May Queen Episode 24 Recap

So we open with Chang Hee chasing after the angry In Hwa and her claiming he still has feelings for Hae Joo. As Chang Hee says that isn’t true, In Hwa catches sight of Hae Joo and kisses him. Again, totally tacky since she’s looking at Hae Joo before getting into the kiss. Enter San who seems as shocked as Hae Joo. She turns and just walks away soon followed by San. In Hwa then opens her eyes and ends the kiss looking behind her. Chang Hee turns around, but no one’s there. Why is she like this? He did it twice to her, so she’ll do it twice to him. LOL. Turnabout’s fair play. Chang Hee scolds her for doing that at work and asks if she is still going to talk to her father. In Hwa smiles and says she has already taken care of Hae Joo. Plus, she’s going to tell he family. This seems to make Chang Hee a little unhappy. Is his plan progressing too far out of his control with the childish In Hwa?

San shakily climbs to get to where Hae Joo is. LOL. His love for her will cure his fear of heights eventually as she ALWAYS goes to high places when upset. He gets to her and calls out to her. What’s he doing up there? Did she think going there would stop him from finding her? Hae Joo then changes the subject. She thinks she discovered something. Oh? But she’s not to sure if she’s right. She starts talking shop, but San tells her this is a conversation to have on the ground. She agrees and leaves him up there alone. He looks down, freaks and then chases after her. Hae Joo’s idea of gold and aluminum seems to work and they plan a new propeller design thinking they might have at long last solved the propeller problem.

Meanwhile, Il Moon, Jang, and Chang Hee are discussing options with their current problems. Their biggest problem is needing money to take care of the matters at hand while having none to spare. They can’t even get a loan now so they just might have to sell off some subsidiaries. Jang slams his fist down. They can’t do that. To make matters worse, Jang might not be able to get his oil drilling license now as the government would only give it to those who could develop components for the drill ships. What does Chang Hee mean? Their reputation took such a heavy hit that Chang Hee doesn’t think they can easily get the trust back that they lost. Jang yells at Il Moon for his colossal failure. They really need that thruster now. Il Moon promises Jang that he’s on top of it. Of course, Jang doesn’t want Il Moon’s help anymore. Jang then cusses out Kang San for putting him in that tight spot. He better not think he’ll get away without suffering himself. Chang Hee says that reports indicate that the VP of Noble thinks highly of San. Jang says he’s already called him. Il Moon asks how they will get the thruster if San is fired? Jang replies that once San is fired, he will concentrate solely on building the thruster. Jang still moves people about like they are his own personal chess pieces.



I guess…if you can’t act in the US, you can act in Korea. That guy playing Mario is so horrible at delivering his lines. Props to Kim Jae Won for doing a fairly decent job in speaking in English. So Mario is mad at San for overlooking the problems and letting them go as far as they did. San says that no loss was incurred since Cheonji will be paying out compensation money to Nobles. Mario then scolds him for taking over the propeller factory in Korea when he’s supposed to be working for Nobles. You just can’t win some days. Mario then tells San to choose between Nobles and his own business. Mario believes San will make the “sensible” decision (meaning Nobles). He then leaves. Hae Joo asks what the problem is. San just smiles and says that he has to go to the company.

He asks Jang if he told Nobles about buying the propeller factory. Jang chews his candy (or gum) and nods. He can’t always be the one getting the shaft so he wanted San to know that he had the power to get San fired. San represses a smile and asks if that’s why Jang sent him the memorandum book. To separate him from his grandfather? Jang pretends he doesn’t know what San’s talking about. San then says that Jang has probably succeeded only in digging his own grave. Jang says he has no idea what San is talking about. San chalks this up to him living overseas thus not learning how to respect his elders. 😛 San says he’ll see him again, gives a jaunty salute and leaves Jang chuckling and grinning like a demented idiot.

As San leaves he gets a call from Jung Woo who reveals he dug up Hak Soo’s tomb. San tells Jung Woo that he’s scary. Jung Woo does have a scary look on his face as he assures San that he can do much more than that if San is right. San then asks what good digging up the tomb does.  Jung Woo then pulls out the burnt bullets. He wishes to analyze them. Go Prosecutor Uncle.

