Full House Take 2 Episode 6.2 Recap

So we start this episode off with Man Ok helping Kang Hwi climb the stairs and giving him the “hwaiting” sign. As he goes to open the door, he overhears Joon talking to Tae Ik about his solo album and how Tae Ik said in China he couldn’t work with such a jerk. Hearing this, Kang Hwi turns and goes back downstairs so he misses the next part where Tae Ik tells Joon that Joon knows he didn’t mean what he said. Then…what deeper meaning could Tae Ik have meant? Tae Ik yells at him and Joon tells him seriously that this is Tae Ik’s golden opportunity that he needs to seize in order to fully regain Full House faster.

Meanwhile, Scumbag is writing a story on a celebrity who could be Kang Hwi’s gay partner. If the news spreads well, what will happen to him? Scumbag Seo then writes down Lee Joon’s phone number. We then cut to Bum Soo who barges into Joon’s office and demands to know what’s going on and why Joon is doing what he’s doing (kicking Kang Hwi to the curb). Joon tells him that when he came on, a caveat was that Bum Soo was never allowed to ask “why.” His job is to manage the boys, keep his mouth shut, and collect his pay. Bum Soo then tries to ask about the boys, but Joon yells at him. Didn’t he hear? Joon doesn’t pay him to worry about such things. So Bum Soo had better not make the same mistake by worrying about the boys and do what he’s told. Bum Soo really wants to bawl him out and Joon slams his hand down on his desk. He’s had enough. He’ll only allow this once so Bum Soo better leave NOW.

Bum Soo leaves and  Joon soon screams at him to come back in after he looks at his phone. Bum Soo does and we cut to Bum Soo in the car looking at a picture of Man Ok and Tae Ik folding the blanket in the trailer. We then cut back to the office where Joon was bawling Bum Soo out for mismanaging the boys. If this news comes out as well, it’s the end. Bum Soo promises to take care of it. Sheesh. If it’s not one crisis, it’s another. A van then pulls up in the parking lot and Bum Soo flashes his lights. A person gets out of the van wearing a face mask. Where’s the money? Bum Soo opens the briefcase. The originals? The man hands them over and goes to leave with his money. He stops when Bum Soo says it’s not easy being a staff member, is it. Haha. He knows exactly who the guy is. Bum Soo swears he only lets matters like this slide once. If this guy has kept any copies of the pictures and it gets leaked…dun-dun-dun. Bum Soo is sooooo cool. The boys is so frightened he falls out of the car trying to get out. Bum Soo then says just because living is hard don’t just do anything. He’s only telling him this because he thinks of him as a younger brother. Bum Soo then speeds off leaving the culprit lying stunned on the parking garage floor. At least we know that Bum Soo doesn’t like being a puppet either and his genuine concern for the boys is, in fact, genuine. I’m waiting for him to give Lee Joon a piece of his mind sometime in this series. I really hope it happens.

Man Ok returns to the house and wonders if Kang Hwi will be okay, it’s soooo gloomy in that basement. She then has an idea and goes out shopping at a home supply store picking out fabrics and pillows. She’s like a newlywed wife. Meanwhile, poor Tae Ik is tossing and turning. He can’t sleep. Neither can Kang Hwi because he’s freezing in the basement. He then notices Tae Ik’s kitty pajamas. LOL.

When Man Ok returns to Full House the next morning, she smiles as she sees the sleeping kitty Kang Hwi. She gently tires to wake him up. When he doesn’t stir, she takes out the comforter she bought him and places it over him with a smile. She ten gets to work rearranging the basement into a nice living quarters for our hiding Hallyu star. She then looks in a bag that isn’t empty with a smile. Hmm. What’s she got in there?

Tae Ik answers the door to find Man Ok with a box in her arms. He curls his lip—what’s that? Man Ok then scolds him for NOT returning her greeting. He feels a bit abashed by this. She then enters and he grabs her arm—where’s she going? She’s got something she needs to do. What’s that something? She’s got some blue fabric and a sewing machine. Is this for Kang Hwi-nim or for Tae Ik-ssi? While she’s sewing, she scolds Tae Ik for only drinking milk in the morning and not eating breakfast. He then asks what she’s doing there. She’s making something. He can see that, but why here? Doesn’t he know they started construction on the main part of the company? She can’t go there because of that. So…that means she’s going to do “that” here instead? Don’t worry, she’ll quickly finish this up and leave.

