (and save Sang Tae’s butt). Hae Joo leaves and San slams his head back into his pillow several times wondering why he did something so stupid as to send her away. This, needless to say, sends pain throbbing threw his neck and head, causing him to feel even worse. LOL. Ah, San, San, San—it’s your turn to be an idiot. He’s sooooo cute, though.

Hae Joo gets home and finds her brother in his undershirt and shorts with a bag. Dal Soon is trying to kick him out of the house. She wanted to send him out naked, but left him these few clothes out of consideration. Sang Tae immediately goes to Hae Joo for protection. He then explains that she knows him—he has no ill intentions. He then bawls and says that he only wanted to be a good provider for once and do right by his family—that’s why he accepted Il Moon’s money in the first place. Hae Joo understands her brother isn’t evil (just stupid—awww, doesn’t that show they are a real family since they are both idiots in their own way?), and defends him to her mother. She takes him back inside the house while their mother beats her chest in frustration.

We then get to see our favoritest aunt in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!! Bong Hee is at karaoke singing her heart out. Her song cuts out and she demands to know what’s wrong. The attendant comes in and says her time is over. Bong Hee begs for more free service. He’s let her go two extra rounds all ready. Bong Hee asserts she has money, but wants the free service as she just really wants to sing. LOL. Riiiight. She does get her time extended yet again and we close with her singing a sad ballad and crying. Awwww. Poor Bong Hee!

May Queen 25Jung Woo then pays Kang a visit. He tells him about the memorandum. This surprises Kang since San told him nothing about it. Jung Woo then tells him what he’s learned about the bullets that killed his brother. Apparently its from a Korean serviceman’s gun. This shocks Kang. He’s even more shocked to hear that Jung Woo believes Jang is also responsible for San’s parents’ deaths since they died one day apart from Hak Soo. That’s too much of a coincidence. Jung woo then asks for Kang’s help. Kang readily agrees. The only caveat is that San cannot know since it will obviously be a dangerous investigation. Kang has no problem with that since he wishes to protect his precious grandson. Yay for them moving forward! I hope they deliver a sucker punch to that old derelict.

The next morning, Sang Tae gives half his rice to Hae Joo in penance. She tells him she’s okay and gives it back. Dal Soon says he should starve in penance instead. Sang Tae then quickly scarfs down side dishes as he’s going to work later and needs the energy. Hae Joo asks if he still has the money from Il Moon. Except for the money he used to buy pork for the family, he has it all since he was honestly NOT trying to waste the money this time (unlike Young Joo who stole Il Moon’s money and used it solely on herself).

Geum Hee arrives at the office and is distant and cold to Chang Hee. She will cut to he chase—she doesn’t approve of the marriage at all. This is partly because of Hae Joo and partly because of what Il Moon told her. Chang Hee explains he only went after Jang because of Jung Woo’s orders. Eyeroll. That’s why he quit being a prosecutor. Too bad, Geum Hee still can’t trust him and approve of the match as Chang Hee should have…recused?…himself instead of participating in the case against her husband. She leaves and Il Moon does more of his fake lovey acting that makes me want to vomit in disgust. Geum Hee thanks him for his care (he  told her to dress warmly as she’s a fragile perosn) and leaves. Chang Hee comes out and…stares stone faced…at Il Moon who grins. Yep, Chang Hee knows the root of his problem.

Hae Joo meets Geum Hee as she’s leaving. Geum Hee asks if she and her mother are well. Hae Joo replies they are and leaves. The two then turn (at different times) to stare at each other’s backsides. It’s creepy how much they are alike without actually being together for 29 years. Hae Joo then goes into Il Moon’s office and tosses all the money back at him. She then proceeds to bawl him and the entire office out. They were supposed to be intelligent but are nothing but thieves. She then walks out and Il Moon wonders how such a woman can exist. He then tells Yang to clean up all of the money.

Hae Joo goes to San’s boat and finds him lying on a coach asleep. She quickly checks his temperature. This wakes him up. Hae Joo scolds him for not staying in the hospital like he should have. San replies he’s relatively fine and just wanted to make sure nothing else was stolen. Hae Joo replies that’s something she could do. San then feels rather poorly and goes to rest some more. Hae Joo covers him with a blanket which makes him smile before he settles down to sleep. Hae Joo starts cleaning things up and finds her headband. He still has it! We then get an inner monologue about how worthless she is and doesn’t deserve San’s love as she only causes him pain (physically and emotionally). Sigh. I’m SO over this attitude. She didn’t even think she was good enough for Chang Hee who technically started at her level, too. You are only as worthless as you let others make you, so STOP letting them make you worthless you egg head.

