We open with Woo Joo parking the car and getting out the goods when he gets a call from Taka-san asking where he is. Woo Joo says he’s dropping the items off and Taka [Igarashi’s nickname] asks him to come and bring his iPad. Taking the train will probably be faster. Enter the bad Kobayashi who takes the car saying he needs to go to press shoot. Woo Joo tries to stop him since there are clothes in the back, but Kobayashi just ignores him and says he knows there’s a schedule tomorrow and drives off.

Woo Joo gets home and immediately goes to bed. He then flashes back to the scene where we left off in episode 4. Ren yells at him to let go of Luna and grabs his wrist angrily. Luna smiles and says that Ren has something wrong. Ren and Woo Joo just glare at each other and Luna breaks Ren’s grip by saying that she was about to trip when Woo Joo caught her and then re-enacts the supposed fall. Ren is just a tad too possessive for his own good. Woo Joo then just leaves after saying nothing. Back in his room he wonders why Luna lied and for whose sake did she lie?

At Sakurai’s office, things are all doom and gloom since Kobayashi ran off and left them high and dry. Taka then shows a text he got from Kobayashi saying he quit and will bring the car back. This makes Woo Joo feel guilty. He then also recalls the clothes that were in the car. He double checks the office and they aren’t there. He bows deeply and apologizes since he gave Kobayahsi the keys and the clothes for the photoshoot were also in the car. They are screwed. Taka then calls Sakurai to tell him the bad news. It’s not 100% Woo Joo’s fault and he didn’t want Kobayashi to just take the car as he was trying to get the clothes out when Kobayashi left.

After Taka hangs up the others ask what Sakurai said. Sakurai hopes Kobayashi doesn’t get into an accident or other trouble. Sakurai has another appointment so he can’t go himself to the brands to apologize. Woo Joo decides he will do it to take responsibility for his mistake. Taka then says they have one hell of a day ahead of them and will have to do some guerilla leasing. Woo Joo says he will send the style information to everyone’s iPads. Taka agrees to this and starts giving the marching orders to have all of them go around to the brands as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They are also told not to tell anyone that an assistant ran off. This is just a sudden change of plans. Um…that can’t be good, but you do understand where they are coming from as no one will want to give their items to a company where an assistant takes off with important borrowed brand goods.

The other two workers leave and Taka tells Woo Joo to prepare for the worst as Woo Joo has made a big mistake that not even Taka can save him from. Oh, this is not to say that Sakurai’s business is completely ruined, but it looks really bad to have to report samples as completely gone. It’s bad as these samples and designs are a brand’s lifeblood. If their hard work is gone then they’ve just lost a LOT of money. True…but this is not Woo Joo’s fault alone. Woo Joo promises to find the car. How? He’ll think of something. Sigh. So many problems from the get go. Kobayashi is sitting in the car in a complete daze. Just what is this kid doing?

We cut to Ren’s house where he’s getting in his car. He gets a text from Luna stating she’ll be at the head office for a bit. Ren looks unhappy and then recalls the previous night. After Woo Joo leaves, she tells him to quit with the scary face while pouting. Ren asks if she really thinks he’s stupid enough to believe such a blatant lie. Yeah…that was a rather fake situation, but at the same time, shouldn’t he consider and ask her the reason she felt it necessary to lie? End the flashback.

At HQ, Luna ends up getting in the same elevator as Ren. More awkwardness ensues. When they are the only ones left in the elevator, Ren finally speaks and apologizes for what he said the other night. Luna steps back and smiles since it’s the first time he’s expressed jealousy. She was happy. She then chuckles and says that she was just kidding. Ren then asks her to move out of the house and move closer to his area. Luna states she couldn’t afford the rent. Ren says he will pay it, so she will move? Luna then asks why he would do such a thing since he’s not her sugar daddy. Ren gets angry. That’s not what he meant at all, but if she’s going to take it that way, then just move in with him. Luna refuses this as well as it makes her look like she needs a man and is marrying into money. Ren then says he doesn’t want her living in the same house as Woo Joo. Luna then says what she wants is an open relationship she can be proud of. She then exits.

Woo Joo and the others are busy going from brand to brand collecting new items for the shoot. Luna is on the phone (to Woo Joo…or someone else with Sakurai’s office?) when Misaki comes in and asks when a leased outfit will be back. Turns out it’s one of the outfits that Kobayashi absconded with as Luna looks and reports it was leased to Sakurai and is due back the day after tomorrow. Looks like Elle wants to use it in a shoot later. This most definitely can’t be good.

At the studio, Sakurai arrives and asks when HIRO will be present. Sung Jun tells him the time. Sakurai then calls Taka to ask if they’ll make it. Taka says something about Woo Joo and Sakurai smiles. Woo Joo is kind of a like an outlaw—he’ll work something out. Meanwhile, Woo Joo is at Luna’s work and she tells him about the one outfit needing to be returned as soon as possible. This makes him worried and he wishes to tell her, but he can’t. He goes to leave, but turns back and asks for some of her time.

We then cut to his arrival at the studio with the new goods. He sees Sakurai and rushes over to apologize. Sakurai claps him on the back and says its time to check over the clothes. Woo Joo then looks up and notices Sung Jun who waves. We cut back to Luna who is recalling her recent elevator fight with Ren and crying. She then cuts back to what Woo Joo had to tell her about Kobayashi running off with the car that had the clothes for the photo shoot in them—including the samples they got from Luna’s store. Her day can’t get any worse can it? Well…it always does when someone says that.

The shoot continues without too much of a hitch. Sakurai and his boys are busy prepping the clothes, matching outfits and shoes, while Sakurai adjust the model’s clothing. Taka then shows a new Facebook friend request and Woo Joo gets an idea. He goes to his laptop and posts a search request for help finding the missing smart car. Will that work?

Again, both Ren and Woo Joo contact Luna at the same time. Woo Joo invites her for a drink and Ren asks to meet to apologize for the fight. We then end with the usual “To be continued” and then two options twirl—Option A with Ren and Option B with Woo Joo. LOL. I highly doubt we get the choice. Who do you think Luna will choose? Or will she forgo meeting with both of them?

I know that there are people that you, for whatever reason, dislike upon first meeting them. I mean, you have no real reason to hate them, but you just don’t like them. It’s a vibe thing. I wonder what Ren got from Woo Joo and vice versa as the two instantly hated each other. Does it all have to do with Luna and some deep-rooted caveman pissing contest or is it something else? And shouldn’t Taka take some responsibility for what happened? He knew how bad Kobayashi was and yet kept him on. WHY?

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