Tae Ik looks at what she’s doing again and does his famous lip curl (he does it so well, just like JGS mastered Tae Kyung’s smirk in You’re Beautiful, NMW has mastered the lip curl for this drama). Man Ok casts him a sidelong glance and continues working. While flipping through a magazine, Tae Ik comes across Kang Hwi’s gay photo and throws it down. He sighs and gets up. Man Ok wonders why he’s so angry so early. Come on. When is Tae Ik ever NOT angry? She then looks in worry as he didn’t even finish his glass of milk. No wonder he’s so tiny. Meanwhile, he goes to his room, angrily puts on his head phones and lays in his bed.

Kang Hwi wakes up and sees all the decorating Man Ok has been doing. She’s even hanging the curtains she was working on upstairs to help cover the dreary brick walls. Kang Hwi asks what she’s up to and Man Ok explains she wanted to make the place comfortable while he stays there. Does he like it? Is the cat motif too childish? Kang Hwi quickly turns to her and says that he really loves it and that it’s pretty. Man Ok sighs in relief and then places her grandfather’s cell in his paws. True, because unless you have an international cell, it won’t work overseas (notice, I’m assuming he left the country and didn’t just fly to a different part of it). Kang Hwi gets really touched and pulls her into a hug. He pulls away and says there’s only her. She seems VERY uncomfortable by this childish and clingy display of Kang Hwi’s. Then again…would you want a grown man in a cat suit hugging you?

When Tae Ik comes downstairs, he’s angry to see Man Ok is gone and didn’t even bother telling him goodbye. Awwww. He then notices dishes on the table. He reads the note where Man Ok tells him he gets meaner in the morning because he doesn’t eat. She made him breakfast using the organic foods in his fridge, so just reheat the soup and eat it. This makes me hungry and envious. I just had toast and pear jam for breakfast and he gets a feast someone else made him—lucky! This really touches him and he breaks into a crooked smile. To die for!

Joon’s in his car when he gets a call from an unidentified caller. It’s Scumbag Seo. He sends the president the photo of Tae Ik and Kang Hwi and asks what he should do about that picture. Oy. This is just getting ridiculous. Reporter Seo goes into a hotel where he doesn’t know he’s being tailed by thugs and Bum Soo. The thugs grab him while Bum Soo pulls on gloves. Didn’t he tell Seo he wouldn’t let him get away with such things a second time? Tsk, tsk. Seo nods and points to his covered mouth. Bum Soo tells the guy he can remove his hand and he warns Seo not to do any of his petty tricks and just give him the photo. Seo says he can’t do anything stupid since the hulks are behind him. He then pulls out a pile of photographs and tosses them in the air before making a run. Looks like he was prepared as none of the pictures are the right one. He does manage to get into a taxi before Bum Soo and his men can catch him. Drat.

Kang Hwi is in the basement trying to hypnotize himself to believe he’s sleepy and not hungry to no avail. He sits up and wonders how a beggar can be living in his stomach like that (the table is strewn with food wrappers). He then whines that he can’t call Man Ok in the middle of the night. Feeling desperate, he puts a bag around his neck and goes upstairs. He quickly hides behind the counter (crutches sticking straight up) when he thinks he hears something. No one is there as Tae Ik is reading a book on stars upstairs in his room. Funny thing to note…the book appears to be in English, but when Man Ok spoke English in an earlier episode, Kang Hwi had to translate for Tae Ik…random, ne? Anywho, the nervous Kang Hwi drops a bottle and Tae Ik straightens his spine and listens intently before rushing down the stairs.

When he gets down there, he “creeps” silently and looks behind the counter by the fridge. Nothing. He then yells. When there is no answer and he doesn’t see anything amiss, he chides himself for scaring himself and thinking there are thieves. What thieves? He goes back upstairs and Kang Hwi crawls out from under the counter (he actually hid his crutches properly this time) and hobbles downstairs. Poor guy.

Tae Ik comes down the next morning and is shocked to find his food missing. Where’s Tuesday’s salad and Wednesday’s salad? Why is he eating nothing but salads? Is he a rabbit? He even lost three bottles of organic juices and two bottles of mineral water. Man Ok then enters and when he gives her a funny look she tells him the door was open. He tells her to quickly call security as he’s been robbed. Say what? Man Ok slaps her hands together, so THAT’S why the door was open. She then ask what disappeared andnd is stunned when he mentions food. Is he certain that someone really “stole” them? Couldn’t have Go Dong eaten one or Tae Ik just forgot? Go Dong never touches Tae Ik’s food (death wish if you do that), plus Tae Ik DATES everything (bwahahaha—too funny), so he knows he didn’t forget. Quickly go and call the security firm. No security firm in their right mind will track down salad thieves…or will they?

