Full House Take 2 Episode 4.1 Recap

We open Full House Take 2 episode 4 part 1 with Kang Hwi happily running inside the house to see Man OK while Go Dong worries outside about whether or not Man Ok found “that.” Tae Ik then asks him just what the problem is.  Go Dong replies that it looks like Man Ok lost the sponsored watch. Unbelievable! And she made such a big deal about the two of them keeping the watches safely.

No Min Woo

He goes inside to yell at Man Ok and finds Kang Hwi comforting her. AWKWARD. Kang Hwi gets up and demands to know why Tae Ik is yelling. Tae Ik regroups himself and lights into Man Ok for losing the watch. Watch? What watch? Kang Hwi figures out it was the sponsored watch and Tae Ik says that the watch costs more than Man Ok’s lifetime salary could amount to. Kang Hwi tells him to calm done and asks Man Ok what happened. Man Ok replies she lost it after she chased after Kang Hwi. When she got to the makeup room again, it was gone. Tae Ik then starts bawling her out again about just starting her job and already losing a very important item.

Kang Hwi tells him to stop adding fuel to the fire. Of course, Tae Ik can’t listen to this. If Man Ok can’t find the watch she will have to compensate for it. Also, she will immediately be kicked out and lose her job. Man Ok resolutely says she will find it as everything will be okay once she finds it. How does she plan on finding it by sitting here crying? If she does this, does she expect someone else to solve the problem for her instead (long look at Kang Hwi). Kang Hwi snaps again and yells at him to just get out. Tae Ik leaves, getting the last word in by yelling at Man Ok to clean up the mess she’s made.

After he leaves, Kang Hwi tells Man Ok that he will help her find the watches. He then glances over to where Tae Ik left and says there isn’t a single thing he likes about that guy. Aww, you know that isn’t true. Kang Hwi hates his mouth most of all. Meanwhile Tae Ik doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong. He will make sure Man Ok gets fired for this. He then notices Go Dong. What is he still doing there? Go Dong pulls out the cat pajamas and Tae Ik immediately starts reacting and tells him to get rid of it. Go Dong then asks if he can’t give it to Kang Hwi who wanted them. Of course Tae Ik won’t stand for that so he has Go Dong put them in the basement.

After Go Dong leaves, Tae Ik overhears Man Ok and Kang Hwi talking. He looks out and finds them by Kang Hwi’s car. Man Ok thanks him for everything and tells him to go back inside. Nope. He will take her to her house. He has a really nice car, doesn’t he? The two get in to leave and Tae Ik’s mouth curls…are they dating?

Meanwhile, Ga Ryung is at the dojo and ringing the bell incessantly. Why isn’t Man Ok answering? Could there really have been a problem? Omo. With a friend like this, you don’t need enemies. She’s clueless about just how much her actions hurt Man Ok. Ga Ryung tries calling, but then decides not to. She puts her phone away and apologizes. When she goes to leave, she sees Kang Hwi’s car pull up. What a shock to realize it is her precious oppa’s car. And to boot, Man Ok is getting out if it! Man Ok says she will go to the store tomorrow and work things out. Kang Hwi then says he will go back with her. Man Ok says he doesn’t need to, but Kang Hwi says he has shopping plans, so this way she can help him out. He then takes off.

Ga Ryung then attacks. Be truthful, that’s not her Kang Hwi oppa. Ga Ryung screams. She follows Man Ok inside. How can a commoner like Man Ok be with Ga Ryung’s precious oppa. She demands Man Ok explain in great detail so she can understand. Um…Man Ok doesn’t really need to explain anything to her at this point, but you know she will. Man Ok replies she is the new stylist for Take One. Ga Ryung is shocked by this. How could Man Ok be the new stylist? Man Ok refuses to give her details and tells her to leave so she can rest. Ga Ryung won’t as she’s throwing a fit that Man Ok sees her precious oppa every day and didn’t even bother letting her know. Man Ok pushes her towards the door and said it hasn’t been long since she started and she’s been out of her mind of late.

Ga Ryung then uses a very low card. Did Man Ok know how worried she and her mother were? Man Ok wasn’t returning home (um…Man Ok has pretty much been returning home every day…) and they didn’t know where she was or how she was doing. Man Ok replies that it’s hard to believe as neither she nor her mother ever called Man Ok once. Ga Ryung said she did everything for Man Ok. Having had enough, Man Ok forcefully pushes her out and locks the door. Man Ok goes to her room and throws herself on the bed. Ga Ryung calls her and Man Ok shuts off her phone.

Tae Ik has finished his bath and gives himself a satisfied look in the mirror before laying down  on his bed with his tablet to see what new news has sprung from the fan meet. There is a picture of him in the pajamas. He smiles (because it was good press, NOT because he liked the PJs). His smile quickly fades when he reads the comments from fans about them happily awaiting a picture of him wearing them on Take One’s fancafe as Kang Hwi promised. Drat. Tae Ik gets everything set up and is wearing full protective gear as he takes out the pajamas. Imagine his shock when he sees the watch stuck to them. He then recalls what happened in the waiting room. He tries calling her to let her know, but her phone is off and she’s sound asleep. This ticks him off. He tries calling again.

