Full House Take 2 Episode 7.1 Recap

It’s FINALLY Monday. Woohoo! Time for more of Tae Ik’s manliness as he saves our normally strong, kick-butt heroine.

While Go Dong and Bum Soo grab the confused Tae Ik and help him out, Man Ok just stays rooted—lost. She then covers her ears. Yep. She definitely had some bad experience with a fire (again, I believe in relation to her parents’ death). The boys notice that Man Ok isn’t with them and Tae Ik runs back in the building without giving it a second thought.

He rushes up to Man Ok and pulls her hands off her ears and he shakes her. Why is she like this? Man Ok can say nothing. She tears up and collapses. Tae Ik quickly swoops her up into his arms and rushes her out of the building. Outside there are tons of cameras and reporters catching all of this as Go Dong and Bum Soo have people clear the way for the collapsed stylist and Tae Ik.

Like all things, this event is reported and exaggerated. It is peoples’ suspicions that the fire at the station was a publicity stunt in order to help Tae Ik recover from his recent (unbelievable to me) gay scandal with Kang Hwi. Everyone is also curious as to just what woman was Tae Ik carrying to his van? The one reporter does say that he doesn’t believe U Ent. would go so far as to pull a fire alarm. You know…I’m sure it’s like this everywhere, but you can get in BIG trouble in the US for pulling an alarm as a prank when there is no fire.

Well…he’s wrong. Bum Soo was the one who pulled the alarm (still trying to figure out how he did that because I swore he was by Tae Ik’s side with Go Dong and Man Ok the entire time). Joon cannot believe that Bum Soo actually pulled the alarm. Bum Soo defends his actions saying it was a serious situation (so lets ad panic and a bit of crowd chaos where people did fall down and get stepped on, too). Joon calls him rash—what if someone had seen him? Things aren’t like they were in the old days (remember Joon was an entertainer when this show started in the very brief childhood part).  Joon says you can’t fly be the seat of your pants anymore. Bum Soo doesn’t think his decision was entirely wrong since he wanted to protect Tae Ik from the swarms of fangirls and reporters that were coming inside. Joon yells that this is why he wanted all schedules cancelled and Tae Ik was forbidden to step outside his house.

Why did Bum Soo take care of this matter so poorly? It’s not like him. Bum Soo starts to look guilty and says that he is ashamed of himself. Joon then sits back and says that Tae Ik, for 5 years, has risen to this point with a clean and upright image with no scandals. But now there is a gay scandals and a stylist scandal. Bum Soo talks about the absurdity of both scandals and says they will officially release the truth. What truth? Articles have already been released and there have been numerous telecasts. There is no way anyone would believe the real truth now. So what does Joon plan on doing? Joon answers with a question: Which do you prefer—a star caught dating his stylist or a star who went solo after getting caught up in a gay scandal with his partner? No-brainer. Bum Soo says he understands and will make the press release ASAP. Joon’s request is that it is packaged as prettily as possible to dispel all gay rumors.

Bum Soo leaves and Joon picks up his phone to request his secretary get Reporter Choi immediately. Choi expresses surprise at Joon’s personal call. Joon says that since Choi has written tons of good things about U Ent. and so he wanted to give him a present. Joon then hands over the envelope with the pictures of Man Ok and Tae Ik folding the blanket in the trailer (not 100% scandal material to me, but taken out of context, I guess you could conjecture that they spent the night together). Choi pulls out the pictures and Joon laughs saying he’s had such a hard time burying them. Why is Joon giving it to Choi? Joon says it is a present as he wants Choi to have a big scoop. So who’s the woman? Joon says that she’s Tae Ik’s woman (note that when the men move their pinkies, that is signifying lover—not quite sure how that meaning ever came about, but that’s what it means).

We then cut to Man Ok in the hospital. She’s unconscious and calling for her parents. She dreams of a house fire with her mother and father. They were trapped in their apartment building and could only escape to the terrace. We cut back to the present where Man Ok reaches up and calls for her father. Her hand is grabbed by the worried Tae Ik. Is she all right? Is she conscious? Man Ok’s eyes pop open. She uses Tae Ik’s hand to pull herself up. She sniffles and asks where she is while Tae Ik mewls in pain and shakes his wrist. Man Ok looks around and asks how she ended up in a hospital. What happened? Tae Ik says that’s what he wants to know. It’s a relief that the alarm going off was only a malfunction. What would have happened to Man Ok if there was really a fire? Man Ok doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Doesn’t she remember what happened in the station lobby? Man Ok does remember the stampeding people and Tae Ik rushing towards her. Tae Ik then wonders if she didn’t recall what they learned in elementary school.