Kim reports to Kang that the propeller is STILL not done. Kang then complains about the cost and how they really need the propeller to be done and now. This causes Sang Tae’s ears to perk and he listens in. When Kang scolds him and tells him to go elsewhere, he puts around. Kang then asks to know where Hae Joo is. Currently Hae Joo is meeting with the childish In Hwa. Hae Joo knows why she asked to meet her, right? In Hwa then drops the bomb that she’s MARRYING Chang Hee. [MY reaction? WAY too soon to even THINK about marriage, but whatever.] Hae Joo’s response—blank shock. In Hwa is disappointed in the reaction. She even tells Hae Joo this. Hae Joo then asks if Chang Hee oppa agreed to the marriage. In Hwa says yes, and that it was Chang Hee who initiated everything. In Hwa then has the gall to call Hae Joo shameless for hanging around Chang Hee and the company. It’s not being shameless, that’s just called plain old idiocy. But, given In Hwa’s IQ…

Hae Joo asks why she should resign. This shocks In Hwa. Hae Joo then says that being in Cheonji is her dream and has nothing to do with Chang Hee. In Hwa then makes a snide comment about Hae Joo’s dream and San. Hae Joo angrily snaps back that she does everything for her family. Now. YOUR dream has NOTHING to do with supporting your family. So why keep bringing them into it? I know she dreams of supporting her family well, but her shipbuilding dream and that family dream aren’t necessarily synonymous. In Hwa then concedes that Hae Joo is definitely pathetic. Hae Joo then says that as long as In Hwa treats Chang Hee well, then all is good. Don’t kid yourself—Chang Hee’s completely over you. Hae Joo says she knows, that’s why she’s asking In Hwa to treat him well as he’s a man with lots of sadness and darkness. She knows this, but yet can’t understand his evil side? She then wishes that In Hwa can protect Chang Hee. This makes In Hwa angry, but Hae Joo says nothing more and just leaves. You know In Hwa is deflated as she was hoping for a better scene from Hae Joo.

As Hae Joo leaves, she gets a shock when she sees Young Joo with Il Moon. Both of their reactions when they see Hae Joo is funny. Il Moon flinches back while Young Joo runs off. Il Moon then demands to know why Hae Joo isn’t at work. She responds with asking what he’s doing with her little sister. They only came to eat. Hae Joo then demands to know if it makes sense for Il Moon to be holding her sister’s hand and coming here to eat. Il Moon counters with his love life isn’t any of her business and Hae Joo angrily tells him that Young Joo is not only her sister, but also a minor (not by US standards :P). Il Moon then smirks and says that Young Joo is mature and prettier than Hae Joo. Hae Joo barely restrains herself from hitting him Hae joo says if she sees him with Young Joo again, she won’t hold back. He knows what happens when she gets crazy right? She brushes his shoulder as she storms by. He brushes his arm off and smirks. Devil Il Moon.

Dal Soon and Jin Joo are cooking in the kitchen when the angry Hae Joo arrives and kicks the get in yelling for Young Joo. Jin Joo hears the yelling and she and Dal Soon  go out to find out what’s wrong. Hae Joo says nothing and demands to know where Young Joo is. Jin Joo says she’s in the toilet. Hae Joo drags her out and flings her on the wooden table. Is it true she’s dating Il Moon? Young Joo nods and Hae Joo starts beating her. Dal Soon tells her to stop beating Young Joo without an explanation. Hae Joo ignores this and demands to know when Young Joo started seeing Il Moon. When Hae Joo told her to return all the things he bought for her. Is she crazy? College entrance exams are in two days? So what. Young Joo’s goal is to meet a rich person and change her life. She can say that knowing just what kind of person Il Moon is? Does Young Joo really think Il Moon will take her seriously?

Don’t worry, Young Joo won’t get rejected and heart broken like Hae Joo. Angry older sister starts hitting her more. Now. I’m not saying that Young Joo hasn’t done anything wrong…but at the same time…Hae Joo is over the top here. I get it. She wishes to protect her family, but her anger over certain matters while she’s completely a doormat on others…makes NO sense whatsoever. Young Joo angrily pushes her away. Il Moon comes to her because he likes her. That’s why she sees him. That’s why she won’t get hurt after being rejected. Hae Joo lunges at her and Sang Tae holds her back and Dal Soon tells her to control her temper.