The next day Man Ok is shocked to see just how many times Tae Ik called her in the night. He even sent a text at like 3 in the morning. It scolds her for turning off her phone and tells her to call him as soon as she sees it. If she doesn’t want to regret it, she had better call him quickly. Angry, Man Ok refuses to call him as she will be busy. And thanks to this, things will definitely spiral out of hand, right? She goes to the store and manages to get a one day extension on returning the watch. The shopkeeper has no illusions that it will be found and believes that Man Ok will have to take responsibility and pay for it. Man Ok happily tells her she will find it. She then asks how much the watch costs. Man Ok is horrified to learn that it costs roughly $30,000 (USD) which is like…30 million won I think? Kang Hwi then comes in and says he will take pay for the watch (if it’s not found).

The two leave the store and Man OK asks if he’s crazy. Kang Hwi says it’s okay since he makes a lot of money. Still, this is Man Ok’s fault so how can he take responsibility. Because Kang Hwi feels guilty. If he hadn’t been joking around about keeping his watch, she wouldn’t have left the other watch unattended (truthfully, I don’t know why she carelessly tossed the watch to run after Kang Hwi). Man Ok asserts that it’s her responsibility and she will pay for it. Kang Hwi then tells her that she seems very familiar to him and he confesses that she reminds him of his first love! Okay. Not liking that statement. Relationships never work out when the other person reminds someone of their past love…or…actually…in The Musical Park Ki Woong lost out to Choi Daniel over Goo Hye Sun because GHS reminded CD of his first love only she had all the things that his first love lacked. Go figure. Anywho, Man Ok is really touched by his offer to help and tears up. After all, he’s the absolute best, isn’t he?

Meanwhile, back at the house Tae Ik is fuming (and wearing good clothes to garden? tsk tsk) and clicking clipping shears. Why hasn’t this girl called? Tae Ik says he’s okay as he’s not in any hurry. He then stops and stares as he sees Kang Hwi and Man Ok come together. Kang Hwi immediately laughs at Tae Ik’s farmer ahjussi hat. Tae Ik is definitely NOT happy to see them coming in together. Man Ok then apologizes for not calling him as she was running around because of the watch. Kang Hwi says she doesn’t need to explain anything to Tae Ik. This annoys Tae Ik, but he quickly asserts that his partner is right since this has nothing to do with him. He then gets annoyed when Kang Hwi badmouths him and tries to take Man Ok into the house.

Tae Ik yells at them to stop with scissors pointing. Kang Hwi tells him to lower them and asks what he wants. Tae Ik shifts the scissors from Kang Hwi to Man Ok. He has something to talk about with her. They then go into the greenhouse and he hands over the scissors telling her to cut the plant prettily. Man Ok is annoyed. Did he call her last night because of this. Tae Ik only blinks rapidly. I think this is going differently than he imagined. Man Ok then says he’s unbelievable and totally different from Kang Hwi-nim (nim being a greater term of respect…kind of like the equivalent of sir or lord). Kang Hwi even went to the store with her. What is this, Tae Ik-ssi? Tae Ik is NOT happy to hear the difference in how Man Ok addresses him and Kang Hwi. Fine. Ask the great Kang Hwi to find the watch for her. Man Ok stresses that is her job.

Oh, is that right? If Man Ok can’t find the watch, then she will have to compensate the store right? Does she even have the money? Man Ok’s face falls. Well, Tae Ik didn’t even need to ask as he already knows she doesn’t. Tae Ik smirks. If only she had left when he told her to, none of this would have happened. Man Ok gets angry and starts slaughtering the plant. Tae Ik angrily stops her and she throws the scissors at his feet. She’s a stylist not a gardener. Since she sucks at being a stylist, Tae Ik thought he’d ask her to do that. Tae Ik then says if she promises to leave he will fix the watch situation. Man Ok says that she absolutely won’t leave and will absolutely find the watch. She angrily marches off and Tae Ik starts twiddling his fingers and looking anxious. I think that he really does want to help, but since she ticked him off, he’s made the situation worse (especially since he wants her to leave anyways).

Man Ok has been looking around like crazy, but no watch. She then gets a call from Tae Ik. Has she found the watch? Don’t worry, she will. He then tells her to hurry and come and gives her one hour. Tae Ik sets the watch on the table and waits for her arrival. Unfortunately it is Kang Hwi who comes in first demanding to use the sauna. He looks over and sees the watch and is shocked. What is that doing here? Kang Hwi then says that Tae Ik pocketed the watch. Tae Ik insists he didn’t do it. He demands the watch back so he can give it to Man Ok. Of course, Kang Hwi doesn’t wish to and believes that Tae Ik planned all of this to give Man Ok a hard time. Tae Ik denies that was his intention at all, but it is rather unconvincing as it may have not been deliberate, but he is in the wrong for toying with her out of his anger.