Man Ok, who doesn’t wish to tell him the reason I guess, says nothing to this and tries to get out of bed. Tae Ik quickly rushes to the other side as Man Ok nearly falls out of bed. He helps her sit back down just as Go Dong rushes in yelling at people not to take pictures. Tae Ik  quickly straightens up and puts a wee bit of distance between himself and Man Ok. What’s up? There’s big trouble. What is this big trouble? Reporters are outside reporting on Tae Ik’s and Man Ok’s relationship. Apparently they have been dating for three years and the gay scandal with Kang Hwi put her under a lot of stress. 😛

Inside the hospital room, Man Ok and Tae Ik are in a state of shock. Tae Ik demands to know just who he’s dating from Go Dong once more. Tae Ik points to Man Ok—her? Man Ok looks upset and says she’s not to happy with this either. Tae Ik then says this won’t do and says he’s going to go out and reveal the truth. Go Dong stops him and says that he can’t go out on account of the huge mass of reporters outside the room. Tae Ik then angrily demands to know who started this nonsensical rumor. Go Dong, looking uncomfortable, points at Tae Ik. This shocks him: “I did? What did I do?” Go Dong says that Tae Ik saving Man Ok was telecast live across the country.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung EumNo Min WooHwang Jung Eum, No Min WooNo Min Woo

Joon is at the hospital being followed by a mass of reporters. Are the two really dating? Is there wedding plans in the air? Joon smiles happily and says it’s as the reporters see. He believes the two have been seriously dating for a long time now. So does that mean the gay scandal with Kang Hwi is untrue? Joon laughs and says that rumor is of course not true. So what’s the point of Joon releasing this news at this time. Joon stops and pulls off his sunglasses and gets a serious expression. Joon says that since Man Ok is an ordinary girl, Tae Ik desperately wanted to protect her and keep their relationship a secret. It’s a shame that it had to come out like this. The rest of the details will be revealed in a press release later.

Joon arrives at Man Ok’s room and throws down the newspaper. Man Ok picks it up and the headline talks about her secret 3-year romance with Tae Ik. Joon angrily demands to know how these two got caught up in such a scandal. Joon turns to Tae Ik and says he told him to disappear for awhile—how could this have happened? Tae Ik doesn’t answer and wants to know who said they dated for three years. Joon does tell him that was his doing. Tae Ik demands to know what Joon thinks he’s doing. Joon says this love story is the only way to repackage Tae Ik’s tarnished image. Tae Ik yells out “President.” I have lost count of how many times he angrily has said that one word. Anywho, Joon tells him to stop griping and just get engaged while poor Man Ok looks so…unhappy? guilty? Pick one.

Man Ok says that she understands, but she believes that engagement is a little extreme. Joon gets really angry at this and states this is all her fault to begin with. Has she been secretly love with Tae Ik all of this time? Tae Ik then jumps in to defend her. Awwww…he may not like the situation, but he can’t let the peeps he cares about get slandered like that. Joon doesn’t listen and says that Man Ok hasn’t even paid back the settlement yet and is already causing more trouble. How will she take responsibility for the loss incurred to the company this time? Harsh. Actually, this time it could save the company more than harm it, but whatever. Tae Ik tells Joon to quietly stop. Joon’s voice gets louder. He won’t be stopped. Man Ok caused this problem, plus she doesn’t even have the basics for working with a top star like Tae Ik. She should have been careful.

Tae Ik, having had enough, pops a vein and yells at Joon to stop already. She had nothing to do with it. Joon says that isn’t true and she’s the only person who can clean this mess up. Joon tells her to think of this as an extension of her contract. Tae Ik quietly tells him that they should go out and talk—just the two of them. He leaves first and Joon says that all Man Ok has to do is act as Tae Ik’s fiancée for 3 months. If she can do that, then the shopping mall and studio will be released. She should think carefully and make this work for everyone. He then follows Tae Ik out, leaving poor Man Ok upset and lost.

Outside, Tae Ik tells Joon to stay out of the matter as he will take care of it. Joon asks how he can. If Tae Ik continues on as he is, forget regaining Full House, it will be a complete end for his career. Doesn’t he know that? Tae Ik looks at him angrily. Joon then states there is only two more albums under contract. Until those two albums are finished, Tae Ik will remain in the company and listen to Joon unconditionally—understand? I wonder if the two albums finished, would he still let Tae Ik go since he does see him as his golden goose? Joon then walks off leaving Tae Ik stunned and unhappy.