Hae Joo goes into her room and Dal Soon follows her and wonders why its so bad if Young Joo dates the son of Cheonji. Oh, Dal Soon. Shakes head. She knows a little bit of how screwed up that family is and can still ask that? Hae Joo doesn’t believe that’s appropriate. Dal Soon then brings up that Gi Cheol told her Chang Hee will marry In Hwa. Young Joo marrying into the family means that she can get revenge for Hae Joo. This does not make Hae Joo calm down at all. Sang Tae then says all men care about are pretty faces and that’s all Young Joo has going for her. Given her lack of brains, it makes no sense to send her to college. He points to himself as the perfect example. LOL. At least he can now admit it was a waste for him to go to school. Besides, Sang Tae has changed how he looks at people. Yeah…that’s not true. He only regards people highly if they give him money for essentially nothing like Il Moon did (although we all know that Il Moon will demand something of him sooner or later). Hae Joo gets angry when Sang Tae says Il Moon is better than San. According to Sang Tae and Dal Soon, since Il Moon is opening his wallet like he is, he must love Young Joo. Riiiight.

At the Jang house, In Hwa announces she wishes to marry Chang Hee. Il Moon calls her crazy and Jang asks if this is her thinking alone. Chang Hee confirms he wishes to marry her as well. Il Moon wonders how this can be when he was dating Hae Joo not too long ago. In Hwa then says its her marriage. Gi Cheol tells everyone to calm down and have a quiet talk. Geum Hee then says she’s against it and asks In Hwa to follow her. In Hwa shoots a puppydog glance at Chang Hee before going off and Jang asks to see Chang Hee alone. Il Moon scowls and Gi Cheol happily smirks. Meh.

Jang demands to know what Chang Hee’s planning as he’s pretty certain Chang Hee is playing his daughter. Chang Hee smirks. Didn’t Jang ask him to take care of Il Moon well? What does this have to do with that? Doesn’t Jang think he’ll do a better job as family? Jang says that isn’t the point. Does he or does he not like In Hwa seriously? There’s no way Jang will believe Chang Hee honestly likes her after breaking up with Hae Joo so recently. Chang Hee’s smile stays in place. It’s chilling with his dead eyes. If he likes In Hwa from now on, isn’t that okay? Jang angrily disagrees and Chang Hee says he doesn’t have the confidence to protect Il Moon then. He needs to be getting something out of all this after all. This is what he’s decided on. Omo. Nice one. He’s throwing Jang’s words back in his face. Chang Hee then tells Jang to either let him marry In Hwa or fire him.

Meanwhile, Geum Hee wonders how In Hwa can do this. She can’t approve of this knowing how long Chang Hee dated Hae Joo. In Hwa then reminds Geum Hee about how there will come a new love after the first love disappointment. That person is Chang Hee. Geum Hee then wonders how both children can have a change of heart so quickly (GREAT question). In Hwa then says she was only following her mother’s advice to stop being in pain quickly. In Hwa says her current love for Chang Hee makes her regret wasting 20 years on San. Snort. Talk about superficial emotions. Geum Hee warns her daughter that things that heat up fast cool down just as fast. Plus, Hae Joo is In Hwa’s friend and Chang Hee is her ex-boyfriend. So what? It’s not like they were ever married. Geum Hee knows In Hwa’s temper right? If Jang and Geum Hee oppose the marriage, In Hwa will leave home and have a baby. How…mature. Really. Just wait. If that happened In Hwa would really regret it as she really doesn’t seem to be mother material since she doesn’t have an adult’s mentality. I know all to well what happens when a person with the mindset of In Hwa’s has children and it’s disastrous. I am suddenly recalling this quote I read once by some person named Julie de Lespinasse: “You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.”

Il Moon asks if Gi Cheol knew about this. Il Moon then says that Gi Cheol is there servant so it makes no sense for Chang Hee to marry In Hwa. Gi Cheol then says it happens in dramas all the time. When Il Moon keeps complaining and Gi Cheol’s evil look is back as he finally stands up to Il Moon who cannot believe the gall of Gi Cheol. Of course, Gi Cheol has to rub it in that Il Moon wouldn’t be there now if it wasn’t for Chang Hee saving his butt so what does he lack? Besides, Chang Hee is even now at a higher position in the company than Il Moon. Il Moon then throws dishes off the table and Jang angrily comes out and says it’s a matter for him to decide.

Hae Joo goes into Young Joo’s room and tries to comfort her by saying she will by her little sister presents with her earnings. NOT the right thing to say by the way. Young Joo removes the quilt from over her head. She’s crying. He treats her well—he’s not the monster Hae Joo thinks (well…yes and no on that front). Hae Joo says that people have multiple sides to them. The side that Hae Joo sees is really bad. Young Joo knows how much Hae Joo loves her, right? So quickly tell unni that you will never see him again. Young Joo throws the quilt back over her head and bawls as she agrees.