Man Ok then wonders what kind of thief would just steal food after passing through iron security. She then recalls Kang Hwi in the basement. D’oh! When Tae Ik looks up after talking about hearing noises in the middle of the night, he catches Man Ok’s weird expression and asks if it was her who took the food and drinks. Oh, chum. This shocks Man Ok. Did she eat it? She shakes her head no, but changes to yes. She only had a bit of salad and juice because she was hungry. Two salads and three bottles of juice is only a little? Man Ok then yells at him for being stingy. Just tell him that Kang Hwi is living in the basement already. Geez. Problem solved. Man Ok then also tells him he’ll be considered petty for having an attitude like that over food. Tae Ik says he’s not complaining because she ate the food, but because she didn’t tell him. Man Ok cuts him off and says she will replace it all. He shuts the fridge door and tells her never mind. He then nervously rubs his head and says he’ll count the breakfast from yesterday as payment.

Enter Go Dong in a tizzy. There’s big trouble! Now what? I’m guessing the picture of Tae Ik and Kang Hwi in bed together has been released. Go Dong unhappily unfurls the tabloid and Tae Ik takes it in shock and then throws it down in anger before rushing off. Go Dong goes to follow, but Man Ok stops him. What’s going on? She then looks down at the paper where it says Kang Hwi was kicked out due to an unprecedented scandal. Um…this isn’t the same picture that Seo had…these are different pictures and the back of the person’s head looks quite a bit like Tae Ik’s. What the heck? Man Ok gasps. Were those two in that kind of relationship? Seriously? Ah, Man Ok.

Ga Ryung and Nora are still sitting and protesting, but they are getting tired. The two girls then get a text from Seo revealing the picture of Tae Ik in bed with Kang Hwi and scream. Utter chaos ensues and the fan girls start screaming and crying as Joon exits the building. He sees Bum Soo and immediately bawls him out for not handling the situation properly. Dude…you created the worst of it. In the office, Bum Soo reports that contracts are being cancelled left and right. This makes it difficult to produce a solo album for Tae Ik. Joon wonders if they can’t handle some of the press, but Bum Soo doesn’t think that will work. He then suggests a personal press conference for Tae Ik to address all of this, but Joon vetoes the idea. Just tell him to cancel all of his schedules and not leave the house. Bum Soo says that won’t work right, but Joon yells that they need to make Tae Ik disappear now and Bum Soo can’t question him.

Bum Soo leaves and Joon takes out the photo of Man Ok and Tae Ik in the trailer. So…does he not really like Kang Hwi? I mean, he fed him to the sharks, but he’s actually going to work to save Tae Ik? Is this because Tae Ik is his golden cash cow who earns him the most money in the end? Or is Joon just doing a balancing act of the lesser evils. Since Se Ryeong (note this is pure conjecture on my part right now) wanted Kang Hwi gone and Kang Hwi is going blind, it was a decision he had to make. Meanwhile, the whole thing with Tae Ik was supposed to be prevented at all costs, but just blew up before he could cover it up. Sooo…is Joon a good witch or a bad witch? Tough call. But you know that he’s going to use that picture that implies Man Ok and Tae Ik have a relationship to try to salvage Tae Ik’s reputation as that is Joon’s style.

Bum Soo goes to Full House and checks his watch. There is Go Dong and Bum Soo asks why the van is ready to go. Because Tae Ik hyung wants to go to the broadcasting station. Did or did not Go Dong hear Bum Soo when he said cancel all schedules and not let Tae Ik out of the house? LOL. Do you think little Go Dong can stop the almighty Tae Ik? I don’t thinks so. Tae Ik and Man Ok then come out of the house and Bum Soo tries to convince Tae Ik that continuing his schedule won’t help matters, but Tae Ik refuses to cancel it because of rumors that don’t make any sense and go into hiding (like a good little Kang Hwi did). Tae Ik then screams at them to come on and get in the van.