At the house, Kang Hwi comes upstairs meowing to see if there’s anyone there. He even calls Tae Ik rude names. When he assures himself no one is around, his rumbling stomach takes him to the fridge. He opens it and comments that Tae Ik isn’t a rabbit, so why does he only eat veggies. He sighs and begins taking juice out. He then remembers what Man Ok told him earlier and restrains himself from taking anything. He then sighs and starts naming all the foods he wishes to eat. He can’t stop himself and texts Man Ok. Why is she so hard to get in touch with? Pleas buy him a hamburger on her way to the house. Man Ok, still in the hospital, texts back saying that she unfortunately can’t come due to a situation (love how she doesn’t reveal she’s in the hospital at the moment), but there is emergency food in the blue box. She will bring him something yummy tomorrow instead.

Man Ok puts down the phone and reads the paper. Are they crazy? She engaged to a man like him? She lays back in bed and recalls all of Joon’s angry words. Way to make a person feel worse. Meanwhile, Tae Ik is going home looking very unhappy still. Go Dong says isn’t this better to have a pure and beautiful romance over a gay scandal? Beautiful romance—with Man Ok? With a stupid and strong woman like that? Go Dong says that no matter how much he thinks of the situation with his limited intelligence, he believes the only one who can save Tae Ik is Man Ok. Go Dong then encourages him to make the request himself. Tae Ik refuses. Not just anyone can become his fiancée…least of all that woman. Go Dong then tells him to think about it. If Man Ok says everything’s a lie, Tae Ik’s going to be the only one hurting and become a laughing stock. Should Go Dong turn around and go back to the hospital? Tae Ik tells him to do whatever he wants. Go Dong smiles and turns the car around.

Tae Ik quietly enters Man Ok’s room. The curtain around her bed is pulled. Is she sleeping? How can she sleep in such a situation? When he receives no reply, he quietly tells her to sleep and turns to leave where he runs into Man Ok returning with a pitcher of juice. She turns on the lights and demands to know what he was doing there with the lights off. Tae Ik quickly asserts they were off when he got there. Oh, did she turn them off on her way out? She then demands to know why he’s sneaking around someone’s room in the middle of the night. Middle of the night? It’s only 9! Doesn’t Tae Ik know that hospitals turn lights out at 9? How in the world is he supposed to know that? He goes to leave, but Man Ok says he came there because he had something to say, right? Speak.

Tae Ik quickly goes to stop her (he was going to put his finger against her mouth), but stops himself when he recalls what Go Dong said. Man Ok wonders why he stopped mid-sentence and is just staring off into space. Tae Ik comes back to himself and instead of making the request, tells her not to worry as he will take care of everything. Just as Joon did, Man Ok wonders how he can. Tae Ik tells her to just do her job properly and stop wandering around in the middle of the night and go to sleep quickly. This puzzles Man Ok. Just what is going on?

Tae Ik leaves and Go Dong asks if he spoke to her well. Tae Ik says nothing and just stands in the hall. Go Dong, knowing Tae Ik well, “don’t tell me you lost your temper and yelled at her?” LOL. Tae Ik, do that? Nawww. Tae Ik just has this frustrated look on his face and goes off. Go Dong stops him and tells him to go back and try once more. Tae Ik looks back at the door.

Man Ok is taking a drink when someone else comes in. She chokes a bit and turns around. Now what? Only it’s not Tae Ik—it’s Bum Soo! We all know what Bum Soo’s request will be. He peels her fruit and she demands the knife from him. Bum Soo tells her it’s okay as he peels fruit well. Man Ok then takes the apple and starts eating it. Bum Soo smiles and begins. He was shocked to see Tae Ik like that as he thought the younger man only cared about himself. In that situation where everyone was rushing about trying to save themselves, Tae Ik went back inside and came out carrying her in his arms. Tae Ik was really amazing. Bum Soo asserts he could never do something like that is in his lifetime. This surprises Man Ok. Tae Ik carried her? She doesn’t recall? If it had been a real fire, Tae Ik could have gotten hurt or worse (what about her :P?). Luckily it was a false alarm. Bum Soo then tells Man Ok that Tae Ik is her savior. LOL. Smooth talker—much better than Joon’s angry words and threats. This really touches Man Ok. Bum Soo then goes in for the kill. Can’t Man Ok save Tae Ik this time? Wow. Daebak. He’s really good at this…and I can’t hate him for it like I can hate Joon for it.