San is at the docks thinking about his options. Will he choose Nobles or building Korea’s first azimuth thrusters? Enter his grandfather. The two go to a place and San worries over his grandfather’s bad drinking habits. Kang says he’s lived long enough and how he wishes he would just die now. San says he won’t die, but burden him with vomit. LOL. Kang then says he was a war orphan who was sent to be a house’s servant. That’s when he realized he needed to learn a trade. That’s why he devoted himself to welding. He then met San’s grandmother and started the shipbuilding company in that vast, empty space. Sure. He might have been worse than Jang at the time. He made money by sucking the blood off of lowlifes worse than he was.

At this time, Woon was born. When Kang realized he was a genius he went crazy. Enter in San’s mother. She was basically the same as him looking back now. San tries to cut him off, but Kang continues. A man’s greed can be bigger than an ocean. Very true. There’s an apple in the world for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. Kang’s greed helped lead to San’s parents deaths. He tears up and says that it broke his heart whenever little San looked for his mother. San tells him that’s enough (though you know he’s hurting throughout this entire speech). Kang apologizes and asks for his grandson’s forgiveness. San looks up and tells him there is nothing to forgive or not forgive since his grandfather is his parent. He then yells at his grandfather to stop crying since he’s an old man not a little kid. LOL. Yay. They are going back to normal now. San then says that his parents might not have died because of Kang and that makes Kang cry harder. LOL. LOVE this old man. San then threatens to kill himself by drinking if Kang continues his babyish blubbering. He takes the bottle of alcohol and pours himself a bowlful. This rouses Kang. Why is this brat stealing his alcohol. LOL. The two then fight over liquor bottles. They only stop when San says he’ll foot the bill for the drinking.

Hae Joo is trying to study when she recalls the kiss and and In Hwa’s words. She wishes Chang Hee to be happy if this is the choice he made and get over the scar made from their relationship. I don’t want Hae Joo to curse him to unhappiness…but since she recognizes he has pain and darkness, can’t she also recognize he’s not making this choice with his heart, but with his pain and darkness? How can she be insightful in retrospect while being so blind in everyday life?

Geum Hee and Jang discuss In Hwa’s and Chang Hee’s marriage. Both are opposed because of the recent breakup with Hae Joo. Their only idea is to wait and see and work things out. At the Park house, Gi Cheol asks Chang Hee how things went with Jang. He won’t oppose because of all Chang Hee’s done for Il Moon, right? Gi Cheol then points out his sweater giddily. In Hwa bought him this. Since it looks like she sincerely likes Chang Hee, his son must go through with this until the end. Chang Hee keeps his typical soulless mask in place and says he’s leaving for work while Gi Cheol chortles like a giddy school girl. There’s no redemption for some people.

Il Moon confronts In Hwa. Is she being serious? Didn’t her older brother hear yesterday? She won’t lie in front of her family. She’s only doing this because of what happened with San, isn’t she? In Hwa tells Il Moon to NEVER mention that name in front of her again (real mature these two—NOT!). Quite honestly, San NEVER sincerely encouraged or pursued her. In Hwa did all the assuming and chasing. In Hwa then gets angry when Il Moon calls Chang Hee a servant. In Hwa then lights into her brother for his attitude and all the trouble he’s caused. She kicks him out of her room as he tries to tell her something. That something I believe has to do with Geum Hee. She then gets a call from San.

They meet at a café and San cuts right to the chase. What’s going on with Chang Hee. In Hwa asks if he saw “that”? Anywho, she’s getting married to Chang Hee. Is she serious? Sincerity can move people’s minds (note, she says mind, not heart). Since San was never sincere in his life, he wouldn’t know that. San, just like he’s done with Hae Joo, goes into big brother, lecturer mode and pretty much parrots Geum Hee in a way: “If you love someone impulsively like this, you will only get hurt at the end.” In Hwa says that wouldn’t hurt anymore than how’s he’s already hurt her. Brief look of guilt. Seriously? Again, I iterate, except for that drunk, depressed moment when he mentioned marriage, once, he’s NEVER really done anything to her. She loved on her own and got hurt on her own. She has her own self to blame for all the pain she felt because of San. San tells her to quit it if she’s doing this because of him. In Hwa tells him to mind his own business and take care of his precious Hae Joo who has scars on her heart.