Man Ok then gets a call from Kang Hwi (she panics and thinks its her grandfather at first—forgetting she gave Kang Hwi his cell). Kang Hwi asks to know what’s going on outside. What’s all this yelling and why is Bum Soo hyung angry? Man Ok replies that Tae Ik is refusing to cancel his schedule. Kang Hwi asks why they would cancel the schedule—is it because of his mess? Of course Kang Hwi has no idea what’s going on in the outside world and Man Ok is reluctant to tell him. Tae Ik then yells for her again and she tells Kang Hwi not to pilfer from the fridge again as she will buy him delicious food. She then hangs up and Kang Hwi wonders what’s going on. He can’t even surf the net on that phone. He then recalls that a radio broadcast will take at least three hours so he’s got free roam of the house for a little while.

He lounges on the couch upstairs with Tae Ik’s tablet to check out all the news so far and is shocked to see “that” photo posted on the internet with an article speculating if he and Tae Ik were in “that” kind of a relationship. Kang Hwi is upset. What the heck is this? Why on earth would anyone think that he—with “that guy”? He then pulls up another article that shows the picture of the China concert kiss with the headline speculating whether or not he and Tae Ik are really a gay couple. He gags at this. He tells himself to quit imagining things and keeps gagging as he looks at the picture and article. That’s just wrong, Kang Hwi-nim.

The van pulls up to the broadcast station where the fans are angrily protesting that Tae Ik is a traitor who betrayed Kang Hwi. They surround the van and start pounding on the windows and doors. Go Dong doesn’t know what to do and the calm Tae Ik tells him to just keep moving. Well…he can’t unless you want fan roadkill. Tae Ik opens his eyes and tells Man Ok to open the door. Say what? Bum Soo asks if he’s crazy. How can he go into that angry mob? What else can he do since the van can’t move? Besides, he should experience such things, shouldn’t he? Did Bum Soo forget what he told him? “The truth will be revealed one day. If you are honorable…face it unflinchingly!” Nice words. I love it when people use your own words against you. Tae Ik then opens his door and goes out in the the angry mob. Bum Soo, Go Dong, and Man Ok follow suit and do their best to keep the thronging fangirls away from Tae Ik. Then a fire alarm sounds once they enter the building and chaos ensues as people rush out.

Go Dong and Bum Soo grab Tae Ik and get him out of the building, but something is wrong with Man Ok. She doesn’t move. She looks completely lost and out of it and stands with her hands covering her ears. I’m thinking this has something to do with her parents’ unfortunate deaths. When the boys notice Man Ok isn’t there, Tae Ik doesn’t think twice and rushes back into the building to get her, much to his managers’ horror. Man Ok is still standing with her hands over her ears in a complete daze. Is she all right? Tae Ik shakes her—come to your senses, woman! Man Ok lowers her hands as tears slip down her cheeks. She then passes out and Tae Ik swoops her up into his arms. What a knight in shining armor.

Accursed end of episode! I KNEW they would be forced into a contract marriage…or rather engagement in this case. I also KNEW that when Joon took out that picture he was going to use it as damage control! I can’t wait for next week. It’s going to be daebak from here on out with Kang Hwi getting jealous and Tae Ik and Man Ok being forced to pretend to like each other (well…they really do…they just won’t admit it yet), and the entrance of the second female lead that I still have a feeling I’m going to hate.


  • I love your screen cap of Tae Ik carrying Man Ok on the front page.

  • Thank you for your great recap! (all of the others too!)

    This was a great episode, so much happened.
    Kang Hwi really looked cute in those pajamas. (how silly is this show?)
    Bum Soo is good guy, and perhaps an ally.
    Joon continues to be a huge prick. (the actor is very handsome, would not mind seeing him in something else.)
    So glad Man Ok gave Kang Hwi a spare cell, knowing the solution to communication issue was driving me crazy!

    It does not take much to make Tae Ik smile, I know he is a perpetual grump but, feed him or clothe him according to his health needs and he is a push-over. That is really cute.
    I love how Man Ok has become so nurturing to these two, and how they soak up every bit as if they were perishing for lack of tender care.

    The end of the episode; where Man Ok is overcome (I agree with you, I think it is related to her parents death) and Tae Ik saves her, was perfect. Deep in the very center, Tae Ik is a loyal, honest, upright guy, someone you would want to have at your back during hard times.