At Full House, Tae Ik is in the living room looking all worried and mopey while Kang Hwi is in the basement eating snacks and complaining about Tae Ik not going to sleep so he can sneak up and eat ramen. He then sees that he still has the tablet. Oh, no! What if he gets caught? What the heck, might as well look up to see if there is more news. Kang Hwi gets a shock when he sees the announcement of Tae Ik’s engagement. The cutout is so obviously Man Ok (look at the shadow hair, dangit), but Kang Hwi wonders who this mysterious girl could be. Meanwhile, Man Ok watches the clip of Tae Ik carrying her out of the lobby and recalls  Bum Soo’s words about him being her savior. She puts down the tablet and wonders how she can be his fiancée. If her grandfather finds out, she’s dead meat.

Man Ok then gets a call from her grandfather. She asks after his health. Jang says that he’s fine and then commiserates that it must be lonely and hard for Man Ok alone. She tells him not to worry as she’s guarding the studio well. By the way, when is he coming back? Due to unexpected problems, he’s stuck there for another 3-4 months. If that’s the case, he’d be back after the fake engagement ended. Bum Soo’s words again echo in her head. She picks up her phone and makes a call.

The next day, Bum Soo is dressing Man Ok a lot like Charlie Chaplin (you all know who that is right? BIG silent film star from…I actually don’t know when, but sometime in the early 1900s when black and white and silent films were big). She whines and says that she agreed to the engagement—isn’t this a little harsh? Bum Soo then reminds her about the swarm of reporters camped outside. If she went out like normal, she’d be trampled and hospitalized once more. Yeah…stalkarazzi are dangerous. She does look somewhat convincing as a male. Bum Soo and Man Ok then walk about and pass by the herd of reporters with no problems.

They arrive at a studio and Bum Soo tells her Go Dong and Tae Ik are already inside. What? Man Ok didn’t know this and has nothing prepared for Tae Ik. Bum Soo just asks her for a favor and tells her to go inside where Tae Ik is looking over a scenario and asking Go Dong just what shoot this is. LOL. The managers are springing this on the unsuspecting fake couple. Tae Ik says he’s read it and doesn’t understand what he’s shooting a couple scene for. And where’s his partner? Go Dong points to the newly arrived cross dressing Man Ok. Tae Ik is taken aback. There’s no way he’d do that scenario with a guy. Is Go Dong crazy? HOW could he not recognize Man Ok? Seriously? Especially when she happily smiles and waves her hands and says hi? Tae Ik CAN’T be that stupid…can he? Man Ok then pulls off her disguise. Go Dong then tells her to quickly put on makeup and get ready. Her, why?

It’s a couple’s photo shoot with her and Tae Ik! The two talk through their teeth to each other while pasting on smiles and getting photographed. Why do they need to do this? They already said they are engaged, why do they need photographic evidence? Tae Ik tells her to stop right now since it seems she doesn’t want to. Man Ok says she’s only doing this because of her debt to him. Tae Ik replies he’s only doing this for Full House. The photographer, catching the mood, says it seems more like they have just fought. He then tells Tae Ik to pick her up. Man Ok immediately jumps up and says he can’t as she’s heavier than she looks. Tae Ik mentions something about her and a sack of rice and quickly scoops her up, shocking Man Ok.

The two have stiff expressions and the photographer tells them to look at each other lovingly. Tae Ik and Man Ok try hard to comply, but not very convincingly. Man Ok even paddles her feet in the air while he holds her. Tae Ik asks if that’s what she calls a loving expression and Man Ok snaps back at him to hold her properly. Tae Ik tosses her a bit to reposition her and then smiles broadly while Man Ok casts a shy expression. Their couple photo shoot is really awkward and bad for the most part. The last coffee shop scene where they were acting all cute and funny was probably the best part. They are SO not a believable couple as of yet.

In the van on the ride home, Go Dong compliments how well they suit each other. Tae Ik calls him crazy and then looks over at Man Ok who looks at him before they both angrily turn towards their respective windows. Man Ok then asks to stop at a convenience store. Go Dong says he’ll buy it for her, but she says she’ll be okay and they can go on ahead.

Man Ok sneaks up to Full House and quickly goes into the basement carrying her bags of groceries. She asks if Kang Hwi is mad as he’s got the comforter over his head. He then pulls it down and demands to know if she’s really engaged to Tae Ik. Man Ok says it just kind of happened. He then waves the tablet around. Is all this stuff in here true? How could they have been dating for three years? It doesn’t make any sense. Man Ok then explains this is all because of the gay scandal. Kang Hwi gets angry to learn that it’s all Joon’s doing. He gets up to confront the man. He won’t be fooled by him any more. Man Ok stops him. He needs to find the recorder first before confronting Joon or else, who knows what the president will do to him? Kang Hwi doesn’t care. Man Ok’s engaged to Tae Ik now. Does that make any sense at all? He tells her not to stop him and he goes to hobble up the stairs when Man Ok says she agreed to it. It’s for three months only and in that time Kang Hwi needs to find the recorder. Will she really act engaged to Tae Ik for that time then? Man Ok nods. Kang Hwi doesn’t look happy at all, but we all know this is because he’s fallen for the noodleheaded coordi.