In Hwa then wonders how she could have liked someone like San for over 20 years. Chang Hee’s better looking, stronger, and warmer. San warns her that’s all a front and she’s being deceived. In Hwa doesn’t care if she’s being deceived or not since Chang Hee was the first person to tell her he loved her. Instant headache. Do you know the happy marriage rate of women who marry these men who are the first to say they are pretty or that they love them? Out of all the marriages I have seen (no, they didn’t end in divorce), not a single one was happy. The women were dependent on these men and verbally (sometimes even physically) abused to the point where they couldn’t leave as their self worth was wrapped up in that relationship. In real life, 9 times out of 10, In Hwa would come to regret her decision and live a miserable life. In dramaland? EVERYONE’s redeemable and can live a happy life (okay, not ALL the time, but so often it’s rather a stretch). In Hwa says she’s confident in making Chang Hee hers. Why? Does San regret what he’s done now that he’s lost her? San angrily cuts her off. Can’t she see that he is honestly worried about her? In Hwa tells him to worry about Hae Joo since In Hwa is the one Chang Hee chose. In Hwa then says they’ll see whose happy at the end. She then has the gall to bar San from her restaurant. She leaves and San angrily slams his fist in to the table and mutters under his breath.

Hae Joo reports to work and hands a file over to Jo. Wow. Hae Joo is so considerate to the company (heavy sarcasm). Jo  and her partner in bullying Hae Joo basically mistreat her due to the fact that they are essentially blaming Hae Joo for the company’s problems that they helped Il Moon create. Why? Because she’s such an outstanding person she can tell from a glance the propeller was wrong at the meeting, not to mention her inspection of the propeller plant. Enter Chang Hee who says he understands that she was the one who discovered the electrical problem. In the future, such matters should be reported directly to him. Nope. Hae Joo will follow protocol and report directly to Jo instead. LOL. Well, you can’t have it both ways, Chang Hee. Talk about blame displacement. When Jo scolds Hae Joo for pointing out the wiring problem, Hae Joo says if she had kept silent, a big disaster which could tarnish the company’s image even more could have happened. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Hae Joo then leaves to report to work. I wish we could see in side Chang Hee’s head as he’s always pretty much wearing the same, expressionless expression. And Hae Joo had to come back to work here…why?

Hae Joo goes to the docks where San hands his resignation in and bids farewell to Mario. She rushes up to San. He didn’t really resign did he? Is it because of the drill ship? San smiles and straightens up. Nope. He quit so he could concentrate on the thruster. This worries Hae Joo. Why would he quit a stable job when he’s in debt because of the propeller factory and choose to work on a thruster that may not succeed (WAY to be sensitive and supportive). San says that holding on to both things means that he could lose both anyways. Hae Joo then guiltily asks if he did this because she wishes to make thrusters. Nope. Didn’t he already tell her that this was also his dream? Hae Joo knows his situation is kind of dire doesn’t she? If they can’t complete the final plans for the azimuth thrusters then…essentially they are screwed. San tells her to work even harder so he doesn’t end up on the streets. Hae Joo nods her assent and the two head off to the factory as the game is on.

Meanwhile Jung Woo meets with his assistant and learns that the bullets that killed Hak Soo were not from a Japanese gun. Or should we say, the Japanese use a different gun for government business than the Koreans use. The bullets match the same type of gun that Korean intelligence officers use. Is the assistant certain of this? Man. How could Jang be so stupid as to leave behind such big evidence? Jung Woo says that figures and flashes back to his brother’s funeral and Jang’s rushing to Geum Hee’s side as she almost passed out. Uncle is MAD. Fuming. Go kick Jang’s rear.

Meanwhile, Bong Hee has borrowed pants from Dal Soon and she LOVES them. LOL. She’s doing the laundry when Geum Hee comes in. Geum Hee is horrified to see little sister doing laundry at someone else’s house. Bong Hee says there is no such thing as my laundry or your laundry, you just do it all at once (very true—at least in my house). Geum Hee ask if Bong Hee left home to do such things. Bong Hee complains that her older sister makes her sound like a runaway teenager. Nope. Bong Hee is asserting her independence at long last. Geum Hee does concede that her little sister is right, but if Bong Hee wants to be independent, shouldn’t she buy her own house instead of moving in with Jung Woo. Bong Hee says she’s “cohabitating,” besides living in a house with others makes it more of a home. Geum Hee urges her to come back to the house and the company as Jang is waiting. Bong Hee doesn’t even hesitate by turning her elder sister down on all counts. Why is Bong Hee acting like a child at her age? Does Jung Woo like this side of her? Bong Hee doesn’t care, she’ll make him like it. Typical Bong Hee reply. Bong Hee says she will make Jung Woo hers at long last. Geum Hee asserts that not all men like behavior such as Bong Hee’s. Bong Hee then scolds her sister for raining on her parade when Geum Hee’s already been married twice.

