AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #12

Okaaaay. Just what is going on in the latest teaser for AA’s 2012 comeback? Although, I must say that I prefer something a tad different than just plain audio and pictures. We start with one song snippet with a bouncy dance beat and Aoora with brown hair in an…interesting…outfit with weird…puffs?…in lieu of pockets. It then cuts out and we get a “Sorry ^^;;” message and cut to a close up (vs. the earlier full-body shot) of Aoora with his blonde rainbow-tipped hair. The song clip then picks up with a heavier dance beat, but softer vocals…as in more of a ballady type vocal track. Both tracks focus on Aoora’s vocals.

I can’t tell if the songs are one song or if they are two different ones. But I’m ready now for this album. WHY haven’t they just made their comeback already after 10 teasers. Tear. Sniff. LOL. ThisĀ  teaser was fun though, even though it also seemed completely random with that transition.

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