Man Ok finally arrives and Kang Hwi says that Tae Ik is busted. Tae Ik grabs him and tells him not to do it. Why not? Does Tae Ik know how much Man Ok suffered because of this? The world needs to know how horribly Hallyu star Tae Ik is. Tae Ik tells him to stop with the nonsense. Kang Hwi replies that his partner is NOT in a position to demands anything. Tae Ik says that he was all set to return the watch when Man Ok…did what? Carp, she’s in the house. How did she get in? The door was open. LOL. Kind of like, “duh?”

Man Ok would have come in faster if she had known Kang Hwi was there. Kang Hwi slips the watch in Tae Ik’s pocket and Man Ok asks why he wanted to see her. Kang Hwi then says that Tae Ik has promised to solve the watch problem for her. This shocks Man Ok. They aren’t playing a joke are they? Kang Hwi says that Hallyu star thinks too highly of his family to play such a joke. Tae Ik uncomfortably agrees to this and Kang Hwi then pulls the watch out from his pocket and gives it to Man Ok. Both men smile at her happy face. How did they find it? Kang Hwi goes to say something and Tae Ik immediately covers his mouth and then grants him continuous rights to use the sauna. Well…Kang Hwi got what he wanted. I do feel badly for Tae Ik because it really wasn’t his fault.

Meanwhile, Ga Ryung and Nora are waiting outside a shop for the swindler reporter. Nora thinks he won’t come back to his usual haunts. she then gets an idea. Ga Ryung gives the clerk a memo to give to the swindler and Nora comes up with money and expensive bottles of wine to “bribe” him. Ga Ryung says it won’t work, but the clerk eagerly accepts everything and says all he has to do is give it to that man, right? We then cut to So Ji Seung sneaking out of his apartment with gangsters (well, probably debt collectors) chasing after him. He rushes in to the store the girls were at and immediately starts drinking water. The clerk comes up to him and the Ji Seung replies he’ll pay for it. The clerk says nothing and just hands over the note which thanks him for giving the girls the cards as they got in successfully and then asks for three more. This shocks him, but he’s happy as it means he can get much needed money.

He meets with the two girls and they immediately gang up on him. His solution? With the two girls they can set up their own legitimate company. Well…that was unexpected. This immediately gets the girls’ attention. Can they really do that? Oh…I foresee this being a match made in Hell for Take One and Man Ok.

Man Ok arrives home talking to Kang Hwi when Ga Ryung pops up and begins mimicking everything she was saying. This girl is sooooo immature its pathetic. Ga Ryung then asks why Man Ok is surprised. Is she guilty of something? The two then go inside and Ga Ryung tries to pry the location of the boys’ house from Man Ok. Man Ok agrees to tell her and just screams in her ear. Then a call from Jang comes in and they get the video playing and Ga Ryung even does the practice yells. However, Man Ok still refuses to to tell her.

The next day, Ji Sung, Ga Ryung, and Nora are all stalking her. When Man Ok catches on, she starts weaving through traffic and driving like crazy to lose them. Ah, yep, those three are real trouble. Meanwhile, Kang Hwi and Tae Ik are doing a rehearsal for a music program when Kang Hwi starts having pains again. The staff notice first and then rushes over a concerned Tae Ik. Kang Hwi says his contact just slipped and goes to rush off to the bathroom. The worried Tae Ik then says they will no longer do a live performance but an AR one instead (audio recording?).

In the bathroom, Kang Hwi fixes his contact lens and wonders why he’s suddenly like this. What’s wrong? Out comes another man who looks less than pleased to see Kang Hwi. He barely nods in greeting and Kang Hwi tells him that he either greets properly or just ignores him all together. The other man then bows and does a proper greeting. He then has to happily tell Kang Hwi that he took over Kang Hwi’s sports drink CF since they wanted a “fresh” image. Kang Hwi looks annoyed. Fresh? He guesses the man never looks in a mirror. From his head to his toes…he needs a new look and a new stylist. Isn’t he sick of being called a Fake Won Kang Hwi? Ouch. But you know, their styles are REALLY similar. Kang Hwi goes to leave and says that he’s continuing the drink CF after all. He hated the taste and was going to quit, but they offered him double. If he knew the other man was doing it, he wouldn’t have agreed to do it himself. Wow. He got BURNED. What story do we have here?

The performance starts without a hitch, but during Kang Hwi’s rap part, he suddenly stops in the middle and his vision blurs. He closes his eyes as it gets worse and worse and tears slip down his face. Don’t tell me he’s going to go blind? Well… I’ll take blindness over a terminal illness.

And the scenes for next time? CAN’T WAIT for part 2 to air!!!! The scenes with Tae Ik and Man Ok getting lost together in the woods looks VERY promising!


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