Enter Jung Woo. He shoots an angry glance in Geum Hee’s direction and walks out of the house. Geum Hee rushes after him calling him “uncle.” He turns and reminds her for the millionth time to stop calling him that. Geum Hee then asks if he happens to like her baby sister.  Jung Woo says that even if he does, he can’t act on his feelings because of Jang Do Hyun. What does he mean by that? Jung Woo asks if she’s really that shameless and reveals that he knows all about her and Jang’s relationship before she married Hak Soo. So why did that type of woman marry his precious older brother? Bong Hee comes out in time to overhear Jung Woo screaming about Geum Hee and how she should never have married his brother while Jang was in her heart. Geum Hee cries that this is not true at all. Really? If she didn’t have Jang in her heart while she was married to Hak Soo, then why did she immediately return to him after Hak Soo’s death. Good question. Jung Woo screams at Geum Hee to disappear from his sight forever and goes back into the house with Bong Hee rushing after him. What did he say? What relationship did she have with Jang? Jung Woo tells her to ask Geum Hee herself and then kicks Bong Hee out and tells her to never come back. Awwwww. Poor Bong Hee. Caught in the middle thanks to her family and her love.

San and Hae Joo have modified the propeller design yet again. The two work on a new model and then take it for testing. It finally succeeds! Even the tester is happily shocked. Hae Joo and San are happy. They finally did it after so many trials and errors. Hae Joo is so excited, she hugs San and he’s like in heaven and totally mystified. He doesn’t know how to react. Two good things happening at once. LOL. They leave and Hae Joo dances around with the propeller and even kisses it. Is she happy? Of course, today is the best day of her life! She feels as if she could fly. San points at the propeller and says she has the wings to fly now. He then asks if he should make her happier. How so? San tells her he reconciled with his grandfather. Hae Joo happily tells him he did good. San then asks for a display of affection. How about a hug like inside? Or better yet, a kiss? Hae Joo quickly agrees and San goes in for the kiss and she pinches his cheeks and pulls them. LOL. San then yells after her retreating back “Is it that hard to give me a kiss?” Cheeky little guy.

I have no idea why, but Sang Tae is included in the joyous celebration of the Kang men and Hae Joo in finally successfully producing the model azimuth thruster. He looks nervous and completely lost. Kang says that he had his doubts and San complains that his grandfather didn’t have faith that he would succeed. It has nothing to do with faith, it was just frustrating. Hae Joo then chimes in that they have succeeded at long last so its all good. Sang Tae asks what happens next. San says the produce and sell them of course. To Cheonji? This earns Sang Tae a smack on the back of the head. Kang will NEVER sell to Cheonji. Sang Tae says that’s all Kang had to say, why did he get hit? 😛 Kang then reveals he’s already promised to work with another shipbuilder. Kang is happy as this thruster means that they are closer to reclaiming Hae Poong once more.

Kang happily congratulates Hae Joo on her good work and goes to pour her a drink. Hae Joo says she wouldn’t have been able to do anything without him or San. Hae Joo then reveals that she’s much happier about Kang and San finally making up. This shocks Sang Tae. The two were fighting? So who won? This earns him a smack on the back of the head yet again. Doesn’t he know that its not about winning or losing? This sucks as you know this happy, celebratory scene is quickly going to be destroyed. Anywho, San talks about doing some serious drinking and Kang looks horrified. Doesn’t his grandson know her drinking ability is no joke? Sang Tae asks if he went against Hae Joo before then. He then reveals that he went against her with soju and was passed out for four days and three nights. Hae Joo quickly covers his mouth. So will Kang or won’t Kang? Kang looks from Hae Joo to his grandson and shakes his head. Of course not. This sets the quartet happily laughing.