    I am really looking forward to the next EPISODE!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • It does not take much to make Tae Ik smile, I know he is a perpetual grump but, feed him or clothe him according to his health needs and he is a push-over. That is really cute.
      I love how Man Ok has become so nurturing to these two, and how they soak up every bit as if they were perishing for lack of tender care.

      This is true. I think he’s mainly grumpy and prickly due to his situation and how he probably grew up after whatever disaster befell his family. Show him some genuine concern and care, and both he and Kang Hwi are happy little children. Now that we know how Kang Hwi grew up (even though he did have his mother’s love) we know he didn’t have the happiest home environment for a long time. So I’m really looking forward to the development of “family” with Man Ok, Tae Ik, and Kang Hwi.

      Now if only Kang Hwi could see just how loyal and good Tae Ik really is. I think that if push came to shove, Tae Ik really would choose his partner or Man Ok over his career or desire to hold onto Full House.

      Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  • Tae Ik remind me of Hwang Tae kyung (You’re beautiful) I think that Man Ok and Tae Ik will married and live together and their feeling will start to develop during their FAKE marriage…but It will be the second time Man Ok saw Tae Ik naked…and he lose since he never saw her naked I find it funny how they scream…Poor Tae Ik how will he face Man Ok
    This time since she did saw this time since she pointed…can’t wait for Monday….

    • I can’t wait for Monday either. It looks like their development from a fake marriage into real love will be a fun, complicated ride. It’s always funny when a man screams like a little girl when he’s seen naked by a woman in these dramas. Role reversals are always fun.

  • The photo of Tae Ik and Man Ok in the trailer is ridiculous. It’s his stylist helping him fold a blanket. How would that be news? There’s nothing controversial about that whatsoever. Maybe if it was a photo of them actually together on the bed or something, but seriously, folding a blanket? I mean, when Joon puts it out there, he’ll make it seem like something happened, obviously. But if the reporter released it and Joon hadn’t wanted it to be, it would’ve been simple to just explain it.

    And I thought it was hilarious that Man Ok managed to do all of that cleaning and moving around with Kanghwi sleeping through the whole thing. My question is, where’s everything that she moved. Cuz it went from being packed with stuff, to being a nice clean area. So where’d it all go?

    Also, No Min Woo has a surprisingly attractive upper body for someone so damn skinny. Seriously, i know he lost weight for a movie, but he needs to put it back on or something.

    Loved Tae Ik’s smile when Man Ok made him the food. And then later when he thinks she took his food and drinks, he doesn’t even care cuz he’s still touched by the breakfast! So sweet! And funny that he has everything perfectly labelled for each day in his fridge.

    Also, the whole thing with the photo of Tae Ik and Kang Hwi in bed. I was watching this on viki.com, and there were a few comments people were making about how they’ve seen tons of photos like that with other idols (Shinhwa was one example). I thought that was a good point. I mean, the main problem with that photo is that it came out after the gay rumours and after the other photo, but I did find it interesting what other viewers were thinking.

    Oh, the bias war! Tae Ik fans vs Kang Hwi fans. That made me laugh.

    The ex girlfriend. I don’t know what her deal is. I don’t know if she wanted to hurt Tae Ik, or she wanted Tae Ik to hate Kang Hwi, or what. But I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the character. And yep, we hate her already.

    • Hi! It’s been awhile 🙂
      I, too, think the photo being scandalous is a little forced, but anything taken out of context can be scandalous if you wish to spin it that way I guess. It does seem odd. I know Kang Hwi was injured and everything, but still. How could she do all that? The stuff mysteriously disappearing…maybe she’s like the lead in I Dream of Jeannie or Genie or whatever it was. Wriggle your knows and twinkle your toes and “poof” all the stuff is gone.

      Yeah. While Noh Min Woo isn’t horrible skinny, he really does need to put some more weight on as he does look a wee undernourished and slightly unhealthy. Kind of like Donnie Wahlberg did when he lost over 20 pounds for his role in Sixth Sense. He wasn’t a heavy guy to begin with and to lose that much weight so fast…shakes head.

      I know. These photos aren’t scandalous. Sure, there’s the recent gay rumor, but such photos are in existence and let’s face it, a lot of boy groups play on the whole “same sex love” all of the time. They aren’t gay, but do a lot of stuff that can make you wonder, but it’s nothing really major or big.

      Yeah, the ex-girlfriend is really weird since we have no idea what her motivation was at all. And yep, hate her already, definitely 😛

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