Chang Hee and Jang talk over their next step. San is a harder nut to crack than even Jang imagined. That’s why he needs to get to Hae Joo. Chang Hee asserts the girl isn’t that easy. No, he can’t talk sense into either of them, so it’s time to bind their hand and feet. Meaning? Call in the loans and make sure they can’t get the materials or research lab. Sigh. You b*stard. Jang, of course, is all for leaving no place for the two to fall back on so he can get his way.

Kim tells Kang about all the loans being called in and everything else that’s happened. Kang is livid about this—they still have time before the loans come due. Yep, its suspicious. Kang then rushes to see San who’s being fed Hae Joo’s homemade porridge. They were just talking about how they have to hit the ground running and Kang reports the bad news. The kids reply they’ve lost the propeller to Cheonji thieves. San tells his grandfather to get the materials and lab, but Kang can’t. Jang made sure they couldn’t. This sends Hae Joo rushing off. Kang then asks for the memorandum and demands to know why San didn’t tell him. San then explains he believes Jang sent it to put a wedge between them. Kang wishes to kill that man. Yep, he needs to die. He then keeps his promise to Jung Woo and keeps it a secret about the bullets from San.

Meanwhile, the livid Hae Joo confronts Jang in his office. Go to love how she tells him she turned a blind eye to all the nasty rumors just because she didn’t think a man who built ships like him could be all that bad. Say what? That’s the stupidest reasoning I have ever heard. She then demands Jang give them the money for the loans, research center, and materials. Jang counter offers and says its her turn to help him. If she does, he’ll make sure her family is set for life. Hae Joo’s response? She and her family aren’t like that. She then walks out. Daebak. I so thought she’d cave at that moment.

Jung Woo meets with Gi Cheol to question him about what happened 29 years ago. Of course, Gi Cheol keeps to his same story. Jung Woo comments that it’s odd that a man like Gi Cheol would run after the assailants. Gi Cheol explains he wasn’t in his right mind after seeing Hak Soo lying on the ground bleeding. Jung Woo then asks if Gi Cheol’s wound was close range or far. Gi Cheol replies far and Jung Woo has him drop his pants to inspect the wound. Jung Woo sees the burn marks and knows Gi Cheol is lying. He tells him this and Gi Cheol snarls and makes a snarky comment about if he should have died like Hak Soo. Wow. Way to show how much you’re lying. But then again, Jung Woo pretty much knew he was before anyways.

We then get a cute and happy date between In Hwa and Chang Hee. How does Jae Hee get all of these scenes? San hasn’t had one yet. Shakes head. And what’s more, is I don’t think Chang Hee’s 100% acting. I am curious to know if that fortune teller was paid off before hand or if that fortune of hers is real and will come true (about the two, unrequited love, and living happily ever after together). In Hwa takes his phone and is disappointed she’s not #1. Good thing she doesn’t know that “Chief Prosecutor” is Hae Joo. It tells you that he’s still hanging on even though he’s professing things are over for good. Anywho, In Hwa erases it and puts her number in the number 1 spot. She then calls him. On her phone, he’s saved under “Mine” (nekoya?) and her number is stored as his. Which I’m uncertain if it says “Mine” too or something similar. Chang Hee smiles and says she isn’t his as everyone’s opposed to their match—even Geum Hee told him so. This makes her mad. She goes to call her mom and he stops her. That will make him more pathetic. He says that he knew this would happen, but he loved her so much he couldn’t let go. Sorry…I cringe whenever such lines are said in sooth or in pretend. They are just, just, just…so horribly cheesy.

Hae Joo rushes back to the boat where San sits with her headband. She asks him if Kang left and if he’s hungry. San holds up the headband and asks if she remembers it. He then says he was friendless in America and had a hard time. Hae Joo tries to cut him off. I kind of hate it also when people do this in dramas. It’s rather annoying and makes me want to smack them up onside of the head and down the other as it’s mainly selfishness making them say it (not 100% of the time, but a good portion). San talks over her and says he knows he’s a fool, but he just can’t stop his heart from going to her. To have her within his reach after longing for her for 15 years is making him crazy. Hae Joo then says she and Chang Hee can’t erase each other so easily. Blech. I’m not saying that isn’t true, but at the same time, it almost sounds like a desperate lie.