Il Moon is is arguing with Chang Hee about In Hwa. Doesn’t Chang Hee remember what Il Moon said about killing him if he hurts his precious little sister? Chang Hee laughs. He’s serious. So…shall they see who dies in the end? What bravado. Sang Tae calls Il Moon at this time about the success of the thruster. Il Moon walks out of the office and he then offers him money to go to San’s boat and steal the propeller. Sang Tae refuses (even when Il Moon offers 10 times the amount). Il Moon then says that Hae Joo will profit more from Cheonji have the propeller than San. Il Moon also promises not to hurt Hae Joo. She’s on their side after all. Sang Tae is really conflicted. He’s not a thief (in the conventional sense) and doesn’t really want to destroy Kang San like Il Moon does. But when Il Moon threatens to get back the money he gave Sang Tae from Hae Joo, Sang Tae quickly promises he’ll do his bidding. After he hangs up he wonders just what can he do. Personally, I’d tell the Kang’s, but Sang Tae has evolved into more of a person who is starting to cherish family more, so he really doesn’t’ want to do something that could ultimately harm them. This is what you get for being swayed by Il Moon’s money and pretty words earlier. Chang Hee overheard all of this and reports it to Jang who doesn’t trust Il Moon enough to let him handle such matters. Jang then calls in Choi.

Back at the factory, Kang proposes a new battle since he lost the first round and felt so horrible about it. This time not a drinking contest, but an arm wrestling contest. For him, if he wins Hae Joo will formally date San. If Hae Joo wins, San will help with the initial phase of the thruster. San quickly agrees and the match begins. San tries to help his grandfather cheat, but Hae Joo is too strong for both men and wins. San asks if his grandfather threw the competition to make him miserable. Holding his arm, Kang warns San it’s best not to go with Hae Joo as she just might beat Kang up. LOL. Nah, she saves beatings for her siblings, Il Moon, and San. Kang then notices Sang Tae is missing. Where’d he go. Hae Joo replies her brother can’t drink so he probably went home.

Nope, he’s at San’s boat sneaking around He’s such a horribly inept thief. He turns on the lights and wouldn’t you know that San has a camera installed on his yacht? San gets an alert on his cell and he sees Sang Tae stealing the plans and the propeller model. San rushes out and Hae Joo follows him while the drunk Kang has no idea what’s going on.

Hae Joo wonders why her oppa would do that. They then see more men enter the yacht. They search and take all the blueprints and propeller models they can find. When San and Hae Joo arrive, he tells her to stay back since there are more men. Hae Joo doesn’t listen and rushes off. She immediately starts fighting with the men and San joins in. The boy can fight well. He gets knocked down and Hae Joo chases after the thieves. She jumps one and the fight continues. San comes up and helps her out. Meanwhile, Chang Hee and the secretary sit and watch. The secretary goes to get out and help, but Chang Hee stops him since his face isn’t covered.

When Hae Joo and San get the upper hands and the blueprint and propeller model back, and start running, the secretary starts the car. This shocks Chang Hee. What is he doing? The secretary then charges at Hae Joo. Chang Hee quickly grabs the wheel in a panic (good to know he’s one step above his father…well…sort of as Gi Cheol never actually would have killed Hong Chul if it wasn’t an accident). They miss Hae Joo, but hit San. The thieves come back and take the model and plans and rush off. Hae Joo goes over to San and begs for him to come to his senses. She then yells and asks if there is no one around to help. Are you kidding me? Phone. Ambulance. NOW. Don’t scream for help like an idiot.

At least it wasn’t Chang Hee. He’s not THAT rotten yet. Now if only Hae Joo can grow a brain…or pride that isn’t misplaced. She sometimes needs to think before she acts. She also needs to stop being a doormat. Doesn’t look like that’s happening. Sigh. I’d like it if she was more like Man Ok from Full House Take 2. NOW that’s a good leading lady character. Tough, sensitive, childish, and NOT stupid and a doormat. And, you know, looking back after having watched this episode…what exactly happened? There’s some advancement, but it seems like we had LOTS of unnecessary scenes. In Hwa’s mainly.


  • Thanks again! I haven’t seen the episode yet (and I’m not really psyche to see it), I just read your recap to understand the whole thing. And….

    In Hwa just baffles me. Her views on life and love defies logic and sense. I really thought she’d develop a sense of self, but seems unlikely. Well, can’t expect much from her, since she was raise by Geum Hee, the epitome of a woman with no sense of self.