We then cut to Man Ok and Tae Ik sitting on a sofa wearing all white dress clothes. Man Ok, nervous, stands up and starts doing jumping jacks. She catches Tae Ik’s smile. Is he laughing? Tae Ik wonders if he should open the door and let the reporters see the show, too. Man Ok says she’s just relieving tension. Tae Ik says that’s a good thing, but what will she do if that expensive dress gets torn? How will she pay for it? Man Ok goes to yell at him, but he reminds her the reporters outside can hear everything. She then says she can’t do this after all and they need to cancel the engagement. This gets Tae Ik to spring up and look at her in total shock.

They’ve come too far to call it all off now, silly girl.


  • Thank you for the re-cap! This show makes me look forward to Mondays.

    I wondered what the wiggly pinky meant, thank you! I am enjoying how Tae Ik’s actions contradict his words. Without thought Tae Ik saved Man Ok from the “burning building” and in the hospital room when her legs could not support her he did not hesitate to catch her and steady her. It was only after Go Dong entered the room that Tae Ik steped away from Man Ok. He has become her protector, whether he is conscious of it or not.

    I watched a movie that Park Ki Woong was in this weekend and am now much more appreciative of his screen time. Now I see the cute. I thought him meowing was so funny!

    Tae Ik looked so distressed when Man Ok said she wanted to call off the engagement, what is he going to do to convince her to go thru with the engagement? Will this make him behave better towards Man Ok?

    • As always, you’re welcome. I always look forward to Mondays for this show as well (not so much for going back to work…although I usually am working a few hours on the weekends, too :P).
      I wouldn’t have known what the pinky reference was if it wasn’t for my obsession with the Kuroshitsuji musicals. LOL. They explained how the pinky indicated a lover. I really would like to know how that expression came about. You’d think it should be more along the lines of a ring finger or something like that.
      Tae Ik is nothing but a walking contradiction. I don’t think he’s 100% aware of his feelings, but I also think he’s hiding his concern and playing on how much he hates this idea because it wouldn’t look cool. Plus, he really doesn’t want to get Man Ok involved as he knows it would do her more harm than good.
      Which movie of his did you watch? Movie-wise I think I’ve only seen him in My Tutor Friend 2 or something like that. His meowing was cute, agreed.
      Probably not as Tae Ik really doesn’t know how to behave better. He’s a child in so many ways. He’d have to mature a bit more first.

      • It was My Tutor Friend 2. I was 15 minutes into it when I thought I recognized the lead so by 30 minutes I paused it and looked up the cast. That character had more depth then HW which showed a bit more of Park Ki Woongs range.

        • I really loved his character in that movie 🙂 He did a great job. He’s okay here, but I think his last role in The Musical was the best I’ve seen from him. Although, I haven’t watched Bridal Mask all the way through yet and people gush about his role in that.

  • Thanks for the recap.. 🙂

  • I love this espied,Tae Ik is so cute although he known as a cold person that only care about himself it not true he very caring and he like a child when he with Man Ok but he just doesn’t show it in a good way although he want to he just don’t know how…I love how he alway look when he happy and when he curl his lip, Man ok it really pretty and she way too skinny wearing the dress but her hair is kinda wired but still Tae Ik and Man Ok are a cute couple…

    • Totally agree! They are an awesome couple and Tae Ik’s childish awkwardness is sooo cute. We all know his actions and words are completely opposite of what he really means.

  • thank you for the recap! at first i hesitated to watch this drama and was only contented to read your recaps but the more i read it the more i’m excited to watch it! so keep it up
    sorry for my english, i hope that i write it well because i’m still studying it

    from valencia spain muchísimas gracias NeeNee

    • de nada! You’re English is definitely good. Much better than my very, very, very limited Spanish.
      I’m glad that my recaps make you want to watch this show. It’s an excellent drama. Sure, there’s cheesiness and plot holes, but it’s pure fun 99.9% of the time and definitely worth watching and not just reading about. 🙂

  • I love this recap thank you, hye if any one did notice or i’m the first one to notice that the white dress man ok wear is similar to the dress that Ah jung wear in k-drama LIE TO ME.Did any one remember this?

    • You’re welcome. Glad you like it. I only watched a couple of episodes of Lie To Me. I really need to finish it, so I can’t vouch for the dresses being similar/the same.

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