San says she’s more important than time…at least that’s what it sounded like which didn’t make much sense unless he meant that time didn’t matter—only her…maybe? It’s Hae Joo who can’t let go. Snap. Hae Joo replies she’s scared of people, of giving her love and receiving scars. She feels if she gets scarred again, she’ll shatter. San promises he’ll never do anything to hurt her. Hae Joo then says she’s afraid she’ll come to love San and he can do so much better. ENOUGH ALREADY NO ONE WANT TO LISTEN TO THIS DRIVEL ANY MORE!!!! San says that doesn’t matter as he’ll always love her. Chang Hee said the same thing, but that didn’t happen. This annoys San. He goes to say something, but she doesn’t want romance in her life ever again. She only wants a friend and coworker to comfort her and be with her. If San can’t do that, then they can never see each other again. WTF? I mean, forcing his feelings on her is wrong, but he’s not even really doing that. It’s really Hae Joo’s insecurities stopping her from taking any steps forward and she’s hurting everything in her path by doing so. Babobabobabobabobabobabobabobabobabo!!!!!!!!! Given her current emotional state, it does look like she’s lying to herself to protect herself. That never works well.

It’s been a month and Jung Woo officially returns to work. He even gets a welcome bouquet. He asks if there’s any knew news on the phone number, but there isn’t any. He then hands over a file with a list of names of Korean intelligence officers working in Japan during the 1980s (ah, the decade in which I was born—I don’t remember the 80s at all really, I grew up more in the 90s). I hope Jung Woo finds something soon…but there are 38 vs. 32 episodes now so the outcome doesn’t look good. Seriously they did not need an extension. Nope, nope, nope as the plot can only stagnant and drag further.

Chang Hee goes to Jang’s office and tells him Ryan Kang will be finished that day. Jang turns around. This news surprises him and makes him happy. He laughs and it even looks like Chang Hee has a smirk. I don’t get out it can look like he’s smirking when he isn’t really smiling. It’s strange and cool. Anywho, San tells his grandfather and Hae Joo that he sold both the yacht and officetel. Where’s he going to sleep. San says he’ll sleep at the factory if he needs to. They really need to remake the thruster. Kang bursts in that they lost everything, how are they going to remake it? San says that’s Kang’s problem since its his job. LMAO. Enter Kim who says something big happened. In the factory, foreclosure stickers are being put on everything. Kang demands to know what is going on. They are now not allowed to touch any of the equipment that’s been seized. Heavy blow. San goes to where the propellers have all been red-tagged. Hae Joo rushes up with a drink and watches him suffer. You going to Jang won’t change that, honey, so don’t do it.She turns and rushes out.

She heads straight to Jang who asks what’s the matter. Hae Joo quickly says she take the position he offered and make the thruster at Cheonji under one condition and one condition only. End episode. We all know it will have something to do with San.

You know, if she will really believe Jang will keep his promise then she’s proving she’s even more of an idiot. Seriously. The scenes for 26 look promising. Looks like we’ll see how Jang is involved in San’s parents’ deaths at long last. I really don’t want Kang to die 😦 I was hoping to get 26 up tonight, but will do it tomorrow after work instead.


  • i’m more interested at episode 26 than this one because this part really freaks me out.. i looking forward for your next recap.. really appreciate your effort….

  • I somehow missed the news of the extension. Here I was thinking things were winding down and starting to come together. There’s still 12 episodes? Where are they getting that much story?

    Anyway, thanks for the recap. Hae Joo is starting to get on my nerves with her inability to think critically about anything. And HJH…she’s not showing enough emotion and has the same expressions. Jae Hee, on the other hand, is doing a stellar job as CH.

    • Really!?! There is going to be 38 episodes now, what…. I can’t stand this. I was hoping for these useless scenes to end and for the the truth to be out -__- sigh…. 12 more episodes….

    • I never heard of an official announcement, but the moderators of the Viki channel sent out a message to subscribers saying that the show is 38 episodes and that they lost a lot of their translators for the show. So, I guess the extension is official.

      Yep, Hae Joo, definitely getting on EVERYONE’s nerves with her constant wishy washy ignorant whining. Dal Soon said in this episode ignorance is also a sin and Hae Joo’s character is ripe with it. And it’s topped off by HJH’s weak acting.

  • dont the drama writers watch their end product in k-dramaland!!! i mean how can they go on n on with Hae Joo’s character with no change whatsoever!!!! San, oh, dear San, what have u done to deserve this T_T

    • My only thinking is the writers are on crack. They didn’t plan things out well at all and are now making everyone go in circles or act completely contrary to their original character.

  • It’s comfirmed MBC will extended into 38 eps. For May queen

  • i love how sang tae grabbed the Italian recipes LOL

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