    Hae Joo, as a character, is just so all over the place. I know I’m b*tching a lot about her, but she’s the lead, so I expect so much more. I know character inconsistency happens, but she’s poles apart in almost everything. Intelligent but almost always does stupid things, brave but bullied, with so much pride one second, then the next, just taking everything in. 😦

    Is it too late for these two? Hope not.

    • Yep, given that In Hwa was raised by her mother…there’s probably no hope. Although, Geum Hee can talk a big game to her idiot daughter and obsessed sister, but does she really follow her own advice? Sigh.
      I want there to be hope for those two characters, but it just doesn’t look promising, but you know that in dramas, there’s usually something that saves them and makes them better (not 100% of the time, though). Although, these redemptive moments (if they do come) are horribly done and not all that believable at all. Given the downward spiral of this drama, I don’t hold out too much hope of a believable and good ending.

  • i love KS and his grandpa… their bond is very strong. KS has a very big heart, he manage to let go of the pain and forgive his elder.

    Kang San fighting…..

  • WELL SAID! i’ve been watching the drama but didn’t have the motivation to watch this weeks episodes. I have to say you helped to make it more riveting and entertaining than I originally would’ve found it. THANK-YOU!

    • LOL, well, I’m glad I could help in that respect. Sigh. This drama. Where did it go wrong? Well…we all know where it went wrong, but still it’s SO disappointing.

  • when i was watching the raw, im quite happy that Chang hee stop Jang assistant to help out i thought he was concerned about HJ and KS, but after watching it again with english sub i was totally disappointed to know that he actually stop him because he is not wearing mask.. how i wish that guy really came out frim the car , i don’t mind if he beat KS as long as they recognize him … and beside if he wasn’t on that car he would not think of knocking them and put HJ and KS in a dangerous situation… im so mad at CH, if he didn’t tell JDH about the successful project this will not happen.. he is not the driver..YES.. he also tried to avoid HJ, that’ s good ..and hitting KS is an accident but still.. he is the reason why this things happen… so all of this is his fault…

    • It’s a game of dominoes and bad decisions that ultimately started with Jang’s greed, which is funny as Jang is always telling the kiddies not to be too greedy. His greed started the domino effect which escalated thanks to Gi Cheol’s spinelessness and now Chang Hee’s revenge scheme. I know that he really didn’t want things to go that far. I was kind of surprised that he could sit so quietly watching his ex get beat up, but he only made a move to stop the secretary when he was charging at them in his car. Chang Hee, Chang Hee…learn to think properly before enacting your revenge. While you say you are a soulless devil without a conscience, I know there is one buried deep inside your darkness and it could bite you in the rear if you continue on this downward spiral.

  • Thank you for your recaps NeeNee! Quite alot to write for you … and to read for us! I like your writing and often I agree and start to laugh about some thoughts of yours.
    (They could really deposit a guestbook at the gate of the Jang-mansion for all the people who stand there during this drama!)

    I had only yesterday time to read them from last week and today morning to catch up watching the two episodes –
    When Hae Joo starts her lecturing (nearly everybody!) I just want to scream “Shut up! You are a young woman and a sister, not an oldish mother!! Get a grip on yourself!! Start living! Be young, feminine and perhaps a little bit carefree and reckless for a change! Girl, you have the allure of a sack of flour at the moment!”
    How this lecturing doormat tells everybody how they have to live – arrgghh. I can’t stand such people!! And that her own frustration about the kissing scene between CH and IH probably was partly cause for her ranting about the liason between Young Joo and IM – nope, no excuse!

    And I’m starting to have doubts about myself. Yes, Chang Hee becomes more and more evil in his doings (and I don’t like his actions one bit!!!) but I still can’t stop myself from rooting for him and wanting him to be happy with the love of his life at the end of this endless dragging drama. *sigh*

    • You’re welcome. It is quite a bit to write, especially since it looks like the 6 episode extension went through. Though it’s not nearly as bad as undertaking a daily drama. I’m really glad you like my writing 🙂

      I loved how you said she had the allure of a sack of flour. She really does. She’s acting…I don’t know, like she knows everything and has the right to boss everyone around when she’s really clueless and has no real right to do so. I wish she would allow herself to live, but she only knows how to sacrifice and use her family and relationship with Chang Hee as an excuse NOT to be happy.

      I do wish for Chang Hee to be happy. I am at war with myself. You get these moments that make you sympathize only for him to turn around an do something even worse. It’s whiplash I tell ya. Endlessly dragging drama indeed. Sigh. Such a promising start that stuttered so horribly.

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